Faith and Fantasy

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Double Penetration

Faith lay in the cool darkness of her room; a thick down comforter kept the night’s cold at bay and concealed her slim young body. So thick were the covers that the movement of her hands as she pleasured herself would’ve gone unseen if anybody else had been in the room with her.

Faith, just 18, had spent the first years of her High School career participating in the Dance Team. The rigors of the discipline had toned her naturally slim, petite, teen body; she was now a model of wholesome beauty. Athletic, but not overly muscular, she moved with a power and grace that turned heads wherever she went. Her pretty face, framed with long, naturally ginger hair was open and inviting. Quick to smile, her full, delightful lips opened onto clean white teeth and healthy pink gums in a small, fresh mouth. Her large, expressive eyes shone with curiosity and virtue, seldom, if ever, clouded by doubt or tears.

Her breasts, round and ripe, rode high on her chest; at her young age they neither sagged when she bent at the waist nor flattened when she lay on her back. When she was excited, as happened often, both her nipples and her areolas swelled and rose; the image of her proud breasts surmounted by her nipples and areola pushing against the taut fabric of her dance outfits had fueled the sexual fantasies of many of her classmates and teachers of both sexes.

One of her teachers had, in fact, ventured beyond fantasy; Miss Solis, her dance instructor, had coaxed Faith into sharing her young charms with her after an after-school practice session in the Dance Studio. Miss Solis was a former dancer and though she was as short as Faith she was no longer as slim and petite as her young pupils. Her leotard clad thighs kissed against each other and her copious ass shook as she paced the stage, demanding the best from her young students in the art of dance.

She kept Faith after class one day and used the opportunity to coerce the girl out of her dance outfit and onto her back on the desk in the small dance studio office. After caressing and kissing her, Miss Solis spread the teen’s thighs, pressed her face against the young girl’s sex and slid her tongue deep inside her moist vagina.

Faith was shocked but aroused by the older woman’s sexual advances and surrendered herself to the waves of pleasure released by the woman’s tongue inside her. Faith’s excitement grew as Miss Solis climbed up on the desk, straddled her young protege’s face, and ground her sopping wet pussy against the girl’s lips as she squeezed and toyed with her student’s hard nipples.

Faith, eager to please her mentor, lapped at the woman’s dripping sex, probed deep into the older woman’s pussy with her tongue and provided her with a shuddering orgasm.

As satisfying as the interlude was, it was never repeated and Miss Solis eventually transferred to another school.

Alone in her dark bedroom Faith squeezed one of her firm, round breasts; her other hand slipped through the curling red furze that covered her pubes. She slid her fingers through the entrance to her sex, spreading the moist portals, working her delicate şişli üniversiteli escort fingers deep into herself.

In her mind ran a fantasy where she was with an older man; one of the many homeless who loitered near the entrance to her High School. She singled out the most decrepit looking of them; he may once have been handsome but time and a hard life at the margins of society had exacted harsh tolls from him. He was stooped and paunchy, with pronounced jowls and thin, stringy hair. He looked and smelled unwashed. Dressed in her tight dance shorts and a silky tank top, she secretly followed him back to his camp and approached him there, pretending to be lost. Daylight was fading; she pleaded with him for shelter and he reluctantly allowed her into his filthy hovel.

They sat on the floor facing each other; a stained canvas cover drooped close above their heads. He examined her with unconcealed lust as she made nervous small-talk in the dark, cluttered shelter. As she spun a fictional story to explain why she was there his sad eyes roamed over her young body, taking in her long red hair; the pale skin of her slender neck; her white shoulders; the hint of cleavage visible above the edge of her tank top. His eyes lingered on her pert breasts before moving down to the crotch of her shorts, where the entrance to her sex was clearly outlined by the fabric stretched tightly across her pubes. His gaze lingered there before it shifted up to her pretty face; his eyes brimmed with desire; she met them without blushing or turning away. She rose slightly to change position and clumsily toppled forward against him.

He cursed savagely when she landed on him and roughly pushed her aside but not before using the opportunity to grope at her breasts and slide his hands across her tender buttocks and between her soft thighs.

He rose to a crouch and backed away from her, seemingly frightened. Then, with surprising agility for such a dissipated old man, he sprang forward and landed astride her. He tugged at her blouse and pulled it up over her head.

With her small, soft hands Faith tried to mimic the rough treatment she received from her fantasy stranger. She squeezed her small breasts so hard that she nearly gasped out loud in her darkened bedroom, pinching and twisting her nipples, making them swollen, sore and erect.

The stranger’s calloused hands moved roughly over her soft white skin, clutching at her breasts, mauling her tender pubes, forcing their way between the soft orbs of her buttocks before returning to her small round breasts, still covered by her bra.

Instead of striking out at the filthy stranger and trying to push him away, Faith reached between the stranger’s legs and fondled him there. She found his manhood and traced its outline with her fingers through the coarse fabric at his crotch. His trousers were damp and sticky and she wondered if he had already cum while he was groping her.

The old man pressed two of his grimy fingers to her lips, then forced them between and past; over her clean white teeth taksim anal yapan escort and across her tongue; she could taste accumulated filth on them as he rolled his fingers around the inside of her mouth, toward the opening of her throat. He moved his fingers in and out, as if finger-fucking her mouth.

The stranger struggled to his feet, pulling Faith to her knees by her bra-straps as he did. The canvas cover to his tumbledown shelter was too low to allow him to stand upright, so he stooped with his shoulders against the stained cloth as he pushed her face close to his crotch.

Faith tugged at the fly of his pants; opening it unleashed a foul stench that nearly caused her to retch. She ignored the odor confronting her from between his legs and pulled at his undershorts. She fought back another wave of nausea as the odor of unwashed flesh assailed her.

Faith pressed her lips against the man’s shaft; she slid them along the length of it until they reached the swollen head; parting her lips, she swabbed the tip of the stranger’s penis with her tongue before engulfing it in her mouth.

The man’s cock-flesh was salty and bitter on her tongue; it tasted like urine smelled. Faith ignored the acrid taste and worked her tongue over and around his cock head before sliding her lips down his shaft to his balls.

Faith opened her lips wide and took the man’s damp, hairy testicles into her young mouth. She flinched and pulled away as she felt something scurry through of the coarse matted hair that covered them and drop onto her tongue. She spat the thing out and almost retched. She had to pause and take several deep breaths before she returned to sucking his balls.

She felt his hands on the back of her head as she sucked and licked his scrotum. Her tongue wandered over the dense, curling hair and pebbled flesh that covered the stranger’s testicles. She again parted her tender young lips and took one of his balls into her mouth before moving her attention back to his shaft.

The old man’s cock grew and stiffened in her mouth; she began to rock her head back and forth as she sucked at his swelling manhood.

He reached down and pulled her bra up and over her breasts exposing her swollen pink nipples. He squeezed them roughly between his wrinkled fingertips; her arousal increased with the rough treatment of her tender flesh.

She clutched the backs of his thighs and took his stiffened penis deep into her throat. He held her head in his hands and began to pump his cock in and out of her wet lips. He forced her face against his crotch and held it there, her nose pressed into his coarse pubic hair; saliva streamed from the corners of her mouth as his throbbing shaft pushed over her tongue and into her throat.

Cloaked in the darkness of the squalid shelter, the two were locked in a frenzy of carnal lust; the old man, bent with age, aching to release his pent-up desire; the young girl kneeling before him,urging him on; her mouth engulfing his shaft, sucking and slathering it with saliva as the old man slid his taksim bdsm escort cock in and out of her willing mouth.

Faith arched her back, lifting her butt off the mattress as she worked her fingers over and into her sex, responding to the excitement that grew inside her.

The old transient pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed her onto her back; to the trash – strewn floor of the shelter. He held her face with one of his grimy hands; with the other he pawed at the delta between her legs. She struggled under the old man’s restraint; his large hand planted on her face pinned her head to the floor as she writhed and twisted in the stinking darkness of the canvas hovel; her hand found the stranger’s cock, dangling between his hairy thighs. It had lost some of its firmness, but was still wet from her mouth. She tugged on it and felt it stiffen in response to her long strokes.

The man’s hand slid inside her shorts, his fingers moving through the curling red hair that covered her pubic mound. His rough, calloused fingers moved insistently across her soft flesh, groping for the opening to her vagina.

Under her bed covers Faith raked her fingernails across her breasts, raising hot red welts on her soft white flesh. She tugged at her hard nipples, pinching and twisting them as she wished the imaginary stranger would.

She pushed two, then three, then four fingers deep into her tight warm sex, stretching her wet opening, imagining that it was the hard, rough hand of the old stranger exploring her body, taking possession of her young flesh.

Moonlight fell across the bed, spilling onto her white face and long her red hair spread on the pillow-slip. Deep in the rich covers, she appeared still and placid, but in her fantasy she writhed and twisted at the hands of the stranger who took her in a frenzy of animal lust.

The man entered her with a single, powerful thrust. He pushed his stiff manhood past the wet portals of her sex and deep into the young girl’s pussy.

Faith eagerly accepted the man’s cock inside her. She arched her back and impaled herself on the stranger’s hard penis. Each of the stranger’s thrusts sent her heart racing and passions tearing through her. She surrendered to the passions and met each thrust of his penis with a thrust of her pelvis, taking his cock deep into her pussy with unbridled lust; twisting and bucking under him.

Faith’s excitement grew as the older man pounded his hard cock into her young pussy; she moaned like an animal and begged him not to stop as she approached her climax. She writhed on the floor of the filthy hovel; the older man continued to thrust his cock into her, driving her finally to a climax that overwhelmed her tender young body and catapulted her into a realm of pure carnal satisfaction.

Faith settled deeper into the bed covers; she removed her fingers from inside her wet sex and brought them to her mouth. She tasted her juices as the tide of pleasure that churned within her slowly ebbed away. As she drifted toward slumber she thought about her lover Hannah and the secret drawer of sex toys she kept. Inside lay a large strap-on penis; Faith pictured Hannah wearing it under tattered clothes, pressing her down in the dirt, entering her as the homeless stranger in her fantasy had. As she tumbled into sleep, the fantasy of Hannah fucking her with a strap-on phallus drifted from her mind like smoke, and left a familiar tingling between her young thighs.

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