Forbidden Sex Ch. 01

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The sunshine is spectacular today as there is not a cloud in sight, it’s warmth shines upon your face as I lightly nibble on your neck. The crystal clear water of your pool providing some relieve from the 84 degree day we are enjoying in SW FL. The water lapping at our bodies with a slight splash as we enjoy our first ever meeting. We hear the distance noise of others and even the occasional crush of an ocean wave given you live so close to coast. We are alone and feel very safe from prying eyes as your backyard surrounded with high hedges and is very private.

Your hands stroke my shoulders and your legs are wrapped firmly around my waist. You look deeply into my eyes as you ever so slowly slide yourself up and down on my now very hard cock. You control the pace ensuring your pleasure just as you should. We both understand that it’s all about you, you are the domme, and I am simply the sub. We laugh as you tell me I’m just your “boy-toy” to use as you please today. Nothing more, nothing less.

We of course both know it’s not really that simple. Sure it started that way, domme, sub, boy-toy, but then we started caring about each other. Caring in ways we should not have. If that were not istanbul escort the case we would not be here today, together in your pool slowly making love.

It all started a couple months ago I guess. A chance encounter actually, me looking for a domme and you wishing to give it a try. Searching on EP we found each other. We would never meet, that was our agreement. Our relationship would be online, just play and nothing more. No names, no addresses, no phone numbers and certainly no sex. Clearly our plan to never meet and all the “rules” we swore to live by had faded away in mere months. We had crossed the line today and could never go back, that was clear.

It was not our plan to meet today, it just sort of happened. And I was so pleased, so happy to be with you. You were everything I hoped and so much more, kind, caring, considerate, smart as hell and so fucking hot!! OMG, soooo hot!!!

I had arrived at your place around lunch time, and within an hour we found ourselves in your pool. Your breasts wet from the water glisten in the sunshine, your strawberry nipples becoming hard are a sight to behold. It’s not long before avc─▒lar escort I feel your pace quickening and your excitement build, your muscles begin to contract around me and it feels so incredible. Your hand grabbing hard around my neck, your legs relaxing ever so slightly as you drive me deeper. Your pussy pressing against me with as much force as you can muster. You kiss me passionately, your tongue exploring every inch of my mouth. Your body grows tense, you are on the edge, every movement signaling your pending release. A brief pause and then you drive me deep as I feel you reach your first, second and then third orgasm. You fall exhausted into my arms and hug me firmly.

We rest a moment however we both know we still need more. You will not disappoint. You take my hand and lead me to your bedroom and push me onto your bed. We are dripping wet but don’t even notice. We are focused, so very focused and can’t get enough of each other.

I feel your tongue begin to dance around my cock, licking my shaft, twirling about the head. You feel amazing, running your tongue along the bottom of my cock, my most sensitive area. You take me into your mouth and I feel ┼čirinevler escort your warmth as you take all 8 inches without difficulty. Your light sucking as your mouth moves up my shaft feels incredible and I can tell I will not last long. Teasing me so slightly with those magical fingers of yours, using a single fingertip that you know I will love that as we have chatted many times. Running your fingernail along my most sensitive places as you drive me to near explosion just via your touch.

You can tell I am getting close and guide me to the floor. You realize what I want and don’t complain. I enter you from behind, penetrating you slowly at first not wanting to hurt you. You are moaning with pleasure as I push deep and deeper still. All the way in just once and then I know you are ok. I increase my pace, you are so tight and I wonder if you been taken before. You feel so incredible tightly wrapped around my cock. My balls bouncing against you with more force now as I get closer and closer to the edge. I begin rubbing you pussy with my hand, sliding my fingers in and out. You get wetter and wetter by the moment and soon your hand joins mine and we work your pussy together. You feel so good, so warm, just amazing. We are both on the edge and can hold no more, I come first and you seconds later….

Collapsing to the floor we laugh, oh what a tangled web we have spun.

We have crossed the line, this day should have never happened. It’s too late, we can’t go back and must go forward……

To be continued –

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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