First Time Cuckold Pt. 02

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Releasing my arms from his strong grip I leave them entwined above my head out of the way, my back arched to accentuate my tiny boobs as much as I can my little bum pushed down into the bed and legs spread wide either side of him. My pussy now open and soaking just begging for his touch, finally I feel his fingers run across it flicking my fully exposed clit before suddenly burying three thick fingers deep inside me.

Moaning as I shiver with apprehension just hoping he likes what he feels. I open my eyes and look at him as he smiles down at me telling me how tight I am, asking if I am ready for a real cock like his. I don’t say a word but instead thrust myself against his fingers pushing them deep inside me giving him the answer he needs.

Rewarding my obedience he slaps down on my boobs and tummy hard, my moans and screams tell him how much I am enjoying this. My arms remaining above my head letting him know he can do exactly as he wishes with all of me. Pulling his fingers from me he lowers his body down onto me grabbing my face and kissing me hard giving me no choice but to kiss him back. As his tongue enters my mouth I let mine explore his too just as I feel the tip of his massive cock enter my desperate waiting pussy.

For a moment I think he is going to be gentle with me but I am shocked back to reality by the sudden thrust of him as he buries his full eleven inches into me. I let out a loud scream with a mixture of pleasure and pain my eyes wide open as I stare up to him his smile and laughter showing how much he is enjoying the casino şirketleri moment. Pounding me now at such a furious pace matched only by my ever increasing heart beat.

My screams and moans constant now as each one of his strokes brings me to a new level of pleasure that I have never felt before making me cum for the first time ever. I cant help myself pleading for him to go harder and faster wanting this feeling to last forever. I pull him down onto me kissing his soft lips again and again between my moans of pleasure, smiling at this he shows he enjoys the taste of my lips.

Then leaning back he instructs me to put my legs up on his shoulders, his cock never leaving my little pussy he pushes me down bending me in a way that I didn’t know was even possible but as his cock explores even deeper inside me the pleasure more than takes away from any pain I should be feeling as he starts furiously fucking me now thrusting himself deep inside me. Feeling his balls slap against my bum on every stroke telling me for sure that every inch of him is now deep inside me and with that I was cumming again and seconds later I felt him tense up and the blood pumping through his cock as a sudden explosion of his cum is unleashed inside me, so much more than my boyfriend has ever given me as it just seems to keep cumming and cumming.

I could feel every drop of it filling up inside me and couldn’t help but feel disappointed that the fucking he was giving me was now going to end. I just wanted to keep him inside me and too my surprise he must have read casino firmaları my mind as he picks me up his cock still deep inside me, my legs still on his shoulders I could do nothing but enjoy it as he started bouncing me on his still rock hard cock. Our cum mixing together making him slip in and out so easily my body shaking physically in his arms as I cum for a third time.

Still not done with me though he throws me down onto the bed again this time on my hands and knees, my bum high in the air exposed purely for his pleasure. My puffy pussy just begging for his cock to return to its new warm home inside it. It doesn’t have to wait long before it gets its wish as he buries himself deep inside me once more, again making me scream with ecstasy as if I had already forgotten how deep he would get inside me. He told me it was my turn to do the work and I immediately obeyed his command somehow finding the strength to rock back and forwards on his cock but this only earns me a hard spank across my exposed bum making me scream and try harder to please him getting quicker and pushing myself harder back against his solid body.

More spanks followed, more screams and more harder pumping, his balls now slapping against my clit adding to my pleasure even more. We both climax together again making me collapse onto the bed completely exhausted and overcome with immense pleasure and satisfaction.

I roll over smiling as he throws my dress at me, throwing me back into the reality that I was there for one thing only. I reach for my bra and knickers but güvenilir casino he swipes them away from me, laughing he tells me that I wont be needing them and to hurry up and get dressed as his friend will be there soon.

I know I am in no position to argue and slip my dress over my naked body, it does nothing to hide the lack of bra on my tiny boobs my still horny body making my nipples rock hard clearly visible through the thin material.

He is fully dressed and there is a knock on the door making me jump, I feel a flush of red come over me as he invites his friend in explaining to him that I am just leaving. His friend is much less attractive than he is, around the same age but much larger and clearly doesn’t look after his body. I feel his eyes exploring my barely covered body knowing I wont tell him not to.

Leaning over to put my heels on my man flicks my dress up exposing my naked bum and swollen, cum filled pussy to both of them as if showing me off to his friend. I do nothing to stop this and feel the flush of red grow stronger as I struggle with my heels. I am rewarded for this with two hard spanks across my naked bum as he says “Good girl now get yourself home to your boyfriend!”

I can hear them both laughing as the door closes behind me but the pleasure still running through me is so immense that all I can think of is getting home to tell my boyfriend he is finally a cuckold and how right he was about how good it would feel. My thoughts were distracted with the beep of my phone, it was the man who had just left me satisfied telling me his friend would be joining in next time. Another intense surge of excitement ran through me making me shake with pleasure, as I look back at my phone my body has already replied for me with just two words…

“Yes sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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