Good Girl

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The butterflies in Kaydie’s chest were a representation of the mixture of fear and excitement she felt as his slender fingers penetrated her warm, wet folds. She sucked in a shaky breath as he started thrusting his fingers slowly in and out. Her eyes opened wide as did her legs as he introduced a third finger, stretching her tight pussy, preparing her to take the girth of his dick.

Kaydie’s reaction stirred a longing in Zack’s loins. He wanted to devour her, but had to force himself to take it easy with her….for now. Her pussy was hot, wet and throbbing around his fingers as he slid them smoothly in and out of her. The rise and fall of her chest, the sweat forming on her neck and running down between her breasts, her hastened breath, the way she arched on his hands, make him plunge deeper and deeper into her, making her wetter and wetter.

She grabs his hand and their eyes meet. She has no words, but there was a raging fire in his eyes, passion burning for her that had built up over the years of their friendship. If he did not have her today, he would surely explode. He kept staring intently into her eyes, it felt as though he were piercing into her soul. His hand started moving faster, making Kaydie wetter, her pussy making sloppy sounds as his fingers made magic in her, bringing her to the brink of a cruel orgasm. Her body trembled, her body writhed, she felt every nerve ending alive all at once. She felt so sweet it made her head spin.

“That’s it Kaydie! Cum for me!” Zack instructed as he piloted her body to ecstasy. She wasn’t prepared for the intensity of the orgasm that washed over her. She screamed out and with a devilish smirk, he withdrew his fingers quickly and pat her pussy as she squirted, legs trembling.

“I thought you’re not a squirter?”, he questioned quietly as he sampled the taste of her on his fingers. She wasn’t even close to recovering from her orgasm, and that’s just how he wanted her, because he was about to fuck her into oblivion. He’s craved her for seven whole years, since the day they met, and he was intent on making up for all the time gone by when they could have fucked but they didn’t.

With his dry hand, he stealthily undid his jeans and dropped them to the floor, stepping out of them, his dick throbbing to be set free and dipped in her fat, wet pussy. He was so hard for her, it was mecidiyek├Ây escort almost painful. But he was also so wet that he was sliming through his drawers.

Kaydie had always believed his cock was huge from seeing it print out in his gym pants ever so often, and she felt it whenever she rubbed up on him by “mistake” a couple times. What bounced out in front of her was not only long as expected, but it was thick. It looked absolutely delicious and she couldn’t wait for the chance to devour it, but her body was still reeling from the orgasm. As if he heard her thoughts, he offered his hand to her and she accepted. He gently pull her up and she found herself off the bed and on her knees in front of him. He was soo wet, and all for her, and it made her desire to please him that much deeper.

She took his shaft in her hand and licked the tip. He was so wet it was literally dripping. The taste of him was euphoric, and instantaneously she took him as far in her mouth as she could. She worked at it slowly, taking a little more at a time. She was determined to swallow his whole dick, once it meant pleasing him. She looked up at him, he was staring down at her. The lust in his eyes burning into her. She continued sucking him off, slobbering all over his cock, stroking him as she sucked. He started moaning her name, until he couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed her by her ponytail and shoved his dick as far as it could go down her throat. She gagged and her eyes watered. She took a breath and went at it again, this time more greedily. He continued holding her ponytail firmly and thrusted his hips toward her repeatedly, rough, longing to fill her throat with hot cum. Her body started trembling again, he could sense her orgasm building.

Zack held on to both sides of her head and fucked her face mercilessly, tears mixed with drool as she gagged. It started to get overwhelming and she tried pushing him away, but he kept fucking her face, reveling in her resistance. It was in his dominant nature. “I’m gonna cum, and you’re gonna swallow every drop like a good girl ok?” Zack instructed through his teeth as he tried to hold off his climax. Kaydie couldn’t even nod, but the look in her eyes told him she understood. “AAaah, aaah, aaahhh!!” he exclaimed. He held her head firm as he released his load straight ┼či┼čli escort down his throat, his body convulsing as she gagged, eyes watering, nose running, drooling.

Kaydie’s body trembled as another orgasm washed over her. She swallowed everything he gave and smiled, sticking out her tongue to show him, like a proud student.

“Oh fuck!” he breathed. That one gesture sent him over the edge. He just had to fuck her now, his sanity depended on it. “Get on the bed, on your knees, now!” he growled, in a low dangerous tone.

“Yes sir,” she obliged quietly. She climbed onto the bed, knees apart, and went straight down until her head was on the bed, level with her knees. The way this position accentuated her curvy figure was unbelievable. Her ass was so full and round and just needed to be slapped. He couldn’t resist, he slapped her ass hard. She whimpered and grabbed onto the sheet.

His dick bobbed up and down, begging to be deep inside her. He ran a finger along her spine causing her to shudder at the sensation. “Are you ready?” he asked softly, positioning himself to penetrate. He lined up his cock with her pussy, forcing himself to take it easy on her, at least for now, he needed to ease her into it before he ravishes her. He pushed his dick but couldn’t get in. She was so tight and hot. He pulled back, and rubbed his dick against his pussy lips, adding more moisture to his dick. Then he tried again, thrusting ever so lightly, gradually getting deeper and deeper inside. The grip of her pussy was incredible, he needed to fuck her senseless, soon, before he lost it.

With the head of his dick fully inside her, he held on to her hips and thrust hard and fast. She screamed out and her knees buckled, but he held her hips tight and continued fucking her, hard. The way she was screaming made his dick throb more. She tried to curl up to ease the pain, but he held her firm. “I’ve wanted you for so long! Take my dick bitch, we have a lot of making up to do.” Zack fucked her relentlessly. He slapped her ass, pulled her head back by her ponytail and fucked her with raw, intense passion. She was so tight, hot and wet. Her body trembled with pain and pleasure.

“Fuck,” he groaned. She felt better than he imagined she would, and she was so submissive, taking everything he gave. She whimpered as he destroyed her with his big, black dick, but she was getting wetter. Her tight pussy swallowed his entire dick. He was losing control, her ass bounced with each thrust. She gripped the sheets so tight her knuckles turned white.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she screamed, feeling her climax building. “Right there, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum!” She pushed back onto him as ecstasy overwhelmed her. Zack thrust harder and deeper into her. He pulled her hands back and pinned them behind her back, relinquishing whatever degree of control she had and rammed into her, intent on destroying her pussy. The way he took control, rendering her unable to do anything but take his dick sent her over the edge and she screamed again as she came, pulsing, all over his dick.

Zack pulled out and flipped her unto her back, held her by her hips and pulled towards him, ramming his dick back into her, fucking her mercilessly, drawing out another orgasm from her. At this point, he didn’t care anymore. She was completely surrendered to him, his own personal fuck toy, and that he did. He pushed her legs back to her chest and went deep and hard, her body to weak to push him away.

He fucked her hard and fast, losing his grip on reality with each thrust. His heart raced as climax built. His own body started trembling. Sweat ran down his body, dripping onto hers. She was helpless beneath him and that turned him on more. He owned her. “Take my dick like a good girl!” her growled, “This is my pussy!” All Kaydie could do at this point was nod as his dick ravished her pussy. He watched as her breasts bounce up and down, mesmerized. He wanted to cum in her, filling her until she was overflowing with cum. But that would definitely impregnate her, no doubt.

“Fuck!” he groaned as he felt the climax washing over him. She trembled and arched as he dug deeper. She was about to cum again, he could feel it. “Come swallow this load, don’t waste a drop!”

“Yes sir,” she whispered, breathless. Zack pulled his dick out of her pussy and pulled her up, forcing his dick down her throat, releasing his load. It was too much for her and she tried pushing him off, but he held her head on his dick as he pumped her throat full of cum. Her pussy throbbed as the simple gesture of choking her with his dick brought on her own orgasm. She loved being controlled and used and he did just that.

She gagged, swallowing his load, but obediently ensured she didn’t waste a drop, and again stuck out her tongue for him to see, proud of her achievement.

Zack wiped a tear from her eyes and patted her cheek. “Good girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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