Getting Back Together

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After college, Christy and I had drifted apart. I had married Susan, my sometimes girlfriend, and Christy had married some guy named Tony, or Tim, or something like that. My son had arrived barely a year into our marriage, and I was too young and immature to manage my life properly.

My divorce from Susan had seemed heartbreaking at the time, but Susan and I had actually become friends afterward, and raised John (Jr.) to be a good kid. Susan re-married, but I stayed single, and took the opportunity to work on my career and to learn how to be a dad.

When John reached his 18th birthday, I told him I was going to get him a cruise, and that we would take a two-week tour of the Caribbean with some friends.

Neither he or I were dating anyone, so the original idea behind the cruise was that I would invite some friends, and we could all enjoy the cruise together. One by one, though, the friends all dropped out. Some of them found it too expensive, while others were not able to get the time off from work. John and I decided we would go anyway, and we could just hang out while he got ready for college.

About a month before the cruise, I bumped into Christy at the gym, and was surprised to find out that she was also divorced, and had moved back home to be closer to her parents. (It was no accident that I was at the gym. I had been working out and dieting like crazy so I could be in shape for the cruise.)

Christy and I hung out in the gym parking lot for hours, and talked deep into the night. I had to admit that she still looked fantastic. Her hair was still as dark, her body was as firm as ever, and her face seemed much younger than mine, even though we were nearly the same age. Christy said she would have invited me over, but she was only recently divorced, and she didn’t want her daughter seeing her with another man so soon.

When I asked about her daughter, it turned out she was almost the same age as my son. As we laughed and traded stories, it was obvious that we still had a lot in common.

When you meet someone after a long absence, you sometimes say “it was like we never left,” but this was a different experience. Christy and I were both more mature than before, and it was more like we were meeting for the first time. When we had dated in high school and college, I had been obsessed with sex, and I had never realized what an entertaining person she could be.

When the night finally wound down, we made plans to see each other again the following Friday, and ended the night with a goodnight kiss.

The following Friday, I was as anxious as I had been since college. türbanlı escort I put on some nice clothes, and we met at the restaurant rather than let our kids know what was going on. When I saw her, she was stunning. She wore a short sun dress with yellow flower patterns on it, and white sandals that reminded me of our days at the lake. The dress was slightly tight on top, and showed off her breasts without being too low cut. (Her breasts were average sized, but still sat high on her chest, and seemed to have gained a little size since having her daughter.)

The dinner was excellent, and we both got more than a little buzzed from a bottle of wine. When we walked back to her minivan, she leaned in to me and gave me a deep kiss that made me instantly horny. She must have been feeling the same, because when we finally started to break the kiss, she reached down and placed her hand flat against the outline of my dick. Her next words were “climb in”, and of course I did.

Once in the minivan, she drove to the edge of the parking lot, in a dark corner that overlooked the highway, but had a slight view of both the restaurant and the bank next door. As soon as she turned off the engine, she climbed over onto my passenger seat, folded herself into my lap, and wrapped her arms around me again.

As she sat in my lap, and I wrapped my arms around her, it was one of the best feelings I can remember. She was still thin, so she felt tiny in my arms, and the closeness of our bodies reminded me how long it had been since I had been on any kind of date.

After just a few minutes of kissing, she pulled back for a minute, and straddled my waist, and pushed her underwear-covered pussy down on top of the bulge in my pants. Her legs could not fit between the seat, but she was limber enough to place her feet on both sides of my butt, raise her knees to where they were almost touching her breasts, and still grind against my dick.

“Oh my God,” she said, “It has been way too long…”

I laughed, “Oh, I can’t even tell you how long it has been for me.”

Without saying anything else, she rearranged herself again so she could remove her panties. Before she climbed back on, she unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. Then she slowly pulled my underwear down, releasing my dick, which was now so hard that I felt like I was going to come just from her touch.

Without saying anything else, she straddled my lap again, guided my dick to the opening of her pussy, and lowered herself down on my shaft. I had to slide my hips down to get a better angle, but she ümraniye escort was already soaking wet. As she resumed grinding, now with my dick deep inside her, it felt like it had been 10 years.

Although I had fucked a few girls in the last few years, this experience was much more intense. She had leaned back a bit, so I could see her face, but her breasts and the rest of her body was still covered by the sundress. For some reason, fucking her in the car, almost completely clothed, was the biggest turn-on I could ever remember. She closed her eyes and started rocking back and forth on my dick, and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.

The longer I tried to hold out, the more intense the sex became. Without even thinking, I grabbed her breasts, and worked my hand inside her dress to massage her nipples. When she started to increase her pace, I tried to give her a warning, but it was too late. She gasped slightly as she could feel my orgasm pumping a huge load deep inside her.

My orgasm seemed to last five minutes, and she reached a much smaller orgasm just from the feel of my dick pumping. When we finally slowed down, she laughed: “Just like old times.”

“Sorry,” I said. “It has been a few months for me, so I couldn’t hold out very long.”

“Well, don’t worry. I can think of a few ways you can make it up to me.”

She looked around in the darkness, but no one had seen the minivan rocking, or if they did, they didn’t care. She climbed out of the van, squatted in the parking lot, and forced my load of cum out onto the concrete beside the car. It was amazingly sexy to watch, and I started to get hard again just thinking about my load dripping out of her pussy.

When she climbed back into the car, she pushed my seat the rest of the way back iuntil it was laying down into the back seat, and climbed into a 69 position with her legs spread on either side of my face. My dick had still not really recovered, but I was eager to give her the orgasm she had missed, and I forced my tongue into her pussy almost immediately.

I alternated with deep thrusts and lightly licking her clitoris, and in a few minutes I could feel her starting to tense up. I could taste my own cum inside her, but there was not as much remaining as I thought there would be. It was a musty and salty taste, and there was not much way to distinguish it from her juices.

As I continued eating her out, she suddenly started bucking against me, and I reached up and grabbed her ass so that I could keep up my pace. As her orgasm approached, my dick had returned to full erection, acıbadem escort and she was able to take much of it in her mouth.

It occurred to me that in this position, we would not know if anyone came near the minivan. She put have sensed the same thing, because she raised her head and looked around, and then quickly returned to my dick.

This time she sunk my shaft deep down her throat, and made a slight choking sound before coming back up for air. Suddenly, without much warning, she let go of my dick and started that orgasm she had been putting off. Her legs contracted around my head, and I could feel the spasms with my tongue. The taste of her juices changed slightly, and her moans changed to gasps and she ground against my face.

Her orgasm lasted a while, and she would pull herself off my tongue for a few seconds every time it got too intense, and then return to her spot to extend her climax. When she finally relaxed, she went back to lazily stroking my dick with her hand, while she sucked on the tip with her lips.

After a few minutes, she seemed to recover from her orgasm, and returned to sitting upright on my face. This time, when she took my dick deep in her mouth, she grasped the base of the shaft with her free hands. I was amazed at how much of my dick she was able to swallow, and she occasionally let go with her hand so she could deep-throat the entire shaft.

This was a new experience for me. Even when we had dated in high school and college, Christy had never taken my entire dick in her throat, and my wife had never even tried. Even though it had only been about 15 minutes since my last orgasm, I felt pretty sure I was going to come again.

Because her pussy was still in clear view, I pulled my mouth up to it, and inserted my tongue deep between her pussy lips. It must not have ben what she wanted, because she moved away from me, and sat down in the floor, and told me to “keep watch”.

I moved my seat up to see if anyone was around, but at this time of night, it was a pretty good bet that we would not be disturbed,

She took my dick back into her mouth, and resumed pumping the shaft with her right hand. Although it took me a long time to build back to my orgasm, she kept up the pace, and occasionally took my dick deep into her throat.

When she could tell I was about to come, she took a deep breath and pushed her mouth down around the base of my dick, and took my second load of the night, this time directly into her stomach. It had been a while since I had sex with a woman, much less twice in a single night. Although I have to admit that I was exhausted, I wanted the feeling of having her back in my life.

On the way back to her house, I invited her and her daughter to join my son and I on the cruise. With a little financial help, they eventually joined us, and we all had the time of our lives. But that is a different story.

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