Freshman Year Ch. 02

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It didn’t fit.

Sean was standing in the middle of the dorm room he had just moved into. His shorts and boxers were down around his ankles. Angela, his new housemate whom he had met only an hour ago, was on her knees, holding his massive penis with both hands. She was trying to force the rock hard beast into her mouth. She tried opening her mouth as wide as possible, stretching her jaw until it hurt, but it was no use. Sean’s cock was simply too thick.

He wasn’t surprised. His first girlfriend, Britney—who was, technically, still his current girlfriend—could barely get his dick into her mouth, and she had a really big mouth. Everything on Britney was big: big tits, big ass, big lips, big smile, big teeth. Big opening between her teeth in which Sean’s meat would slide.

Sean looked away from Angela and looked out the window. He started reminiscing about Britney. She was a great girl in so many ways, including the fact that she was physically capable of sucking his dick, unlike Angela.

He looked back down at Angela. Now that he took the time to notice, he realized that she had really small tits. Nothing compared to Britney with her massive jugs that were literally the size of honey dew melons. And Britney’s tits hadn’t started sagging yet (she was only 18). She had big, light pink nipples—the kind of nipple coloration you find on women with natural bleach blonde hair. (Britney was of Irish and Icelandic descent.) He remembered how she would ride his dick and those huge tits would bounce up and down. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever beheld. Almost as beautiful as when she would blow him. He would watch in total happiness as his forearm-thick cock slid in between her full, pouty lips.

Sean studied Angela. Her lips were a bit on the thin side. Nothing compared to Britney’s lusciousness. Sean was starting to have second thoughts. Maybe this Angela girl wasn’t all that. Maybe he should go back to Britney.

He examined Angela, trying to decide if he wanted her. She had long, shiny light-brown hair. High cheekbones—like a fashion model. He couldn’t see that bubble butt of hers from his current position, but on her knees, in those short shorts, her thighs were fully exposed. Thick, womanly thighs, just the way he liked it. Not too thick—she was a tennis player, after all. She was fit. Everything on her was taught. No sag.

Britney wouldn’t be arriving to visit him until tomorrow, Sean thought. He could fuck Angela today and go back to Britney tomorrow. Why not? He smiled. Life was good when he was selfish.

He looked Angela in the eyes. She looked a little sad. “I can’t get it in,” she said as if she had done something wrong and she was sorry.

Sean laughed. “That’s alright, Baby. I could see you tried very hard. Daddy’s gonna take care of you.” Daddy? Sean thought. Where did that come from? He had never talked like that before. Oh well. It felt right in the moment. He grabbed her arms and pulled her up onto her feet.

“Take your clothes off, Baby,” he ordered in a tone that was both gentle and authoritative, as if she was his daughter.

“Yes, Daddy,” she responded. She was getting into it.

Sean prepared for what was coming: Angela’s naked body. He wanted to get comfortable canlı bahis şirketleri for the viewing. He stepped out of his shorts and boxers. Now he was wearing only shoes, socks, and a t-shirt. He took a few steps back and sat on his bed. He leaned back on his elbows.

Angela stared in awe. Sean was in excellent shape. His lean muscles bulged from a summer of swimming, hiking, and humping Britney. And with his long, incredibly thick dick jutting out from his body, he was a vision of young, masculine perfection.

He noticed how Angela was staring at him, biting her lip. To give her a show, he put his hand on his dick and started stroking it slowly. (Even his big hand couldn’t wrap all the way around his thick cock.) He cupped his massive balls with his other hand and lightly fondled them. Angela was mesmerized. “Show Daddy what you got,” he ordered.

“Yes, Big Daddy.” Angela was playing into the subservient thing one hundred percent.

“Big Daddy?” Sean thought to himself. “I like the sound of that! Isn’t that what Black women call their men? I have to fuck a Black girl sometime. I’m about to fuck my second woman, and she’s white just like the first one. I’m white, which means it’s more likely than not that I would fuck white women. But I would like to be more multicultural….” Sean’s mind was going off on a tangent, as it often did.

Angela pulled her pink tank top over her head, revealing a pink lace bra. Sean’s attention was back in the present. The bra looked nice, he thought. Victoria’s Secret? Her stomach was toned. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Two small but very perky titties stood at attention. Two brownish-pink nipples were fully hard. “Not bad,” Sean thought. “Not bad at all. Maybe I like small titties ’cause these look nice.”

Angela kicked off her shoes, then took off her socks. Sean always thought it was funny when people were about to have sex and they took their socks off. It was necessary, of course, but always seemed an un-erotic interruption to the sexy flow of stripping.

Anyways, now Angela was coming to Sean’s favorite part. The whole hip/ass/pussy region of the female anatomy was what Sean loved. And on Angela, this was definitely her strong suit because her tits were small but she had a fat bubble butt and nice, curvy hips. She peeled down her green booty shorts to reveal a tiny pink thong. The thong was a thin pink string that went around her hips, meeting in the middle at a little patch of pink lace fabric that barely covered her pussy. The bright pink of the thong contrasted nicely with her deeply tanned skin. There were no tan lines on her entire body. Sean wondered how that was possible.

His dick twitched, actually getting harder. It was so hard now that it hurt.

“Show Daddy that pussy.” Angela obeyed, curtsying slightly as she pulled down the tiny pink thong and let it drop to the floor. She stood up straight, revealing her stark nakedness. Sean could see a shine on her pussy lips and on her inner thighs. She was wet.

“Turn around, Baby.” Angela did as she was told. She turned around to reveal her meaty bubble butt. She knew what he wanted. She moved her hips just right, making her ass bounce. Then she spread her canlı kaçak iddaa legs and bent over, revealing her pussy. With her hands on her knees, she looked back at him over her shoulder.

“Is this want you want, Daddy?”

Sean didn’t hesitate. He pulled his t-shirt over his head (but left his shoes on). He walked over to her, grabbed her meaty hip with his left hand, and with his right hand directed his huge dickhead into her pussy. He pushed just the head in. She screamed. Her knees started to buckle but he grabbed her hips with both hands and held her up. She was tight, and he was huge.

“Oh my god that hurts!” she cried. “What about a condom? Do you have a condom that fits that thing?” She looked back at him and he could see a tear on her cheek. She was wincing from the pain.

“Yeah, I got custom-fitted condoms off the internet. But I’m clean. Only been with one girl. Are you clean?”

She mumbled to herself, “Only one girl? Really?” Then she said loud and clear, “Yes, I’m clean. Just don’t come in me, OK?”

“OK.” He grabbed her hips firmly and bent his knees. “You ready for this? You want Daddy in your tight little pussy?”

“Yes, Big Daddy! Please!”

He gripped her hips tight and pushed the whole thing in. She screamed and her legs and arms buckled. He realized that standing and fucking in the middle of the room was not going to work. He picked her up by her hips and carried her forward, his dick still buried in her doggystyle. He bent her over on what would soon be his roommate’s desk. (His roommate hadn’t moved in yet). He pulled back until just the head was in. His dick and balls were covered in her sticky white juice.

Seeing all that pussy juice dripping out of her, and knowing that he was the cause of it, he lost control. He started fucking Angela as hard as he could. Harder than he had ever fucked Britney. He watched as his chiseled abs slammed into Angela’s big bubble butt. The fat of her ass rippled every time he slammed into her.

He could feel his dickhead hitting something. “Ow!” she screamed. “That’s my cervix!” But he didn’t care. She was crying and moaning at the same time.

After only one minute of Sean’s thrusting, she came. She screamed at the top of her lungs and her whole body shook. Sean stopped and watched her shake. He loved it. He looked up and noticed the windows were open. How many people could hear her screams? He hadn’t met any of his fellow freshman classmates yet, except for Angela. But they were all getting an introduction right now, via Angela’s cries.

He went back to fucking her. He fucked her like a wild animal for thirty minutes. It was hard to tell how many times she came because her screaming and shaking were nearly non-stop. He didn’t know what had gotten into him. He had never lost control like this before.

He asked her, “You like that, you little slut?” She tried to stand up, but he pushed her face back into the desk. He grabbed her hair and pulled, making her back arch. He slapped her ass, hard. “You like that big dick, don’t you, bitch?”

“Yes, Big Daddy! Fuck this pussy!”

He watched his dick go in and out, her pussy lips stretching wider than her mouth possibly could. He noticed in all the white goo on his shaft, canlı kaçak bahis a streak of red. Was she bleeding? He wondered. Then there was more red. Yes, she was definitely bleeding.

“Fuck, you’re bleeding!” He stopped fucking her. He pulled out and rested his slimy dick on the crack of her ass. He didn’t know what to do.

“You’re so big, and you’re fucking me so hard.”

“Want me to stop?”

“No, but I don’t think I can take much more. It really hurts. Can you try to come soon?”

“OK, yeah.” He went back to thrusting vigorously and tried to focus his mind on coming. It was weird, since he usually focused on not coming. But watching her fat ass bounce and listening to her screams, it wasn’t difficult. Before long he could feel his orgasm approaching.

He wanted to cum on her face, to shock her with the enormous amount of cum he usually shot. “Turn around.” He pulled her up and turned her facing him. “On your knees. Open your mouth.” She did as she was told and awaited his coming man-juice. Sean glanced at the desk. There was a small puddle of white and red liquid. He looked at his dick and balls: white and red. Damn, he thought. She was really bleeding.

He grabbed her hair with one hand. With the other he grabbed his dick and slapped her in the face, making a big thud. Now her face had blood and pussy juice on it. He pumped his dick hard with his hand. He groaned loudly. He was coming.

“Ahhh!” The first giant rope of cum landed on the bridge of her nose. She cried out in shock. She had never seen a shot that big. She didn’t know fifteen more were coming just like it. He shot his semen in both her eyes. He shot it in her mouth. On her lips. Her chin. Her neck. Her perky little tits.

When the last dribble rested on the head of his dick, he put it up to her lips. “Lick it off,” he commanded her. She did as she was told and polished his dickhead with her tongue. “Now lick my balls clean.” He knew she couldn’t see with the cum in her eyes, so he tilted her head back and rested his balls on her lips. She licked his big balls clean for a full two minutes. His massive cock, which was still hard, was resting on her face as she continued to lick his balls.

Then the door opened. Sean and Angela turned their heads in surprise. Angela had trouble seeing, with the cum in her eyes and Sean’s cock and balls resting on her face. But she could make out the figure of a guy in the doorway. The guy looked at Sean, then looked at Angela, naked, on her knees, Sean’s massive genitalia resting on her face and Sean’s cum dripping off her.

“Oh. Shit. Sorry, bro.” The guy backed out of the room and shut the door.

Sean and Angela looked at each other. “Must be your roommate,” Angela said. They both fell to the floor laughing.

They rolled around on the carpet, barely able to breath they were laughing so hard. “I can’t see!” Angela managed to spit out. Sean found his boxers and starting wiping his cum off her face. Once her face was clean and their laughter died down, they laid on their backs, side-by-side. They both let out a big sigh.

Then Angela felt a sharp pain.

“Ow! Fuck!” Angela reached down between her legs, then looked at her hand. It was covered in blood.

“Are you on your period?” Sean asked.

“No. I’m not.”

They looked at each other. Now they were worried. They looked at Angela’s pussy. Angela rolled over, and they looked at the carpet where she had been laying.

There was a big pool of blood.

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