Gift in the Mail Ch. 02

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It came two days ago in a plain package with no markings and no return address. My address was typed, and the postmark was local. It was the same way I had received a bra a week earlier. A note had dared me to wear the bra. When I did, I found that it did much more than lift and separate.

It frightened me, and yet I found myself drawn to it repeatedly. It had me hooked.

The second package had a note and a scrap of black silk fabric that seemed to be a pair of panties, except it had no seams. How could you make a pair of panties without seams?

The note with the panties said:

For your pleasure, should you dare to wear this pair.
Affectionately yours,
A secret admirer

It was terrible poetry, but it piqued my interest.

The first day I had just stared at them, afraid of what they might do to me. Then yesterday my curiosity got the better of me. I put them on. The silk material felt great and they fit me perfectly. Beyond that, they were doing what panties do, and nothing more.

I do not know which is worse, being sexually aroused unexpectedly and not being able to stop it, or being ready to be aroused and not getting it. It is not nice to keep a woman waiting once she lets you know she is ready. I decided not to wait any longer.

A friend had invited me to an adults’ only costume party to celebrate Halloween. Impulsively, I decided to go with my newly completed costume. I already had a sexy witch costume that was not much more than lingerie, but the bra and panties would make sure all my private bits stayed private.

There were about twenty people at the party when I arrived. My hips starting to move to the music, and I was ready to shake some of my barely covered assets.

I was just starting to get a thin film of sweat on me when I felt a finger slide along my back and under the strap of my bra. I pulled away instinctively, and was slightly relieved that the finger came out. At least the bra had not decided to come alive here at the party. I turned to face the pervert who had invaded my space and glared into the beautiful blue eyes of my ex.

“Hands off the merchandise if you don’t mind,” I managed to get out between gritted teeth. Somehow, I managed to avoid calling him an asshole, although it was right on the tip of my tongue.

He raised his hands, palms forward. “Sorry, lover,” he said defensively not wanting to be attacked. “I just wanted to get a better look at your bra.”

“Ex-lover,” I corrected. “Your touching privileges have expired.”

“Just calm down,” he said with a lowered voice. “I didn’t mean any harm. We were pretty close at one time and I wouldn’t mind giving it another shot if you just said the word.”

“We were pretty good in bed, but the rest of the time I couldn’t stand you. You’re an ex for reasons that are not going to change”

“OK, OK!” he surrendered. “It’s just that sometimes I worry about you.”

“Yeah right,” I said with undisguised sarcasm.

“Really! Like that bra you’re wearing. It looks like a Cherry 2001. Is it?”

In a moment of anger, I suspected my ex of trying to inflict some erotic horror on me just to get us back together. My eyes narrowed in rage and I lowered myself into a slight crouch as if to prepare to pounce on him.

“You!” I accused. “Did you send this bra to me?”

Just then, I felt a slap on my butt. Someone had spanked me hard with his or her hand, very hard. I stood up in surprise and turned quickly only to see there was no one behind me who could have done that.

“I love it when you get passionate,” he continued, oblivious to the whack I had received. “Let me know if you want to work off some of that energy.”

I felt another hard slap on my butt, but turning around quickly, I could not see anyone close enough to have done it. I turned back to my ex and said, “Wait! What do you know about this bra?”

“It looks nice, but it can’t be a Cherry,” he responded. “I was able to get my finger under the strap. The Cherry bonds to your skin. It would be real sweet if you had one, but they cost a fortune and they only made a few of them.”

I had been spanked twice more while my ex was talking, and I was trying to be stoic about it so that no one would notice.

“Dare to wear it. That’s their motto. Can you believe that piece of horseshit? It was bad enough in private and no one would dare to wear it in public. Who would want to cum a couple dozen times in front of a bunch of people?”

Suddenly, I was feeling overwhelmed, again. I might be wearing one of those devilish devices.

The spanking had finally stopped. I could feel my derriere throbbing. Then I felt the tongue and lips start to work on my nipples. There was also a finger sliding along the edge of my kitty, just barely brushing my pearl button. What terrible timing for this thing to decide to work.

I felt embarrassed to be in front of so many people while being stimulated in ways usually reserved for private places and times. I wanted to retreat to illegal bahis some private place where no one would see me, but I did not feel safe trying to drive home with these distractions. I looked for an unoccupied bedroom, and finally found an empty bathroom. I went inside thinking that it would be private enough.

With the door shut, I caught my breath and focused on what was going on under the silky bra and panties. I had already felt the bra play with my breasts and nipples, and the same stimulations were occurring in a manner that I hoped would never get old.

The panties were a different matter. I had never felt them do anything before, but they were very active now. I felt a mouth and tongue licking and sucking my clit and lips. Occasionally the tongue would lightly swirl at my entrance before returning to my clit. Two large hands pressed against my butt as if to keep me from escaping. As if I could escape. I could not get my finger under the edge of the material and it was clear these panties were not coming off until they were finished doing what they wanted to do to me.

Except for the circumstances and lack of control, I would have thoroughly enjoyed having a lover do this to me.

Someone knocked on the door and I said, “Occupied. Go find another bathroom.” It felt good to have control over something.

Then I realized I might have more control than I realized. If this panty/bra set was going to keep stimulating me until I came, maybe I could speed up the process. Maybe I could add some extra stimulation by using my fingers to rub my sensitive areas through the material.

I started with my bra, using my thumb and forefinger to twist my erect nipples gently through the material. The bra stopped its stimulation when I stimulated, and then restarted when I stopped. It also expanded its repertoire for what I had done. It was learning from me. It was changing to give me specifically what I needed. There was some sort of intelligence guiding this bra.

I wondered what the panties would do. Within a few minutes, I felt fingers rubbing my pearl with my favorite pressure and rhythm. Even my most attentive lovers had never been able to get that just right. Maybe this was better than having a lover. Just as quickly as I thought that, I found myself thinking, “Not!” I loved penetration too much, and the real thing was much better than any dildo or vibrator.

I ran my fingertip over the top of my entrance and was surprised to feel moisture. I felt my inner moisture, so knowing I was wet was not the surprise. However, the outside of the material was dry and appeared to act as a barrier to keep all of my moisture in. Somehow, the tip of my finger could sense it when I touched the fabric. This fabric could create sensations for things that touched its inner surface and its outer surface. I ran my finger over the entrance again and this time I felt a finger slip inside me. At the same time, I could feel moisture on my finger. My eyes told me that my finger was still outside of my panties, but my sense of touch said otherwise. I wondered whether that would work for something other than my finger.

There was another loud knock on the door. “Are you OK?” my girlfriend asked. “You’ve been in there for a long time.”

With my newfound sense of empowerment, I no longer wanted to hide. I wanted to see what this panty/bra set could do. “Never better,” I responded, unlocking and opening the door.

I flashed a big smile to show I was feeling fine and headed for the buffet table. Men tend to orbit around food or televisions with sporting events. I wanted to find one and seduce him with my new toy.

The first red-blooded male to cross my path was my ex. “Been there. Done that,” I thought. He would be hot in bed, but he would leave as soon as his needs were satisfied. I wanted more. I wanted tonight, tomorrow before breakfast, and tomorrow after breakfast.

I turned to go around him, and he grabbed my arm to stop me. “You look so hot,” he said with a smile. “I’m free tonight if you want to go someplace more private where we can talk.”

He was so transparent. Talk would escalate to kissing, and kissing would escalate to more. When he finished and left, I would feel empty and used. That was not going to happen to me tonight.

Then I had a deliciously evil thought. I leaned against him and looked into his eyes as if I were interested. My hand stroked his body and then went for his crotch. I found the bulge I expected.

“Were you planning to do something with this tonight?” I asked with false innocence. “It’s not safe to carry loaded firearms. They might go off.”

I put my arms around him to hold him close, and I rubbed my crotch against his. I felt something inside me that could not possibly be inside me because he was still tucked inside his jeans. However, his eyes got big and he clearly was feeling the wetness and pressure he would have felt if he were in me. I dry humped against his jeans and squeezed my inner muscles hoping the added pressure illegal bahis siteleri would do what I wanted.

He lasted 32 seconds. Being in public and receiving such intense and unexpected stimulation caused him to pop in his pants. That was sweet, but I was not yet finished.

I looked directly into his eyes and in my most serious voice said,”You should go fuck someone who wants to be with you. Perhaps you can find someone in a mirror.” It took him a moment to realize that I just told him to go fuck himself. Then he did something that totally surprised me. He shut his mouth, turned without making a sound, and left. If I had known it was that easy to get that result, I would have done it years ago.

I made my way to the buffet table, put some hummus and raw veggies on a plate, and began scanning the room for people I knew or might like to know. The bra/panty set were back to their regular stimulation, with the sensation of fingertips and tongue on my nipples and kitty. Miss Kitty was purring and interested in more attention. Occasionally I also felt a wet finger playing with my second entrance. Yesterday I might have been outraged that someone would take such liberties with me. Today I had surrendered to its power, and embraced the erotic possibilities it might open.

I found myself licking hummus off my finger and wondered what messages I might be sending subconsciously. I was horny and ready to hump anything, so I needed to be careful. At a minimum, I wanted to select a playmate for the evening that would be an improvement on my ex. That bar might be low, but I still wanted to select with my head, not my hormones.

While I was scanning the room, I saw a guy walking in my general direction. He appeared to be young and clearly had no fashion sense. With some better clothes, he could be nice looking. My hormones were curious what he might look like without his clothes. He stopped next to me and whispered in my ear, “I’m Doctor Clarke with Cherry Products, Inc. Is there some place private where we can?”

It was not the best opening line in the world, but it was not the worst either. That he might work for the same company that made my bra and panties raised my interest. Looking into his deep blue eyes, it was hard to be unimpressed. Maybe there was some potential here.

“Do you have a first name, Dr. Clarke?” I asked.

He seemed flustered that I did not react to his authority. He stammered, “S-s-s-stanley.”

“Well Stanley, I’m comfortable right here,” I responded. “If you are not too loud, it should be private enough. You’re not going to propose marriage or anything like that, are you?”

There was no reaction. This guy was too stiff. I nudged his arm to loosen him up a little. “Come on,” I said. “That was a joke. It wasn’t that bad. Some people think I’m funny.”

He smiled a little, showing that he was human after all.

“It’s just,” he hesitated, “that I had something important to tell you. You might be in danger.”

I laughed and said, “My ex left in that direction. It’s hard to imagine anything more dangerous that that.”

He still had such a serious look on his face. Maybe this was serious. My smile disappeared as I asked, “What’s the danger?”

“Have you received a gift in the mail recently?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yes,” I responded with hesitation in my voice. “What kind of gift?” I asked.

“One that offered pleasure if you dared to do something,” he answered.

“I received this bra about a week ago,” I said while pointing to my bra, “and these panties two days ago,” I continued while pointing lower. “The notes that came with them dared me to wear them.”

“Have you noticed anything unusual about them?” he asked.

They were my secret, insistent, and invisible lover. That was unusual enough, but how to explain it. “Yeah,” I volunteered, “a little.”

“Some valuable property of ours was stolen about a week ago. Without adequate instruction, it can be extremely dangerous to use. We tracked it here.”

He pointed towards my panties. With just a touch of distress he said, “You appear to be wearing it and it appears that it has activated.”

I guess that covered it. “Does it have an off switch?” I asked hopefully.

He shook his head from side to side.

We stood in silence for a moment while the implications sank in.

“How can I get these things off?” I asked while pointing to the panties and bra. “They seem to be glued to my skin.”

“May I?” he asked as he came closer and pointed to the fabric.

I raised my arms to give him access. In a way, I suppose I was also surrendering.

He used his fingertips to examine the edge of the fabric on the bra and panties. He did not have any better luck than I did. They were not going to come off until they were ready to come off.

“How long have you been wearing them?” he asked. “What have they done since you put them on?”

I told him.

He seemed to be thinking about everything he had seen and heard, canl─▒ bahis siteleri and I did not want to interrupt his thoughts. In the silence, I continued to feel my kitty being licked and fingered. My nipples were still being sucked. My growing arousal needed an outlet, but it was going to be difficult with these panties blocking the way.

I felt drawn to the attractive young man in front of me. With logic that was rapidly being overpowered by hormones, I considered whether there was any reason why I should not be with him. He was physically attractive, intelligent, somewhat innocent, and freshly showered. I had felt his deep blue eyes gaze into me and remembered how his voice had penetrated me. I knew this was the guy I wanted to be with as my sexual arousal grew, and could not think of a single reason to resist.

Stanley was saying something, but my lust was making it difficult to follow his words. It was something about learn mode and fulfillment mode and objective oriented heuristic execution. All I knew for sure was that I wanted to touch and be touched by this handsome young man.

I slid up against him and put my right arm around his waist, using my hand and arm to pull him closer to me. His left arm fell into place on my shoulder and upper back. With my free hand, I directed his chin so that our mouths were aligned for a first kiss.

“We are at a party,” I said. “Let’s talk later. There are better things we can do now.’

I gently moved forward into our first kiss. He seemed surprised. It was as if he had never kissed anyone before. Could he be that naïve? Despite his inexperience, it still felt sweet. I began to explore his lips with mine, and with just the tiniest tip of my tongue. This was just what I needed, and Stanley seemed to be enjoying my attention.

I could feel my right breast press into his chest, and I wondered if he was aware of the growing intimacy of my touch. My free hand gently brushed his crotch. There was a substantial presence on the other side of his pants, and I felt a twitch of movement as he reacted to me. With an inner smile, I started to use more tongue. Stanley may not know it yet, but he was going to get lucky tonight.

Our kisses continued, and they became quite wet. I wanted Stanley to stimulate me in the same places being stimulated by my bra and panties, and yet he seemed to only be interested in kissing. I like the man to lead, but it appeared that I would need to encourage and guide. I took his free hand and placed it on my left breast.

When he just left it there without moving, I broke our kiss long enough to say, “Your hand feels good there, but it would feel better if you squeezed and caressed my love pillows.”

I started kissing again, and being the good student, Stanley started moving his hand in an enjoyable way. The bra was letting him play, and for that one breast, I felt only his hand.

I was happy to know that my stimulation was from a flesh and blood human being instead of some device, but apparently the bra had unexpected ways of giving me pleasure.

Stanley stopped and said, “I can feel your breast.”

“I hope so,” I responded.

“No,” he corrected. “I can feel your breast as if there is nothing covering it. I’m feeling skin against skin.”

I smiled. “Yes, the panties can do that. I guess the bra can, too”

He seemed genuinely surprised. “That’s outside of our design specifications. We didn’t know it could do that.”

I had a fabulously evil thought. “That’s nothing,” I said. I took his hand and directed it to my crotch. “Feel this,” I instructed.

His eyes got big. “I can feel your bush.”

“Try sliding your finger around,” I suggested. He did, and I enjoyed the flesh and blood stimulation that the panties were allowing to replace their stimulation. I was still being stimulated, but somehow it felt better knowing it was coming from a person rather than some device.

After letting him play and explore for a while, I had another lusty thought. I pulled his hand away from my crotch, moved so that we were facing each other face to face, and rubbed by crotch against his.

“How does this feel?” I asked.

I could feel his erection rubbing against my nether lips. The position was not quite right for insertion, but it still felt great. Somehow, the panties were allowing me to feel him as if I was not wearing panties and he was nude below the waist. With every new revelation, I was gaining new appreciation for this bra/panty set.

With the fantasy illusion created by the panties, I could feel the head of his cock at my entrance.

“Do you feel my wetness?” I teased. “Your head is at my entrance. With one little push, you can be inside me. Would you like to be inside me?” I knew I wanted to feel him inside me, but I wanted him to want me.

“I’ve never done this before,” he said with some hesitation.

“You mean play with the panties?” I asked for clarification.

“No,” he responded. “I’ve never been in a woman.”

A virgin at his age? I wondered what type of sheltered life he had lived.

“You still haven’t,” I reassured. “This is a fantasy created by the panties. The reality is that we are both dressed and we are rubbing each other through our clothing.”

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