Gym Friends Pt. 04

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Kyle had gone with his wife on a nine day vacation and I did miss him, but not half as much as I missed my wife after a day away from her.

Upon their return, Kyle and I went to a hockey game and then for a drink. I enjoyed his company and the thoughts we shared. I opened up further about my feminine side and he repeated his desire to be sucked and to fuck me.

I wanted to suck him has much as he wanted to be sucked by me and I wanted him to penetrate me as badly as he wanted to penetrate me. It wasn’t a question of if, but when.

He drove me close to home and parked under a lamp that had burned out. Our kiss was tentative at first, but grew quickly to passion. My hand went to his bulge and I pressed against it. I went to unzip him, but he stopped me and I went back to gently massaging his hardness. His breath became erratic and he groaned my name. My fingers felt the first spurt pass by, followed by several more. The warmth spread over my fingers along with wetness through his jeans.

I watched his car disappear into the night and I slipped my fingers inside my underwear. The head of my cock was sticky wet and I circled the underside of my cock head. Within moments I was feeling the spasms of release.

Kyle’s wife was away for the weekend and we were in his basement having a drink and watching a game on TV. He leaned and kissed me and I slid my hand over his chest and to his shoulder.

We kissed until my head swirled and the temperature felt it had risen by canl─▒ bahis ten degrees. He placed my hand over his belt and I unbuckled it, unsnapped him and pulled down his zipper. He lifted and helped me lower his pants. His boxers were dark purple and laid tight to his skin.

I had imagined his cock so many times, but now that it was about to happen, my nerves kicked in and I felt extremely embarrassed. The fantasy of being gay was one thing, the reality was quite another. I thought I was prepared for this moment, but perhaps nothing can cover the conflict stirring in my head.

I tried to relax. Kyle’s movements were so deliberate and it didn’t seem awkward at all for him.

He laid light kisses over my neck and that help draw me into him. So much so, that my hand moved and explored his hardness and the full roundness of his balls. Within minutes I had slid to the floor and manoeuvred between his legs. Our eyes met and I lowered my head down. His scent drifted through me and instinct led my tongue to lick over him. I nuzzled between his legs and drew in a deep breath. I felt his power and my weakness to it.

He lifted as my fingers curled under the band of his underwear and I teasingly pulled them down until he was totally exposed. His head was hidden by soft skin and his ball sac was neatly shaven. The desire to kiss his balls was so powerful and I felt them draw me closer, like the opposite ends of two magnets.

I was kissing the place that produced his life’s essence bahis siteleri and I felt so completely in awe that he would allow this intimacy. They hung low and the warmth was delicious as I licked their underside. I was no longer conflicted. Nature had instilled this within me and after such a long time, I was embracing it.

The scent of his precum drew me up and I switched between kisses and licks from the base to the tip. His clear fluid pooled inside his foreskin and I licked it into my mouth. It wasn’t a conscious thought, and I moaned with the knowledge that some of his sperm was alive in my mouth.

I was rewarded with his delicious precum and licked his slit to coax out more. My tongue swirled between his foreskin and the soft, smoothness of his cock head. My eyes looked up to meet his eyes.

His eyes were glazed and mine were shimmered in all colours of the rainbow. I exposed his cock head and slid my lips down, treasuring the feel of his precious head in my mouth.

The spurt surprised me. With no warning it flew to the back of my mouth. I was able to swallow some as the second blast exploded in my mouth. More spurts erupted and some dripped down to my chin.

His cock slowly stopped pulsing and the taste of him began to register. I wouldn’t say it was delicious, but I knew I craved for more.

“That was amazing,” Kyle said, holding my head in place. “It happened so quickly. I wasn’t able to warn you.” He tilted my head slightly. “My sperm is alive in your bahis ┼čirketleri mouth. Do you like that?”

I moaned an affirmation as he stroked my temples.

It was an hour before I got home and my wife was in bed sleeping. My head hit the pillow and the taste of Kyle was still in my mouth. The fantasy of sucking him was fantastic, but actually doing it was beyond belief.

Two things were confirmed. I was a cocksucker and a swallower. I wouldn’t analyze why, just know it was so.

Over the next few weeks, I sucked Kyle many times and he jerked me off a few times. He loved when I swallowed, but he also enjoyed cumming on my chest and especially on my face. We are equals, except when he orgasms on me. He felt it’s like leaving a mark that told all other males to stay away. I loved the thought of that and I allowed him to mark me anytime he desired.

Marking territory was a strange topic to explore, but exciting as well. Being vulnerable goes hand in hand with being a bottom and now we were delving into the differences between a bottom and submission. It was submissive to let him cum on my face and I loved how it felt and what it meant to him and to me.

I would never accept a slap in the face, but I tingled when he gently slapped his cock against my cheek.

One Friday evening, my wife sucked me and it felt fantastic. My orgasms are so intense when she allows me to cumm in her mouth, but most times she stops sucking before I cum and it becomes a prelude to intercourse. My orgasms are less powerful in her vagina, which tends to make me question my sexuality. However, I love being inside her and have never fantasized of being inside a man. Sexuality being complex is an understatement.

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