Hello Mr. Robinson Pt. 10

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All characters are 18 years or older. It seems like it took forever to get this done. I hope you enjoy. Greg has survived the grip of of an event horizon, well a few microseconds. He has seen the thing in the dark space between spaces. Time has passed and the Blink Technology has been revealed to the world. It will slowly take over long distance travel. It will revolutionize space travel. Humans can look up at the stars and know that they are taking their first steps to those stars.


It was predawn in the house of Jon Masters. I was alone in my wanderings of that ancient place. While the mansion and stonework was mere centuries old something ancient slept beneath Windsword. The slumbering presence was not human but did not feel malevolent. I wondered what dormant something his house lorded over. Maybe it was that very reason that Jon Masters had constructed his home here. I pondered reaching out with my thoughts to touch the sleeper but thought better of it. Let sleeping deities lie. It was yet another sleepless night and I walked barefoot on the first floor with my mind open listening to the dreams and thoughts of its residents. One of the cooks was having a nightmare about being naked and cooking for the guests due for the masquerade. A maid was dreaming of all those roaming hands of the men attending the party touching and caressing her. We are so vulnerable while we sleep. Our minds wander the corridors and trappings of consciousness older than the pyramids or civilization as we knew it. At our heart, we are primitive creatures that fear the dark and the unknown. I knew all about coming face to face with both. I had seen the face of the thing in the rift and survived.

I came upon Jon’s music room. I felt a sudden pang of envy for all those talented people who could play a musical instrument. I loved music but had no talent in either playing or singing. I saw a single name painted in golden letters on the dark lacquered wood of the grand piano, Bösendorfer. They had been making high quality pianos for over a hundred and thirty years. I looked around to make sure I was alone before I sat down at the piano. I lifted the fallboard revealing the monochromatic keys beneath. I pretended that I was a critically acclaimed concert pianist. I placed my fingers on the cool keys and a melody formed in my mind. It was soft and yet had a power to it. My fingers seemed to move of their own accord and music poured forth. It was an ancient J’Nai funeral dirge. It gathered force beneath my fingertips. While I had been hesitant at first my confidence built by the second as the air was filled with a song whose age eclipsed the entirety of the human race.

I sung low at first the alien syllables weaving their way through the melody and like the music my voice built until I was singing full out. I closed my eyes as Steve’s memories, my memories, blazed behind my eyes as I played and sang. I saw the home world in all its glory. The city of the Immortals washed in the light of the triple moons hanging in the night sky. I walked paths paved in ghost steel through gardens so intricately laid out it might as well have been magic. It was the height of the J’Nai civilization where the entire galaxy was a mere step away. The skein of the web stretched across the entirety of lightyears and connected uncounted worlds with the cradle of J’Nai civilization. I walked amidst the best and brightest of psychic engineers, mage poets, and warrior priests. We shared thoughts as easily and freely as our bodies took in oxygen. I was a repository of those minds and all I had to do was unlock it.

A counter melody mingled with mine and my eyes snapped open. Isix was seated next to me and playing. Her touch on the keys was soft and yet as confident as mine. I shifted melodies and she followed with an ease that was a joy to hear. The new song was a battle anthem written by my friend the warrior poet Irulainin Nighthammer. She was a lover as well as a fierce defender of the J’Nai people. She fell in battle toe to toe with the Silent King on the tomb world of Kerlakk IV. She slew the Thanaton king but suffered mortal wounds in the duel. I carried her body from the killing grounds to her personal warship named after her, the Nighthammer.

The melody changed again but this time it was Isix leading the way. I recognized the Osirin melody at once. It was the prayer of the greeting of the dawn. I sang the first syllables of Bennu’s Birth and she sang right along. Her voice was a strong airy alto soprano a stark contrast to my own tenor. When I looked over I saw tears of joy sliding down her cheeks. She wasn’t wearing the ever-present hood. Why would she hide such beauty? We finished the song and she flung her arms around me. Her thoughts touched mine thanking me. I held her close and thanked her for the company. The head chef appeared and began pulling the heavy drapes from the windows allowing the first light of morning to spill into the house.

“Morning Sir,” she said. “That was the loveliest piece of music I ever did hear. You both play beautifully.”

“Thank you,” I replied while Isix pulled her hood up to over her face.

“I ataşehir escort bayan must attend Master Jon,” Isix whispered. “…Thank you, Greg,”

“I didn’t know you could play,” Rhea said appearing from her seat at the far end of the music room.

“Neither did I.” I said and she smiled. “I guess I have hidden talents.”

“Did you ever meet Her?” She asked as she sat in my lap.

“I was there when she passed. I was her second when she dueled the Silent King. I carried her back to her ship and family.”

“Tell me about her. What was she like?”

I closed my eyes again and I shared my memories of the great lady with Rhea. I told her about the many firsts I shared with Iru. I described our first meeting, our first duel, and the first time we made love. She was a legend and rightly so. She had a way of looking at things that was shared and taught at all the temples of the war god. I guess she was the J’Nai version of Leonardo De Vinci or Sun Tsu. I often went to the Hall of Fallen Heroes to speak with her shade. I felt the tears come and I faltered and stopped. I realized I had loved her. Iru and I had shared a connection as strong and fierce as that of the one I possessed with Rhea.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered feeling the warmth of Rhea’s thoughts in mine.

“NO… don’t you dare apologize for loving someone! I told you before, I am privileged to love you. Honor her memory and her immortality is assured.”

The smell of cooking bacon interrupted our little discussion. Our minds were intertwined as I recalled another life and another time but now it was time to embrace the present. I carried her towards the dining room and she silently clung to my neck. We sat impatiently waiting for the cook to appear with the scrumptious smelling food. Cindy and the others arrived and soon we were eating, chatting and laughing. Everyone seemed upbeat and looking forward to the masquerade. Jon and his sisters showed up and joined us. I asked Jon who would be attending the masquerade. He said only a select group of friends and acquaintances had received invitations. There would be members of British nobility present and we should be on our best behavior. He hinted at a few special guests but wouldn’t say who they were.

The staff of Windsword went into overdrive after that. They were receiving shipments of food and alcohol for tonight’s masquerade. It was like watching an army on the move. There was a definite rhythm to everything going on around me. Since the weather was nice I took a walk outside. The gardens were in full bloom and the air held a hundred different scents. The girls were helping the staff get the mansion ready to receive its guests. I spotted extra security forces wandering the grounds. They tried to appear inconspicuous but when you work with them so often you develop a sense of being watched. Rhea was far subtler in the way she kept an eye on me. I took a seat and closed my eyes. I pulled up emails from Nick, the Pentagon, and the White House. Nick sent me a tentative schedule for my return to the states as well as an invite to a private clue, the Equinox Club.

The members of the Joint Chiefs sent me well wishes on my recovery and were looking forward to working with me again. Lydia, I mean the President also sent me a rather interestingly worded email about my scheduled dinner at the White House. It was the hint or maybe innuendo was a better way of describing the wording. Lydia was after all the first unmarried person to inhabit the Oval Office in over a hundred and twenty years. Hell, she was a lot of firsts all rolled up into one. I guess to sum her up she was the first female, Native American president. I replied to the POTUS with an equally ambiguous email that was far subtler than she had been. I opened my eyes and saw that I was no longer alone on the wooden bench. The nameless redhead that I had briefly met at the White House was mere inches from me.

“Hello Greg,” she said smiling.

“You have me at a disadvantage.”

“My name is Gabrielle. I am here on business.”

“Are you apart of party security or something else?”

“Something else…” she said becoming all business suddenly. “I am tracking someone.”

“Let me guess, you think that someone will be at Jon’s party.”

“Got it in one, but there is one problem…”

“You weren’t invited.” I said and she nodded. “I guess I could put in a good word for you. But what’s in it for me?”

“I could owe you a favor.” She said and I nodded. “Of course, I wonder what sort of favor you might collect.”

“Do you mind if I ask a few personal questions?” I said and she nodded. “Are you a virgin?”

“No, well… not really,” she said blushing furiously.

“Well that answers my second question,” I replied and she lowered her gaze. “I guess my favor would entail taking that other status from you. Which means whoever you are hunting must be dangerous, perilously so. An inquisitor from the Vatican here in London. I will be honest with you. When I saw the three of you at the White House I pulled a few strings to find out who you were.”

“We would have wrecked escort kadıköy you,” she growled her hunger surprisingly hidden.

“I know…” I said as I lightly touched her shielded thoughts. “You are like a sun hidden in a glacier.”

“Thank you, it isn’t easy,” she purred. “I’d blow you out here if there weren’t so many prying eyes.”

“I look forward to calling in your marker.”

Gabrielle DeCourtney rose to her feet and left before she ruined her reputation. It wouldn’t do for a high-ranking inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus to be caught up against a tree being fucked rotten by someone like me. I returned to the mansion and Cindy was waiting for me. She had that look in her eye. She was up to something. I walked passed her and she followed me up the stairs to my room. I had a feeling whatever she wanted to say would be better in private. I sat on the bed while she closed the door. The excitement was clear for anyone to see. There was a new guy in her life.

“There’s this guy…”

“Go on.”

“He is so cute and the sex is amazing!”

“Does he treat you well? Do you get along outside the bedroom? Have you been outside the bedroom with this guy? I can see that is a no. What did you really want to ask me?”

Cindy blushed and I could see she was trying to find the right words to ask me this favor. I waited, enjoying her anguish. She finally broke down and thrust her fist out holding a length of silk rope.

“Tie me up…” she stammered. “I need you to time me.”

“Have you been studying escapology?” I said instead of ‘are you fucking nuts’. “Do you trust him that much?”

“Yep,” she said smiling. “I want to surprise my friend tonight.”

“Turn around and I’ll do my best,” I said getting to my feet.

I took the rope as she turned away from me. I tied her wrists in a simple knot this time. I took a step back as she turned around and I timed her. She freed her wrists in under ten seconds. We did this repeatedly until I found a knot she couldn’t escape from. I saw the panic in her eyes. I asked her if she wanted me to untie her but she shook her head. I ran my hands over her t-shirt and located an erect nipple. I trapped it between my thumb and forefinger. Cindy let out a whimper of frustration and excitement.

“Stop… I can’t focus…” she whispered. “Daddy… if I can’t get out of this knot he’s going to fuck my ass!”

“And you don’t want that,” I said and I could see that she was near panic. “I will teach you a trick to get out of every knot… it might hurt a bit.”

“I don’t care. I made you a promise. My ass belongs to you!”

I soothed her with a touch of my hand on her cheek and my thoughts touching hers. She calmed instantly and waited for me to show her my little trick. I showed her visually what I was about to do to her physically. I walked behind her and placed my thumb on the back of her thumb. I told her to remain calm as I dislocated her digit. She let out a soft cry but endured as the rope slipped off that hand. Once that side was free the other hand followed quickly. I popped her thumb back into position which forced another whimper from her.

“Are you okay?” I asked her as she brought her hands in front of her.

“Yeah,” she said watching the swelling reduce before her eyes. “I heal really quick. Can you do it?”

“Yep but I didn’t put my ass on the line.” I reminded her failing to hide the bitterness. “You need to practice.”

“Show me,” she demanded.

I yielded and dislocated both thumbs in front of her. She winced and then after I popped them back in place there was no swelling in my joints. Cindy stared up at me and placed her hands on her hips. She demanded my secret and I couldn’t deny anything my little girl wanted. I told her how I had developed a tiered consciousness and it allowed nearly instantaneous regeneration among other things. She begged me to teach her how to do it. I told her she would owe me and that earned me a seductive smile from her. I touched her thoughts and took over the nanites in her body. I created layer after layer of control just as I had in myself. In the end, we mirrored each other. When I finished she looked at me in awe. She dislocated her thumb without flinching and popped them back into place with a smile on her face.

“It stung but not nearly as bad as that first time. You are a genius!”

“Just be careful sweetie,” I said and she hugged me.

“I love you too daddy!”

“Oh hey, can you do me a favor?” I asked and she nodded.

“How do you want me?”

“Hold your horses,” I said as I brought my watch up to eye level with her. “Just hold still and tell me how you feel after this.”

“Okay,” she said looking at the face of my watch. The holoprojectors flashed and her eyes dilated for a few seconds before returning to normal. “I am so fucking wet… it feels like somebody has licked me down there like a pro… are you going to fuck me?”

“Interesting,” I said noticing how profoundly hard her nipples were. “I guess Steve was really onto something. Tell me how you are feeling.”

“I told you. I am wet. Do you want to see? Okay… maltepe escort fine… I was already excited but now my body is on fire. I need a cock in my mouth… my pussy or for you, my ass.”

“If I asked you to fuck Jon in front of me…”

“NO… I mean… that might hurt your feelings. I couldn’t do that to you.”

“Interesting,” I said as I pondered what to do with Cindy. “Anything else you can tell me?”

“Just how excited I am. That flash really did a number on me. Did you come up with that?”

“No, I was just testing it out. Why don’t you go find Rhea and have fun.”

“Okay daddy but you might regret sending me away.” She said heading for the door.

“I probably will but before you go what is the name of this guy you are so hung up on.”

“Oswald Sebastian Kane.”

I was already doing a full background check on Kane before my little girl had even left the room. I pulled from every database I could access and compiled quite the history. There were several men that went by that name and I suspected that they were all the same man. The description of the man was far too similar to be mere coincidence. Just my fucking luck, my daughter falling for a man seven times her age. I was going to have to speak with Jon to see if he knew anything about Kane. No better time than the present. I went downstairs looking for the master of the house. I found him in the living room directing three burly looking men as they slowly lowered a portable bar onto casters so that it could be more easily maneuvered.

“Hello Greg,” Jon said as the bar settled into place.

“Hello Jon… I want to ask you about someone, a guest perhaps.”

“Ask away.”

“Do you know Oswald Sebastian Kane?”

“Aw hell,” Jon replied his smile disappearing. “Who has he latched onto this time?”

“My daughter.”

I saw the pained expression on his face. He told me everything he knew about ‘Oz’. He was a scoundrel, a vagabond, but he respected a lady’s limits. If she said no, he wouldn’t cross that line. I was relieved but still guarded. Cindy would always be my little girl no matter what. I understood I couldn’t always be there to protect her but if he hurt her I would make him regret it. I had to pull back on my emotions. I hadn’t even met Oz yet. Who knew I might get along with him. If he treated Cindy right he might be a good example of a nice guy for once. To keep my mind off things I jumped in and helped carry, move and unbox. The morning blurred into the afternoon and soon the early arrivals appeared. These were close friends of Jon and leant their help to making sure the party went off without any problems. It was after two o’clock when Rhea and Cindy finally made an appearance.

The band arrived at four to set up and I helped them carry, fetch and clear away. We found a corner of the music room and decided it had the best acoustics and would afford the least amount of furniture to be moved. Once they were settled in and testing their equipment the second wave of guests arrived. The limos pulled into the circle drive one at a time. Some of the people I recognized on sight while others I had to perform facial recognition searches to discover who they were. I had to admit some of them didn’t seem like Jon’s kind of crowd. Later I would amend the definition of just what that meant. I circled around the first floor making sure the guests were taken care of as if it were my own celebration. Jon was also ever present and making introductions when they were needed. I kept the musician’s glasses filled and their plates full.

I picked up and examined one of the electric guitars. The lead singer watched me and gave me a nod. I slipped the guitar strap into place and my hands settled into a comfortable position. I closed my eyes as I had earlier that day when I sat before the grand piano. The song came to me and my fingers described the melody without effort. Carlos Santana’s ‘Smooth’ filled the air and I heard a few cries of surprise. A moment later the others joined in as we began to sing the lyrics. I opened my eyes and saw that a small crowd had formed and standing at the front was Rhea, Isix and Cindy. The song ended and the applause was loud enough to make me blush.

“That was bloody amazing,” the drummer remarked. “How long have you been playing?”

“I’ve never played before,” I told him and he called bullshit.

“Nobody plays like that their first time.”

“Feel free to join us anytime,” the lead singer offered with a wink.

I relinquished the guitar to its owner and he clapped me on the back. I joined the guests as Cindy introduced me to her latest love interest, Oswald Sebastian Kane. He looked to be in his twenties with a slight build and short cropped chestnut brown hair. His eyes had a queer luminescent quality to them and an easy smile. I shook his hand and my thoughts touched the fringes of his consciousness. His mind seemed split between having an enjoyable time and bedding my daughter. I couldn’t blame him. I had tasted the forbidden fruit that was my daughter’s passion. I was letting go of his hand when there was a flash of something in his mind, something dark something primal. I looked at Cindy and she was all smiles and eager for my approval of her latest choice in fuck buddies. I nodded but locked eyes with her and sent silently to her, just be careful. She hugged me relieved that I had given my blessing of sorts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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