Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 04

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When he woke in the morning, the crumpled hotel bed sheets beside him were empty. He was momentarily disorientated. He could not even remember going to sleep – he must have passed out. She had been so voracious, so incredibly energetic and enthusiastic, wanting sex over and over – this way, that way, coaxing him back to arousal time and time again. He’d never known a lover anything like her. And now – gone. Not even so much as a note on the pillow. Just for one devastating moment he wondered if it had all been one long, incredibly detailed erotic dream, but the smell of sex and sweat on his skin and the ache in all his overused muscles reassured him.

He went through the motions of preparing for another day at the local branch, but his mind was not on business. He was having difficulty emerging from the sexual haze of the previous night, and his brain kept asking unanswerable questions. Who was she? Why had she been at that bar scouting for men to seduce? Did she do it often? Did she always make love with such… energy? Why did she leave in the night? Without even telling him her name? Would it be possible to find her again? Would she even want to be found?

He kept trying shrug the questions off, counselling himself with his usual pragmatism to just enjoy the recollection of an amazing night of sex and stop obsessing over questions there were no answers to. But as he arrived at the office branch and trudged past reception he had yet to succeed in dragging his mind away from the mysterious red head back to the mundane tasks of the day.

“Coffee please, Miss Brown, as soon as you’re able,” he called over his shoulder to the dull but efficient secretary who had taken care of the bulk of the administrative drudgery associated with his visit.

He heard her clear her throat and reply rather hoarsely, “Yes Mr Pearson,” and wondered inconsequentially if she was ill, but was still too distracted by his erotic memories to pay much mind.

A few minutes later a steaming coffee was brought to his office by one of the junior accountants. He frowned at it. “Thank you, but where is Miss Brown? I anticipated her assistance in getting Smithton accounts in order this morning.”

The young woman shrugged. “She made the coffee, but she asked me to bring it to you. She said she had to go home.”

“Oh? Is she sick?”

“She didn’t seem sick when she came in. She just suddenly seemed to get all flustered.

Something’s up with her though. I would never have picked her as the type to go out and get a crazy new hair colour, she’s normally so shy and conservative, but that’s what she’s done. Maybe it’s a midlife crisis.”

“She changed her hair?” He tried to picture what it had been like before. Brownish? “What colour is it now?” Why on earth did he care?


A co incidence, of course. He definitely remembered Miss Brown as a dumpy mousey woman in tweed, even if he couldn’t really recall her face. But nonetheless he heard himself saying, “Could you ask Miss Brown to come and see me in my office before she leaves?”

The junior accountant left. Mr Pearson found himself leaving his desk and stalking over the window of his office, which afforded a view of most of the rest of the office floor. He spied Miss Brown – she had her back to him and a hand bag on her shoulder. Her bostancı escort hand was on the door of the exit to the street and her head was turned toward the junior accountant, who was gesticulating firmly back toward where he stood. He saw her shake her head as she argued, then saw her shoulders sag slightly as she capitulated.

Irritatingly she was wearing a head scarf that concealed her much of her hair. But then she turned, and he released the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding all in a rush.

Fuck, that was her. No make up, no sexy tight fitting clothes… but the face, the form, and that tell-tale fringe of bright red hair! He found the quick bolt of excitement he felt was quickly swamped by anger. Why had she seen fit to trick him? Then to run away in the night like a coward? What had he done to deserve such blatant rejection?

He watched her cross the floor towards his office, her reluctance obvious. With a sharp twist, he snapped the blinds shut and returned to stand beside his desk to wait.

A tentative knock sounded a few seconds later.

“Come in, and close the door behind you,” he said tautly.

She did as he asked, but did not step forward.

She kept her head down. “I was told you wanted to see me?”

She was clearly still hoping he hadn’t recognised her. How stupid did she think he was?

He said nothing, only glared at her. She visibly quailed. Where was the confident and flirtatious woman of last night? No wonder he hadn’t equated this nervous secretary with the sex bomb at the bar.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?” He said heavily at last.

She flinched. “I didn’t think I would see you again. I thought you were flying back to the city today.”

“I found I had more to do here. Is that the best explanation you’ve got?”

“I … No. But … it’s very difficult to explain.”

“Try.” He commanded coldly.

She risked a glance at his face, then dropped her gaze to her shoes again. “Last night was … not me. That is, it was me, of course, but I could never have… The real me, that is… I can’t speak to strangers very easily. I’m very shy. I’ve always been this way. And it just began to seem like unless I did something drastic I was never going to… you know… Have any… intercourse…”

She was blushing as red as her hair now. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How was it possible that the woman who had seduced him so explicitly the night before could now not even bring herself to say the word ‘sex’?

“So you… invented an alter ego? A woman with red hair and outrageous sexual confidence?”

She nodded, still embarrassed. “Yes,” she whispered.

His anger was evaporating now. He was increasingly fascinated by the extraordinary dichotomy of this woman. And, truth be told, maybe even a little aroused once again. She was standing there so demure and submissive, when he knew, he knew, that underneath that dowdy cardigan were the most amazing breasts he had ever cupped, and that beautiful pink mouth which she could do no more than whisper with now was capable of giving the most voracious wet blow job he had ever experienced.

He found himself taking a step closer to her. Her eyes darted to his face, and he saw wariness, but also sexual awareness there. She might ümraniye escort bayan be constrained by her shy ‘daytime’ persona, but she remembered their night together perfectly well.

He felt his cock stirring.

“Go and stand by my desk, Miss Brown,” he ordered coolly.

She hesitated, then with quick short steps she crossed the room to do as he asked.

In a few strides, he was standing directly behind her.

“Bend over the desk, Miss Brown.”

There was no hesitation this time. She immediately folded at the waist, resting her elbows on the desktop. He could see her chest moving swiftly as her breathing grew more rapid. His own heart was beating appreciably faster.

“If I am to understand you correctly,” he said crisply, sounding like a school master, “You consider yourself too shy and awkward to solicit a sexual relationship. However, if you colour your hair, paint your face, dress up in tight fitting clothes and go out at night, you feel able to take on the personality of a sexually confident femme fatale. But when morning comes, you feel unable to sustain your new personality, and you flee.”

“Yes, sir.”

Oh, that submissive little whisper caused a powerful frisson of erotic excitement to surge through him. But he made no move.

“Answer me this. Was last night your first foray into this new personality?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you telling me, then, that last night was your FIRST sexual experience?” He tried to keep the astonishment out of his tone.

“Yes, sir.”

This time lust hit him like a tidal wave. He remembered thrusting violently into her tight, wet, passage, suddenly and without ceremony as she stood up against the door. A virgin! Would he have taken more care if he had known? COULD he have? She had a way of pushing him past the brink of control.

He cleared his throat. He was standing so close behind her that his straining erection was almost brushing her skirted bottom.

“But you must have… thought about sex a lot? Even though you were too shy to act on your thoughts?”

He stooped and reached under her skirt with one hand, tracing gently up and down the inside of her bare thigh with one finger. She started to tremble but made no attempt to move away.

“And no one suspected?” He went on. “No one had any idea that the she and conservative Miss Brown was having elaborate dirty fantasies on the bus, and in the tea room, and while she did the photocopying?” His finger stroked higher, brushing her panties with feather light touches. “No one guessed that she was hoping all along that someone would invite her into an office… and bend her over a desk… and thrust their fingers into her beautiful wet pussy?” As he spoke his fingers cleverly bunched her panties aside to plunge into the waiting warmth.

Jennifer gave a shaky moan.

“You like that, don’t you Miss Brown? You couldn’t tell anyone what you wanted, but now I know. Now I know exactly what a dirty little girl you are. I know exactly how much you love to suck cock, I know how wet you get when someone plays with your pussy, I know how well you fuck when a man has his dick buried deep inside you.” His fingers were plunging in and out now, and she was writhing on his hand, whimpering.

Unable to help himself, he unzipped his kartal escort trousers with his spare hand and drew out his own hard cock, pumping it in rhythm with his finger fucking.

A moment later he groaned and muttered something incoherent to himself before yanking her skirt abruptly up and her panties down. Then he guided himself side her, and grabbed both her hips before fucking her as hard as he could. She cried out, then tried desperately to muffle her own moans. The desk thumped under her. Surely the whole office could hear! Neither one of them particularly cared.

He came hard, only seconds before she shuddered and spasmed around him. And then all at once he was limp, exhausted, barely able to summon the energy to withdraw from her and stagger to his chair.

“Miss Brown you are fucking incredible,” he said weakly.

Jennifer was scarcely in better shape, still panting slightly as she straightened her spine and tried to smooth her skirt. But she shook her head at him. “I’m not,” she insisted softly, “Last night was wonderful, but that wasn’t me. It was only someone I pretended to be. That’s why I couldn’t stay.”

He looked intently up into her face. “And just now? Who was that?”

She blushed but held his gaze this time. “Me. I guess that time it was me.”

He smiled slowly. “Then let me repeat myself. Fucking incredible. “

She returned his smile shyly. “So – what happens now?”

“That depends on you. But I have a suggestion. When I fly back to the City tonight, why don’t you join me?”

She tilted her head, unable to tell if he was joking. “What, as your secretary?”

“God, yes please. Though I don’t imagine I would ever get any actual work done ever again. No, it is up to you Miss Brown. Come as my friend, lover, secretary, or all three if you like.”

“But… who is it you want? Jennifer Brown, or the woman from the bar?”

“Miss Brown, please bring them both. They are both erotic fantasies come to life.”

“Jennifer Brown is no body’s erotic fantasy.”

“As it happens you are wrong, and by making such outrageous statements you are tempting me to fuck you against that desk once more. I admit I was like every other food here and blind to her attractions at first. But the scales have fallen from my eyes.”

“You really want me to come and stay with you?”

“I really do. Although – “


“Although, if your red-headed friend particularly wanted to pay a visit… that would be all right too.”

She smiled and shook her head. “You don’t even know me!”

That made him laugh abruptly. “You don’t even know you! How many Jennifer Browns are there? I’m quite serious. Ultimately, if it’s humanly possible, I just want to be there when you find out.”

She bit her lip. “I – I really don’t think I can. It would be so unlike me. It’s just not the kind of thing I do!”

He considered her for a long moment, then said, “But – don’t you think – it sounds exactly like the crazy impulsive thing the woman I met last night would do.” He leaned forward. “I have a suggestion. Go home now. Take off your clothes. Pick something out of your new wardrobe. Put on some heels, do your hair and make up, and look at yourself in the mirror. Then ask the woman you see in the mirror if she wants to be on that plane with me tonight.”

He kissed her chastely on the cheek. Jennifer Brown blushed scarlet.

“That really is incredibly sexy,” he murmured. “Whoever else you turn out to be, I hope you never stop being who you are now.

“…See you at the airport.”


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