Getting My Boyfriend Back

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My thoughts swirling, I hoped for pleasurable entrapment as I typed, “This morning in the shower I shaved something. It reminded me of you, and I got wet all over. Good thing I was in the shower, huh?”

I clicked SEND on the e-mail to my ex- boyfriend Max’s work address, knowing that I would get his instant attention with the reference to the shaving party we had. Shaved pussies were a favorite of his, and one night I had returned the favor. The combination had made for incredible sex, and I knew he would remember the sensation of bare skin against bare skin.

Sure enough, seconds later he popped up on IM.

I had broken up with him a year ago, and he was now living with another woman. I had come to regret my decision and now was determined to get him back . . . by any means possible.

I wrote that I wanted to talk in person, and could he meet me later that evening. He agreed, and my trap was set.

I dressed to kill, in one of his favorite outfits. Max’s favorite color is purple, so I dressed in purple and black lingerie, my tits pushed up in a satin and lace black and purple bra that emphasized my DD breasts. I contemplated wearing the matching thong, but decided that it would just get in the way, in addition to the fact that I would soak it through in a matter of minutes, I was so turned on! Instead, I wore a black lace garter belt with black sheer stockings and my leather mini that just covers the bottom of my stockings as long as I keep it pulled down and sit like a lady, which, when I am in the company of cock I sometimes forget . . . My blouse was purple silk and I left it undone so that you could see the top of my bra through it. It almost looked accidental! I wore minimal makeup, and did my hair in a casual barrette, which leaves the length to flow down my back and tickle chests and cocks, but keeps it out of my face. I was planning on some serious sex, and I truly hoped Max did not disappoint me.

I arrived at the coffee house we were meeting at a little bit late. I sat down at the table and we made small talk for a bit, and then I leaned in close, showing him my ample cleavage and said “Max, I figure there are three ways you can play this right now. Option one, you walk out of here right now and we never see where this year has taken us and you never see where this night could take you. Option two, I take you home right now and fuck your brains out, and we deal with any backlash from your girl whenever. Option three, we take the middle road which offers you ‘plausible deniablility’.”

“Plausible deniablility?” He queried, raising one eyebrow. “You sound like you are on Law and Order or something.”

“It’s a real term, used in real life situations, bud. Increase your vocabulary.” I scowled, impatiently. “You want to know what it entails?” He nodded.

“Well, Maxwell, you have had a cup of coffee with me, and you may or may nor have to divulge that fact to your girlfriend. However, all other actions this evening would come at my hands. You could deny having taken any action at all. You will, of course, receive pleasure, but you can deny having encouraged me. Oh, and of course, should you choose to renegotiate later in the evening, that would be just fine.”

“Well, lets go with option three, for now.”

I steered him toward a nearby movie theatre. He asked me what I wanted to see, and I responded that I did not care, but that it should be R rated, since I planned on doing things to him that should not be seen by little kids. His jeans immediately bulged, and I casually let my fingers brush over the growing cock inside.

As we waited in line, I whispered in his ear how I had missed him, how my pussy needed his big, strong cock in it, how even my toes missed his cock.

His cock ataşehir escort had been hardening before: now it was getting painful, I could tell. We entered the theatre and immediately made for the last row of seats, where I quickly unzipped his pants to free the monster.

“It was that thing you said about your toes that did it” he said. “I never thought I had a thing for feet, but the fact that you can get me off with your toes . . . “

A drop of pre-cum decorated the head of his gorgeous penis. I leaned down and licked it off.

I knelt beside him in the seats and looked up at him.

“Just sit back and enjoy the show, okay?”

I lowered his pants a little, freeing his balls to my wandering hands, then licked the underside of his cock. Immediately I noticed that he was no longer shaving. I tugged gently in the hair on his balls, making eye contact and raising my eyebrows.

“My new girlfriend did not like it. She said it seemed effeminate.” I just shook my head and licked his balls. I slowly ran my fingers up his cock to the head, running my fingers into the slit, then followed with my tongue. As my tongue made the journey up his cock, my hands massaged his balls some more. Then I put my mouth around his cock. Jerking him off while having him in my mouth has always been his favorite– second– third– one of his favorite things for me to do. I varied my strokes, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, and then I sucked him into my mouth and then my throat. He groaned, quite loudly. I looked up at him, smiled with my eyes (my mouth was full of cock), and gently shook my head at him, to remind him to be quiet. He looked at me as if to say “you have GOT to be kidding,” and bit the webbing between finger and thumb to prevent any more noise from escaping. I continued to deep throat him, playing with his balls as I did. His hips started to buck so that he was fucking my face. He was close to losing control. That out of control feeling is just about my favorite in the entire world.

I let his cock out of my mouth and started in with my hands again, leaning down and gently taking his balls into my mouth one at a time, running my tongue over them, gently closing my lips over them and suckling them. Max squirmed and gripped the arms of his chair. I gently probed at his ass with one finger while licking my way up his cock once more. Again I licked the head, sucking and licking his beautiful dick.

I love cocks, and one of the ways I show my love for them is by giving extremely good head. I worshiped this cock for over an hour, always backing off when I brought him to the brink. Finally, I was ready to let him cum. I deep throated him one more time and fucked his cock with my face. I met his eyes with mine and smiled with my eyes. I fingered his balls and stuck one finger up his ass. His grip on the arms of the chair grew so tight I thought it might just break the chair. My head bobbed faster and faster. Romantic music poured out of the speakers around us. Later I would learn that there was a fairly graphic (for R rating) sex scene going on. With all of this happening at once, Max had little choice but to shoot his wad. I worked hard, swallowing every drop I could, and that little bit that dribbled out of my mouth I caught with my hands and licked up. I do love the taste of cum in the evening.

I sat in my chair and took out some wet wipes I had stashed in my purse. I gently cleaned off his cock, then took out a mirror to check my face for traces of cum. My lipstick was smeared, but other than that, I looked much as I had when I entered the theatre. Surely the other patrons knew that something had gone on back here, but they would never guess it by looking at me!

“Renee?” Max said avcılar escort softly, “About the renegotiation. I believe there was a second option that I would like to explore.”

He looked at me, then drew my face to his, sharing a long, tongue tangling kiss. His hand went to my blouse to unbutton it. I let him undo one button and slide his hand inside my bra. When he bent to take my tit in his mouth, I stopped him, though.

“The movie is almost over. I am not walking out of here looking like we totally had sex.”

“Why not?”

“Because one of us got oral sex and was not quiet about it.”

“Oh. Yeah, I can see where that would be an issue. But–“

“We can continue this, just not here. Come with me to my car and we’ll take off from there. I have a place in mind. A close place.”

As we left the theatre, we got many knowing looks from our fellow patrons. He had tried to be quiet, but he was too ecstatic and I am never quiet, even (or maybe especially) when I have a mouth full.

As I drove us to a nearby golf course, his hand quickly crept up my skirt.

“No panties? Gee, we aren’t sure of ourselves, are we?”

“I put on panties, but I was so excited I creamed them within minutes. I decided not to waste a fresh pair, because it would have the same fate.” I looked at him and smiled

He ran his fingers up my slit. “Wow. You are VERY wet. It’s a good thing you wore the leather skirt, or you would have left puddles at the coffee shop and the theatre.”

We arrived at our destination, and I put the car in park.

“Wow, does this place bring back memories,” Max said.

“I know,” I replied.

We had come here long ago, and it had been Max’s first time ever to fuck outside. He had been a machine with the threat of discovery and the thrill of the night air on his skin. He had cum several times, yet had stayed hard and had pounded away at me in several different positions and in the ass as well. It had been a great night in both our lives.

Max continued to work his fingers up and down my hot, wet slit. He leaned over and kissed me again, while bringing his other hand up to cup my breast. After a few moments he broke the kiss.

“Your motor’s revving.”

“I know.”

“No, I mean you are pushing on the gas. Your motor. Revving.”

We both laughed as the light dawned. I had been so caught up in what he was doing with his fingers that I was pushing the gas pedal to the floor as I arched my back to give him easier access.

“Why don’t we go somewhere else to do this?”

He agreed, and I shut off the car. The promise of Spring was in the air, but the nights were still rather cool. I grabbed a blanket from the back seat to lie on so that the moist grass would not freeze our asses off.

We got out and walked rather quickly to a spot on the green nearby. The cool Spring air made my nipples contract.

I laid the blanket on the grass and sat down.

Immediately he was there, pushing me down to the ground, kissing me and fondling my breasts thru my shirt. He began to unbutton my blouse, then looked at my bra. He smiled lecherously at the pale skin held in the purple and black. He fumbled for a moment with the clasp, but managed to get it undone. In the meantime, I was untucking his shirt and pulling it over his head. Finally we lay bare chest to bare chest. He inserted one jean clad leg between mine and I began to hump his leg while we kissed. He leaned down and began licking and sucking my tits, and I unzipped his pants, again. I had to get my hands on his cock! As I began stroking his cock, he unzipped my skirt. He pushed it down and off my body, and informed me that it was time for him to make me scream. I pulled avrupa yakası escort his pants down and told him that my intention was to make him scream first, fully well knowing that there was little or no chance of that, but figuring I would enjoy the challenge, as well as the ride.

I had a great need to get my mouth on that cock again, which was a good thing, because at this point he was reaching for my bare pussy.

His scruffy beard felt incredible as it rubbed against my tender bare skin. His talented tongue stroked and lapped at my clit, driving me wild with pleasure. He inserted one long finger, then two into my sopping wet cunt, then switched to three in my pussy and two from the other hand in my ass.

I was going crazy all this time, trying to keep my mind on his cock, I was licking and sucking his balls and licking up and down his cock, using my hands in various ways to help increase his pleasure . . . I lost track after I came three times from his oral attentions.

Then he looked up and told me he wanted to fuck me.

“Oh, God. Thank you! I need your cock in me so badly!”

He reached for his pants and started fumbling in his pocket to come up with a condom.

“What are you going to use that for?” I asked.

“Um . . . sex?”

“Maxie, we have not used a condom for regular sex in years. If you want, maybe we can use it later in my ass, but condoms feel all . . . latex-ey.”

“My girlfriend won’t let me do it without one.”

“I like to ride bareback. If I remember right, you like it better, too.”

He kissed me again, and I tasted my juices on his tongue this time. He started to slowly slide into me, but I grabbed his ass and urged him to hurry it up a bit.

“Max. I want to be fucked, not made love to.”

To drive my point home, I bit him on the neck, then on the nipple as he drove into me like a pile-driver. I met him at each stroke, throwing my legs up over his arms so he could have better access and we went at it.

My orgasm was building again . . . being driven into the ground like that, having my clit mashed (every time he stroked in, he would make a little circle so my clit would get maximum stimulation) . . . oh, he knew how to make me feel good!

By this time I was being very vocal; crying out with every stroke and my voice was probably able to be heard from the houses around the golf course. We did not care. The danger added to the thrill.

All of a sudden we achieved spontaneous (or near spontaneous) orgasm. It was hot. My head practically flew off my body with the force of it.

He lay there on top of me for a few minutes and then rolled to the side.

“How is it that you always manage to completely drain me of energy? I think I need to sleep for a week.”

“Oh. I guess we won’t be able to use that condom, then.”

“Oh, God. You are trying to kill me. I would like to– I really would”

“Look Max, I know you have a girlfriend. I also know I want you back, and I am willing to do almost anything to get you back. So I am willing to have an affair with you if that will convince you that I am more suited to fulfil your mighty needs. If you will remember, I have mighty needs as well.”

“Oh, I remember. I remember that was one of the reasons you broke it off. If we are going to try this again, I am going to have to think long and hard,”

“Good thing you ARE long and hard– at least most of the time. I will keep this condom for next time, and I’ll take you back to your car. I even have wet wipes in my car so you won’t go home smelling like sex.”

“You should have been a boy scout.”

“I have had my share of them.”

I drove him back to his car and we parted with another long, passionate kiss. I decided to wait for his call. And I knew for certain that this was not going to be that last booty call we had. He liked me like this– all penitent and apologetic. Well, as penitent as I ever get. It turned him on.

One thing I knew for sure, this was not going to be the last I saw of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.”

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