Happy Birthday Baby

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Its your birthday tomorrow and oh how sensitive you can be about that, you’ve been pouting all day and don’t even think I notice. The occasional cupboard gets banged shut with more force than usual, a little bit of foot stomping is going on. I know better than to broach the subject, I so don’t want to get my head chewed off today!

My feeble attempts at reassurance go unheard, your in a mood and I’m not going to push it. Topic closed, mouth shut don’t push your luck kiddo)) Tip toeing around the house that night, scared I may be eaten alive, I start to worry about just how bad you seem to feel about this and wonder if there is anything I can do at all to make you feel just a little better tomorrow. A party?? Are you kidding he’ll kill me!! Dinner out??? no, too clichéd, how bout a kick in that sweet butt for being such a grump, nice thought but doesn’t solve the problem.

Standing under the shower an Idea starts to form and I start to get excited, I know you boy, I know what will get you happy, get you really smiling, feeling good even on your birthday.

We wake in the morning and as expected the dreaded B’day gloom is written all over your face, I kiss you gently and look at you for a sign. Am I allowed to say it?? (Happy Birthday), clearly your look says no. Like a small child who didn’t get the last lolly, you stomp off to the shower and get ready for your day at navy. You break my heart the way you do this to yourself, I want to change it get you feeling good today, really good!!

List written, dressed and ready to go, I’m a woman on a mission, and I giggle to myself as I walk out the door. Boy if you ain’t smiling by the end of the day I’m going to start believing in the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. Cause right now I’m sure as hell smiling at the thought of the evening ahead, who’s going to enjoy this more?, you or me!!

I zip from place to place, buying this, buying that, my look of excitement must be obvious to all and sundry, I’m getting some pretty enquiring stares I must confess. Occasionally I blush, as my intentions must be obvious and I feel naked already!!

My purchasing done, I head home to set the scene you will be home in less than an hour now. Have I really shopped and propped for that long today?? Oh yes! I can do that and well!!

Showered, ready and wearing your favourite perfume I start to get nervous, can I pull this off, or will you go running into the street laughing. Ah well, has to be better than moping about with your tail wedged between your legs. And when your grumpy your really grumpy, like a tantruming little boy with his hands curled into fists, but I cant help but love you even then.

I hear you pull into the drive, apprehension and excitement reigns, I shriek and start to put my plan into action.

The key works in the door, and you open it, and call out to me are you here?? Is something wrong?? You’ve obviously read my note posted on the door PLEASE DO NOT TURN THE LIGHTS ON INSIDE, FAULTY!!

On the floor in front of you see the arrows in luminous paper leading somewhere, but where?? You tentatively follow them. In the distance I here you saying” Oh god what are you up to this time!!” I do believe I hear a smile in that kartal escort bayan voice and I giggle. At the end of these arrows there is a chair before you in the dark and in luminous pen is written, please take your clothes off and sit. You do and your laughing and saying “Oh Man!!” Oh I’m so happy, already.

I sneak up behind you not saying a word, placing a silk blind fold around your eyes. You go to turn around and I command that you don’t, saying “just sit and do as your told big boy,” you laugh again. I tie your hands behind you securely, but not uncomfortably. “You little sh… you say”

“shhhh” I reply “I’m busy.” Next I tie your feet to the chair, you look so helpless but so happy, I’m sure your mind is going wild, but you aint seen nothing yet my darlin, I’m not finished with you!! and I bend to your ear whispering just that, you roar with laughter.

I put some music on something sultry, sexy, and totally over the top!! The music starts and I turn it up, you laugh hysterically and cry ” Oh my god not Barry White!! No,!! I’m being tortured to an early grave!!” And I slink up to you and whisper “ohhh yes baby I’m gonna torture but no ones gonna die believe me.”

First I spread your knees a little, run my foot gently down your thigh, I place it back on the floor.” What am I wearing honey??” I ask,” stilettos” you say,” and what colour are they honey??” black you guess, “ohhhh yes” I reply, “they are black”

” I do believe I see you licking your lips are you hungry sweety?,”

“Ohhh yes you say” and laugh again.

Next I walk slowly behind you, feathering my hair all over your back, I blow on your neck, over your ear, rub my cheek on your head. I whisper” what perfume do I have on baby,”

“Red” you say, “that’s right” I respond” you’re a good boy aren’t you”:)

Next I slide across you knee, straddling you, I take your face in my hands and kiss you passionately, my breasts pushed up against you, your tongue responding to mine. I then stand in front of you and kiss you from head to toe. careful not to touch anything tooooo sensitive!!

After about 5 minutes I stand and in a sultry voice I ask” what am I wearing??, Would you like to know??” And I laugh playfully, Barry White still doing his Ooooooh ahhhhh routine in the background, “Ohhhhhh yes” you say,” please tell me.”

“Cant do that” want to teach you brail” I say giggling. It’s the only way your going to find out big guy.” I reach behind you and undo the ties on your hands, but order you only to follow my instructions. “Yes mammm” you say “good boy I whisper.”

I place my foot between you legs again on the chair,” run your hand from my feet to my thighs” I command in a cheeky tone, and you do, slowly running your fingers along my leg right up to the top….”What am I wearing?” I ask, “silk stockings and garters” you reply.

I stand over you my legs spread, whispering to you “feel my body now please and tell me what I have on.” You run both hands over my torso, studying the fine details with you fingers, laughing softly as you go. After a few minutes I ask “so what’s the verdict sunshine??,”

“Corset with lace tie front” you reply, proclaiming” Ohhh your just escort maltepe too much!!” I giggle at that and say ohhhh you aint seen nothing yet my boy.

I turn around and stand away from you and bend over,” put your hands on my butt darlin” I command, and you do.” Feel me please tell me what I have on.” I feel your hands caress me running around my butt, over my back running your fingers along the lace around my knickers. I feel you run your hands in between my legs I’m swaying in time to the music.” OMG” you exclaim there’s no crutch!! and you roar with laughter, and what else I ask, you return to your task with enthusiasm. And put your fingers inside wear the crutch should be,” you have no hair”!!” really” I ask again cheekily” where did it all go???” Arghhhhhh you cry, I laugh as you’ve been asking me to do this for sooo long.

Greedily you try to probe more, I slap your hand and say “naughty boy, you do as I say.” You pout and sulk but its all pretend, you are containing your laughter.

Noticing you are getting hard I ask you” what’s happening to tiger sweety, is he excited by something??,”

“Oh yes he is, now get your butt back here and let me feel how smooth you are.”

“Not yet my sweet, not yet” I whisper.

As you sit there I remove my bodice, undress down to my very naughty knickers and push up bra, my nipples perched over the edge, now very hard with anticipation, I rub some very tasty chocolate sauce onto them, and sit on your knee. “Are you hungry baby I whisper,” you cant even answer now you are laughing too much.

I stand and place your face in between my breasts, your hands greedily reaching up to touch me and I push them away. I turn a little and gently place my chocolate covered nipple on your lips, you start to lick it off, almost frenzied such is the level of your desire at this stage.

As you do this I lightly but teasingly rub my newly smooth wetness on you, just taunting’ sometimes allowing you to enter me a little, but generally just softly stroking you with my moistened lips. After a few minutes I bend and kiss you and say” hunny I’m hungry do you have anything for me to eat??” Such a naughty voice, such a tease, I’m loving it, and so, apparently are you:)

I slide down in between your legs and slowly apply some sauce to the length of you, you can see nothing, but oh I think you can feel a lot. I begin to lick the chocolate from you, wrapping my tongue around you, so I can taste it all. I treat you like an all day sucker and Ohh I’m sure you wish you were one.

Licking, sucking, devouring you now,you can hardly sit still, and I suck so passionately your breathing is rapid, small moans now escaping from your mouth. I continue this for five or so minutes and I know from how hot your are becoming under my tongue, you cant take any more. Slowly I stand undo the ties on your feet and take your hand, ask you to come with me.

We walk through to the lounge area and I ask you to stand just for a moment, I turn the dimmed lights on and get prepared, and ask you to remove your blind fold.

Before you I lie seductively on the table, bow on my belly, My hair between my legs carefully shaved into the shape of a heart and pendik escort dyed red, the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY” written above in red icing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile so wide and I’m both exhilarated and touched deep within.

Quickly you move to join me, kneeling beside me on the table. You look at me closely, a wanton look in your eye, you part my legs with your fingers, to look at me. I’m smooth, smooth as silk and you can see clearly how excited I am, my wetness glistening on my lips, you begin to touch me.

You seem fascinated, sooo smooth, soo open for you. You run your flat hand back and forward over my mound and moan. Before long you are on your knees and between my legs, running your tongue around me, letting it just roll over my silkiness’, then inside. You don’t take long before you are licking, sucking biting me gently but feverishly. My new look sending you into a frenzy!! And we do like that!!

My physical pleasure at the feel of your tongue on my skin soo intense, its not long before I have to stop you and beg you to put your self inside of me. But like the woman I am I say to you “as its your birthday honey your wish is my command.” And without words, you take my hand and pull me toward the edge of the table and stand between my legs looking down at me again.

Pressing your self up to me my legs spread apart and perched on two chairs we embrace. Arms entwined we kiss passionately, your hand wondering to caress me, finger me, rub me. After two or three minutes you take your hand away, come closer and ease your self up into me. Ohhh god you always feel so good.

Slowly we begin you move, you slide in and out of me with ease. I am sooo wet for you, I lean back a little and place my hands on the table behind me. My breasts now smeared in chocolate, you lower you face and greedily devour my right nipple, as you move faster and faster inside of me. I tighten around you each time to heighten your sensation and feel you harden more inside of me. I just love to have you this way, you feel so deep. I lower my pelvis off the edge of the table to tilt my self a little, I know you love this it strokes you so well.

Gently you lower me down onto my back and pull me forward to you, and begin to enter me so deep and fast, the pleasure for both of us so intense. I watch you as you gaze intently at how you enter me, this new look sending you wild.

I reach down and start to play with my clit in front of you, stop to caress you between my fingers as you go in and out, this heightens you immensely and you are thrusting so fast now, I am writhing in shear pleasure, and stroking my self with the same rhythm.

After maybe five minutes I’m not sure, as I’m lost in the moment, I feel that warmth build in my belly and I start to orgasm over and over as you watch and within seconds I feel you explode within me too, your fluid gushing into me, so warm, sooo nice.

Exhausted and satisfied you lie onto me on the table, I wrap my legs around your waist and we lie without words until we catch our breathe

Looking at me intently, and with a wonderful smile, I bring your face to mine kiss you sweetly and say “Happy Birthday Baby.” You rest your head on my chest again, no more scowl, no more worry just a contented smile and you hold onto me tight. I feel so happy to see that.

And after we have showered together, just wait until you see the meal I have prepared!! the night is not over yet!! Ohhh no not by a long shot!!

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