Friendly Competition

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I had finally had enough of being out of shape and feeling completely useless, working the 2rd shift as a server admin didn’t help the situation either it seemed since I was either sleeping, tired, or working. I found one of those 24 hour gyms near the office and signed up with the hopes of at least spending between 30-45 minutes there every night after my shift. I didn’t really have high hopes my new workout plan would get me in shape, but I felt better knowing that I was at least trying something.

The first couple nights were slow going for me and I always seemed to be dragging since it was 2:30 in the morning and all I wanted to do was go home and get some sleep. As the days went on though I started to get more into a rhythm, although I was still desperately out of shape. I took comfort in knowing that I was the only one ever in the gym so nobody could see mw huff and puff as I went from the treadmill to the weights and back again.

On the third week of my training routine, someone finally walked it. They startled me at first since I wasn’t used to anyone being there, but my startle suddenly turned into amazement when I saw who had just walked it. She was six foot tall with legs that went on forever and skin that was sunkissed bronze. Her heart shaped face was accented with the most beautiful green eyes could melt you with just one look and was topped of with a long dirty blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wore tight black workout pants, an even tighter pink tanktop that stopped just above her belly button showing off a small, sparkling piecing, and bright pink shoes.

“Hello, didn’t me to startle you,” she said in an Australian accent and flashed a smile full of perfectly white teeth.

“Oh no worries, I just used to being in here myself,” I stammered still trying to collect myself that this gorgeous women was here next to me.

“Well, since we’re going to be workout mates,” she said still smiling her bright smile. “My name’s Heather.”

“Nice to meet you,” I said slowly getting my wits about me. “I’m Kevin.”

She stepped up on the treadmill next to me and we chatted as we jogged along. I found out she was new to the area and had just taken up a job at the local hospital bahis firmalar─▒ as a nurse working afternoons. She was delightful to talk to and I ended up working out for 30 minutes passed what I really wanted too, it was great. As we got ready to leave we agreed that we’d meet up tomorrow and I drove off on my way home feeling better than I had in a long time.

Our workout sessions went on for a couple more weeks and we quickly hit it off becoming friends. Her and I had a ton in common and it was great to talk to someone for a change since I mostly was devoid of social interaction.

Midway through our third week of our workout schedule, Heather met up as usual but seemed to be up to something.

“So I have a proposition,” she said, flashing me that smile knowing I’d agree to whatever. “You and I are going to have a contest, the loser has to do whatever the winner says, within reason of course. You know just to add a bit of fun to it.”

“Sure,” I said a bit unsure of what I was going to get myself into, but Heather had a good sense of humor so I figured when she did beat me she wouldn’t have me do anything to embarrassing.

“You’re going to regret that,” she said with a giggle. “So here’s my plan, we have three basic events after we stretch out. First do as many pushups as you can, then however many crunches you can do, then we use the stationary bikes for a 5 miles race.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said slightly nervously. Heather was in much better shape than I was and I was more worried about embarrassing myself trying to compete with her than actually trying to win.

We stretched out for a bit then we both faced each other and began to do pushups. We’d agreed on a 10 minute limit but I doubted I’d be able to hang that long. I managed 83 before I had to call it quits and Heather hung on for 87. Feeling rather good about my performance we switched to crunches, where I managed to beat Heather but only just. So going into our final “event” we were both tied and it was going to be a winner take all race to the finish.

We both mounted the bikes and programmed in the same route. We began pedalling and Heather wasted no time trying to jump out ahead of me, this pushed me faster even ka├žak iddaa though I was running low on energy and already drenched with sweat. We both went hard all the way till one of the bikes chimed that it had reached the 5 mile mark, it was Heather’s and a couple seconds later mine chimed to let me know I’d crossed the line too.

“Damn you got me,” I said out of breath and soaking wet with sweat. I flopped down on the floor and took a huge swig from my water from my bottle.

“You put a good fight though,” Heather said equally out of breath and her tanned skin glistening in the light. She flopped down on the floor next to me and grabbed my water bottle taking a swig for herself.

We sat there in silence for several minutes trying to collect ourselves. Finally I looked over a Heather to ask her what I need to do to pay my bet, but I just couldn’t get it out. She was a mess by any standard, but the sheen on her skin and he slightly frayed hair was intoxicating. She looked so natural and sexy. A wave of lust shot through me and before I knew what I was doing I was leaning to kiss her. My lips met hers and immediately she started kissing me back softly at first but quickly turning fierce, we couldn’t get enough of each other and we acting like a couple of horny teenagers. Her tongue explored my mouth and I bit her lip softly, eliciting soft moans.

My hands started to feel her sweaty body, from her shoulders down her back then around to play with her perky b-cup breasts. The feel of her skin and her fresh workout scent was driving me wild with desire, which was very noticeable as my throbbing 7″ cock was bulging in my gym shorts.

“Come on,” Heather said, out of breath again. She stood up and grabbed my hand leading me to the women’s locker room. As soon as we entered I slammed her against the locker pod and she growled that she liked it rough. She lifted her long leg and wrapped it around my waist as we continued to make out with relentless passion. She began to grind herself on my bulging gym shorts and I could smell her wetness as it began to soak through her yoga pants.

“Fuck me,” she said, no longer innocent and taken over by lust and desire for my cock. She ripped my shirt and short off, letting ka├žak bahis my rock hard erection spring free. I returned the gesture peeling her clothes off to reveal a perfectly toned and tanned body with a smoothly waxed pussy.

We fell back against the locker pod and I lifted her leg again allowing me easier access to guide my cock into her dripping hole. As I entered her, her pussy lips gripped my cock tightly and her warmth made me gasp out in pleasure. Without hesitation we began our gyrations in perfect harmony.

Heather began moaning louder and louder as we sped up and my cock went deeper in her, filling her pussy with my manhood. Her nails dug into my shoulder as pleasure coursed through her body and she struggled to breathe between her throes of ecstasy.

“Oh god,” she moaned out as I began thrusting as fast as I could. “I’m going to fucking cum.”

With that her whole body went rigid and spasms took hold as she let out one final scream of pleasure. I felt her juices squirt down my shaft and her pussy quiver as her orgasm took hold of her. Her green eyes rolled back as she went into sensory overload and I kissed her again to bring her back down to planet Earth. As I removed my cock, her wetness dripped on to the floor, making me beam with pride.

Without saying a word, Heather dropped to her knees and took nearly the full length of my cock in her mouth and began to work her mouth up and down my shaft with a fevered pace. I groaned as she worked me over and allowed her hand to caress my balls. I looked down at her and those emerald eyes locked with mine as she deep throated me, which proved to be too much to handle.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” I moaned out as she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and worked the shaft a few more times with her hand, never releasing her gaze on me. The wave of electricity shot through my body as I unleashed wave after wave of of hot cum into her mouth. When I’d finished, she swallowed my load without hesitation and then licked the head of my cock clean.

She stood up giving me that smile of hers again and gave me another long kiss.

“So I was just going to have you buy me dinner for losing the contest,” she said giggling. “But I think this was better.”

“I still think we can do dinner,” I said with a smug grin.

“Sounds like a date,” she said with a wink. “Now we need to get cleaned up, that was one hell of a work out.”

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