Exploring Tabbi Ch. 02

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You follow me into an anonymous motel room again. It is the same motel, about a half way between our homes, just a different room this time. I place my bag by the bed, then once again we are standing together in the middle of the room for a gentle embrace, another loving kiss. Once again our bodies mould into each other, once again we hold each other near. We meet seldom, this is only our second time, but we belong together when we meet. You are mine and I am yours, but just for this short time together. We are a fitting combination. You are an inexperienced submissive seeking knowledge of yourself. I am your mirror image, dominant and experienced, and your teacher. We meet that together we might explore your body and its needs. I lead and you follow. So far I have led you into oral sex, and into the beginnings of anal play. This time we will go just a little further.

You look up at me and I see nervous excitement in your eyes, apprehensive about what is to come maybe? I hold you closer, stroking the back of your head and kissing your hair, encouraging and calming you. I know that afterwards you will feel a happy and contented woman, but you do not know that yet and I must reassure you.

After another shared kiss, another warming and comforting embrace I grasp your zipper and gently unfasten the back of your dress, pulling the zip down as far as it will go. My hand then finds its way inside, stroking and caressing your skin from your shoulders to top curve of your bottom, feeling the softness and the warmth of your flesh under my fingers. I unhook your bra to give myself unhindered travel across your back and you shiver slightly, suddenly aware that I will soon touch you very intimately. You are clinging to me, holding me tightly in anxious longing. I whisper little nothings in your ear, stroking your beautiful skin with one hand and holding your head to me with the other until you relax again. We kiss again, your flickering tongue telling me all I need to know of your desires. Pressed together our bodies mould themselves to each other and our excitement and needs are once again paramount.

After several more long and passionate kisses I break gently away to put space between our bodies so that I might ease your dress away from your shoulders. As I guide your dress forward your bra comes with it, the two garments pooling around your feet to leave you near naked before me. Reaching down I hook your panties from your hips and slide them to your ankles so that you, steadying yourself with a hand upon my shoulder, can step out of them and leave all your clothes behind you on the floor. You are gorgeous, your nipples are hard and extended, your belly is rising and falling in time with your excited breathing and your shaven pussy is looking so very inviting. I remain crouched for a few moments, just drinking in your beauty, pleased that this time you are not ashamed of your nudity but standing proudly before me. Then I rise and kiss you once more, before undressing myself and taking your hand to lead you to the bed.

We reach the bed and lay side by side, never breaking eye contact as we do so, before we slide into each others arms, feeling our naked bodies come together once again. Then we begin to kiss in earnest, lips welded, tongues dancing and bodies thrusting one against the other. My left hand is under you around your shoulders, holding you close while my right hand explores, running from your thigh to your neck, fondling, massaging, feeling. You hands are around my back, just holding me, but you are a little less passive, running your free hand up and down my back as if wanting to explore but unsure.

I push you gently but firmly onto your back, granting myself access to your body, to your breasts with their proudly erect nipples, to your belly, to the cleft between your thighs. My hand discovers your breasts, playing with your nipples, pendik escort rolling them between finger and thumb, tugging them gently. I run my fingers over your front, circling your naval before travelling on butterfly wings down to your cleft. You open your legs, sighing quietly as I delve between them, my fingertips rubbing softly on your clit. You spread yourself wider, allowing me to touch, roam, explore, and to play. But at the same time you hold me even more tightly in your arms, partly to keep me there and encourage my touch, and partly to ensure I cannot look, cannot see my own fingers playing in and around your pussy, cannot view the shiny slick evidence of your arousal, your need. I do not need to see, I can feel. You are wet, very wet; my index finger slips deeply into your cunt almost of its own accord. You need is obvious.

Hooking my finger I make a play for your ‘G’ spot, massaging the roof of your pussy and making you moan. At the same time my thumb plays on your clit, rubbing it, pressing on it, pushing it from side to side. You moan deeper, you hips are beginning their first involuntary twitches, but I don’t want you to cum just yet. I move my hand, taking my thumb from you clit and withdrawing my finger almost completely from your body. Your disappointment is tangible. But I will not tease you too much and my finger slides back into you deeply, and this time accompanied by my forefinger, the two digits scissoring as they enter, bringing a little animal noise of arousal from you lips.

I begin then to thrust in and out of you with both fingers, keeping them together as they enter but spreading them apart as they are withdrawn to deepen the sensation. At the same time I trail my third finger over your perineum, gently skating across the skin to your anus, hardly touching, the sensation almost lost to you in the much more intense feelings from your pussy. The trailing finger is serving a double purpose. It is spreading your copious pussy juice to your anus, lubricating that secret hole without you knowledge, and letting me find and explore you without a direct assault.

Soon your anus is as wet and slippery as your pussy and I begin to press gently against it, centering my fingertip ready for when I will enter you. No longer is my finger sliding up and down as I my other fingers piston in and out of your cunt. Now its sole target is your anus and a sudden tightening of your arms around me and a hardly audible ‘oh’ from your mouth tell me you have realised my intention. Your breathing deepens in my ear, you legs open even wider and you ready yourself to admit me.

I have no wish to force an entry, no matter how willing you are. To push straight in would not help your sphincter to relax and would hinder what we have in store. So even though you are inviting me into your body I return to wriggling my gently pressing fingertip at your anal entrance. Even my fingers deep inside your pussy are just a sideshow to you now, you are fixated by my finger working lightly at your anus, willing it to enter, wanting it to enter, needing it to enter. And it is entering! Slowly but surely, without any pushing, the little movements of your hips and the squirming of my fingertip are taking me past your relaxing sphincter and into your anal canal. You are hardly aware of what is happening, you are just aware of your own arousal, the approach of your first orgasm and the intensely erotic feeling of my finger knocking – as you believe – at your back door. It is not until my finger slides fully into you and I can let it join its partners in moving in and out of your body that you realise what has happened. The realisation triggers your orgasm and you moan loudly in my ear, clutching me tightly to you and pushing up hard with your hips against my three deeply buried fingers. You thrust yourself at my hand, raising yourself from the bed in your rapture, escort pendik slamming your knees together to lock me into you. For several minutes you spasm as waves of pleasure swamp you, then you fall back against the mattress, gasping and laughing in your joy. I leave my fingers quietly inside you while holding you close, kissing your forehead, murmuring in your ear, telling you how pleased I am with you.

After a little while your breathing returns to normal, your body relaxes and you look at me smilingly. Now is the time to proceed. I gently take my fingers from your body, disentangle our embrace and look directly at you, making sure to myself that you are ready. You are.

“Kneel down, Tabbi, go onto your hands and knees.”

A look of trepidation followed by one of excitement flit quickly across your face, but you do as I ask, rolling over to show me your lovely bottom. You have instinctively taken up the best position, supporting on your elbows with your head resting in your hands and your bottom raised. Your knees are flexed and spread some way apart so that you are presented to me in a stable and easily accessible position. You are giving a view so beautiful and so stimulating that my own breathing is becoming as ragged with want as yours.

I reach into my bag for a tube of lubricating gel, but before using it I kneel beside you and rest my arm around your shoulders.

“You will enjoy this, Tabbi, trust me sweetheart, I know you will.” You nod but I see the anxiety leave your face as you realise I understand your trepidation. “I’ll take it easy, and you have your safe word if you need to stop.” I know you won’t need to use your word, but the reminder reassures you further. I kiss your cheek and move behind you, undoing the lubricant as I go.

I squeeze a large blob of gel onto my fingertips and spread it gently around your anus, allowing a fingertip to penetrate you a little way and take the lubrication into you. I push it a little way in, and then remove it, before putting it back a little deeper. I do this several times, each time loosening and relaxing your sphincter and each time exploring a little deeper inside you. Your breathing deepens. Then, just like the last time we met, I introduce a second finger alongside the first, repeating the gentle in and out movements until your muscles adjust to this wider intrusion. Your breathing is heavy and you have your eyes closed, soaking up the eroticism of our play. Now you kneel before me and I can watch my two fingers moving in and out of your behind, trespassing into your forbidden zone, giving you intense forbidden pleasure. You are ready for more.

Now I introduce a third finger, just entering it into you. Although the three fingertips are close together, the way a hand is built means that the base of my fingers cannot be close together, and the fingers form a tripod, thin at the top but wider at the base. So I am very slow and gentle in my introduction of this third finger. You have plenty of lubrication, your own and the gel, but I know that you are now being stretched, opened further than nature has ever done, being prepared for my cock to enter you. I cannot go to full depth with three fingers, but neither do I need to. I stop when you have accommodated roughly the same diameter as my cock, and done so without apparent discomfort. In fact you have taken my fingers with obvious enjoyment, little grunts of pleasure coming from you each time I push them into you. It is time for you to enjoy full anal sex. You are ready, mentally and physically.

Without removing my fingers I squeeze a large blob of gel over the head of my cock, its coldness surprising me slightly. Then I put the tube put of the way and spread the lubricant all over my head and right down my shaft, masturbating myself gently for a moment or two in the process. I am now hard, slippery and fully aroused pendik escort bayan and I remove my fingers from you at long last and place the head of my cock against your anus. You know what it is by the feel, and let out a little hiss of excitement through teeth clenched with nervous expectation.

Now, holding your hips I lean towards you a little, using my weight press my cock against your sphincter, expecting quite some resistance from this guardian ring of muscle. But you are more relaxed than I had realised and my cock passes easily, entering into you with a slight audible plop. I smile with pleasure and surprise, then hold myself still, gripping your hips to prevent you from either pushing back or pulling away. But you do nothing and we remain motionless, a tableau of eroticism, two human being connected in an act of pure forbidden pleasure. Just for a moment I wish for a camera, that I might capture forever that special moment when you took a man’s cock into your anus for the first time. To keep a momento showing my shaft disappearing into you, your anus distended by it, its head buried inside you. But I have not brought one and regretfully I put the wish aside.

Having waited for a little while to allow you, and me, to become used to the feeling, I begin to fuck you slowly, pushing my cock more deeply into your rectum as I grip your hips and prevent you from moving away. In and out I move, penetrating you more and more deeply until my body is up against your behind and you have my cock full length inside you. The feeling for me is exquisite, the tightness of your sphincter ring around my shaft, the warmth and softness of your rectum, the perverse pleasure that anal sex always brings. All these things combine and I begin my slow climb to an orgasm that will fill your body with my cum for the first time.

I have no way of knowing if you are feeling the same sensations the same emotions as I am, but your breathing and your tiny vocalisations tell me that you are enjoying your first anal fuck and that you too will be able to cum from it. Safe in this knowledge I am able to fuck you a little harder, gradually increasing the speed and force of my thrusts until I am fucking your arse as hard as I would fuck your pussy. Now I know that you really are enjoying it, now you want it harder and deeper. I know because you are thrusting your arse back at me, trying to make me penetrate you further. Soon I am pulling your hips hard to me, slamming myself into you, thrusting forcefully into your rectum, as we both spiral closer and closer to our climaxes.

You beat me to it. I feel you begin to jerk and thrust as your orgasm rips through you. I feel your sphincter clenching at my cock, trying to grip it as your muscles spasm under the effects of your climax. The sensation sends me over the edge and I am also jerking and thrusting, pushing my cock deeper into your body as I send my cum up high into your rectum in spurt after spurt. It is one of the most concentrated orgasms I have ever had, the wonderful feeling of fucking your anus, the knowledge that my cum is the first ever to be released into your arse both increase the intensity. I cum until I am totally drained and you are full of my semen, all the time being milked by your muscles squeezing and releasing my shaft as your climax causes you to contract under each wave of pleasure.

Eventually our orgasms pass and we collapse onto the bed, gasping and sweating, both completely spent but totally satisfied. I roll onto my side to face you, putting my arm around your neck to pull you to me. You face me and we embrace, unable yet to kiss but wishing to express to each other our mutual thanks. For many minutes we lie together, slowly getting our breath back, slowly bringing heaving chests and pounding hearts back under control. You snuggle to me, happy at our accomplishment and our shared pleasure, and comfortable in the knowledge that your exploration is still on track, still helping you to experience the things you have so long yearned to do. You know there will be more to come the next time we meet, and you are content.

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