Get Away

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“Let’s go.”

It was all he’d said as he took her hand, grabbed her purse and took her out the door. They both climbed into the car, the grin on his face made her wonder what in the world he was up to this time. He’d had this weird habit lately of surprising her with car trips that took them to odd destinations. It was all cloak and dagger until they’d arrive at the destination he had in mind for them. She’d learned quickly not to ask where they were going as he would never answer her anyway. He would just turn to her and give her that annoying “I know something you don’t know” grin.

He was a hopeful romantic. Hopeful sounds so much better than hopeless, as his recent antics were his way of keeping the romance alive in their relationship. Between kids, work, family and other obligations it often seemed near to impossible to keep the romance alive. This was his new ritual to keep it alive and to focus only on their relationship. It wasn’t unusual, at this point, for him to do these little romantic trips, but she sensed something was a little different this time. He was more giddy than usual, almost full of himself.

Angel studied his features as he drove. She’d memorized every line and every scar on his face. The crystal blue of his eyes seemed lighter than normal during the summers, when his face was tan. His tan arms, the softness of his skin. With his job one would have expected him to have coarse skin, rough to the touch, contrary to what one would expect, his skin was soft. She loved watching him, seeing his focus. It was one of the many areas of personality that they did not dovetail. He could easily focus, her brain was like a plinko machine, random, at best. She studied him much more often than he was aware of.

Their natures were very different, probably the defining reasons behind their ability to maintain an excellent balance in their relationship. He was spiritual, emotional, she had the tendency to be scientific, analytical and often times, cold and unemotional. Combined they were the perfect mix of fire and ice, science and faith, peace and war. Physically, when they came together the passion was unbearable. Both losing self control, their passion spiraling into places she never knew existed!

She realized she’s lost herself in her own thoughts again and realized they were driving up a slight incline in a wooded area. She didn’t recognize the area at all, though that was not unusual for her. She hadn’t done much exploring of the area since she’s moved there, but in recent months, his antics included showing her the beauty and majesty that was the prairie and the mountains around her. He slowed their car, pulling up to a clearing and stepped from the vehicle. She watched him come around the front of the car and meet her as she opened her door.

Her heart raced when his hand reached for hers. Even after the amount of time they’d been together, her heart still raced when he touched her, when he kissed her her knees still went weak. She’d never believed it when people told her that after years in a relationship the sparks could still fly. It had never happened to her before so at times, she lost herself in the thought that this was the first real relationship she’d ever had. And, that alone made her very self conscious about her past failings.

His arms slid around her waist as she turned to close the door. taksim üniversiteli escort Her heart always raced when he came up behind her. His warm breath on the back of her neck, the feeling of his warm hands encircling her body. Instinctively, she leaned back against him, her head laying back against his chest to hear his heart beat.

She felt his hardness against her ass and couldn’t resist the urge to press her ass harder against him. His teeth suddenly bit ever so slightly into the back of her neck causing a slight moan to escape her lips. With that, he turned her around quickly and pushed her hard against the car, his hands grasping hers and holding them behind her as his lips pressed to hers. The Universe exploded with life as their tongues met in a fiery passion she felt in every cell of her body.

Her mind racing with a million thoughts, from why in the world this man was with her, to why she’d never felt like this with anyone else. As if he could sense her mind racing, he pulled away and studied her. Brushing her bangs from her face to look into her eyes. He looked deep into her eyes as if seeing her soul laid out for him, like he could read every thought, every fear. His eyes twinkled as he smiled, mischief screaming from behind his eyes.

She broke away from his gaze, tilting her head away from him, hiding her eyes back behind her hair. He laughed, stepped back and took her by one hand and began leading her to a white canopy. She hadn’t noticed it when they drove up to the clearing, she’d been lost in her own thoughts. As they approached the canopy she noticed what must have been an air mattress covered by the most beautiful black and red bedding. It appeared from the distance to be a silk or satin with eyelet lace adorning the edging. Small tables were placed on either side of the bed with brass candle holders, containing black and red candles.

“This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen,” she mumbled, not realizing she was talking out loud.

“Angel, you are the one woman I would do anything for,” he responded.

His mouth was firmly pressed against hers again. His tongue slipping between her lips, probing, searching to meet hers. Her heart raced, her breathing more shallow more with each moment they kissed. She couldn’t think, all she could do was feel and respond to him. As their kiss continued his hands slid slowly up her arms to her shoulder, and onto her cheeks. Stopping his kiss for a brief moment to look deeply into her eyes. Watching her eyes change from their natural amber to a deep dark brown. She could never hid her passion from him, her eyes always told the tale. His kisses resumed, his hands sliding from her face into her silken sandy blond hair and then down her neck to her back. Slipping down and gently running his fingers across the small of her back, just below her waist. She gasped, giving away her desire for him.

In one swift move, his hands moved from the small of her back to her ass, pulling her into the air. In response she wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling the hardness of his arousal against her quickly warming crotch. Her hands around his neck, and his around her waist, he continued kissing her as he took the few steps to the bed, laying her gently down. In an unusual gesture, he reached down and took the hem of her tophane escort shirt, gently sliding it up as she raised her back to allow him to slide her shirt up and over her head. Sitting up, she removed her bra, exposing her breasts to him, her erect nipples begging for his touch.

He kissed her again, then moved his mouth from her lips to her neck, biting ever so slightly, then sucking her skin into his mouth. He knew she loved the feeling of hickeys, no matter how tacky they seemed to some, she wore the marks of being ‘his’ with pride. She bit her lower lip as his mouth slid from her neck down to her erect nipples, from one to the other. His fingers lolling around the nipple his mouth wasn’t on, her back arching to meet his mouth.

“Please Magnus.” She whispered, almost whimpered.

“Not yet my Angel, not yet.” He replied.

His mouth found hers again as she reached around and slid his own shirt over his head, his bare chest pressing against hers. The warmth of his skin against hers arousing them both more. She could feel his hard cock against her soft mound. Her hips moving to grind against his. He sat up, staring down at her as he slipped his hand up her skirt, gently rubbing her aching clit through her panties. She gasped as his warm calloused fingers rubbed her clit. She could feel the warmth of his fingers through her panties and it was all she could to do remain calm and not scream for him to take her now. She knew he wouldn’t, even if she begged. He liked to draw out every moment alone with her, and she knew there was nothing she could do to rush him.

He stood and was at the edge of the bed. Before she realized it, her skirt was on the ground along with her panties, slipping her shoes off one by one. Her nude body exposed to him, just the way he liked it. He loved watching the movement of her breathing, watching her move, the looks on her face. Her passion revealed to him with every look in her eyes. There was no denying it, she was in love with him, a love that simply couldn’t be defined.

She rose to sit and then slipped her knees under her, arms wrapping around him, pulling his head to her, their lips pressing to one another. Her fingers slowly sliding down his chest, nails slightly digging into his exposed flesh, to his waist. She unbuttoned his pants as her mouth drifted from his to his neck and down his chest as she slid his jeans to his ankles. He stepped out of his shoes and jeans and stood exposed to her. She slipped off the edge of the bed and onto her knees, looking up at him as she did. Gently, she slid her hand down the shaft of his cock as her tongue edged around the head of his cock. His moan encouraging her to take him into her mouth. She pulled back ever so slightly and smiled up at him, biting her lip as she did, then quickly slipping his cock into her mouth.

Slowly at first, her hand running up and down his shaft in time with her mouth. Her other hand wrapped around him, nails digging into his ass. Gently she sucked him, in and out of her mouth, moving in a rhythm only she could do with him. Occasionally allowing the tip of his cock to tap the back of her throat, tightening her lips around him, then loosening them. For him, it seemed like hours, but it was only minutes before he couldn’t take anymore. He wanted to feel her, touch her, lick her clit until she couldn’t topkapı escort take it anymore. He pulled her to standing, pressing his body to hers as he kissed her deeply before turning her body and pushing her back against the bed.

He reached down and kissed her one more time, taking both her hands in his and raising them above her head, then letting them loose as his mouth slid down her neck, kissing and licking her chest, to her stomach, teasing her bellybutton as he slipped down between her thighs, raising her legs over his shoulders, exposing her softness to him. He groaned as his tongue flicked her clit, her back arching, a squeal escaping her lips. He licked her clit again, enjoying the responses from her. He quickly slipped one finger into her wet warm pussy as he continued licking and sucking her clit. Her hips moving in time with his finger, him pulling his finger out of her only for a moment to add a second finger.

With words unspoken, he climbed onto the bed, turning himself to lay on his side, hips next to her face, allowing her to suck his cock while he continued sucking on her clit, fingers deeply pressing in and out of her, hips rising to meet his thrusts. As she sucked harder on his cock, he pulled back and looked to watch her. He loved watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth. Listening to her moans of pleasure. Yes, some women did love to suck cock and his Angel was one of them. He reached his fingers back down, sliding from her clit back into her hot wet pussy, this time, pushing a third finger into her. She groaned, almost growled in pleasure.

Magnus couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled away from her, causing her to whimper in anguish. He turned around and found her hips with his. Kissing her deeply, tongues together, wrapped in one another, two souls coming together as one. He pulled her body on top of his. She sat, her warm waiting pussy against his cock. Reaching down, he slipped his head into her, watching her expression of excitement at the feeling of him entering her. Then quickly, forcing his entirety into her. She gasped, the divine combination of pleasure and pain. Their hips began to move in time, grinding against one another. His hands on her hips, her hands on his chest, nails digging deep into his flesh.

Instinct taking over, driving them both towards the edge of oblivion. She threw her head back, her teeth biting into her lower lips so hard a trickle of blood dripped down her lip. He quickly moved to turn her to her back, keeping his cock deep inside her as he moved them both. He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders, and then buried his quivering cock deep into her. Her hands wrapping around him, grabbing his ass, and pulling him hard towards her. Their bodies slamming into one another, he felt her pussy muscles tighten the harder he slammed his cock into her, the warmth of her pussy driving him to use every ounce of his strength to bring her to orgasm. Her back arched, breathing stopped as he felt her juices on his cock.

“Cum for me my Angel, come on baby,” he encouraged her as he felt himself begin to cum. His muscles tightening throughout his entire body.

One last deep thrust and they both exploded, her moans, near screams of pleasure between almost inaudible words causing his body to spasm in response. He dropped, exhausted against her body. She slowly started breathing again as her lips met his. Their kiss slowly ending, he looked at her again, smiling. He knew she was the only woman that could make him lose control and he was the only one that could make her orgasm the way she did.

“I love you my Angel,” he whispered, “be mine forever?”

“Always my love, always.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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