Give Me What I Need…

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I flounced into the kitchen giving my hips just enough swish to flare out the pleats on my extremely short shirt. I tugged the tails of my button down shirt covering another inch of my mid rift, but exposing said amount more of my cleavage. He was there, still in work clothes. His mind probably still hung up on all those petty office things.

I smirked as I bent over the counter in front of him to grab a banana out of the fruit bowl. I knew this definitely flashed him a good view of my ass covered with thin white briefs. Turning I leaned my hips back on the edge of that same counter and slowly peeled the banana while I studied him.

He’d been working too hard trying to get two contracts finished before the end of the year. He had forgotten to shave this morning. The stubble on his cheeks didn’t complement the circles under his eyes. His hair was a mess. The slacks he wore where only slightly less crumpled than his shirt. The tie had come off on the ride home I knew and the top few buttons of his shirt were undone.

“I’m gonna meet Jessica and hang out. You look like you could use a nap Pops.” I saw confusion flare briefly before it clicked exactly what I’d said.

“Excuse me?” His eyes raked down me, lingering on the deep cleavage that made it clear I wasn’t wearing a bra. He took in the skirt that barely covered my underwear and the knee high socks. I was wearing converse, the only part of the outfit he couldn’t object to.

“Like hell you’re going anywhere dressed like that. You look like you’re headed for the nearest corner.”

I saw real heat flare in his eyes, he didn’t look that tired anymore. I took a bite of my banana egging him on without words.

He stepped closer. “I mean it. I don’t give a shit who you go hang out with but you won’t leave this house until you’ve changed into something decent. You want guys to think you’re some little slut?”

He took another step leaving only a few spare inches between us.

I pouted. “I look cute. I’m not changing.” I tossed the banana aside onto the counter.

“Yes you are.” Bald statement, no wiggle room. He pointed down the hall I’d just come from.

I stared straight into his eyes. “No. I’m not a child.”

“You want to be a grown up? You want to be treated like a grown woman is treated when she dresses like this?” His arm clamped around me dragging me close as the other plunged between my legs. His fingers smoothed over the line of my lips meeting covered by only the thinnest cotton.

I pushed at his chest turning my face away. His lips dragged over the sensitive skin of my neck, the stubble on his cheeks prickling my soft skin. “No! Get off.”

He pulled his head back but kept me pinned between his hips and the counter. I could feel him getting hard where he pressed against my hip. His hand between my legs kept ataşehir escort up its steady rubbing back and forth.

“I don’t think I believe you mean that. You come in here dressed like that and expect me to believe you don’t want it? You aren’t wearing a bra, I can see how hard your nipples already are.” His eyes darted down and mine followed. I could clearly see them poking at the tight fitting material molded over them. “That means you’re a liar. Lying is a very bad habit young lady. Maybe I should punish you. For lying, for dressing like this and provoking me. For being such a bad little girl.”

He brought his hands together and ripped my shirt open quickly. Popping buttons and I heard the stitches in a seam splitting. He cupped one breast, pinching the nipple. His hips pinned me firmly against the counter.

“Is this what you wanted when you came in here?”

“No” I said it spitefully like I was denying it all, and pulled away from him half turning before he wrapped his arms around and caught me back against him. My back was now to his front and he struggled with my weak attempts to fend him off until he’d pinned both my arms under one of his. His fingers plucked first one nipple then the other.

“No? Maybe you just wanted me to bend you over the counter and fuck your tight little ass? You’re certainly asking for it coming out here dressed up like a cheap little slut. And when you bent over the counter it seemed like an invitation to me.”

“Don’t you dare!” I tossed my hair and renewed my struggle to free my arms.

“Ah, you must want to be punished more traditionally then.” He bent me forward until my bare breasts where flattened on the cold tile of the counter. My nipples hardened further and I drew in a sharp breath.

“That is it, isn’t it?” He flipped my skirt up rubbing a palm over one cheek before smacking it smartly. The hand on my back holding me down went to my collar pulling it down and I let him slide the shirt off my arms. He gripped my neck firmly. “Put your hands flat on the counter.” He ordered sternly, punctuating his point with a hard smack to each ass cheek.

I let my hands hover over the counter until his hand smoothed down between my legs. I placed them exactly how he wanted them as he firmly spanked my pussy lips. I would prefer skin to skin but I was sure he knew that already. I’d let him work it out.

“You like that you little slut? I bet you do. I bet you’re wet already” His hand tugged the waist band down until it rolled down to the tops of my thighs. I was keenly aware that my pussy was still mostly covered. He moved until only his hand on my neck was touching me. I could hear him undoing his belt and the zipper on his pants.

“Don’t you dare.” I said it a sharply . We’d barely started!

“Relax.” His hand stroked down my back massaging kadıköy escort my suddenly stiffened muscles. “I know what you want but I’m not going to give it to you. Naughty girls get punished .” He smacked my ass harder than he had yet. I heard him toe his shoes off and step out of his pants.

Then his erection was pressed into my crack as he moved tight up to my back. His fingers pulled at me until I was propped on my elbows and he could reach my breasts. “So hard.” His thumbs flicked my nipples and his breath was hot in my ear. “I don’t think you’re in much of a position to tell me what to do young lady. Maybe you should think about how you could catch more flies with sugar if you want to have things go exactly your way.”

He pulled my hips back away from the edge of the counter so his hands could sneak around and cover my pussy. He rubbed it a bit before spanking it. It was firm but without any sting, the curled over edge of my panties falling across the middle of my mons and the crotch still completely and damply covering my pussy. I wiggled my hips back into him. He pulled the front of my underwear down so the crotch was no longer blocking his access. Smack! That stung just a bit but he quickly soothed it with his palm. I could feel my own slick wetness. I could feel it beginning to slick his fingers as they teasingly pushed at my lips.

“Stop!” I demanded. He gave my pussy a series of lightly stinging slaps that left the lips throbbing with more pleasure than pain.

“So fucking wet already. What am I going to do with you? Such an eager little slut, always so ready.” I rocked into his fingers trying to press them more firmly into my aching flesh. All pretense of unwillingness was long gone. He stiffened two fingers letting me work myself against them. They slid over my clit and then deeper.

I moved my hand back between us and grasped his hard cock stroking him in tempo with my own hips grinding on his fingers. “Fuck me.” It was an invitation not an order.

He pulled back out of my grasp and slid his cock into my pussy using the hand between my legs to guide it. He pressed deep, groaning. His fingers moved back up until they were firmly pressed to either side of my clit before he began thrusting. This was one of the quickest ways to make me cum and today proved no different. I moaned as I climaxed and I all but sobbed as his cock and fingers kept going. My over sensitive clit was painfully aroused and I tugged his fingers away and slumped over the counter.

He continued pumping hard for a few thrusts before slowing it down. His hands moved to my shoulders pulling me up and back until I was draped against him.

“Do you know what I want?” I did. I pulled away slowly so his cock was gently pulled from where it had been buried deep in my pussy. I sank to my knees in front of him running bostancı escort my hands up his thighs. I leaned forward and licked his cock from the tip to the base. I pulled back until I could take the tip in my mouth, enjoying the taste of my own pussy covering every inch of him. I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and the other cupped his balls as I slowly began working my mouth up and down his length.

This wasn’t really what he wanted, but I couldn’t give in so quickly. What he wanted was us both fully naked in bed where he could pass out as soon as he came. I’m sure a vague romantic notion of cuddling with his head on my breast was even part of it. That could come later I didn’t want sweet now. I’d been so horny for him lately, and he worked such long hours this was a special treat to have him home so early. He groaned, giving in to me and peeled off his shirt.

I worked my lips down his shaft using one hand to stroke what I couldn’t fit in my greedy mouth. His head fell back and his fingers knotted in my long chestnut hair.

“So greedy. All the time, how you want it. You’re lucky I like giving it to you.” His tone was lightly teasing and semi strained from the distraction of my mouth.

I pulled back to tease the tip with my tongue. “You’re right I shouldn’t be so selfish all the time.” I sucked on the tip running my tongue over it in swirls. My fingers caressed his balls reaching behind to massage him just how he liked.

“Fuck! Deeper,” he demanded tugging my hair until I sank my lips down on his cock. He flexed his hips showing me the pace he wanted. It didn’t take long for his balls to begin tightening in a familiar way that told me he was on the edge. I moaned appreciatively to encourage him to let go.

When he came in my mouth I swallowed quickly looking up to see his head thrown back, stomach muscles rippling with his orgasm. I continued to lick and lightly suck his still hard cock.

“Jesus, I’m too sensitive,” he growled at me pulling me off.

I stood still clad in my little skirt and socks and shoes. “That was good.” I hugged him close, rising on tip toes to kiss the under side of his jaw.

“Oh? Do you think you’re off the hook so easily young lady?” His hands clamped on my upper arms, pulling me away from him and shaking me a little. “Do you think you can suck me off and I’ll just forget that you were ready to run out with your little whore friends? Were you meeting boys?”

I laughed excitedly all but clapping with delight. He shook me again. I schooled my features into a sullen expression. “No, just Jessica. I wasn’t doing anything. God!”

“You’re always up to something. Out to get what you want. Aren’t you?” He’d begun pulling me down the hall towards the bedroom. He didn’t give me a chance to respond. “You’re grounded. You won’t be seeing Jessica of anyone for a good long while. I’m going to wear you out until you learn to behave yourself.”

He slammed the door after us and neither of us left for the next two hours while he proceeded to show me exactly how enjoyable behaving myself could be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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