Finally Got the Girl

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I finally felt like I had made it, I owned my own successful nightclub. Coming into money after a relative passed away and the perfect venue in the middle of the city became available. I took the plunged and risked it all on my dream. We were now a year on from the opening and we are still busy every time we open.

Through the year I had come across a lot of people from my past, some I recognised some I didn’t. Most of them had no idea the club was mine. I was proud of the club and how successful it had become. All the doubters that told me we would be closed within six months because I had no experience in the industry had disappeared.

The staff that I was lucky enough to bring in are amazing, the bar staff keep the atmosphere booming and the security team keep everyone safe. This made the club the ideal place for stag and hen do’s. Some clubs don’t allow them in due to the large numbers and likelihood of trouble but I had total confidence in my team to handle then. Plus the money they spent was worth the small amount of troublemakers.

It was one those bonkers hen parties which brought in my old high school crush Kay. She was with a group of about 25 women all in fancy dress as school girls. The bride was covered in L plates and stick on cocks. They were quite rowdy but apart from singing, dancing and cheering they didn’t seem to be too much trouble.

With so many parties like this coming through I didn’t really pay much attention as I did my rounds of the club. That was until my name was called out. Not recognising the voice it wasn’t until the drunken woman was in front of me I realised it was Danni. She was Kay’s older sister who used to torment me in high school knowing I liked her sister.

Kay was quite shy in school, standing about 5 foot 4. Dark brown hair which came down to the middle of her back and brown eyes. She was a dancer so she had a slim frame, but what really physically attracted to me her was her legs and ass. Her legs nicely toned and her peachy bum definitely her best feature.

Although we had been in the same group of friends and all went out together Kay had never been interested in being more than friends with me. Her best friend used to say it was because she was so shy and that I should try it on with her when we were out drinking. But I didn’t want her to regret being with me and blame the drink. Good guys finish last as they say. We had lost touch after college so it had been over 10 years since I had seen Kay or Danni.

“Trust you to turn up when we are dressed like this Alex. Have you been stalking us since college?”

“Good to see you have grown up Danni.” I hadn’t even seen Kay at this point with Danni being right in my face. I was no longer the weak teen that would put up with anything to be round them so I politely said bye and walked away without noticing Kay.

The good thing about the club being full was there were plenty of women. Being single this was big perk of owning the club. I still saw myself as a good guy and always treated people with respect. But it is amazing what women and men offer you if they think you have money or power. There had been a few occasions my friends and I had hooked up with groups of women from the club without any effort. Taking them back to a flat I had in the city centre after the club closed.

So I was in my office in the back when one of the bar maids Stef knocked on the door.

“Sorry to bother you boss, but there is a woman here asking to speak to you. She said she knows you but I didn’t want to just bring her back in case she was lying.”

I walked out of the office and down the corridor to be met by this blast from the past. Kay stood there in high heels, over the knee black socks and a ridiculously short black skirt. Her white shirt was lifted and knotted at the bottom exposing her flat stomach. With only a few buttons fastened, her cleavage was on view pushed up by a white bra. Our old school tie hanging down between her tits finishing off the outfit. She looked incredible.

“Alex it has been too long. How are you? You look great.” She ran and jumped into my arms taking me by surprise. I just hugged back not knowing how to react. We hadn’t fallen out back in the day just lost touch once she had a boyfriend.

“Is everything ok Kay?”

“Yeah it’s great. Danni just told me she bumped into you, so I asked the barmaid where you were. I couldn’t believe I finally found you and wanted to see you.”

“You look great, are you having a good night?” Looking her up and down I had forgotten how infectious her smile was. Her body was still awesome.

“Not quite regulation uniform is it? Maybe I need to go to your office.” Laughing she looked down at her cleavage and did a little twirl.

She was almost unrecognisable with this confidence. I liked her playful side though and decided to play along and see where it went.

“By all means step into my office.”

My office was big and had a sofa and TV one side with a little kitchen canlı bahis area and then my desk and filing cabinets at the other end. The side wall was full of screens with all the security cameras from around the club including my office. I had been in the middle of work before I was interrupted so went over and sat at the desk to save the work.

“Wow you have done well for yourself. Look at this office”

“I like to think so, the club is doing well. What about you? What have you been up to?”

While she was talking I poured us both a drink and sat back down at my desk. We sat and had a proper catch up and she told me about the wedding she is bridesmaid for and how she had been single for a while because she couldn’t find a nice guy. I had to bite my tongue at that comment as she never wanted the nice guy when I was around.

It had been about 15 minutes of none stop conversation when she got up. I thought she was heading back out to the party but she walked round to my side of the desk and sat on the desk to the side of me.

“It is so good to see you again. I have missed you since college. Why did we not keep in touch?”

“Well you got with the clown Karl and I wasn’t needed anymore. I guess I was jealous and didn’t like seeing you treated badly by him. Then we just went our separate ways.”

“I forgot about him, he was just the start of big list of awful guys. I guess none of them have measured up to the one I let get away.”

“I do not need to hear the sordid details about how big your exes were thank you very much Kay.”

“I didn’t mean that you fool. There has only ever been one guy that treated like I should be. But I pushed him away because I didn’t want to admit I had feelings for him and was too shy to do anything about it. But I told myself if I ever saw him again I wouldn’t make the same mistake.”

With that she slid across the desk so I was in front of her and put a foot on each arm of my seat. With the desk being a higher than the chair my head was practically between her thighs. Exposing her white lace underwear that matched the bra. The thin material showed her bald skin underneath.

I ran my hand up her smooth calves enjoying the view given to me before hooking my hands behind her knees. I stood up and wrapped her legs around me. I lifted my right hand to her face as I moved in to kiss her for the first time. Her eyes locked on mine as I moved in closer, stopping just an inch or so away making her make the final move till our lips met.

It was the most passionate first kiss I have ever had. I had wanted this for years back in college now it was happening. It was like electricity running from head to toe. As we broke the kiss I was gasping for air and she had a look of pure lust on her face.

“Do you need to get back to your party?” I just thought I would give her the option to leave in case she had changed her mind after the kiss. The look she had on her face gave me the confidence she would say no. She just smiled and without saying anything started to undo the few buttons on her shirt. I stepped back giving her room to unwrap the knot at the bottom of the shirt before removing it.

Her white push up bra quickly followed the shirt to the floor revealing her tits, which had grown to a c cup. On her skinny frame they looked even bigger but still really pert. Lowering my head to meet them. My tongue began circling her stiff nipples. She let out a gasp as the two met, her hands pulling my hair at the back of my head in reaction.

Things had escalated so quickly I obviously hadn’t planned on this, so when there was a knock on the door we were abruptly brought back to reality. Kay grabbed her top and wrapped herself up in it kicking her bra under the desk. I sat back down trying to conceal the erection in my pants. I waited for Kay to cover up as much as possible and sat back on the other side of the desk before calling whoever was outside in.

“Hey we are getting pizza do you want us to order your usual?” Stef the barmaid looked from me to Kay sat in the chair. I don’t know if she noticed the lack of bra but I could she her nipples poking the fabric pulled tight across them. She looked so hot with her thighs on her crossed legs and her short skirt exposing so much leg.

“I am going to get some pizza, do you need to get back to the girls or would you like some too? I will order the bigger size for us.”

“I should eat and soak up some of the alcohol. The girls are staying here for the night now so we are fine catching up for a bit longer.”

“Thanks Stef that would be great. Just put the order on the clubs card.” She was definitely trying to gauge what was going on but decided not to ask questions. Stef was bi and we would often admire women in the club together. She just smiled at me as she shot off saying it would be about 40 minutes till it arrives.

“That was a close call sorry I got carried away there.” As I closed the door I turned to see Kay already taking her top back off. The bahis siteleri interruption obviously not dampening her horniness.

“Has that door got a lock on it? We have 40 minutes.” She was insatiable.

I locked the door and walked back over and began kissing her again. This time she pushed me back so I was half sat on the desk before she attacked my belt buckle. Her nimble fingers had it undone and my pants off in no time. Instead of pulling my boxers down with my pants she reached in and grabbed me for the first time inside my underwear. Her small warm fingers wrapping round my girth as much as she could.

“God I was right my exes really didn’t measure up to you in any way. I have waited for this for so long, let me get closer look.” With that she dropped to her knees lowering my boxers as she went. This release my erection with sprung out and hit her in the cheek. At just over 8 inches and quite thick my cock almost hid her face and she looked up from below.

Placing her hand at the base of my cock she guided me into her mouth. Taking just the head in at first, her tongue tracing up the underside. Then while maintaining eye contact with me she began taking me deeper and deeper into her throat. She began to struggle with about 2 inches to go, I had to resist the urge to just grab her head and force the last bit down her throat.

Her eyes began to water as she bobbed up and down taking as much as she could. Once or twice she would go that bit further causing her to gag. I loved the noise when someone gagged and the power it gave you when they are willing to push through their gag reflex to please you. After a few minutes she taking it all each time she went down.

“Someone is a quick learner Kay” I said with a smile admiring her work. With the full length in her mouth all she could do to reply was hum. This sent vibrations up my spine making me shiver with pleasure.

“Were you not taught not to speak with your mouthful? I think you need a spanking for that bad behaviour.”

“I am sorry sir, please punish me.” she quickly showed her submissive side and without hesitation got up off her knees putting her hands on the desk and straightening her legs. Her tits were hanging down from her now horizontal upper body. I walked behind her and lifted her skirt up to her waist. That spectacular ass I had fantasised about for so long was now on full display with a tiny white thong running up between her cheeks.

Not knowing how into this she was yet I lightly spanked her for the first time. But she quickly told me harder until I had left red handprints on both cheeks. Her moans let me know how much she was enjoying it, that along with the damp patch appearing on her thong.

“Do you have any protection?”

“Yeah in my wallet, where did you throw my pants?”

As I got the condom out and ripped it open Kay took it off me and said she would put it on. Her eyes intense with concentration as she placed it at the tip and rolled downward over head of my cock, then using both hand to roll the rest out. Running her hands up and down a few times to make sure it was secure in position and tease me a bit more.

Kay held onto my cock as she led me over to the sofa, telling me to sit down so she could be on top to begin with. I don’t think she wanted me slamming in to the hilt straight away.

As I sat back she turned her back to me and seductively dropped her skirt and thong to the floor leaving her naked apart from her socks and high heels. Her dancer rhythm made the gyrating so hypnotising. I could have watched her for hours as she backed up and sat on my lap grinding her hips squeezing me between her ass cheeks.

Kay broke me out of my trance by grabbing my condom covered erection as she turned to climb onto me, one knee either side as she positioned me at her glistening entrance. She was as turned on by this as I was.

“I have fantasised about this for so long. I thought I had missed my chance with you.” She whispered to me as she impaled herself for the first time onto me. Her face had a look of slight pain as she got accustomed to the girth. I really wish I didn’t have the condom on at this point so I could feel the full sensations of her. But it didn’t hide how tight she was.

Kay got about half way down before lifting up again, before trying to take more of the length. Her hands rested on my shoulders giving her total control. Her insides gripped me tighter than her hands did. Watching her bob up and down a few more times before I was balls deep in a second of her holes. Her wetness creating enough lube for the entry.

The heat was radiating through the condom as she sat still for a moment. I took the opportunity to admire her body. I had dreamt for years about what she would look like naked and she definitely lived up to all fantasies.

What she did next caught me by surprise, she lifted almost all the way of me and then kicked her legs out to the sides and did the splits dropping her down to the hilt with bahis şirketleri real force. I swear I saw my dick push the front of her stomach out I was so deep.

“Fuck me how flexible are you?”

“The splits are easy. I can get my legs behind my head.”

“Are you serious? That I have to see!” She was more than willing to prove she could and once I was stood up she lay back on the sofa and within seconds had her high heels hooked together behind her head. I had never seen anyone so exposed as she was at this point. Kay’s beautiful bald pussy just glistening from her arousal.

I easily manoeuvred her so her ass was off the edge of the sofa. Running my dick up over her asshole you could see a moment of panic in her face thinking I was about to try and go in, but I knew from experience that is never a good idea without prep. So I continued my upwards motion until I re-entered her pussy. She quickly relaxed and started to enjoy my onslaught. I had totally domination over her in this position, I controlled pace and depth of my strokes.

Within seconds it seemed she was screaming announcing her orgasm. Thank god everyone was out in the club. I drove all the way in as she came feeling all her insides clamp down on me. I held her like that till she started coming down and then began slow full strokes but she begged me to stop so we could change position because that was too intense to go again so soon.

I helped unhook her heels and her legs dropped to the floor either side of me again. Running my hands up the insides of her thighs to between her legs, my thumb found her clit and I began slow circular movements trying to build up to the next orgasm for her. She grabbed my arm to stop me quickly laughing saying she was sensitive. With that she jumped up and pretended to run away from me.

“Help, someone help me.” I burst out laughing as she ran round my desk fake shouting. Still on my knees, dick in my hand watching naked Kay run round my office. How has the night turned out like this?

I stood up and slowly walked to the end of my desk like a predator stalking their prey. As I sidestepped round she matched my actions to stay away until we were at the opposite end. She put her hands on the desk and had the same pose as when she got spanked before.

“Right you have had enough recovery time now. Stay in that position.” Kay did what she was told and was as still as a statue until I was behind her. Putting my feet on the inside of hers I pushed her legs wider, bringing her pussy in line with my dick. Now was my chance to tease her by rubbing up and down her slit without entering her.

“You say you have wanted this for years, yet you run away from me. So I don’t think you really want it. Maybe I should put it away and let you go back to your hen party.”

“Stop it, you know I do.”

“No not convincing enough.” I pulled away slightly so she couldn’t feel me.

“ALEX put that fucking huge dick back inside me.”

That was all the encouragement I needed and slammed balls deep in one fast motion. Pushing her legs up against the desk, her arms flailed out in front of her and her body pressed onto the desk. Grabbing her hips I continued in this position changing the depth on each stroke to mix things up. Her moans and groans let me know when I was hitting the right spots.

She came again as her legs went weak and she almost went limp on the desk. My orgasm was building and I knew it was going to be a big one, I had not cum for over a week. In the condom seemed a waste of a good fuck session and a big load. I really wanted to make a mess of Kay so I flipped her over onto her back, lifting her legs vertical to rest against my body.

As she lay there she looked at me to see what I had planned. I slowly eased forward into her putting just the head of my cock inside, she looked like she was ready to tap out. I knew that look from past partners. I don’t think she would enjoy any more at this point and would need to recover.

So I pulled out and pulled the condom off. I lay it between her legs on her bald skin, it looked huge against her slight frame. I placed my hand on top of my dick and rubbed up and down. The friction of her thighs and my hand quickly got me to boiling point. I wrapped my fingers round my shaft to wank myself to finish.

Kay lifted her head to watch me cum. The first shot landed right between her tits, she jumped a bit not expected it to shoot that far. I was totally lost in the moment and the second shot went even further and hit her in the face and she looked down her body. It dripped down the side of her nose and onto her lips. After another few shots onto her stomach I was spent.

Looking down at the masterpiece I had just painted Kay burst out laughing before scooping the cum off her face onto her fingers.

“Fuck Alex that load is massive. I hope you have something to help me clean up.”

“No sorry I don’t. Unless you want to stay there while I go to the bathroom next door.” She looked at me trying to gauge if I was serious, then looking at the cum on her fingers. She then surprised me by licking her fingers clean before scooping more off her body. She showed me my load in her mouth before swallowing it all.

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