Heidi and Max

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Heidi sat in the green chair staring at the computer’s monitor. She had just opened Max’s Email and read another message from Megan and opening the attachments, stared at the four photos she had sent. Leaning back she thought for a moment and decided that this woman deserved some sort of response.

Leaning back she thought about how she and Max had found each other, and how she had gone from an innocent to a wanton whore.

Heidi had arrived in the states seven weeks ago and how, within the first two, she had managed to seduce Max. It really hadn’t been deliberate and it certainly was unintended, but one thing led to another.

Although Max had no intention of having a relationship and really only intended to have Heidi as a housekeeper he was soon involved way over his head. Max had been a widower for about eight months and wasn’t ready for an affair, that was what he had told everyone anyway.

Actually he had, more or less, dropped out of the social scene in order to avoid the advances a new bachelor encounters once word is out that he’s free. Oh he had been getting propositions from both singles and married women even during his marriage, but his wife was just about all he could hope for in bed and in every other way.

Now that he had lost her, he wasn’t anxious to start another relationship just yet.

The singles were dangerous because of their designing motives. The married ones, because of the complications and baggage they brought with them.

Max had a reputation. Couple that with good looks and a lot of bragging by his now deceased wife, and you had the formula for either disaster or good fortune.

Max is thirty three now, and Heidi about thirteen years his junior, so when she came on board as his housekeeper he felt secure that nothing would happen. Heidi had, perhaps unintentionally, changed that.

She was naive and rather childlike in that she was a virgin with no experience other than a compulsion to masturbate whenever she was stressed out or needed to lull herself to sleep at night. She was the product of a very religious family and the daughter of a minister who kept tight reigns on her and her sister. Now being on her own, she had intended to enjoy her sexuality and enjoy it to its fullest.

In the beginning weeks of her stay, Max had issues with her that he had not handled very well. First he began to dote over her as if she were his daughter, buying her little gifts to make her feel more accepted as a family member than an employee.

He even began taking her out to dinner and social gatherings. He was now beginning to feel more secure in light of the fact that he presented her as just a housekeeper and consort, nothing more nor less.

The first major issue to appear was Heidi’s penchant for doing her house work in the buff. She felt more comfortable working around his house in the nude. He accepted that, but to compound the problem, she was gorgeous. Being lithe, and having a thin waist, firm breasts, a beautiful smile big blue eyes and golden blond hair, she was hard to ignore.

She was childishly open, admitting things to Max that people in his circles didn’t discuss openly. She told him that she frequently masturbated and had even convinced Max to admit the same to her.

After all, having been married to a woman who had an insatiable sexual appetite Max found it nearly impossible to go without some form of release.

It wasn’t too difficult for her to convince him that it would be much more enjoyable if they joined each other at times to share the experience. Initially she enticed him to watch her masturbate to orgasm, but then it advanced to the point where she convinced him to jerk off while she watched.

Childish yes, but a first step. Two weeks later they began to actually masturbate each other, and Heidi found that she was needing his touch and caresses to get the ultimate satisfaction and to have multiple orgasms.

Playing by herself was no longer very satisfying and she now was addicted to feeling his hands moving across her smoothly shaved pussy while his other hand either stroked her taunt nipples or tormented her swollen clit.

The next obvious step was his. He had been very oral with his wife and had become expert at it. So one night on impulse, he had her lay on her bed and he began.

A kiss on the forehead, led to a kiss on the cheek. From there it was only logical that her warm lips join his, her mouth opened and her tongue came to life, stabbing into his mouth.

Breathing hard, he broke the kiss, paused then began to plant a path of warm kisses that traced a wet pattern down her neck and lower to the hollow of her throat.

Still lower, his face moved into the valley between her breasts, and suddenly he found his mouth over a very erect and sensitive nipple.

His hand actively sought and grasped her other small breast and his fingers gently rolled its mate between his thumb and forefinger. He was beyond stopping, and she was in Ecstasy.

When ataşehir escort Heidi began to twist and turn, he was brought back in time and to memories of his wife and how she responded. He fell into a pattern that he knew so well and was very comfortable with.

With one hand on her right breast, and his mouth on her left nipple, his free hand slowly moved down to her leaking pussy. A pussy, virginal in only the fact that no man had enjoyed it, although it had quite often been penetrated by her pliable dildo or her fingers.

This time he had been intent on finishing what she so urgently needed. His mouth was moving down to savor the warm nectar of her pussy. Heidi had always been wet, and now he intended to taste the trickle of milky fluid that was dribbling out and slowly coating her thighs.

She remembered the moment so well. She couldn’t drive it from her mind even if she had wanted. He had let his fingers do their magic, as they had many times before, but she was unprepared for what he did next.

His mouth left her breast, releasing her nipple, and she felt a pattern of warm nibbling kisses trek down over her flat tummy. Soon she felt his warm breath puffing where just moments earlier, his fingers had been delving into her pussy. She waited, holding her breath until she felt his warm mouth make contact with her cunt. She gasped and felt the warm glow of sensual expectations course thru her body.

She had held her breath, not knowing what to expect, but desperately wanting him to continue. Suddenly his mouth closed over her cunt and his tongue began to separate the folds of her inner lips almost like petals of a rose. And if they had been rose petals he ran his tongue alone their surfaces as if trying to lap up some secret nectar.

Heidi began to squeal and her ass contracted as she began to heave up, almost as if some invisible puppeteer were drawing on threads attached to her body.

He was driving her insane and yet she needed more. Max knew exactly what he was doing. He had done it so many times before with his wife, and she had even taunted her friends, by describing in detail what he had done to her.

But now it was Heidi who under his control and she was beyond anything she had ever experienced.

His mouth was alive. His fingers moved like ghostly shadows within her. Sometimes seeking and stroking her “G” spot, sometimes twisting and turning, and sometimes plunging in and out. While at the same time his tongue was doing marvelous things to her gushing cunt.

When the time was right. His mouth moved up to the apex of her womanhood and his wet lips suddenly pressed down around her clit. Sucking, he drew it from within it’s protective folds and he held it firmly between his lips.

Heidi had arched her back and wailed aloud, begging him to take her over the top.

The plea wasn’t necessary. Max was about to drain her body, and as his tongue moved like fluttering butterfly wings across her clit, she thrust up and fed his thirsty mouth.

She had dropped down. Her breasts heaving and her pussy convulsively contracting, forcing still more of her milky fluid to trickle out of her pussy. Max drank her until she could stand it no longer and begged him to stop. Reluctantly he lifted his head.

Too exhausted to go on, she had slept.

Two nights late she had come to his room. She had lied and told him that she had had a very bad dream and begged to sleep with him. Making her promise that they would keep their distance she crawled in bed with him.

Max lay on his side facing away from her, but soon she was hugging his body. Almost like two spoons she fitted her body to his. That night she had held herself in check. But soon it had become an every night ritual, and then the pretense of bad dreams was abandoned and for almost week she had kept control of herself.

Then on Saturday night she had tried to take the edge off her need for sex by masturbating before going to Max’s bedroom. It was a necessary ritual that had kept her under control in the past but that night her needs couldn’t be satisfied.

How Max could sleep with her and yet not be tempted, was beyond her understanding. He was in control of himself and yet she had lost hers. She had continued to masturbate Max almost nightly and he had continued to do the same for her, but yet he always seemed to hold back, rarely approaching her first.

He had learned all her weaknesses and yet she knew very few of his. He always seemed to be able to resist cumming for her unless she begged him to, and he decided let himself surrender.

She, on the other hand, hadn’t learned how to make Max lose control, to surrender easily to her touch or mouth, but she had been learning.

By now she she was able to take all eight inches of his thick cock down her throat, and even hold her breath while her throat muscles tried to swallow him. Still, when she was at last able to hear him gasp, “Heidi, I’m gonna shoot. Oh god Heidi, take it now,” she didn’t kadıköy escort bayan feel completely in control.

Of course she love to swirl his thick cum around in her mouth, coating her tongue and holding it so she could taste him. Yes it was true that she had by now learned to draw him out of her throat just far enough so the head of his cock was held just within her sucking mouth when he came.

And yes she was always lightheaded when she began to swallow, letting small amounts of it trickle down her throat until it was gone. That way she could feel the warm streams of his cum jetting forcefully into the back of her throat, but those were special times.

He would only occasionally allow himself to finish in her mouth. More often he would only let himself cum after pulling away, sending jets of cum gushing upward only to spatter across face or coat her stroking hand or breasts.

But that was her reward, and she was determined to make him need her. To need her as much as she needed him.

By now it had become an every night thing, she would suck him off each night or jerk him into her waiting mouth, and she would enjoy him finishing her again and again, using his mouth and fingers, before they would slip into bed and sleep.

It was inevitable. About two in the morning she awoke after having a very erotic dream. She managed to get Max onto his back even as he slept, and she worked her magic. When she had aroused his shaft to it’s most enormous size, she straddled him.

Max still slept as she rocked forward on her knees, and holding his shaft skyward, she slowly lowered her pussy until she had managed to capture it’s head between her swollen lips.

She wasn’t prepared for either it’s size nor it’s length. She began to lower herself only to feel the thick cock begin to stretch her beyond anything she had experienced before. Even her dildo wasn’t this thick or hard.

She had momentarily paused, trying to decide if she should go on. Finally she decided that since she had gotten this far, and not wanting to lose the moment, she would try once more to bury his cock deep in her cunt.

He stirred, but didn’t waken. She took a deep breath and began to move up and down. Each time she folded her knees a bit more, slowly moving further down.

She took more and more but even when she felt the soft head of his shaft press firmly against her cervix, she hadn’t taken all of him.

She had paused, and slowly swayed back and forth, rotating her hips, when suddenly something seemed to move deep inside. Perhaps his shaft had found another, softer place into which it would fit, but suddenly she felt her pubes press against his, and knew she had taken all he had.

By now Max had begun to stir but she had been determined that nothing was going to stop her. She leaned forward and put her lips to his, her firm breasts, with hard sensitive nipples, ground into his chest as her arms slid under his neck, locking her mouth to his.

He woke up. He had no way of dislodging her and she slid her feet under his outstretched legs and locked their two bodies together. Max must have realized at that instant that he was now coupled with her and so he held still, waiting to see what she would do.

Long moments passed before Heidi had begun to slowly wiggle up and down on his impaling shaft. He was beyond resisting at that point, and had probably passed beyond resisting, realizing he was going to fuck her and take that last vestige of innocence away from her.

That was the night that he took her beyond sex, beyond wanton enjoyment, beyond her most compulsive need to be fucked. And he had been magnificent. He allowed her to twist and turn on his hard dick. She had bounced up and down, and with each climax she had leaned slightly forward, forcing the top of his cock to stroke harshly across her tender clit. Again and again she had cried out.

“Max! Oh god Max! I’m gonna cum again. Do it! Harder now Max. Yeah, that way. Shove it in deeper. Hurt me Max I want to feel it twisting and turning deep inside me. Oh yeah like that baby. Oh shit, again. Cumming again Max. Do it! DO IT NOW! Shoot now Max! Oh god, please cum with me baby. Cream in my cunt Max. Gimmeee your cum.

That night Max had been broken, and Heidi had become a compulsive sex addict who’s only enjoyment in life was the sexual gratification Max could provide. But now she had another concern. The predators were on her doorstep and Heidi wasn’t about to lose Max to the likes of Megan or anyone else.

She had decided at that point that her best option was to prove to Max that only she could keep him satisfied, and that the others weren’t even close to being as good as she was.

Oh she would share, if necessary, to prove it, but she would but never surrender him to Megan or anyone else.

That was when she discussed Megan’s proposal to have a threesome with them. When finally she convinced Max that that would be the only way to end Megan’s constant harassing escort maltepe tactics, he finally agreed.

It had been then that she convinced him that the best way to get rid of Megan was to humiliate her, to make her realize that she couldn’t satisfy him no matter what she did, then send her away.

Heidi explained her plan to orchestrate the whole encounter and then to criticize her performance, but Max would have to do his part too. No matter how exciting she might get, he had to promise not to give in to her.

Megan had met Heidi at a garden party a number of weeks ago and shortly after that received a package from Megan. It contained a leather collar a leather paddle, and a huge vibrating dildo with a note explaining rather snidely, that if she was going to be Max’s whore, she should dress like one.

Max had been furious with Heidi for having bragged to Megan that they had become sexually involved. That was the afternoon she had orgasmed on his pants as he spanked her. To further show how upset he was, he actually made Heidi wear the collar Megan had sent.

Actually Heidi enjoyed it more than if it had been an expensive gift from Max. It seemed to symbolize a closeness of their relationship. So although Max offered to unlock it, she hadn’t accepted his offer.

Now it was virtually the only thing she would wear in the house. No clothing, nothing except the collar. Of course when Max took her out she was permitted to wear the diamond studded choker that had been his wife’s. It was as if he were proving his authority over her in the privacy of his home, but yet anxious to show her off as a trophy when in public.

According to Max, Megan was a voyeur, and although she ran a legitimate modeling agency and photography studio, she used a lot of her models for her own gratification. Sometimes photographing them in a variety of rather compromising situations. Many of which were of Megan and two or three of her girls enjoying each other.

Megan was young, and rather petite. Probably standing only five feet two and weighing not much more than a hundred or so pounds. Her hair was that dark red, almost black color that seemed to glow hotly with each toss of her head. Rumor had it that she was lesbian because she was always trying to entice young women to either pose for her or work as models for her.

Yet she had this thing for Max and because he had refused to become involved with her, she seemed determined to have him. Probably because she had learned of his episodes behind closed doors from his now deceased wife.

She seemed to have this need to satisfy her appetite for sex with anyone she desired, and that was why Max’s refusal to get involved with her, was making Megan frantic.

So Heidi began to compose a proposition to Megan in which they might agree to have the threesome she seemed so anxious for. But Heidi wanted it to happen with certain conditions attached. To get her to agree, Heidi needed to make Megan want Max so much that any conditions she would demand would be met.

After all, Megan was a slut and was used to fucking women if not men, so now it was just a matter of getting her to want Max so much that she would grovel just to have Max fuck her.

At first Heidi wanted to list her demands, but then had second thoughts about it. She figured it might be better to have Megan panting first, knowing that in that way, she couldn’t refuse. And the best way to do that was to make her jealous.

Heidi decided to tell Meg what she enjoyed each day with Max and let her know just what she was missing. To describe the things they did and how they did it.

Having no real pictures to send of her and Max, she decided to torment her with word pictures. She would tell her how Max would grow in her mouth as she sucked him. Or how he had taken her that one time up her ass, and how wonderful it had felt.

She described the feeling of his cock deep inside her, and how he would sometimes slip his finger in her ass and twist and turn it as his cock stroked in and out of her cunt. Of the time he had her kneel and after attached clips to her nipples, how the chain between the clips, had swayed back and forth as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy.

She told of how she would listen to his thighs thump against her ass and the feeling of his balls as they would slap against her clit each time he plunged in deep. And most of all, how she listened to him moan her name just before he would spurt his thick cum into her pussy or mouth. She liked that best, to hear him sob to her.

After having sent the Email to Megan, she began to make preparations. She had asked Max to take her to the city to do some shopping. There were several things she needed for her little plan to work best. Her intention was to make Megan strip for them and to make her masturbate using the dildos she would purchase for that purpose. Then she intended to lash her to a chair and spread her legs wide, securing them apart so she and Max could watch her pussy pulsate with desire.

She would then have Max work his magic on her as Megan was forced to watch. She assumed that Meg probably hadn’t ever been fucked by anyone or anything as large as Max and assumed that Megan’s pussy was most likely rather small and tight.

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