For No Particular Reason Ch. 1

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It had been a long tough day at work and all Tom wanted to do when he got home as to relax in the Jacuzzi with his wife Tina and a few drinks then go to bed.

Tina, on the other hand, had other plans. He knew it the second he stepped inside. She met him at the door dressed to go out.

“Don’t bother taking your coat off. We have a 7:00 reservation at Harrods and our ride should be here soon.” she told him as she looked out at the street.

“Umm, is there something I forgot? Why are we going out tonight? What do you mean ‘our ride’?” Tom asked everything at once.

“No Baby, you haven’t forgotten anything, nor is there any particular reason for us to go out tonight, and our ride just got here.” she said with a smile.

Tom turned to look out the window as a white stretch limo pulled up in front of their building and the driver came to their door.

As soon as they were in the limo, Tina continued. “I was just thinking today about the last year and I realized that it’s been a very long time since we did anything special or spontaneous, like this. Move over to that seat.” she said to him and pointed to the rear facing seat. Tom switched seats and was about to ask why when Tina knelt between his legs and reached for his zipper. She looked him in the eye as she took out his penis and stroked him a few times before bending and taking him into her mouth.

“Mmm, I love it when you get like this.” he sighed as he reached back and pressed the button that raised the glass between them and the driver. Tina continued to suck on his cock while she fondled his balls with one hand as the other disappeared into the folds of her overcoat.

Tom asked, “So, does my loving, spontaneous, sexy wife have any other pleasant surprises planned for her husband tonight?” Tina deep throated him once more, humming as she came up. His cock popped out of her mouth. “Oh yes.” she answered as she returned to her seat, much to Tom’s dismay. “That was just the first of many extremely pleasant surprises your loving, spontaneous, sexy, horny wife has in store for her hard-working, charming, extremely sexy husband this evening. And now for surprise number two, I offer you a choice: lights on or lights out.” she continued.

“Lights on or out, huh? Are there any factors to consider.” Tom asked as he examined his wife’s exposed leg.

“Well, let’s see…O.K. Factor one is that the choice involves my overcoat. g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri Factor two is lights on means I perform a portion of this task. Factor three is lights out means you get to do it all yourself.” she answered as she uncrossed then crossed her legs again.

Tom suddenly understood. “Aahh, I see. In that case there is no choice to make. It’s lights on, easily.” he said.

Tina giggled, ÔÇťThatÔÇÖs right. You like to watch, don’t you? Well, I’m going to start by untying this belt.” she said as she began untying the belt on her coat. “Next, I will take care of these buttons. As I unbutton each one, I want you to kiss, lick, suck, or nibble on whatever is exposed. O.K.?” she said. Tom only smiled at her.

The first button exposed Tina’s cleavage and a portion of her breasts. He paused a moment before kissing each breast. Then she moved on to the second of the three buttons on the coat. This one exposed enough of her torso that the third button was just a formality. As she opened the coat, both of Tina’s perky, firm breasts came into view. He kissed one nipple and briefly nibbled and sucked on the other. Also exposed was Tina’s flat stomach, which she considered her greatest achievement next to raising two beautiful children. Tom started at her neck and proceeded to kiss his way down to the third button, leaving no skin untouched. Tina then unbuttoned the third button and opened the coat wide. Tom had assumed that Tina was nude under the coat, then he saw that she was wearing a pair of shiny red string bikini panties. He reached to take them off with his hands but she stopped him. “Wait. I want you to remove these with your mouth. No hands.” Tina purred as she released Tom’s hands and clasped her own behind her head then scooted her butt forward on the seat, closer to his face.

Tom smiled when she raised her arms, which made her tits rise even higher. He was already extremely horny and the movement of her breasts only added to that heat. He lowered his face to Tina’s panties and thought he caught the scent of cherries. He didn’t fully understand until he got them between his teeth and pulled. They tasted like cherries too. Tina giggled when she saw the expression on his face and it made her breasts jiggle.

“Edible. Do you like them?” she asked.

Tom chuckled. “Oh yeah. I like them, but I like what’s under them even more.” he said. He began eating g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri away at the string on her left hip then moved over to her right hip. He got so excited he forgot about the ‘no hands rule’ and reached for Tina’s breasts with both hands.

“No, no, no. I said no hands. Now I’m afraid you must sit on them. My hands haven’t moved and they won’t.” she said.

Tom put his hands behind his knees as he knelt to finish off the rest of the cherry panties. He ate away at them until his nose was pressing against Tina’s pussy. Her pussy, which was usually covered by a neatly trimmed patch of soft hair, was freshly shaven clean and smooth as a baby’s butt. This turned the horny heat in Tom’s belly into a nuclear reactor on overload. Tina was apparently affected also for her pussy was soaking wet in places Tom hadn’t touched yet. He paused for a moment, enjoying the sight of his wife’s hairless pussy. He could see that she was turned on. Her lips were swollen and slightly red and her clit was beginning to poke out from between them. Tina was frustrated.

“Well, what are you waiting for? You’re only halfway done and we’re only 10 minutes away from Harrods. You have to get a move on because I want to cum before we get there,ÔÇŁ she said. She lifted her butt off the seat and the remaining part of the panties clung to her ass and pussy. “Now give me some more of that wonderful tongue of yours.” she begged. Tom began to lick and nibble on the inside of her thigh next to her pussy instead. He knew that this made her horny when they started from scratch and he could just imagine what it was doing to her now.

“And what happens,” he began then switched to the other leg, “if you don’t cum before we get there?” he asked. Then just as she was about to answer, he ate the panties off of her ass and went to work on her pussy.

“It’s quite simple…oohh yeeaahh. Oh baby that feels so good. Does it taste as good as it feels?” she asked.

Tom stopped what he was doing and stuck his tongue deeply into Tina’s pussy and out again. Then he kissed her passionately. “I don’t know. Does it feel as good as it tastes?” he asked before returning his attention to her pussy.

“Mmm. It tastes good but it feels better. Oh, oh yeah. Right there, just like that… keep it up.” Tina said as she pressed her pussy tighter to Tom’s face.

He licked, nibbled, and sucked on her clitoris. g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri He alternated between different levels of pressure and speed, reacting to her reactions, taking her to higher and higher levels of pleasure. Soon her breathing became ragged and rough, a sign that she was teetering on the edge of orgasmic bliss. Then when she was only seconds away from her peak, he stopped.

“What was it that you were saying about something being quite simple?” he asked, knowing it would totally blow her concentration.

“Oh man, don’t stop now!! I’m so close!” Tina moaned and thrust her pussy toward Tom’s face once more. When he just avoided it, she answered him. “O.K., O.K. I was just saying that it is quite simple. Either I cum before we get to Harrods or I cum while we’re at Harrods. I would really prefer it be in the back of a limo rather than a restaurant or dance club. So I beg you honey, please. I’m so close right now. My pussy is on fire and I want you to put that fire out, at least temporarily.” she begged.

“Can I use my hands?” Tom asked.

“As far as I’m concerned you can use anything you want, just make me cum!!!” she said.

Tom reached for her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She moaned and placed her hands on top of his and pressed even harder. He kissed her again then turned his attention to her pussy again. He nibbled on her pussy lips and clitoris until her breathing grew rough again. She let go of his hands and spread her pussy lips wide as she thrust her pussy against his lips and teeth. He knew this time there was no going back. He simultaneously squeezed and rolled her nipples in his fingers as he sucked strongly on her clitoris. She gasped and gripped his head between her legs. He then began flicking her clit and sucking on it at the same time. She started to buck against his face but he didn’t miss a beat until she finally relaxed and released his head. She relaxed back against the seat and just sat there with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face. Tom got off the floor and onto the seat beside her and placed his arm around her shoulders. She moaned and lay her head on his shoulder.

“Oh baby,” she sighed into his neck, “That was soo goood. It was worth the wait. Thank you.” she said as she kissed him.

“My pleasure, ma’am. Anytime. Anytime.” he answered with a southern drawl.

“Oh ho, in that case, Every time! Every time!” she said and they burst out laughing.

“Better put your coat on. I think that’s Harrods up there on the right.” Tom said. They both had to hurry to regain their composure before the driver opened their door. Tom got out first, then Tina. She told the driver to be back in two hoursÔÇŽ

To Be Continued…

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