Happy Birthday!!

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You walk into the apartment and all you see is the glow from one single candle. You come in and close the door and walk over to the dining room table and see a single chocolate cupcake with 1 red candle burning in it. A post it note beside the cupcake directs you to the bedroom where your present is waiting. You remove your jacket and throw it over a chair and with a smile on your face you knowing you have a delicious surprise awaiting you…

You step into the bedroom and I am lying on the bed wrapping up in a bid red ribbon. I have a smile on your face that lets you know what you are in for and you walk over to the bed and look me over with a huge grin on your face.

Happy Birthday Baby…aren’t you going to unwrap your present?? I whisper softly.

You reach down and spread my legs and see that I have strategically placed the ribbon on both sides of my pussy like crotch less panties so my pink slit is visible. You reach down and with one finger begin stroking my wetness…I groan in approval and spread my legs even further apart. You kneel down between my ribbon clad thighs and spread my lips open with your thumbs and slide your hot tongue along the length of my pussy stopping at the opening and dipping your tongue into the wetness and dragging it up to my clit where you stop to suckle it for a few fabulous kartal escort bayan minutes. I am streaming now and you slip a finger inside me and fuck me gently with it until I am begging for your cock.

You stand up and tell me that it is your birthday and you want to take things as slow as possible to prolong the agony before we both get to cum.

You reach up to the bow that barely covers my breasts and gently tug on it, you uncover my breasts and lean down to take each nipple in your mouth slowly and deliberately. You circle the opposite breast with your finger until the nipple is rock hard and each flick of your tongue over it sends electric shocks directly to me already soaked pussy. I grab your hair and pull you closer, you trail kisses all the way up my neck until your face is inches from mine and you look into my eyes. You lean in and our lips touch softly at first and then you force my lips open with your tongue and kiss me deeply, taking my breathe away.

You reach down and stroke my pussy and remark how wet I am and how easily your cock will slide into me right now.

I reach down and unzip your pants and they drop to the ground you step out of them and remove your boxers, I grab your very hard cock in my hands, it is already moist with precum and I can see the desire in your escort maltepe eyes and I know how bad you want to fuck me.

I stand up and push you down onto the bed and crawl up beside you. I begin to kiss and bite your chest taking each nipples into my mouth much the way you had done to me and your cock gets even harder than it just was, it looks about ready to burst and looks so fucking delicious that I have to taste you right now! I crawl down to your waist and position myself between your legs and begin to lick just the head, I swirl my tongue around the head and gently tickle your balls and thighs. You close your eyes and moan and grab the back of my head and tangle your fingers in my hair. I take this as a cue to take you deeply into my mouth. I open my mouth wide and slide your cock to the back of my mouth with ease…as it reaches the back of my throat I gag a little and you smile knowing how much I love that. I begin to suck you with long deep wet sucks and you start to move your hips in time with my sucking.

I suddenly stop and stand up and you tug on the ribbon again and I twirl away from you as it unravels revealing my completely shaved body…I know how much you like to see my pussy completely shaved so I took special care to get it right for you.

You grab me and toss me onto the pendik escort bed and spread my thighs wide and slip your cock deep into me. You lean down and slide your tongue into my mouth too. You start to move your hips and your tongue at the same time and I wrap my legs around your waist bringing you as deep as you can go and we fuck like our lives are depending on it.

You pull away and look at me…you lean down again and whisper in my ear that you are sooo ready to cum and where do I want it tonight. I whisper back that it’s your birthday so tonight you get to decide.

You laugh and say well you know what that means…

I wink at you and say ok birthday boy give it to me…I reach down and start to rub my clit, each thrust of your cock slams my hands closer and closer to it and the sensation is so intense I will cum any minute…

That’s it baby I say…fuck me harder, cum on give it to me…I’m your little slut and I need to be fucked so damn bad.

Ya baby I am almost there…just a few more pumps and I am gonna cum all over your fat cock!!

Yes…yes…oh baby here I cummmmm


You pull out and I sit up and the first shot hits my chin and drips down onto my tits…the second shot lands in my mouth and I slurp it up with pleasure and the last shot lands on my tits again…don’t want any to go to waste so I reach down and scoop it up in my fingers and lick it off them relishing each drop.

You lie down beside me on the bed and you pull me close and I whisper in your ear that I don’t know how I am going to top that next year…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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