Flavored Ch. 05

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Emani woke up with Jamir’s tongue attached to her pussy for the third day in a row and she was almost out of her mind. She couldn’t think straight for the life of her and they both had been ignoring all their calls. Jamir didn’t even have the energy for his nightly run once their day was finished. They had to get out of this house before they ended up losing their jobs among other things; like the relationships they were supposed to be in.


While in the shower she heard the phone ring; recognizing it as Mason’s ringer, she wondered what he thought about her absence. She didn’t know how to feel about him lately because, honestly, she hadn’t thought about him too much at all. Her mind had come to a place where she needed to decide whether she still needed to be in that relationship with the way she was involved with Jamir. She came back into her bedroom to find it empty and saw that the call was indeed from Mason, but the call didn’t show as missed; it showed as answered.

6mins and 39 seconds… Jamir must’ve answered the phone. Oh God where is he?!

She called Mason back as she was walking through the empty house, no one answered. So she called Jamir and left him a message,

“I don’t know what you’re up to, but don’t do anything stupid. Call me bahis firmaları back!!”


While Emani was in the shower Jamir was listening to the messages on his phone and to no surprise they were all from Lynn. He had called to break up with her one morning while Emani was sleep and she hadn’t taken it well; he ended up just hanging up on her. Now she just kept calling and asking the same questions over and again

“Why the sudden change? What did I do? Is there someone else? I’m sure this is something that we can work out, just call me back Jamir I promise we can make this work.”

The thing she didn’t know is that there had always been someone else because even he didn’t know until he was able to spend time with her again. Now that he thought about it Emani had always been there whether he wanted her there or not; checking in on him, trying help him through things, giving him someone to talk to. She had never let him go a whole month straight without hearing from her and that made him wonder why they had never just gotten back together. Then Emani’s phone rang and rushed him out of his thoughts. It was Mason, he was about to ignore it but he decided to answer it instead.


“Who is this?!” Mason asked

“Jamir, what you need?”

“I kaçak iddaa need for you to find Emani and let her know her man is calling.”

“I don’t think I can do that, she’s in the shower and…”

“How the hell you know she in the shower? Are you at her house? What the fuck, I’m coming there now!” Mason interrupted

“No need my dude; if she wanted to see or talk to you I’d think she would answer the phone when you called. No, I think you’re fine where you are and if you got a problem doing that I’ll help you solve it.” Jamir said with a calmness that could make your skin crawl.

“Wow, so you think you can just come in and take a woman away from a three year relationship. It doesn’t work like that; this isn’t anything but a fling so don’t come at me like you somebody.”

“You don’t know me, my bad, I’m Jamir her ex-boyfriend. But you can meet me at Shaw Plaza if you really want to know what’s going on” said Jamir politely

“Don’t worry I’m on my way” and with that the call was ended and Jamir was out the door.

On the way to The Plaza Emani called, but he couldn’t talk to her, he knew she wouldn’t understand that he had to do this for her. He would just let this chum know that his relationship was over and that was the end of the story. When he kaçak bahis saw Mason was sitting at the bar he knew the guy wasn’t any good for his girl. He was thinking why does he have to drink to have a conversation?

He sat at his usual table and had someone tell him he had arrived. Mason walked up trying, unsuccessfully, to look tough until he recognized Jamir’s face.

The only thing Jamir said was “Have a seat.”


Coming from both Mason and Jamir’s house with no sign or call from either Emani felt a little worry, but not enough to panic. As she was leaving to go back home Jamir called her back.

“Hey bae I had to check on a few things at The Plaza, you know crazy isn’t in my nature. Sorry if I scared you though” He said.

“Yea… Well I think I’m going to let Mason know what’s been going on and end the lies. I don’t know if this thing with us is anything serious, but it’s not fair for him to be pushed aside this way. You know?” she said sounding anxious and relieved at the same time

“Sure, that’s up to you. But can we talk first?”

“Yea, what’s the problem?”

“Nothing bae, I’m on the way to your house now. Bye” he said, ending the call.

When she got to the house; he was already in the parking lot waiting for her return. She got out and went to his car, greeting him with a kiss; he responded only by taking her hand and leading her to the door. Somehow she knew this would be an intense conversation and she had no clue what to expect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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