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Big Tits

Dear friends-earlier this year, I befriended Nurse Sally, also an author here. We wrote to each other every day, and shared many fantasies. I consider her a great, dear friend. One thing we did, was to write stories for each other exclusively. I wrote this story for Sally in June and I sent it to her as a gift. Last week I asked her if I could share it with the Lit community and she graciously said that I could. Thanks Sally, I hope you enjoy it again. JR

written for Nurse Sally

The shower sizzled like summer rain on a tin roof as Sally finished the last stroke of her delightful chore. Last week, after reading a sexy e-mail from a new friend, she decided to shave bare, rather than just trim her vaginal area in preparation of summer swimsuit wear. The feeling combined with thoughts from the e-mail led her to touch, explore and finger her long neglected honey pot. Soon she was gently teasing with fingers and finally with dildos until she was left gasping for breath.

This morning, waking early she touched herself again and before long, with astro glide on her jell cock, she was plunging into her pussy, giving herself the fucking of her life. When she had become sufficiently exhausted and satisfied she hopped off the bed and into the shower, realizing that the weeks worth of growth was starting to create a stubble there, and that just wouldn’t do. She loved the naked smoothness now and decided to keep it that way.

So, with her Mons back to shining baldness, she dried off and applied a lightly scented soothing balm to the area. Her reverie was disturbed by the doorbell followed by knocking on the door.

‘Who could that be?” she wondered as she threw on a terry bathrobe and looked out the second story window to the front walkway. A truck was parked out front and a middle aged slightly balding man stood below her with a clip board in his hand.

“Can I help you?” Sally said from the open window.

“God morning ma’am Miss….Enfermera? I’m Bill from maintenance, I have a heat pump for your unit and a work order for today.” He said looking up with a polite smile.

Sally had forgotten that this was the day her dad had scheduled the installation of the new pump. She glanced at the clock-8:10….”but you’re….”

“Early….yes ma’am I know we’re scheduled for 9 but the last job ran into a glitch, so we couldn’t complete it. If you’re not ready I’ll just go get some coffee and be back at 9.”

“No…no it’s… it’s just that my dad’s not here and I…”

“Sure miss, no problem.” the man said in an understanding way as he turned to walk back to his truck.

“I’ll be back at 9.” he said waving.

Sally felt bad for having to make the man leave, and if he finished early she thought then she could get to the gym that much earlier today. She was being silly she thought, I’m 18 now surely I’m an adult and not a little girl anymore…. “wait” she called out “It’s OK, just let me get dressed and you can start, I’ll make coffee here, I’m dying for a cup anyway.”

“You sure ma’am? I don’t mind waiting.” he called back. Now Sally could see that the man was clearly in his late forties, or more likely early fifties- still in great shape with rugged good looks.

“No, no…it’s fine-just give me two minutes.” she called back. The man leaned against his truck, and took out his cell as she stepped back from the window into her bedroom.

She quickly took off the robe and tossed it on her still disheveled bed then opened her lingerie drawer and selected a navy satin thong. She loved the way the satin felt against her newly shaved mound and it gave her a shiver as she tucked the thong between her cheeks. The shiver extended to her now hardening nipples atop her smallish breasts.

Smallish, but so amazingly sensitive to the tongue. She smiled thinking about Richie, her sometimes boyfriend who could almost make her cum from his licking and sucking of her nipples.

“Calm down girl she said as she grabbed a pair of white shorts and a cut off Atlanta Braves T, then slipped her feet into sandals while tossing her short hair back with her fingers. For a final touch, she sprayed a mist of her after bath ‘Halston Eu du’ Toilette’ and stepped into it.

True to her word, she opened the door in just over two minutes. The man smiled and stepped away from the truck, grabbing a tool-bag and a cardboard box. “Hi, I’m Bill. I should be done by 9:30, where is the utility room?” he said as he entered.

During the brief exchange, nothing escaped Sally’s sharp eye. He had graying blond hair, about six foot tall with straight white teeth and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. His easy gentlemanly way was disarming, almost like a polite cowboy would be. He was even better looking than she could tell from the second floor, way better looking.

She paused a beat before answering, and knew that made her look dumb. “Uhh oh, it’s under the stairway, there, that door.” she said pointing. “How do you like your coffee?”

“Black ataşehir escort please, thanks you didn’t have to do that.”

“No, it’s fine, I was going to make a pot anyway. If you need anything I’ll be in the kitchen.” she smiled and left him at the cellar door. Her heart pounded in her chest as she turned away and all she could think was ‘Oh my god, he is so gorgeous.

As Sally walked away, Bill found the light switch, located the circuit breaker box and the burnt out heat pump. The first thing he though of was the girl, god she’s cute about as old as my niece Jennifer probably seventeen or eighteen ‘ he guessed. The air around her was infused by her scent- her friendly smile and pleasant voice echoed in his mind. OK heat pump, let’s get you out of there he thought, getting back to the task at hand. The unit was an older one, the first ones used in this complex and he had changed a dozen or so this past winter. He knew the job would be simple, too bad it wouldn’t take longer so he could get to know the girl…don’t be an idiot Bill. Change the pump and get out of there!

In the kitchen, Sally had put up a freshly ground pot of coffee, and while she was at it, she put some sweet rolls in the oven. While pouring the coffee, the phone rang.

“Hi hon, how’s it going?” her dad said.

“Hi daddy, the repairman is here.”

“Oh, he’s early, good-any problems?”

“I don’t think so, he went to the utility room and he ‘s working. He said he’d be done by 9:30.”

“OK, Sal, you know if that’s the case I’ll just continue on to the city, unless you want me to come back so you can leave.”

Sally thought for a moment, her sweet rolls were still baking.

“No dad it’s fine. I’ll see you tonight.”

“I’m going to Boston tonight remember Sal…I have the trade show.”

“Oh, duh- right. OK I’ll see you Thursday daddy.”

“K, sweetie, see you.” And they hung up.

The sweet rolls were ready, Sally took the cookie sheet out and placed it on the stove. In a few minutes she could glaze them. In the meantime, she poured the coffee and took a cup to the utility room.

Once there, she could see that Bill was deep into his work and seemed to be unaware of her.

“Hot…coffee” she said although for some reason her mind wanted to say Hot… pussy’

She set the cup down and inhaled the unmistakable scent of man. A thrill jolted through her center as she saw that Bill had removed his outer shirt and was wearing a white T, his muscular arms were tense as he was unbolting the pump. He glanced at her, then at the cup, then back to her face. Along the way he admired her nipples poking through the thin cotton T.

“Ah, great, you’re an angel” he said with light perspiration around his brow and lip. He continued to turn the bolt until it dropped into his hand. “OK, that one was tough.”

“Oh, it it going to take longer than you thought?” she asked.

“No, It’ll still be just about an hour as long as the coupling is OK.”


“Yeah, it’s what the pump is attached to. This unit is over twenty years old so the bolts are a little corroded. No problem though, I’ll be out of your hair in no time.”

‘I have no hair on my pussy’ she thought. Then, startled that she’d thought that in her mind, she stammered “Uhh I ..I made some sweet rolls. Come into the kitchen when you’re ready.”

Sally turned and walked out quickly.

Once she returned to the kitchen, Sally leaned against the counter, her heart pounding in her ears and tried to catch her breath. ‘What’s happening to me? She thought. All I want to do is to tell this hunky man that I’m wantonly naked beneath my panties…I just feel so …so wicked when I’m near him.’

At that moment, the door opened and Bill walked into the room. “Wow, great coffee.” he smiled/

“Oh, thanks, do you want some more?” do you want some pussy too?

“Oh swell, thanks.” he said extending his cup.

Sally continued as she poured “I was just about to glaze the sweet rolls, hold on a sec.”

“Thanks-they look great. I’m going to go out to the truck to get the replacement pump, take your time.” he said as he walked to the door.

Sally watched him go, then turned to the tray of sweet rolls. She opened the packet of glaze and swirled it around each one. ‘I wonder If I swirl some of this around my pussy lips if he’d like that better?’she thought. God Sally, stop it. He can’t hear my thoughts but I might accidentally blurt something out that I can’t take back. Easy girl!

The door opened and Bill returned with a heavy carton. He headed back to the utility closet “I’ll be right back for a taste of that.” he said as he disappeared.

“A taste of what? ‘my pussy?’ Sally wondered…oh the rolls.”

A few minutes later Bill returned wiping his hands with a cloth. Sally handed him a plate as he picked up his cup again. “Mmm thanks…Miss Enfermera.”


“Ahh Sally, well thanks.” He took a big bite and nodded approvingly, “Goob…he kadıköy escort bayan said with the food in his mouth, then laughed as he said it. Sally laughed too, he had a lot of boy inside of him she could see, and she liked that.

As he chewed, Sally looked over his body a little closer, careful not to allow him to catch her eyes glancing at the bulge in his jeans. I wonder what his cock is like, if it’s fat and long, or wide and medium size, the kind of cock she really loved to feel inside her. His arms and neck were well muscled and she could imagine that his whole body was masculine and hard, especially hard. She couldn’t help herself. Boys were nice, but they were boys. Men, mature men like Bill were more of what she craved.

Richie was nice, but still a boy, still seventeen. I’m eighteen now and everyone knows that girls are more mature so at eighteen I’m more like nineteen or twenty really-compared to a boy.

“So, what you’re in high school?” Bill said nonchalantly while chewing a second roll.

“Oh, no I…I graduated, I’m on my way to college next month-then nursing school.” she said feeling a little deflated.

“Oh, a nurse, great- I’m sure you’ll be a good one. Uh, thanks for the rolls-I have to get to the primary feeder duct-it’s usually in the attic space-do you know which bedroom has access to the attic?”

“No, I have no idea. There’s three bedrooms upstairs, do you want to go look?”

“Thanks,” Bill said eying her “the access is usually in a closet. I’ll check the master first, then the others. If you don’t mind.”

“Follow me.” she said, and led him to the steps. As Bill followed behind her he was swept again in a swirl of her Halston and bouncy hair. Three steps ahead of him, he noticed that she was wearing a dark thong that showed through the thin white fabric of her shorts before it disappeared between her ass cheeks. Calm down boy he thought as his cock stirred.

Once upstairs, they walked to the master suite at the end of the hall. Sally opened the closet door for him and stared again at his arms as he searched the ceiling for an access door.

“Nope, not here.” he said still gazing up.

“OK, spare room is here.” Sally led him to the room on the right. Still no access.

“Huh…Maybe it’s in my room.” as she uttered the last syllable and opened the door, she remembered the condition she’d left her room in.

“Oh, my…I’m sorry about the mess…”She said as she reached to fold her robe and pick up her socks.

Bill laughed “No problem I’m sorry for intruding…” but as he spoke and waited for Sally to open her closet door, he glanced at the disheveled bed, and saw it- the cock, the jell cock that only twenty minutes before, Sally had been plunging into her needy vagina. On the bed-stand was an uncapped bottle of astroglide-and the picture was complete for him. This sweet young girl with the flawless skin and thong panties had been cock fucking herself silly when he knocked on the door. How he would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that.

Sally, still unaware of his discovery had opened the closet door, kicked aside a pile of laundry and turned to smile at Bill and say something witty about being a girl. He was caught turning his attention away from her messy bed to the closet. As he looked up at the ceiling for the access door, she glanced down to his bulge and noticed that it had grown, then silently she glanced at her bed and saw the jell cock plainly visible on her sheet. Sally glanced back up to Bill’s face to search for any sign of his knowing, but didn’t see it there. With a flushed face, she turned to her left, and quickly swept the comforter over the cock, all of this occurring in a silent few seconds. Her secret though was known it seemed.

“Ah, there we are.” Bill said pointing up and to the left. “Good. I have to get up there to disengage the

feeder” I’ll have to get a ladder, it’ll take a minute then I’ll be done up here.” As he spoke and strode out, he glanced back to the bed, seeing the comforter there now covering the evidence, and he smiled.

“What was that?” Sally said.

“Whaa…what was what?”

“That smile…”


“Yes, there was a smile-what is it?”…’you saw my jell-cock there,’ she thought as she looked into his eyes then ‘you know I was just using it-say it, just say it’

“Uh uh-nothing Sally. I’ll just get the ladder.”

Sally was frustrated now. This hot guy, this older guy with most likely the most gorgeous cock, had seen her secret, and he is going to try to get away with it without acknowledging it. But he’s got another thing coming She thought, Oh yeah Mr. smarty.

In a few minutes he was back with a five foot ladder. He set it inside the closet, stepped up, pushed the folding door and pulled himself up. Once in the low space, he located the exchanger and feeder valve.

Just do your job Bill’ he thought ‘but damn, she’s legal and I think she wants me to make a pass.’ escort maltepe He turned the system off, then slid down to the ladder and back into the bedroom. Sally had made the bed and straightened up while he was up there.

“OK Sally I’ll finish the installation and when I’m done I’ll just need to re-engage the feeder and you’re all set. OK?”

Sally smiled “OK, but first I want you to tell me why you smiled before. I want you to say that Bill.”she said smiling mischievously.

Bill froze, could he say it?- could he tell her what he saw, what he guessed? ‘She seems to want me to, she’s challenging me!’

“Uhh I thought I saw something Miss, I didn’t mean to…”

“Something like what Bill?, be specific if you can.” she said looking into the blueness of his eyes.

“I…uh…look I really should get this done…” As he spoke Sally leaned back on the bed and angled her foot flat on the mattress. In this position, Bill could clearly see the outline of her vagina behind the thin white shorts, she was clean shaven there; and she knew that he could see it -she had purposely removed her navy thong.

“What did you see Bill…can you describe it?” She said as she lazily drew her nails across her bare stomach.. ‘I’m going for it now, I’m going to seduce this guy and he’s going to think he died and went to heaven..I’ll show him!

Bill swallowed “it looked uh…like a…a…uh…a ….toy of some kind.”

“A toy? I’m a grown woman Bill, do you think I play with toys?”

“Uhh….well maybe this kind of toy.” he smiled nervously.

“And what kind of toy would that be Bill… big hard Bill?”

“A…dildo…thing- a jell thing.”

“You mean a cock Bill, do you mean a jell cock for fucking?”

“Um mm yeah… look I apologize Miss I can’t get in trouble here– I didn’t say anything to you I didn’t

mean to intrude on your privacy…”

“Yes, but now that you know, I’m going to need something from you.”

“What, what do you need?”

“I need you to watch Bill, I need you to be present while I show myself to you and what a naughty girl I was. I need you to see what I did Bill and if you want me to forget about it, you’d better sit right there and watch. Now Bill, sit.”

Bill was stunned-somewhere between being afraid and being sexually heightened by her boldness.

If he disobeyed her, she could say that he did something to her against her will, if he co-operated, it could be the best day of his year, hell of his life. He sat slowly on the edge of the bed.

Sally rolled onto her stomach and slightly raised her hips. She reached down, un-snapped her shorts from the front and rolled the tops down a few inches revealing the upper part of her buttock. She gyrated her hips as she placed her hand beneath herself and rubbed her palm across her mound.

Bill stared, mesmerized by her motions. Soon, she raised her hips higher and rolled the shorts down

once more exposing most of her naked ass. Meanwhile, she kicked off her clog shoes and they thumped on the floor.

“I’m going to raise my hips Bill, I give you permission to slide my shorts down and remove them for me, would you please?” she said breathlessly.

Bill sat as she raised herself, then hesitantly he reached for her shorts and pulled them off exposing her nakedness to his eyes. Her ass, her skin was flawless, she drew her knees up raising her ass and widening her legs. Her vagina was smooth and glowing, her asshole like a pink cherry. Soon her lips parted and he could see her wet pinkness.

“Do you like what you see Bill, do you like what I’m showing you. Am I totally open and exposed to you, is my most private feminine area not visible to you?” she whispered breathlessly.

“Yes…you are very…open”

“Do you want to see more Bill?”

“My god, what more is there to see?”

“This…” she said huskily as she brought her jell cock around from beneath her and placed the wet head at her opening. After a momentary pause, she slid the cock in slowly, then all the way. She with drew it and then plunged it in, opening her vagina like a sucking mouth. “Do you see Bill she gasped, do you see how deep I’m fucking myself…this is what I was doing earlier Bill, just before you came.”

Bill swallowed hard, his mouth was dry, his heart pounding in his throat. His cock had hardened like a hammer handle and was straining against his jeans as he watched the cock appear and then disappear

with a wet sucking sound.

“Are you hard Bill, is your cock throbbing? Do you want to take it out? Show me, show me your cock Bill.” Sally looked at him with half lidded, lustful eyes “I want to see it now.”

Bill stood, and opened his belt, his eyes never moving from her open sucking vagina. He dropped his pants then pulled his T over his head. Sally wasn’t disappointed. His body was lean and muscular, even more than she’d imagined. His cock head poked out of the top of his briefs, pointing up. He moved his eyes from her vagina to her eyes and saw her smile. He reached for the waistband and pulled his briefs down revealing a man sized power tool. Last were his socks, then he knelt on the bed.

“Is this what you want Sally, do you want this?” he said, waving his cock, trying to take control from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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