Grilling with Mark

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Double Penetration

The knock at the back door could only mean one thing. Mark was here. I’ve known Mark since grade school. His family moved away during high school, and we pretty much lost contact, but since he moved back into town several years ago, we hang out pretty regularly again. He was the only person that would walk around the deck to the back door and knock.

Sure enough, as I got to the top of the steps from my basement where I had just tossed my clothes into the dryer from the washer, I could see him standing right outside the glass door. He was bouncing from foot to foot, case of beer in one hand, butcher-paper-wrapped package in the other, silly grin across his face. He usually came over to grill and drink. Mark did a lot of drinking, too much really.

He was talking as I opened the door.

“Hey man, got some super thick ribeyes! Debbie home?” he asked stepping into my kitchen and laying the steaks on the table.

“No, tonight is her running club, so she goes straight there from work. Won’t be home for a few hours,” I replied as I closed the door behind him.

“Bummer. I got a steak for her too,” Mark said as he opened the case of beer and handed me a super-cold can.

“Toss some of those beers in the ‘fridge. I’m gonna fire up the grill,” I said as I headed back out onto the deck toward the grill.

Mark joined me in a few minutes, cigarette in one hand, steaks on a plate in the other. He’s been to my house so many times, he knows where everything is, and pretty much has the run of the place.

“I did a 50-50 salt and pepper thing on ’em,” he said as he handed me the plate of three steaks. I sat the plate down as I waited for the grill thermometer to peg at its highest setting. We always grilled our steaks on the hottest grill we could get.

We ate the steaks outside since it was a beautiful, warm evening. Having the kind of conversations you can only have with somebody you’ve known your entire life, and each going through five or so cans of ice-cold brews. We were feeling pretty good, and as usual, the conversation drifted to sexual themes.

Mark was single, had never been married, and had a hard time keeping a girl longer than several months. Maybe that was why he was something of a porn connoisseur. He often brought me a DVD that I “had to watch”, or more often lately, showed me something on his laptop. Mark suddenly jumped up from his chair, nearly shouting.

“Dude! You have to see this! Be right back!” And off he ran toward the front of the house where he had parked. I shook my head, laughed a little, and took a long drink of my beer while I wondered what it would be this time.

Soon enough, Mark reappeared with open laptop in hand, squinting at the screen and poking at the keyboard with one finger. He plopped into the chair next to me, watching his screen intently.

“I’m in love with this chick,” he said laughing. “She looks exactly like Alyssa Milano.”

Music came from his laptop, and I could see a movie begin playing with a white convertible car driving up a winding road, but the glare off the screen made it tough to see very well.

“We should go inside if you want me to actually be able to see anything,” I told him.

“Oooh! Can we put it on the big screen?” he asked excitedly.

“Sure, even better,” I answered as we headed into the house.

We ran his laptop into my TV, and started watching again, but on the 72″ screen inside, things looked much better.

The movie was a newer porn, which was good because Mark often brought older vintage stuff. Sometimes, that stuff was ok, but I had a hard time getting past the bad hair and dated look to them. This one was obviously made within the last five years or so. He was right about the lead girl. She really was a dead-ringer for Alyssa Milano. We’ve both fantasized about her for years, and frequently talk about it.

The story was about a husband and wife, their boring sex life, and how they spiced it up by bringing each other’s wildest fantasies to life. There was an early scene of the couple getting it on in that white convertible I mentioned, then a scene where they picked up a woman at a bar and took her home for a threesome with lots of girl-on-girl action.

Now, the couple was at home having dinner with one of the husband’s male co-workers that the wife had confessed to having fantasies about. The conversation at their table was getting more and more openly sexual, and you could see where things were about to go. The Alyssa Milano look-alike was wearing a super tight short dress, and flirting heavily with the husband’s co-worker. I had about half a hard-on watching her and anticipating what was coming.

Just then my front door opened, and in walked my wife, Debbie.

“I could smell grilled meat as soon as I got out of the car. Did you save me any?” she asked as she walked in.

Mark was sitting up straighter on the couch and kind of scooting around, probably trying to reposition the half chub that he likely had from the movie just as I was.

“Oh, bahis firmalar─▒ good lord, what are you two watching?” she asked, as she noticed the movie.

We looked from her back to the screen just in time to see our girl place her bare foot into the crotch of the husband’s co-worker and start working the bulge in his pants with her perfectly-painted red toes.

“Doesn’t she look exactly like Alyssa Milano?” Mark asked.

“Shouldn’t you be running right now?” I asked.

“We cut it short tonight. Everybody else had things to do. Lisa had a birthday party to get to. Am I bothering you two?” she asked playfully as she walked in front of me, stood with her hands on her hips, leaned over, and gave me a kiss.

I was already horny from the movie, so seeing Debbie standing there like that, in her skin-tight running shorts and sports bra, and then getting a nice view down her cleavage when she bent over to kiss me, really got my attention. I didn’t hurt that I knew Mark was loving the view too.

She then dropped onto the couch between Mark and me, and took off her shoes and socks.

“I could use some of that”, she said, eyeing my beer.

Before I could even react I heard the unmistakable sound of a fresh can being opened, and saw Mark’s hand with a beer in it right in front of Debbie’s face. I guess he had one in reserve over there.

“Why thank you, Mark. Oooh, that is super cold too,” she said, taking a sip and then holding the cold can against her forehead.

She leaned further back into the couch, and threw her right leg over my left leg.

“She does look just like Alyssa Milano, you’re right”, she said staring at the TV.

I think both Mark and I had kind of forgotten about the movie and were paying a lot more attention to the live woman right between us, as we both had to turn our heads back to the TV to see what Debbie was talking about. The girl was now on her knees in front of the husband’s co-worker undoing his pants.

Debbie held the cold can against her chest, condensation rolling slowly down the can, and dripping between her breasts. She had her head thrown back on the couch with her eyes closed.

“Oh, that feels good,” she purred.

I licked my lips, and could feel my cock growing. I glanced away from the stream of liquid rolling between her tits and over to Mark, and saw that he, too, was mesmerized watching water roll down Debbie’s chest. Debbie lifted her head and opened her eyes, and Mark and I both quickly looked back to the TV. The husband was now standing behind his wife, watching her suck his co-worker’s dick.

We all watched quietly as the onscreen action heated up. She was deep-throating the guy now, and her husband had dropped his pants and was now stroking himself.

Debbie’s right leg was still dangling over my left as she took another long drink from her beer. She then lowered the can with her right hand right to my crotch and pushed the cold can against my pants and now-hard cock.

“Woah! That’s cold!” I shouted as I reflexively pulled away.

Debbie laughed and said she thought I could use a little cooling off as things felt kind of over-heated down there.

My jumping back had caused her to take her leg off of mine, and now she turned on the couch to lie across my lap, her left foot up on the couch and her right on the floor. She sat up a little to down the rest of her beer, then turned and kissed me deeply, with lots of tongue and little moans. She stopped, and looked at me with those mischievous eyes. She then glanced over at Mark, giggled at him staring at us, and asked him, “Which show is better? Ours or theirs?” nodding her head toward the TV.

“Live shows are always better,” Mark answered.

Debbie playfully kicked Mark’s right outer thigh with her right foot.

“Oh, watch your silly video you perv,” she laughed, turning back to me for another long, deep kiss.

I couldn’t help but notice that after kicking Mark she laid her right leg down across his lap and that he was now holding her right foot in his left hand while rubbing her bare right calf with his right. Debbie slipped her right hand under my shirt and up to my left nipple. She circled it a couple of times with her finger, and then pinched it rather hard between her finger and thumb.

My nipples are super-sensitive and once she starts touching them I just lose myself in the sensation. I closed my eyes and laid my head back on the couch as Debbie moved her left hand to my right nipple while still squeezing and teasing my left with her other hand.

Suddenly, Debbie jerked, giggled, and said “That tickles!” I opened my eyes and followed Debbie’s eyes to see that Mark now had her right foot in both hands.

“Sorry,” Mark said sheepishly, dropping Debbie’s foot in his lap and putting his hands behind his head.

Debbie turned back to me, moving in close for another kiss, and said quietly in Mark’s direction, “Rubbing is nice, just don’t tickle.”

Mark’s hands moved faster than I ka├žak iddaa think I’ve ever seen them move, back to Debbie’s foot to start gently rubbing it. Debbie let out a soft moan, and said, “That’s better,” and melted into me for another long, sensual kiss, and more playing with my nipples. I cupped her left breast with my right hand, leaving my left hand on her right hip, and I could feel her hard nipple pushing through the thin material of the sports bra. I moved my right hand up and then slipped two fingers down the front of her sports bra to roll her left nipple between them. Man, was that nipple hard! Debbie was obviously very turned on. Mark couldn’t see what I was doing as Debbie was pressed up against me and my hand was hidden from his view. Still, I expected Debbie to pull my hand away, or pull herself away, and tell me to stop, but instead she moved her shoulders from side to side brushing both hard nipples against my chest, moaning softly as I continued to play with her nipple.

Debbie had worked my shirt up to expose my chest and now she moved her head toward my left nipple, gave it a quick lick and nibble, and then pushed up on my shirt with both hands. I obliged by lifting my arms, and she pulled my shirt up and off. She then dived into my left nipple with her mouth, and drove my right nipple crazy with her left hand. My hands were in my lap and Debbie began gently swinging her tits back and forth against my thumbs as she sucked on me. I slipped both hands down inside the top of her sports bra, cupping both tits, and then started rubbing both nipples with my fingers. Debbie pulled away from my chest, sucking in air in a quick gasp when I squeezed both of her nipples, then let out a long, slow sigh. My hands had come out of her bra when she pulled away, and now she sat up straight, facing Mark, and pulling her long hair back with both hands. I was sure Mark had noticed what I had been doing.

She looked incredible sitting there, with her arms behind her head holding her hair, both of her feet in Mark’s lap, with that dreamy look in her eyes that she gets when she’s really horny. Mark was rubbing both of her feet with his hands. Debbie turned her head to look at the TV. I don’t think any of us had noticed what was going on in the movie for some time. The woman was now on all fours on the floor, giving head to her husband, while the co-worker fucked her from behind.

We watched again quietly for a few minutes. I expected Debbie to stand up, head off to bed, and tell us to enjoy the movie. Just like she had several times in the past. But I could also sense something different this time. Debbie was horny, a little drunk, and the way she kept looking at me told me that she was up to something. Debbie turned away from the TV to look at me, I looked back at her, smiled, scratched her back with my right hand, and gave her left knee a little squeeze with my left hand. All the while, wondering where this was going. If anywhere.

Debbie loves when I scratch her back. She arched her back, threw her head back, and let out a long, deep moan. Damn she looked so hot. When she arched her back her tits pointed out and up and those nipples looked like they were about to push right through the fabric of her sports bra. I glanced at Mark, and his gaze was fixated on Debbie’s tits as he continued rubbing her feet and now rolling her toes between his fingers. I knew Mark was imagining rolling Debbie’s nipples between his fingers just the way he was her toes.

As I continued to scratch her back, Debbie kind of crossed her legs, moving her right leg out of Mark’s hand and up onto his chest. She started feeling over his shirt for his left nipple with the big toe of her right foot.

“Oh, my…” came out of Mark’s mouth quietly as he laid his head back on the couch. Debbie turned to me, smiled, and bit her lower lip as she moved her right foot to try to pull Mark’s shirt up to expose his chest, keeping her eyes on me. I let her know I liked what she was doing with a smile and another passionate kiss.

Debbie managed to free Mark’s shirt from his pants and get her foot under it and up to his nipple. Mark was clearly enjoying this. I moved my left hand from Debbie’s knee to her tits and alternated from hard nipple to hard nipple through her sports bra.

“Get that shirt off,” Debbie commanded Mark. He was quick to obey, and Debbie slipped her sports bra off and over her head even quicker. By the time Mark’s head came out from under his shirt as he pulled it off, Debbie’s bare breasts were already out to greet him. He had never seen Debbie in anything less than shorts and a sports bra. He had talked to me about how he’d like to many times, but never had a chance, until now, and he was clearly enjoying it.

“How long’s it been since you’ve seen real live tits?” Debbie teasingly asked Mark, who was still staring at her tits, mouth open.

“Huh? Oh. A while. Too long. Oh god they’re gorgeous.” We all had a laugh at that together. I almost felt sorry for Mark, he had to be super horny.

“Can I touch ka├žak bahis one?” Mark asked. We laughed again.

Debbie swung her legs out of Mark’s lap, and onto the floor, sitting on the couch between us again. It was such a turn on seeing her topless in front of another man. My hard-on was raging.

“OK,” Debbie looked at Mark and said, “But just one.”

“Really?” Mark asked, surprised and hopeful, looking at me, not Debbie.

“Hey! Why are you looking at him? They’re MY tits, not his. If I say you can touch one. You can touch one. I know you’ve wanted to for a long time, and I’m sure you’ve forgotten what a real nipple even feels like. So, go ahead. Touch it.”

Mark reached over with his left hand, his first finger pointing, and ever-so-slowly moving toward Debbie’s left tit. Debbie giggled with anticipation, and bounced her knees like an excited teenager. My heart was racing, I felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest. I watched as the distance between Mark’s finger and Debbie’s nipple got smaller and smaller. I had fantasized about something like this for years, but never really knew how it would feel to see another man touch my wife.

Finally, his finger made contact. Debbie gave a little moan. I felt like the top of my head was going to come off. This was so hot. Mark kept his finger on the end of her nipple, motionless. Debbie just looked him straight in the eyes. He looked back at her and started moving his finger in a little circle around her rock-hard nipple. Debbie moaned deeply and let herself sink back into the couch, closing her eyes. Mark now had his whole hand covering her breast, and he squeezed it tightly, eliciting another long moan from Debbie.

“Doesn’t that feel nice?” Debbie asked dreamily. “Isn’t that better than a movie?” she continued, opening her eyes to look at Mark. , “Oh, fuck yeah. Way better. So fucking nice. I love your tits. I always have.” Mark was in ecstasy. I was too, to be honest.

Debbie laughed, closed her eyes again, and laid her head back on the couch, enjoying Mark’s continuing attention. She opened her right eye, looked at me, and asked, “You just gonna sit there? I have two you know.”

I chuckled a little, and grabbed her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently between them. Debbie let out a super sexy sigh, raised her knees and rubbed her thighs together excitedly. I licked my finger, wetting it well, and ran it over her nipple. Mark followed my lead, doing the same thing to her left nipple. Her nipples looked fabulous, hard and wet.

“Oh my God, I’m in heaven,” Debbie moaned. I thought I was going to cum right there and then. Hearing her say that turned me on in a way that I’ve never felt.

I bent over to take her nipple into my mouth then. Again, Mark was right behind, and started hungrily sucking on her other nipple. Debbie let out a squeal and squirmed on the couch, sinking deeper into the cushions. I noticed Mark moaning as he was licking and sucking Debbie’s other nipple, and realized that I was moaning too. Damn, this was fun.

I slid my right hand up Debbie’s leg, over her knee, along her inner thigh to her tight running shorts, then into her hot crotch. I mean she was steaming hot. As soon as my hand cupped her crotch, Debbie lifted her hips to grind against my hand. I dropped my hand to the couch and grabbed onto it, as Debbie started grinding her hot pussy against my wrist and forearm. I could feel moisture through the fabric of her shorts.

I was still sucking on her right nipple, and Mark was working on her left, when I felt Debbie’s right hand firmly grab my rock-hard cock through my pants and squeeze. Mark let out a loud groan, which caused me to open my eyes, and turn my head away from Debbie’s tit to see that her left arm disappeared between her and Mark. The position of her arm, and Mark’s groan made it obvious that she had squeezed two cocks at once. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

Debbie started rubbing her hand up and down the length of my cock outside my pants, and I knew she was doing the same thing to Mark with her other hand. Meanwhile, she was grinding her crotch against my right arm more furiously than ever, lifting her hips and back off the couch, and letting out the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard. Mark and I were both rabidly sucking and nibbling her tits. Suddenly Debbie sucked in a loud, quick breath, and at the same time I felt a hand come between her crotch and my arm. Mark had run his left hand into her shorts and was fingering her. Debbie stopped rubbing my cock and wrapped her right arm around my left. I sat up, to see her left arm wrapped around Mark’s right arm. She was holding herself up off the couch, using us as leverage, and pumping her hips against Mark’s left hand.

I worked my right hand into her shorts and pulled down. They were really tight, but started to slide off her right hip. Mark stopped finger-fucking her and hooked his left thumb over her waistband and together we pulled her shorts and thong past her knees where they then fell to her ankles. Debbie kicked both pieces of clothing from her ankle, and spread her knees wide. It was so sexy to see her so open and exposed with another guy right there enjoying the beautiful view with me.

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