Fringe Benefits Ch. 04

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Tom’s reputation continued to grow within the company, with surprisingly little jealousy among his coworkers. He wasn’t the first guy to fuck his way through the staff, but the difference was that they came to him and none owned him. The other guys — especially a particular senior person in a position far above his abilities — played the “Oh yeah baby you’re the only one for me” game with each in turn before moving on to their friends, which broke more than a few hearts, caused much discord, and ended some friendships. Tom didn’t pretend to any kind of exclusivity. He loved women, all women, and they sensed that difference. Everyone was getting what they wanted out of things.

Except the other guys. They knew of his reputation and groused about it, especially since none of them were any longer getting any, but there wasn’t one damn thing they could do about it.


Janet was Joanna’s best friend and worked just around the corner from Tom. Not quite as striking as many, she was nonetheless pretty enough and was more outgoing than her buddy. Her medium brown hair curled around a narrow face and fell to her shoulder blades; dark brows and longish lashes accented sparkling, intelligent brown eyes. Her personality was her most notable asset; when you talked to her, you knew you had her full attention and that she really cared what you had to say. She was smart, witty, and an excellent conversationalist.

She stopped in the door of Tom’s cubicle on her way past. “Are you running today?” she asked.

Tom looked up. The office campus included a small lake with a one-mile dirt path around it that he liked to use for exercise. The company thoughtfully provided showers, so he could get in a quick run at lunch and be fresh for the afternoon.

“Yep. You?” he answered.

“You bet. I have to maintain my slim, girlish figure,” she said with a laugh, running her hands down her sides as if to mimic a model. “Mind if I join you?”

Tom took in hat “slim, girlish figure” with a new appreciation. Not as athletic as Joanna, Janet had a curvier shape, with nicely sized breasts above a flat stomach that in turn curved into hips wide enough to give her a true woman’s body.

“Not at all. Noon-ish?”

“That works. Meet you outside the locker rooms.”


The men’s and women’s locker rooms were adjacent to each other in the back of the building, just off the warehouse area. She was already waiting when he came out in his running clothes. Instead of the loose shorts favored by some, Janet wore those tight ones like elite runners used in competition. Her top was just as tight, accentuating every detail of her quite excellent figure. He casino siteleri noticed that the fabric even made her nipples a bit more prominent. Nice, he thought.

They headed to the running path and chatted lightly as they jogged. Once they were warmed up, they did wind sprints that alternated slow jogging with all-out running and continued doing that for about forty minutes. He liked the way her body moved as she ran, especially the way her ass worked when he was behind her. She was a good runner and usually beat him in the sprints. Her brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, something else he found to be a major turn-on. Functional and oh so attractive.

After their session, they headed back to the building and into their respective locker rooms to shower. He stripped out of his running clothes and got into one of the large shower stalls. He started by letting cooler water run over his head to lower his body temperature, so he didn’t hear anything as Janet slipped in behind him. He jumped when she put her arms around him from behind and started soaping him up with the bottle of body wash she held.


“Thought you might need some help,” she said.

“How did you…” he stuttered out.

“Walked right in, silly. You were the only one in here and the whole warehouse crew is at lunch, so here I am. I even brought my stuff to change into when we’re done.”

She was standing behind him, tight up against his back. He could feel her firm, naked breasts pressing against his lower back, her midsection against his ass. He relaxed and let her continue, by now growing used to being the object of their affections. He smiled.

She rubbed soap onto his entire torso, front and back, taking more time with certain areas like his chest and ass. She liked his firm musculature, which was fit and buff without being vainly overdone. Nice ass, she mused.

Pouring more body wash into her hand, she put the bottle on the small shelf and reached around him to finish lathering. This time she brought her hands lower, down onto his thighs and to the inside as she moved them towards his junk slowly. He shuddered as her hands moved just to the outside of his balls, then curled inwards and cradled his whole package, stroking gently as she washed him there. She felt him begin to harden at her touch and smiled.

“You like that?” she asked, mimicking innocence in her voice.

“Uh, yeah,” he replied. “You have a nice touch.”

“And you have a great body,” she told him. He moved his arms back and let his fingers feel her hips and waist.

You’re pretty damn good yourself,” he told her.

By now she was rubbing only his growing erection, the soapy lather providing lubrication as he grew harder with canl─▒ casino each stroke. He was almost at full hardness, but her gentle touch kept him in check. For now.

She finally released his cock and let the water run over him, rinsing the lather from his body. Using gentle pressure from her hands, she turned him around to face her, the water beating against his back.

How did I miss this before, he thought to himself. What a body she has. Indeed, her body was incredible. Like him, she was firm without having the cut of her more athletic friend, and her breasts were larger, fuller, more perfectly shaped mounds of delightful womanhood. Pale like the rest of her, the skin contrasted nicely with the pink of her prominent nipples and aureoles.

Her stomach was flat and firm without having the six-pack abs of an athlete, and her waist was narrow and well defined. And those hips! Some might have called them slightly wide, but he found them perfectly proportioned to give her classic female curves.

She wrapped one arm around his beck and pulled his mouth to hers while her other hand continued to stroke his swollen member. He held her by the waist, his hands resting lightly on her hips. Their kiss was long and deep, with their tongues playing a kind of game between them. Her lips were full and soft, her taste redolent of spearmint.

Breaking the kiss, she smiled slightly and looked deeply into his eyes, then looked down as she dropped to her knees in front of him. Becoming more excited by the minute, she immediately took him into her mouth, slowly sliding her lips along its length until she had taken most of it in then retracing her movement back to the head. He gasped in pleasure.

“Oh gawd that’s good,” he sighed as her mouth again moved the length of his shaft. Her hands rested on his thighs as her head moved in and out, the pace quickening ever so slightly with each repetition. He could feel things starting to boil down below, but didn’t want to cum yet.

With gentle pressure on her shoulders, he urged her back to her feet and planted another deep, meaningful kiss on her soft lips. Again using the gentlest of pressure, he guided her to the side of the shower and sat her on the small bench built into the stall. Kneeling before her, he put his hands under her thighs just behind her knees and lifted her legs, separating them as he buried his face immediately into her inviting pussy. He closed her eyes and put her hands on his head, pulling it to her with a low, guttural moan.

He loved the more natural look she favored, with a small, well trimmed bush of brown just above her waiting pussy. He first inserted just the tip of his tongue between her pussy lips at the bottom, parting them just enough to taste her ka├žak casino juices and feel her warmth, then with exquisite slowness he slid his tongue upward, applying just enough pressure to elicit a sigh from her. Reaching the top, he scraped the top of his rough tongue long her clit, uncovering it and stimulating its most sensitive areas. She gasped and pulled his head tighter.

“Holy mother and all the saints,” she cried out. “Do that again, please oh please do that again.” Her words came out in a torrent of passion. He did as she requested and she felt her orgasm only moments away. She grunted with pleasure.

But he wanted to prolong this as much as he could, so he brought his tongue back down from her clit and inserted two fingers into her dripping canal, moving them in and out slowly as he sucked on the lips of her labia in turn. He brought her back from that edge without losing her excitement.

Finally, he lowered her legs and knelt up straight, then rose to his feet and pulled her hands to stand her up with him. She complied easily. He moved around her, still facing her but with the small bench behind his legs. He sat down and pulled her gently toward him.

She was almost beside herself with excitement as she straddled his lap by kneeling on the bench facing him. He held his cock up with one hand as she lowered herself onto it, then reached around and cupped one of her ass cheeks in each hand. Her arms around his neck, she pressed her mouth tightly against his and her tongue exploring his mouth hungrily. Her perfect tits were against his upper chest as his hands guided her up and down on his cock.

Random sounds emitted from her as they pumped, their pace increasing and their breathing becoming shallower. He could feel his own orgasm building quickly and hoped she was as close as he was. Indeed, just as he erupted in a crashing orgasm she also came, holding herself as tightly as possible against him and moaning loudly through their kiss. She could feel his load shooting into her as her own spasms shook her, pulsing again and again. Ohmigawd I have never come like this, she thought briefly. She came so hard she felt like she was going to black out, but eventually regained her composure as her orgasm began to subside.

They stayed like that for several minutes, their breathing heavy and his man juice dripping from her pussy and down over his balls. When their breathing had finally returned more or less to normal, she pulled her head back slightly and looked into his face. He smiled.

“Oh. My. God,” she said. “How do you DO that? I came so hard I almost passed out.” He shrugged and smiled again.

“You obviously bring out the best in me,” he told her. “It took both of us to do that.”

No wonder the girls love him, she mused silently. He makes you feel like the only person in the world who matters.

“Um, do you think…?” she started to ask.

“Very likely,” he finished for her. “Very, very likely. For now, though, let’s get back to work.”

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