Growing Adventurous

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This is a commission I did for a loyal Patron, and I loved writing it! I hope you love reading it too 😉

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“Trust me, you’ll love it! I use mine all the time,” Tina said, reassuring her friend Grace who was currently staring shocked at the gift she’d been given. As the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop they were sat in continued around her the busty, pink haired beauty looked at the box in her hand like it was a live hand-grenade. The image of a large vibrator plastered on the front with the promises of ‘new heights of pleasure’ surrounding it held her attention as her friend kept talking.

“Tina, I’ve never used one of these…” Grace grimaced, wondering how she’d even use it. Her friend Tina was a normal woman, but Grace was a futanari! Would it even work with her pussy?

“So? There’s a first time for everything! I know you’ve been a little lonely lately, so I thought it’d take the edge off, you know?” Grace pondered the gift for a moment as Tina kept going. “It even uses those fancy new batteries, so it never needs to be charged! It could keep going for hundreds of years without stopping, apparently.” Grace pouted, then sighed in defeat. Tina was a very persuasive woman.

“Fine, I guess I can give it a go. Thank you.”


Evening rolled around and Grace flopped onto the bed in her apartment, lying on her back and staring mindlessly at the ceiling. After spending her Friday doing monotonous work stuck behind her office desk, she was exhausted and felt like she needed to unwind. She sat up and looked over at her computer, her mind drifting to thoughts of hopping on some online game and relaxing that way, but her eyes fell from the PC to her bag on the floor.

Poking out from the unzipped backpack was the box Tina had given her, tempting her thoughts to more perverted ones. “Maybe I should give it a go…” she thought out loud as she stood and walked over to the little gift, pulling it out and unboxing the small, matte pink device. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Grace pulled off her little frilly skirt and her lacy blue underwear and flicked them off her leg into her laundry bin, before switching on the little pink sex toy and holding her average-sized dick in hand. She cocked her head as she reached behind her balls to find her pussy, and held the buzzing device against her clit…

Sparkles. Fireworks. Explosions.

The sheer pleasure of masturbating with a toy for the first time made Grace’s knees wobble as she fell back onto the bed, sitting on the toy as it kept vibrating against her. “Oh, wow!” She squealed as she felt an orgasm begin to work its way out of her loins. She curled her toes and started to squeeze one of her breasts as her climax arrived suddenly, making her pussy clench and her cock shoot a couple of ropes of jizz across her carpet.

Grace fell back onto her bed and shivered in post-nut bliss, leaving the toy under her ass as she relaxed. After a couple of minutes her eyes rolled and she casually reached down to her crotch to find her cock still rock hard. Weird. She sat up and looked at the rod and could’ve sworn it was slightly bigger than what she was used to. “Have I had a growth spurt? I’m 22, I should’ve stopped ages ago!” She thought, holding her throbbing member and smirking a little. “Maybe I should enjoy the new size…”

Grace quickly pulled the vibrator out from under her ass and rubbed it around the crown of her cock, inhaling sharply as the sensation zapped down the length. She stroked the base of her fuckstick with one hand as the other handled the toy, until another orgasm came crashing through her. This time it seemed like much more cum was being made in her expanding nuts, and the ropes that joined the stuff on the floor were much bigger and heavier. “Holy shit…” Grace whispered as her climax ended, looking at the mess on her carpet.

Immediately she jumped back to it, stroking her still erect dick and playing with the toy. She jerked off and masturbated all night long until eventually the sun started to rise, gleaming through her window. By now the carpet was sodden with her emissions, as were her bed sheets, but the most startling change was her body. Little did Grace realise, but after every orgasm her body was getting bigger: curvier, taller, with bigger boobs, a bigger ass, a bigger cock and balls… She had barely noticed in her horny fervour overnight, the changes disguised by the darkness and her lust, but now as the sun illuminated the room she saw herself properly.

Where once her cock was only 5 or so inches long, it now reached down to her shins with the girth to match, and her balls had swollen up to the size of grapefruits, resting heavily on the soft surface of her bed. Along with the increase in size, her breasts had ballooned out to basketball casino siteleri territory, and her bubble-butt seemed to match! “Holy shit!” Grace exclaimed as she stood to examine herself properly, but as she did she bumped her head against the light above her.

“Ow!” She squeaked as she rubbed her bruised head, looking up at the ceiling to find it was much closer than usual. “Have I grown taller too? What the hell…?” Wandering over to the mirror, Grace drank in her new physique with confusion before grinning at her new lewd proportions, and as she looked over her dimensions she spied the still-buzzing toy on the bed behind her. “I’ve got to get more of this!” She exclaimed as she leapt at the vibrator, with the look in her eyes of a true addict. Taking it in her hand, she planted her now massive ass onto the edge of the bed and held the toy against her balls to give her cock a call to action, bringing it skyward as it inflated.

“Hmm, let’s give this a try…” she murmured as she gripped her cockhead with one hand and slowly teased her cumslit with the sex toy, sliding the smooth matte surface into the precum-lubed hole. Her toes curled and her cock flexed aggressively in response to the intruder, and she moaned deeply at her new method of obscene masturbation. As her new addiction spiralled, something clicked in her mind. She needed more.

Without skipping a beat, Grace stood from the bed, leaving the vibrator in her cock, and walked shakily to her computer. She immediately opened her web browser and navigate her way to the biggest e-commerce site she could think of and typed in her new favourite keywords:

Sex Toys.


2 days later


The stench of cum saturated the air in Grace’s room as she looked around at the spunk coating the floor and walls. She sat in a daze, looking at her body and its oversized proportions with awe. Her cock was now almost 5 feet long, resting on the floor between her feet and dripping with cum, and her balls looked like two overfilled yoga balls between her legs. Along with her junk, her ass now looked like a beanbag under her legs and her boobs matched her testicles in size, sitting perky on her chest.

Her phone buzzed with a text from one of her co-workers asking where she was, and Grace grimaced. “Fuck, I need to go to work! I guess I may have gone a little overboard,” she thought, looking over at her wardrobe filled with clothes that had no hope of fitting her anymore. Her mind raced with worries and thoughts, but the ticking of the clock urged her to hurry up. Her boss would crucify her if she was late again!

Grace got up and banged her head on the ceiling for the umpteenth time that weekend, still not being used to her new height, and checked around for some suitable clothes. It wasn’t an easy task; aside from her ‘slightly-larger-than-usual’ chest, Grace’s normal proportions could definitely be described as ‘petite’. Eventually she’d managed to stuff her junk into a heroically stretchy pair of yoga pants and had fashioned a top out of a spare bedsheet, and she ducked under and squeezed her tits and ass through the too-thin door frame to make her way to her office. Outside, she ignored the plenitude of looks she drew on the street and eventually managed to squish herself into a bus to get to work, and once there she again struggled to fit into the lift to get to the right floor.

All the while, some of the toys she’d bought over the weekend were still buzzing inside her, lost and forgotten in the new expanse of her ass, pussy, and cock. They vibrated incessantly as Grace found her seat in her cubicle and found a new problem: her chair was far too small! She squeezed her hips through the wooden partitions of her cubicle and, after comparing the chair to her new dump-truck ass, figured she probably didn’t need it anyway. She wheeled the office seat out of her space and just sat on the floor, finding her juicy posterior able to seat her like a beanbag. “Jeez, is there such a thing as an ass that’s too big…?” she mumbled as she started her work, finding it hard to focus on anything other than the pulsing and humming of the toys lodged inside her and her meaty log resting dormant between her legs.


It had been a long day for Grace when she finally clocked out from her shift. Spending 8 hours having to type on a computer when your body screamed for orgasmic release was arduous, especially when you consistently notice your co-workers giving you… unusual looks. Grace clocked several longing looks flung in her direction from the other women around the office throughout the day, matched with bottom lips being bit seductively and suspiciously long trips to the bathroom after people spoke to her. What was happening?

As she waited for the bus home and drew more unusual, almost lustful stares from the commuters next to her, she noticed a skeevy poster plastered to the ceiling of the bus stop. It read:

“Hot, Kinky SEX!! Stacy canlı casino is a whore for your PLEASURE…”

Accompanied by a picture of a very busty redhead in some skimpy underwear and a phone number. Grace squirmed, feeling her pussy juicing uncontrollably and her mammoth cock stiffening just from the minor titillation of reading the word ‘sex’ next to a picture of a hot woman, and she finally caved. Tonight, she needed more than just toys.


The doorbell to Grace’s cum-coated flat rang as she was wrist deep in her pussy, shoving in even more sex toys she’d decided to buy on the way home, and she got up to hobble towards the door. Deep in her mind, Grace wondered how she was able to fit so many vibrators and dildos into her holes, but her sheer horniness overrode her curiosity; she just needed more pleasure, no matter what.

Her hand that wasn’t deep in her cunt clicked open the latch and opened the door for the buxom, redheaded prostitute that sashayed in before stopping in surprise. “Holy shit girl, you’re fucking huge!” She shouted, dropping her coat and revealing the expensive lingerie that covered her body. Grace was a little turned on at the hooker’s awe, and she looked down at the comparatively small woman and pulled her towards the bed. “So, what do you want me to do?” Stacy moaned like a pornstar.

“Do whatever you want, just make me cum. Lots,” Grace commanded as she lay down on her back, her hips raised by her massive ass, and she began to fondle her yoga ball tits, pinching and twisting her nipples. Stacy just nodded silently and approached the bed in a trance, licking her lips. As soon as the door had opened she’d been hit with this smell. It wasn’t a bad smell like she was annoyingly used to with some of her clients, but a gorgeous smell. A sweet smell. A sexy smell.

It filled her nose and almost immediately she was addicted. Grace’s pheromones that were being emitted by her enormous cock had dug their claws into her mind and, without either of them knowing it, Stacy would be addicted for life. A slave to Grace’s ludicrous, luscious body. The ginger hooker stood up on the bed, her short stature making her the same height as Grace’s monolithic erection, and she pulled her large breasts out of their D cup confines to try and wrap them around the fleshy pole ahead of her. It was futile, as Grace’s shaft was far too thick for her to wrap her tits around, but Stacy didn’t care. She just needed to service this cock.

“Fuck, give me your dick! Please, I need this, fucking ruin me with it! I’m nothing but your fuckwhore, I’m your cockslut, I’m worthless!!” Stacy was practically screaming as she begged, lapping up the precum that was spilling from Grace’s cumslit and jerking off the monster with her whole body as the hyper futa started to finger her pussy to play with the multitude of toys inside. Stacy ran her hands up to the watermelon sized cockhead, and faltered a little as she felt it vibrating. “Uh, what’s up with this…?” she asked, and Grace ginned as she kept her eyes shut.

“You’ll have to find out.” With the promise of a surprise, Stacy licked her lips and pulled Grace’s member down so she could reach, and began to dig around in her cumslit with her tongue as if it were a passionate french kiss. As her mouth muscle flicked around, she felt soft plastic touch it every now and then.

“Whoa, she’s stuffed herself with vibrators…” The revelation only made Stacy more horny. She brought a hand up to shove it into the cumslit and pulled out one of the toys, finding it soaked and dripping with Grace’s gooey cum, and she quickly pushed it up into her own pussy. After all, there was no way this hyper dick was fitting inside her anyway, and she definitely needed something to fill her up too.

As her hand played inside Grace’s cock, the futa on the bed began to shift in pleasure and her cum tanks gurgled. She was cumming. Grace shouted loud as her penis inflated, and cum began to shoot past the sex toys inside her and spurted up to the ceiling before raining down on her and Stacy in thick globs the size of tennis balls. After only a couple of seconds Stacy was drenched from head to toe but Grace kept cumming. For ten minutes. Her fat dick was like a fountain that shot rope after rope, leaving Stacy covered and almost in tears from her own orgasmic joy. After constant, non-stop ropes of jizz that almost flooded the room, Grace relaxed in post orgasm bliss and Stacy crawled up next to her, cuddling her fat tits and breathing hard.

“Forget paying me… I need you… I’m yours…” Stacy managed to say before passing out, and Grace smirked. Looks like she had a new sex toy.


After their fuckfest continued throughout the night, Grace finally had to return to work. Unsurprisingly, she found herself even bigger than the day before after cumming several times throughout the night thanks to Stacy, and her balls, boobs, and buttocks were now almost 3 feet across each. Even though she was now kaçak casino over 7 feet tall, from the front she just looked like 4 spheres of flesh with a thick cock flopping out from the middle. Her tree trunk of a cock was draped out over her titanic nuts, dragging along the floor as she headed to work in a repurposed tent with Stacy in tow. When Grace had to leave the apartment, Stacy was so cum-drunk she begged to join her, and if she was being honest, Grace didn’t really want to say no.

After a long and embarrassing walk, they arrived at the office building. It wasn’t ideal, but Grace found quite quickly she had no hope of ever fitting into a bus again. She snuck the prostitute into her office, hiding the hooker between her testicles and her legs as she hobbled past security, and when she made it to her cubicle Stacy giggled and hid under her desk excitedly. Grace sat on her huge butt and spread her legs wide to make way for her enormous cumtanks as Stacy grabbed her cockhead and sucked her tip, drinking precum and slathering her face in Grace’s emissions. Thanks to her exaggerated size, she even had to balance her keyboard on top of her boobs to actually be able to type.

Grace was aroused beyond even what she thought she was capable of, as the thrill of having a hidden whore under her desk giving her a public blowjob was exhilarating. She furtively used a hand to finger herself, playing with the toys already lost inside her deep love tunnel, as her other hand kept up with the work she was technically supposed to be doing. But even with Stacy’s mouth working its magic down below, Grace couldn’t help but notice the looks she was attracting from her co-workers. The same looks from yesterday. She felt her balls churn with anticipation just as her boss Cassandra walked over, swaying her hips. “Oh fuck, please don’t cum now…” Grace mentally scolded herself, trying to hold back what would be a very obvious explosion under the desk.

“Miss McGill, I couldn’t help but notice your, uh… physical changes.” Cassandra had adopted her usual ‘I’m-annoyed-with-you’ voice which made Grace shiver nervously. She hated being berated by her boss, but this time there was a tinge of arousal colouring Cassandra’s bossy-ness.

“Oh god, I hope I don’t get fired,” Grace panicked internally, not wanting to even consider what work she’d be eligible for with her new body. At this point it was either ‘disability cheques’ or ‘pornstar’. However, her boss simply leaned in close to Grace’s face and whispered in her ear.

“I need you to come to my office and fuck me.”

Those sultry words, coated in pure sex as they poured from Cassandra’s mouth tipped Grace over the edge, and her cock belched a thick load of jizz all over Stacy. Grace moaned loudly, trying to hold back as much as possible, and with the hand that wasn’t deep inside her pussy she flailed and grabbed Cassandra’s blouse, before ripping it off and unveiling her boss’ plain black brassiere. “Oh, just fuck me here!” Grace groaned as she gave up trying to be subtle and kept spurting ropes of spunk all over the hooker under her desk. She stood up to pull her erection from Stacy’s grasp and thrust it into Cassandra’s chest.

The boss almost got knocked right over as the fat cockhead rammed into her torso and coated her in cum, and Cassandra was overwhelmed by the smell of sex that emanated from her employee. She greedily began to scoop up the gooey spooge that was now almost drowning her, shoving it into her mouth as if she was starving while Grace kept shooting off ropes of seed all over the office.

All across the office floor, women stuck their heads out to see what all the commotion was, and the scent of cum floating down the cubicles whipped them into a frenzy. They stalked across the floor until they found Grace squeezed in her own wooden office booth, with her 5½ foot monster being serviced by Cassandra while Stacy rubbed the ball-goo covering her body all over Grace’s ballooning tits.

The women of the office creeped closer, watching while Grace seemed to grow before their very eyes as she continued to spew gooey cum all over Cassandra, the floor, and the walls. Her balls and boobs strained and swelled, her penis lengthened and thickened, her ass grew wider and heavier, and her height stretched her further up to the ceiling! But despite all the growth, Grace didn’t seem to care. She threw her head back, screaming in ecstasy as her balls emptied themselves with fervour, and played with her flowing pink hair as she revelled in her body’s obscenity. The original surprise that Grace felt when her body began to change a few days ago was long gone, and now she just wanted more.

Before she even fully knew what was happening, Grace felt a sudden surge of mouths across her body. The office workers had all flocked to her and were now desperately trying to get as physical with her as possible as they ran their tongues across her juggs, her nuts, her fuckstick, her ass… Grace was in absolute heaven. In their frenzied lust, a few of the women started to pull apart the walls of the cubicles, throwing them away to release Grace from the tiny box she was trapped in so they could get even closer to worship her immense body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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