Fur Wrapped Present Pt. 04

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Amanda wandered back into the house in the wee hours of the morning. She had spent the last day shopping, spending around one million dollars. Furs and jewelry, and sex toys oh so many sex toys.

“Jacinda!” yelled Amanda.

“Yes Princess?” asked Jacinda emerging from her room, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you in uniform?”

“Well, it was late by the time I finished my duties, so the Mistress graciously allowed me to stay for the evening. She dismissed me a few hours ago.”

“Oh my! Look at the time. I hadn’t even noticed. Well, since you are here, help me unpack the car.”

The car was packed full of boxes and bags. Some things Jacinda recognized, others she did not.

“What did you buy Princess?”

“Oh you know. A little of this, a little of that. So. Many Furs. I can’t wait to try them out.”


“Take them upstairs. Now.”

“Right away Princess.” Jacinda busied herself with the boxes, and bags.

“Oh,” said Amanda, “Leave that, that, and that.” She pointed to a very large box, a bag with a smaller box, and another bag.

“Of course.” Jacinda began carrying the bags, two at a time upstairs into Amanda’s room. On the enormous fur bed, laid Kitten, immobilized in fur, with the huge fox bedspread pulled over her. Her chest rose and fell as she slept. Like a real Kitten, she spent most of her days, at least the ones with Amanda asleep. What else was there to do except for sleep, or think about the fur-bound predicament she found herself in, ever since she had gotten in Millie-Kay’s car.

After the day’s purchases were delivered to bursa escort bayan Princess’ room, Jacinda once again descended the stairs, this time to find Amanda had changed clothes, her day’s clothes littered the floor around her. In their place she wore a velvet cape, trimmed with ermine, that trailed far behind her, and a tiara, sparkling with diamonds

“If I’m a princess, shouldn’t I look the part?” she said. The women then made their way upstairs, Jacinda carrying the cape’s trail so it didn’t dirty itself on the floor. When the women reached the door, Amanda coughed with disapproval at the closed door.

“Oh, a thousand apologies Princess.” Jacinda dropped the train and walked around to the door handle, twisting it and letting Amanda inside. Once the girl and her ermine cape train was inside the room, Jacinda asked if she needed anything else.

“Yes,” responded Amanda, “change back into your uniform, you are working for the night.” Jacinda left the room to do just that, closing the door behind her as she left. “Now,” said Amanda turning towards her bound fur-mummy-slave, “I have plans for you.”

Sauntering over towards her slave, she opened her cloak to reveal her naked body except for a rigid black dildo. The red velvet cloak itself was not only trimmed in ermine, but completely lined in it. Carefully, she took off her tiara and placed it on a bedside table, before slowly pulling off Kitten’s hood, revealing the terrified face beneath.

“Oh there she is, shaved, just like I asked. Are you ready to play?” Kitten said nothing, mortified for what was to come. “Did you learn your lesson about doing things without permission? I hope so. Here,” Amanda got up from her sitting position, and brought the strap-on g├Âr├╝kle escort up to Kitten’s face, “lubricate this for me.” Kitten did as she was bid, sucking and licking the dildo until it was nice and sopping wet with her saliva. Amanda grabbed the seam on the fox bedspread and pulled it down, revealing Kitten’s bound form. Quickly, she began to undo the straps of her hobble skirt, and began pulling it down uncovering her freshly shaved legs and pussy. “Truly a work of art,” Amanda said, rubbing, the slave’s legs and pussy with the ermine and velvet of her cloak. “And all for me,” she said as she pried apart her slave’s legs, revealing the pussy in between. The princess sucked on her pointer and middle finger before shoving them both inside her slave. KItten grunted with pain but didn’t clench. She had learned her lesson. Removing her fingers, Amanda positioned herself with her dildo above her slave’s pussy. “I’ve been looking forward to this alot,” said Amanda before dropping down and plunging her dildo deep into Kitten’s awaiting pussy. A specialty dildo, it would buzz an electrode on Amanda’s pussy. The electrode buzzed away as Amanda ground her hips into Kitten’s. “ooohhh, such an amazing birthday present.” Kitten was crushed beneath all of her princess’ weight. Amanda didn’t care though, tickled beneath by the fox fur outer-layer of Kitten’s straitjacket, and above by the ermine cloak, she was in pure ecstasy.”

Behind her the door opened and Jacinda, having changed into her french maid’s uniform, entered the room. “Oh, my goodness princess, I apologize. I’ll be right outside if you need me.”

“No no,” Amanda moaned, “I’ll be done soon.” Amanda let out an orgasmic wail as she finished. Hopping bursa escort bayan off the bed, she removed her ermine cloak, and strap-dildo. “Make sure those are cleaned,” she said, dropping them on the floor. “I’m going to shower. Re-encase her if you would. Oh, and make sure the hood is on well. It keeps sliding off in the night. Organize my purchases too. Jewelry goes on the vanity. Clothes get put away. Sex-toys need washed. Finally, furs, jackets and coats get put in the fur closet, blankets too, accessories go in my drawer along with any hats. Understand?”

“Yes, Princess.

“I’ll give you further instructions when I am finished with my shower.”

Once the bathroom door shut behind Amanda, Jacinda walked over to the bed. Kitten lay there in a sobbing heap. Tears ran down her face.

“Oh dear,” said Jacinda, “you see, we should have left when we could. Listen though, I have a plan. Later today.”

“Please, don’t put me back in there. I’ll be good, I promise.” Kitten continued to beg as Jacinda wiped away her tears with a rag. She didn’t want them to damage the furs.

“You heard her, I have to,” replied Jacinda holding the fur-hood. “Later,” she said as she pulled down the fur hood.

“No! No! Pleusssm.” Her pleading turned to muffled moans beneath the hood. Next, Jacinda pulled on the girl’s hobble skirt and strapped it to the jacket and tightened it around the slave’s legs. Kitten pleaded loudly beneath the hood, but her begging fell on deaf ears. Jacinda pulled back up the bedspread and smoothed down the hairs over Kitten’s bound form. Amanda emerged from the bathroom cleaned and ready for bed.

“Ahem,” she announced.

“Oh yes,” Jacinda pulled the fox-spread down on Amanda’s side of the bed.

“Thank you,” Amanda said as she slipped into bed.

“My pleasure, Princess. Is there anything else you need?” Asked Jacinda.

“No. You are dismissed. Make sure you wash my dildo before you go to sleep though. I have plans with it.”

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