Friends Forever

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“Hey. You’ve reached Cassia and Garret’s Psycho-delic Emu Flat. We’re busy, so either leave us alone or leave a message. We’ll call you later. Tootles!” The machine beeped.

“Cass, this is Garret. I’m outside. I locked myself out. I know you’re there! Heeeeelllllooooo? Pick up the phone! Cassia Tirion McDermott, answer the phone! Dude, the light is on. I know you’re there! I’m freezing myÔÇô”

“Hey, dude. I was just in the shower,” Cassia picked up the phone as she sprinted from the bathroom. “So you’re locked out again?”

“Yeah, and I’m cold.”

“Well, I’m naked.”

“Eeeww!” Garret groaned. “You’re like my sister.”

“Well, either you can wait for me to throw some clothes on or you can see me in my towel.”

“Put your clothes on quickly. Bye,” Garret grumbled as he hung up his cell phone.

Cassia, still dripping wet, pulled on her pink sweat pants and white tank top. She wrapped her hair in a towel and unlocked the front door.

“Damn! It’s fucking cold here!”

She smiled. “It’s fucking Wisconsin here.”

“Yeah, I forgot.”

Garret and Cassia met in their freshman year of college. They hit it off instantly and became best friends. The next year, they decided to share an apartment and turn life into a 24/7 party. Well, maybe not 24/7 . . .

A month ago, Garret ended his two-year relationship with his girlfriend, Bonnie. He knew it was time to move on, but he just didn’t know how to go about approaching the girl he loved. He just hoped she would realize how he felt for her. But calling her sister-like was not the way to go about doing that.

The timer on the oven rang. Cassia jumped from her seat on the couch. “Pizza’s done!”

Friday nights were “Pizza-and-a-Movie Nights.” They had been ever since before Cassia and Garret moved in together.

“Just think,” He mused as she cut the pizza. “We just ended the first semester of out Junior year of college. Only a year and a half left to go.”

“Yeah, and I have yet to have good, loud sex.” Cassia anadolu yakas─▒ escort slowly licked the cheese and sauce from her finger. She knew he was watching her do it. She wanted more than anything to be with Garret, and now that he was single, she vowed to get him.

Cassia carried the pizza over to the couch and set it on the coffee table. Garret opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses.

“What movie are we watching today, Garret?”

“One of our favorites, When Harry Met Sally.” He hoped the movie might inspire her to be like Meg Ryan and take their relationship to the next level.

Cassia sat at one end of the couch and Garret at the other. It was tradition. The movie started and passed uneventfully at first.

When the fake-orgasm-in-the-deli scene came up, Garret turned to Cassia and said, “Hypothetically, if you and I were ever to . . . you know . . . would you ever fake it?”

Cassia thought for a moment. “No. I could never lie to you and a fake orgasm is a type of lie, isn’t it?”

He nodded. After a few more sips of his wine, he blurted out, “Cass, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She seemed a bit puzzled by his outburst.

“But not in that way. I love you as a man loves a woman. I don’t love you like a brother loves a sister. I know I’m diving off the deep end, but I can’t hold back any longer. I want to love you like you’ve never been loved before.”

Bewildered silence followed. Cassia didn’t know what to say. She wanted to say, “Take me, I’m yours,” but something held her back. Cassia had been waiting for this moment since the day she met Garret, but now that it came, she didn’t know what to do.

He bowed his head. “I’m sorry. I think I just blew it. Now I’ve fucked everything up and you’ll never want to date me. Damn it. Just ignore me.”

Cassia scooted to the other end of the couch. “The only thing you’ll be fucking is me,” she said as she kissed him passionately.

“What . . . uh . . . Cass . ata┼čehir escort . .” Garret stuttered.

“Shhh. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day I met you. You’ve just always been . . . unavailable.” She kissed him again.

This time, he kissed back.

Cassia pulled her tank top over her head while Garret took off his sweater. While their lips locked, he fondled her breasts. He rubbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Years of sexually charged conversations told him to do that.

Without breaking their kiss, Cassia straddled Garret’s lap. She could feel that he was excited, but she knew how to turn him on even more. Cassia slowly rubbed her crotch over his, lightly brushing his bulging jeans. Gradually, she lowered her self so that she was grinding her crotch against his.

Garret’s lips kissed down to her breasts. He devoured her breasts. Ripples of pleasure rolled through her body and moans escaped her lips. Between the sensation of Garret’s tongue on her breasts and his bulging cock against her clit, Cassia neared orgasm.

“Don’t . . . stop . . . Garret. I’m . . . coming,” she moaned as she gasped for breath. He really wanted to please her, so he sucked even more furiously. Her head arched back and her body stiffened. Garret thought he had finally satisfied his best friend and now girlfriend. But a good orgasm was only half the battle.

“I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me so that all I can do is scream at the top of my lungs,” Cassia said as she stood up. Garret placed his hands her hips and slid her sweat pants off. He was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was trimmed tidily.

Cassia, now completely naked, stood at the end of the hall that lead to their bedrooms. “Whose bed?” she purred.

“Yours,” Garret said as he stood up from the couch. “It’s bigger and noisier.”

She opened the door to her room and sprawled her naked body across the queen-size bed. “Does this body turn you ├╝mraniye escort on?” she asked as she fingered her self.

“Beyond words,” he mused. Cassia rolled onto all fours and crawled to the end of the bed where Garret stood. She unbuckled his belt with her teeth; years ago he told her that a woman who could unbuckle a belt with her teeth turned him on.

Once the buckle was undone, she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants with her teeth, exposing his white briefs and straining cock. She bit the waistband and pulled his undies off. His cock was even more beautiful than she had imagined. She licked it and kissed it and stroked it. Garret moaned with delight. It was the best head he ever received. Before long, he shot his load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it hungrily because it was the sweetest cum she had tasted in all her life.

After sucking his perfect cock, all Cassia wanted was to feel it inside her. “You know, Garret, I still want you to fuck me.”

“Trust me, baby, I want to fuck you.”

She laid back on the bed and he laid on top of her. His cock was flaccid, but only momentarily. He rubbed his cock against the outside of her sopping wet pussy while he passionately kissed her lips.

“I want you inside me in the worst way,” Cassia moaned.

Before she knew it, Garret’s cock slowly slid insider her love tunnel. Waves of pleasure flowed through her body with every little thrust of his cock. It filled her perfectly.

When he was finally completely inside her, he paused for a moment to enjoy the satiny warmth of her vagina. Then he slowly slid out and back in again.

“Faster, Garret,” Cassia sighed. He picked up speed. With every movement, she moaned.

“Oh . . . mmm . . . harder, Garret.” He thrust harder. “Oh . . . yes. Yes! Oh . . . my . . . God! Garret! Garret! Yes! Faster!” she screamed as she gripped his fabulous ass harder and harder.

“Yes, Garret! Yes! Oh . . . oh . . . OH! YOU’RE . . . THE . . . BEST!” Cassia’s pussy tightened as she came. The muscle contractions pushed Garret over the edge and he filled her cunt with cum.

“Oh . . . my . . . God,” Cassia sighed as Garret collapsed on top of her. “That was the best and loudest sex I have ever had.”

Garret was speechless and completely winded. He kissed her neck and merely replied, “You’re the best, too.”

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