Fun with my Black Daddies

I guess it all started at the showers. I was getting in after coming back from work detail. Well at work we got stripped search and there I noticed a birthmark on my ass I would use this to my advantage later on, during showers I took my time getting in so I could take another peak at there thick cocks. About all I could do was think about their thick cock. I was hot and playing with my hole in the shower, the more I put my finger in the more I was thinking it was one of there thick cocks. I started to moan and caught myself, I surely don’t want these guys to here that from me in the shower. I don’t even know these guys and I hoped they had not heard me. I heard them getting out and talking real low. I finally made out there saying; “ask if it’s him.” So when I get out to dry off I let my ass stick out in case they want to look. While I was drying I noticed I forgot my shoes. So just as I was going to get back in the shower, the one next door wanted to know if I was Exxon. I said yes, who’s asking? One said Twix, the other said Cash. Both asked why I was getting back in the showers. After telling them they both said would I like to hang out in there cell. The c/o’s never shut their door. Plus they had a letter they had to give me from Tree. I recognized the name instantly. Tree was one of my secrets and I enjoyed every inch of his black cock. He would fuck me for hours before cumming and I would have to take breaks once or twice. But hearing him say how much he loved watching his cock go in and out of my pussy, and how he going to fill my hole with his juices, and make sure I never forget how good it feels in me, so I come back for more because as he would say– that’s the only time I’m the real me. Other than that we all have to play the role in public, but only we know (him and I), how behind doors. I belong to him and go from Jxxn to Orana. That’s O-R-A-N-A. He named me that. It’s oral and anal without the Ls in it. Weird but fine with me. All I had to do was be the Latin girl giving the pussy to the black man.

Anyways, when I got to their room I sat on the toilet and they gave me a note, saying to read it and give it back. I turned away to read it and give them a little privacy to get dressed. The note said the guy or guys who give this to you are cool. Both know all about me and my love for black cock. That he let them know that no one can find out about me. That I am the best kept secret they’ll ever have if they decide to go there. That I should make them feel good and be the best prison bitch I can be to them with love, Tree.. I didn’t turn, but handed it over my head. I was asked if I needed to say anything to Tree. I told them to tell him I would do my best and be the best as he said. That he already knows, and nothing changes only outfits. I heard the one tell the other to watch the door. I turned and was met with a hard black cock that was really thick, veiny and good 7 inches. Before I could speak he said” so its true then?” We thought he was lying. Still looking at his cock he tells me to kiss it. I grabbed it and go right into sucking the tip and moaning. I start to suck his cock and he’s telling me” That’s it baby, suck it. Oh, Yeah, I needed this. We’re going to keep this between us but just know that when we call you it’s because we want our Latina secret. I stopped and said Yes Daddy, Yes what ever you want me to do. He called his celly back in the room. I was sucking away as he came in. He stood next to him and pulled his cock out. It too was thick but a bit longer. At least close to 9 inches curved with bull balls. I went to his cock and was met with a hand on my head. He said the same thing. “so it’s true huh. I looked up and said I can’t wait to feel you guys in my hot, tight pussy. I love having a black man filling my pussy with his cum. Do you want me to show you my pussy. It’s shaved, soft and the only thing it needs is your big cocks. I stood up and exposed my cheeks to them. I bent forward to grab the desk and looked back, telling them to take turns fucking my pussy if they want. I just want to feel both of them cumming deep in me. The first grabbed some hair grease and he coated his cock with it. I guided him in and I opened up to take it inch by inch. Once I was ready to let know how good it felt. I was moaning and whimpering. His celly told me I had a great ass and lightly slapped my cheek. He said,” you really do pretend to be a girl huh?” and your not like the other hispanics either. They would make it hard on you if they know you were getting fucked by blacks huh? Fuck them, it’s not your fault you love black cock. You sure can take it. I didn’t say anything. I just moaned and enjoyed his pace. Finally he spoke up and said he was close. I told him, Yes Daddy fuck me fuck me harder. fill my pussy up, fuck me daddy fuck me. cum deep in me and mark your territory. Both of you! He lunged and came in me deep. I felt it in me and just clenched my cheeks. When he pulled out I felt myself cumming in there also. His celly pushed quickly in me but got deeper and made me feel fuller. He had to be a lot more thicker I moaned and told him I wanted to feel him cum too. He was rubbing my cheeks and holding my waist. He kept saying his cock looked great fucking me That he head never fucked a Latina before let along a guy. But It feels good as far as he is concerned I’m his prison bitch not a guy. I just said, your got that right Daddy? I’m your girl and his; now fuck my pussy good daddy. Fuck me like the black cock loving slut that I am. Give it to me Touching the wall inside my hole, he got as deep as he could. I looked back and told his celly to let me suck on him so I can have both of our cocks in me. He sat on the shelf and I started sucking his now clean cock. They high fived each other saying they got them a horny little slut. I moaned and whimpered then felt a push, then warmth of his load entering me. He shuttered as I kept on bobbin on his cellies cock. He kept pumping in me and pulled out when his celly said he was cumming again. Once it hit my tonsils I sucked harder till I swallowed it all. At the same time them both said,” you swallow too? I smiled and said I just want you to enjoy me. And then I asked for there names. again, they said Twix and Cash. They said Jxxn it’s a girls name. I told them I know, but Tree never called me that. To him I was always a new Latina girl and called me lots of girl names. Maybe you’ll find one you like. Next time I’ll have to show you my outfits. And if you guys want to share my pussy with your friends just make sure its stays a secret. I’m a fun one to be with and I have an open mind. right away Cash said, what if we want to invite 2 guys and all 4 of us take turns enjoying your mouth and pussy. If that’s what you want to do, then I’m fine with it. AS long as it’s fun and no one gets hurt. I started to get dressed and once finished I thanked them both. Then I heard the doors opening up. I said until next time lovers.

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