Final Vows Ch. 02

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Mother Superior, naked as the day she was born, walked over to the young nun and took her by the hand.

“Now, Sister, it is your turn to take off your clothes.”

“But, but I can’t,” she shook her head in bewilderment. “I can’t be naked in front of you, in front of Father.”

“How else will we be able to teach you the “pleasures of the flesh” unless you are naked? Come, Sister; you know one of your other vows will be one of obedience.”

The young nun was in a whirl of confusion. How could Mother be asking this of her? How could she ever look Father in the face again if he was to see her without her habit, if he was to be the first man to ever see her private parts? She knew Mother was God’s representative in the convent and whatever she said came first from God. Did God want her to be naked? Slowly, reluctantly, she stood and allowed herself to be led by the hand to where Mother Superiors clothes lay in a pile on the floor.

“Just relax, Sister; I will do it for you.”

Mother now stood behind her and she felt the older woman’s hands reach round, move up the side of her face and slowly slide the veil from her head. Her long, blonde hair had been cut when she first entered the convent but it had grown back and now rested on her trembling shoulders. She felt/heard the sound of the zip on the back of her long, black habit starting to move down and loosen the dress which had been her protection for nearly three years. Mother smoothed it off her shoulders but the young nun automatically reached up and held her habit to her chest.

“Drop your hands to your side, Sister,” Father said, sternly. He had been watching the actions of the two nuns with a look of extreme satisfaction but now his face glowered with rage.

“I will remind you of this only once: what we do tonight is for your benefit. You must first KNOW the pleasures of the flesh before you can renounce them.”

The young nun’s hands slid to her side, terrified of him seeing her in her underwear but terrified even more of displeasing him. With nothing now holding it in place, bahis firmaları her habit fell to the floor and landed at her feet. She stood there now, only her plain, white bra covering her breasts and her plain, white knickers covering the private, dirty place between her legs.

She hung her head in shame as she felt Mother Superior unclasp her bra, slide the straps off her shoulders and down her arms, dropping it to the floor too. Her head immediately shot up straight, though, when Mother’s hands started to fondle and caress her small, firm, perky breasts. It was nice but, surely, this was wrong? How could she be feeling pleasure from another person playing with her body? Why was Mother doing this to her? What was that strange feeling now between her legs, in her private place? And what was that strange look on Father’s face?

“Do you like that, Sister?” he asked. “Do you like another woman playing with your tits?”

She was almost as stunned by his use of such a dirty word as she was by the feelings Mother Superior was eliciting from her nipples which she was rubbing between her thumbs and forefingers. Now her nipples were as engorged as Mother’s had been. What was happening to her?

She looked over at Father to see him nod to Mother Superior and suddenly the older nun’s hands left her breasts (her “tits”?) much to the surprised disappointment of her much younger Sister. She didn’t have time to reflect on their absence, however, as she felt Mother’s two thumbs hook under the waistband of her big, white knickers and slide them down, slowly, over her long legs, down to the floor.

“Step out, Sister,” said Mother as she came back round to the front and took the young girl by the hand. Trembling, she raised her feet from the pile of clothes and stepped forward away from them. Now she stood for the first time ever in front of a man, naked, and in the presence of another naked woman, a woman she had learned to love and obey over the last three years. More than anything, though, she was mortally embarrassed that, while Mother’s private parts were bald, she kaçak iddaa had a thick covering of sandy, blonde hair covering her’s. Confusion and fear raced through her mind and body in equal measure.

She didn’t feel any better when Father stood up and started to pull off his long, black cassock.


He was naked underneath. He had simply pulled his black cassock apart, the buttons flying to all corners of the room. As he turned, she almost collapsed in terror as she looked at a naked man for the first time in her life. She couldn’t help but stare at his penis; she had never seen one before and she had certainly never imagined it would be so big or so erect.

“Now, Sister, for the rest of the night all you have to do is to follow Mother Superior’s lead and do exactly what she does. Understand?”

Understand? She didn’t understand any of this and she had no idea what was in store for her. They had both said she needed to learn about the pleasures of the flesh before she could renounce them but surely this was all so sinful? Even standing here naked was something she was having trouble coming to terms with.

“I think it’s time Sister learned how to suck a man’s cock, don’t you?”

Mother Superior simply nodded and knelt down before him. The young nun didn’t know if she was more shocked by the use of the word “cock”, the idea that she was to be taught how to suck such a thing or the fact that Mother had taken it in her hand and was licking around the tip of it.

“Kneel down, Sister, just beside Mother Superior,” said the priest with a firm hand on her shoulder. “Remember your vow of obedience.”

She did as she was told and knelt down close to Mother, their thighs touching, her face only inches from his throbbing “cock”.

Mother simply took her younger Sister’s hand and gave him to her, almost like passing the baton in a relay race. “Now just lick around the head. Get used to the feel and taste of him.” The priest thought he was going to blow his load there and then as the young kaçak bahis girl tentatively reached out her tongue and started to lick at the sensitive tip of his prick. His breathing became shallower as he looked down and watched her blonde head move round and round as her tongue danced on his cock.

Mother Superior took him back in hand and proceeded to slide her mouth up and down his hard dick while pumping him with her hand at its base. After a few moments she handed him back to the young nun and instructed her to do the same. She couldn’t believe she was doing this; after all the warnings from her mother never to go near boys, here she was kneeling naked in front of a naked priest being taught how to suck his penis by an equally naked, older nun. It felt so wrong but there was that strange feeling between her legs again. What was that and why was she starting to feel a bit wet between her legs?

Again the priest looked down. He had been trying not to look in order to hold back but this was too much. Mother Superior was now sucking his balls while her younger Sister was bobbing up and down on his ready to erupt cock. He took hold of her blonde head and forced his cock further in until he hit the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to pull away but he kept a firm grip on her hair. Harder and harder he fucked her face until he felt himself push past her tonsils and down her throat. She was really struggling now to get away from him, hardly able to get a breath, but Mother was now behind her, holding her by the shoulders, preventing her from getting away. Harder and harder he thrust, deeper and deeper he forced his cock until he could feel the unstoppable rise of his spunk from his balls to the tip of his cock. He pulled out of her mouth as Mother held her in place and fired shot after shot after shot of his white spunk all over her face. She thrashed her head from side to side, trying to escape the seemingly never ending flow but still some it landed in her mouth and, for the very first time, she tasted a man’s cum.

When he finally stopped and stood back, Mother Superior let her go and she collapsed on to the carpet. Still struggling for breath and in shock she was helpless to stop the older nun climb on top of her and start to lick up priest’s spunk from her face and neck.

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