Granny Babette Returns

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A lot of black women act like they don’t need sex, or that anyone can replace a brother’s sexing, which is quite simply preposterous. Don’t believe any of these insane bitches. The black man’s strength and sexual prowess is a wonder to behold and the gift that keeps on giving. Ask Babette Grissom, also known as Granny Babette. This fiery soul sister is still very much a fan of the black man, and she could teach today’s young black women a thing or two about the ancient art of B.M.A. or Black Male Appreciation. That’s what this story is all about.

Who is the much vaunted Granny Babette, you may ask? A curvaceous, deliciously thick, dark-skinned black woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Recently, Granny Babette has become the Choir Director of her local church, and this is a promotion which the feisty mature black lady doesn’t take lightly. A strong black woman always steps up to help her people. The future of the black church is its young black women and young black men. They must be protected and mentored until the time is right for them to lead the future of the black church and that of the black community. Granny Babette firmly believes that last part.

Granny Babette has a bone to pick with the young black women of the black church, mostly the way they mistreat so many nice young black men. Apparently, mistreating young black men and bragging about it online is considered the cool thing to do among young black women nowadays, and the black church is no exception. The lead culprit is Esther Paulson, a skinny Jamaican chick with an attitude problem. Esther thinks she’s all that, and she went public after breaking up with a young black man named Stephen Felton. It’s a damn shame that such a fine brother was stuck on a useless broad like Esther as far as Granny Babette was concerned.

Esther Paulson is the niece of Minister Roger Paulson, a stern, silver-haired black gentleman who happens to be the church’s newest pastor. Anyone who has ever been to a black church knows that the pastor, and his family, are treated like royalty in the church. As a result of the inevitable nepotism that follows, Esther Paulson acts as though she is royalty in the damn church. In other words, what Esther says goes, and Little Miss Popular has a posse of young black women at her beck and call. Think of the old movie Mean Girls, only with a chocolate cast, alright?

When Esther Paulson split with Stephen Felton, she decided to make the brother’s life a living hell and would have gotten away with it too if not for the timely intervention of Granny Babette. The feisty mature bostancı escort bayan black mama notices all the fine brothers in the church but Stephen Felton is special to her, not just because she’s friends with his mother Astrid Felton. Stephen Felton is a true gentleman from the old school, and he has a handsome face and a rock-hard body. If Esther Paulson is dumb enough to let go of a fine specimen like that, then she doesn’t deserve to get any more chocolate. Ever.

Granny Babette is a forthrightly bisexual black mama who loves both the ladies and the fellas. A handsome brother like Stephen Felton is too good to pass up, and if the young broads don’t want him, then Granny Babette is calling first dibs on his chocolate stick. The sexual powers of young black men fascinate just about everyone on the planet earth, and it seems that young black women are not in the least bit appreciative of those powers. That’s why a lot of young black men start banging white ladies. Well, Granny Babette is about to claim Stephen Felton for the dark side…

“Stephen, my friend, you will find way better than Esther,” Granny Babette assured the miserable and forlorn young brother, after Esther and her girlfriends started giving him the cold shoulder at church. Stephen, a cute brother who looks like a young Denzel, smiled bravely at Granny Babette. The brother had a lot going on for him, even if he didn’t seem to realize it. Stephen is in his final year at Algonquin College and once he’s done, he’s going to have a government job or a private sector job. The brother is bilingual, and a brilliant student, how could he fail?

“Thank you ma’am,” Stephen told Granny Babette, and she gave him a kindly smile, then invited him over to her house for tea after the church ceremony. Stephen, a somewhat naïve brother didn’t see the writing in the wall. After church, Granny Babette drove back to her house, with Stephen in the passenger seat. The brother kept whining about how he missed Esther and wished she would stop being so mean to him. Granny Babette wished Stephen would shut the fuck up about Esther, but she played it cool. There is only one way to help a man get over a woman, and that’s another woman.

“Stephen, you’re a smart, handsome young brother but you need to realize that Esther’s pussy isn’t all that,” Granny Babette said, as she sat Stephen down on her living room couch. Stephen nodded and sipped the tea that Granny Babette offered him. The curvy, sinfully sexy mature black lady leaned back and admired the fine brother seated next to her. Stephen is tall, ümraniye escort with dark brown skin and a cool hairstyle cut in a bald fade. The brother looks like he should be playing college football, even though he’s strictly focused on his Applied Business classes at Algonquin College. What’s not to like about a brother like that?

“Hmm, that was some delicious tea, thank you ma’am,” Stephen said, smiling, and Granny Babette grinned, and placed her hand on his thigh. Stephen looked at Granny Babette and she smiled and leaned closer. Impulsively, Stephen closed the gap between them and kissed Granny Babette. She kissed him back passionately and embraced him tenderly. The two of them left the couch and headed for the bedroom. Once they got there, Granny Babette helped Stephen forget all about Esther Paulson and her uppity church royalty wannabe ass…

“Hmm, you’re delicious,” Granny Babette told Stephen as she knelt before him and sucked his dick. The tall, handsome brother had a long and thick, uncircumcised dick, and Granny Babette really wanted some of that. Stephen moaned as Granny Babette fondled his big black balls while sucking his dick. Stephen has been with a few ladies in his twenty two years but he’d never been with a woman like Granny Babette. The curvy, big-bottomed, mature black church lady sucked Stephen’s dick as though sucking dick were an Olympic sport and she went for the gold, working him over until he was hard as a rock…

“Oh shit,” Stephen groaned as he came, and when he did, Granny Babette sucked every last drop of his cum. Stephen let out a happy sigh. Granny Babette winked at him, then got on all fours, face down and big black ass up. Stephen admired the feisty mature black lady’s big beautiful ass while stroking his big black dick. The brother knew exactly what to do. Granny Babette grinned as Stephen got behind her and smacked her big ass cheeks. The handsome chocolate hunk slid his fingers into her butt hole and began eating her pussy. Satisfied that Stephen knew what to do, Granny Babette backed that ass up against his face, and relaxed. Time to enjoy herself, as it were…

“Yeah, eat that pussy,” Granny Babette squealed as Stephen licked her pussy, his tongue lapping her clit, while he dug two fingers into her butt hole. Granny Babette rubbed her erect nipples and closed her eyes as Stephen ate her pussy while exploring her ass hole. After stimulating her sweet spot, he was ready to fuck. Granny Babette tossed Stephen a condom and he put it on before shoving his hard dick deep into her pussy. A happy sigh escaped Granny kartal escort Babette’s lips as Stephen began thrusting his hard dick deep into her hole. A polite brother with a hard dick, now that’s Granny Babette’s idea of a true gentleman, and she savored everything that Stephen threw her way…

“I want that ass,” Stephen growled into Granny Babette’s ear as he fucked her, all pretense of niceness gone now. Granny Babette smiled and nodded, and continued to grind her ass against Stephen’s groin, driving his hard dick deeper into her pussy. After a while, they switched things up. Granny Babette spread her thick ass cheeks wide open while Stephen lubricated her with some Aloe cream. Just like that, they got ready for some raunchy ass fucking fun. Granny Babette guided Stephen’s dick into her backdoor, and then let him do his thing…

“Hmm, I haven’t given up the booty in ages, handsome, fuck me,” Granny Babette murmured, and Stephen grinned, and smacked her ass. With a swift thrust, Stephen buried his dick inside Granny Babette’s ass hole. Like a lot of young black men, Stephen occasionally fantasizes about sexy older women, especially the ones he sees everyday. Granny Babette has an ass like whoa, and Stephen has definitely fantasized about tapping that. Gripping her wide hips, he slammed his dick into her butt hole. Yup, time to sacrifice that granny booty to the booty warriors. Granny Babette howled as her ass got taken, and Stephen fucked her good, more than happy to do the honors…

“Twerk that big black granny booty for me while I fuck you in your ass,” Stephen said, and Granny Babette winced, for his big dark dick definitely filled up her ass hole. Granny Babette began to twerk her big black granny booty as requested by Stephen, and he laughed and smacked her big booty while fucking her ass hole with renewed enthusiasm. Stephen fucked Granny Babette’s ass hole so good that she ended up begging for mercy. Stephen pulled out of Granny Babette’s now widened ass hole and admired his handiwork. Granny Babette sighed happily as Stephen pulled out of her ass hole and let out a loud, wet fart. That’s when both Stephen and Granny Babette burst out laughing. Life is funny like that.

“Hmm, Stephen, I want you to visit me again whenever you want some of this tea, and don’t bring up Esther again, ever,” Granny Babette said to her fellow churchgoer, and Stephen grinned. He kissed her on the lips, then joined her in the shower. Half an hour later, Granny Babette dropped Stephen off at his parents Astrid and James Felton’s house in Nepean, Ontario. Stephen went home with a swagger in his step and a smile on his face. When his conservative parents queried Stephen about why he was so late, Stephen made up some excuse about church choir practice, and they bought it. Who says life can’t be cool for a handsome, college-educated Good Black Man?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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