Explorations Ch. 05

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Nothing happened for the next few days. I spent a lot of time with Laura, as usual, but we were not alone long enough to have any kind of sex. There were comments and touching pretty often, but nothing serious. And I only saw Emily at school. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to do anything, it just didn’t happen.

I wasn’t even able to masturbate very much. Oh, I could have, but the girls had worn me out, and besides, I wanted to save my strength. I didn’t know when I might need it for another round.

Then one day Laura said to me, “What are you doing tomorrow night? My dad has a date.”

I looked at her. “Does that mean what I think it means?”

“Of course,” she said, grinning. “Should I invite Emily?”

“Yeah!”, I said, too eagerly.

Laura laughed again. “Good, because I already did. I figured you were the easiest.”

I tired to look insulted. “Are you calling me easy?”

“Of course,” she said.

“Yeah,” I replied, “you’re right.” We smiled.

She looked at me seriously. “Are you ready to go to the next level?”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Emily thinks she is ready to get laid.”

I gasped. I was used to Laura being straightforward, but geez! Or maybe I was surprised at the thought of Emily wanting to fuck me.

“Are you up for it?” she asked.

“Not yet,” I joked, looking at my crotch. “But I’m sure I’ll get it up when the time comes.”

“Oh, aren’t you funny!” She was being sarcastic, of course. “But you are a virgin, right?”

“You know I am”

“Just making sure. Are you ready to lose your virginity?”

“I’m a guy. I’d love to lose it!” When I calmed down a bit and thought a little more, I asked, “Is Emily?”

“No,” she answered. “Is that okay?”

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Are you kidding? She’s female, what else matters? No, I didn’t say that part out loud.

“It’s not like she has done it a lot, but she has done it. Just with one guy, I think.”

I thought about it and said, “No, that’s good. It takes a lot of pressure off me.”


The next night we gathered at Laura’s house. I know I was nervous, and the girls seemed to be, also. Especially Emily. My dick kept trying to get hard, just because I kept thinking of fucking Emily, but I managed to keep it mostly under control.

We all sat on the couch, holding hands or stroking each other’s legs. Not sexually, just not knowing what else to do.

Laura finally broke the tension. “Emily, I think we need to get you hot.”

Emily glared at Laura. “What??”

“Well, I think we are all nervous, and someone has to do something.”

I had a brilliant idea. “We could lose some clothes.”

Laura smiled and started to unbutton my shirt. Emily turned and began helping her. It didn’t take them long, and they then started in on my pants.

“How about you guys?” I said defensively.

“As soon as you’re done,” Emily said.

True to her word, as soon as I was naked she started taking off her clothes.

“Wait, let me help,” I said. ” That might help turn you on.”

Emily looked at me. “I don’t really need much help. I’m pretty hot right now.”

She was looking at me as I pulled her pants off her legs. “I think I need to tell you something.”

“Okay,” I said. I reached for her tits, cradling them in my hands. “I’ll start on these while you tell me.” No doubt about it, I was smooth!

“I haven’t told anyone this before. I haven’t even told you all of it,” she said to Laura, who had finished making herself naked as well. But I think you both should know the whole story.”

She had our attention, but of course I kept playing with her tits.

She continued. “You know I’m not a virgin. But I didn’t lose it very nicely.”

“You were raped?” Laura gasped. “No!”

“No, no,” Emily said. “I wasn’t raped. Not exactly. Let me explain.”

She went on. “You know I dated Brad for a while. I don’t know why I dated him so long. He was a jerk. He had a real attitude. superior and all that. It was all about him. We had to do what he wanted all the time. His movies, his friends, never what I wanted to do. He never seemed to care what I wanted.

“That was true for the sex part as well,” she continued. “I had to jack him off, even blew him a couple times. And I mean had to. He expected it. And he never went down on me. He felt me up, but that was just for his pleasure, too. He didn’t make me cum, and he didn’t try to.”

“What about the rape?”Laura asked.

“He didn’t rape me,” Emily repeated. “Really. We had sex. He screwed me. But it was like the other stuff. It was for his pleasure. He stuck it in when he was ready, and he only worried about his orgasm. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I never came once. But it was worse than that. It wasn’t rape, but it almost felt like it.”

“I knew it!” said Laura.

“He didn’t exactly rape me, but he made me feel like he had. We were in his back seat. Real romantic, huh? We were kissing and feeling each other up, like we had done before. I liked that part, with his hands under my skirt and inside my panties. It was good up to that point. But then he started pulling off my panties. That hadn’t happened before. He had gotten them loose with his hand underneath them, but this time he pulled them down my legs and off. I told him not to, I didn’t want him to do that. I wasn’t ready to go that far, let alone farther. And I knew that’s where it would probably lead.

“I was right. He wanted my panties out of the way because he wanted to screw me. After they were out of the way he spread my legs and got between them. I was still telling him no, but he kept going. Honestly, I kept going too. I kept kissing, and feeling him up. I had his penis out before, and I kept stroking it when I could reach it. I was really hot, and part of me wanted it to go further. But part of me didn’t. And he wasn’t paying any attention to me. Just my pussy. And tits.

“He even pulled my hand off his dick so he could stick it up my pussy. It didn’t work too well. There wasn’t enough room in the backseat, and too many clothes in the way. He stopped, and I was relieved that he was stopping. But he wasn’t really stopping, just long enough to undo his pants and pull them down a little. He didn’t even get them down to his knees. He got back on me and pushed his dick at my pussy again. I said stop again, but he didn’t care. I said I was a virgin, but he didn’t care. I’m not sure he even heard me. As he stuck his dick in me, I just laid back and let him. I figured he was going to do it, so get it done.”

Emily’s eyes were a little misty as she continued. “It hurt me, and I said so, but again, he didn’t seem to care or perhaps hear. When his dick got to my hymen, I told him I was a virgin again. He just pulled his dick back a little and then pushed in harder. He pushed hard right through my hymen, and I screamed because it hurt. Then he pulled back and rammed into me again and again. It was really hurting me and I was crying, but he kept on ramming into me. He was breathing hard and pretty soon he came. I was so relieved when I felt his cum, I didn’t even worry about getting pregnant. I was just glad he was done. I was still crying when he pulled out of me, and while he cleaned up and pulled his pants on. When he was ready to leave, he just looked at me and told me to settle down. I whimpered the whole way home, and it upset him. Instead of being compassionate or feeling sorry for me, he was pissed because I was upset. I had to sneak into my room so my parents wouldn’t see me because I was just barely able to stop crying. I didn’t realize until later that I had blood and cum on my legs. I sure was glad I didn’t run into my parents!”

Laura and I hadn’t said a word. I had stopped playing with her breasts, of course, and my dick was totally soft. Laura had a couple tears in her eyes.

Laura asked, “But you still went out with him?”

Emily nearly cried at this point. “Yes, I was so stupid! He said how good I was, how much he enjoyed the sex, and I thought maybe it would get better, You know how they say the first time hurts. But then the next week almost the same thing happened. It didn’t hurt too much, but it sure didn’t feel good. I was very upset that I had lost my virginity, and that Brad still didn’t seem to care what I was feeling. The third time we did it – well, he did it, I was just there! – I had just had enough. I told him he was a pig and I never wanted to see him again. The worst part was that he didn’t seem very upset. Just a little. Probably just because he didn’t know where he would get his next pussy.”

“Wow!” I said, in shock.

“Brad is a pig!” Laura said. She got up and walked around me, sitting on the other side of Emily and giving her a hug. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. It’s been a while. I’ve accepted it. He was a pig, probably he didn’t even realize that my feelings should mean anything. We weren’t in love or anything. At least I don’t have to worry about my virginity any more.”

Laura was still holding her. “But that’s not the way you should lose it.”

Emily cuddled into her. ” You are sweet. But how many girls lose it in a romantic way, like they would like to? No, I’m fine with it now. I just thought you should know the whole story. Now you know I’m not a virgin, but maybe you could treat me like one. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I’m still a little scared, after all that happened to me.”

Laura and I looked at each other, our eyes meeting and knowing we understood that Emily was just a bit fragile with all this.

“Are you sure you really want to do it?” I asked.

“You fucking well better believe it!” she said. “Don’t even think of backing out now. I am ready. Very ready. And I think you are the right guy to do it. We’ve been through a lot lately, and you are a nice guy. And,” smiling shyly, “You have a nice dick. It will be nice to replace that memory. Now, how about we get on with it?”

“Are you sure?” I asked, and looked at Laura. She seemed okay with it, smiling a tentative smile and giving me a little nod.

“Absolutely. Or don’t you think you can get it up?” Emily asked. She reached out and lifted my dick up with two fingers. She bounced it up and down a couple times and smiled. “What do you think?”

She lifted my hand to her breast, and I said, “Well, I’ll do my best.”

I cupped her breast, and began to pinch her nipple between my fingers.

“Oh, yes,” moaned Emily. “Now I’m feeling better. Keep that up.”

I leaned over and began sucking on her other nipple, causing more moans. Laura reached over and guided my other hand into Emily’s crotch. I stroked her mound, and the inside of her thighs as they opened up to give me more room. Soon I placed my whole hand over her pussy. It was staring to feel damp. I squeezed her pussy, and her breasts, and then started kissing down over her stomach and into her pubic hair.

Emily was moaning as I got on the floor between her legs and started licking her slit. My tongue worked its way into her folds, where it was getting quite wet. I spread her lower lips apart and buried my head in her crotch. I pushed my tongue into her hole as far as I could, and felt Emily’s hands on the back of my head, pulling me in tighter.

“I think I’m ready,” she said.

“In your room?” I asked Laura.

She nodded, and Emily and I stood up. Our hands were all over each other as we started to the room.

Suddenly Emily stopped and looked back at Laura, who was still in her seat on the couch. “You come too,” she said.

“Me?” Laura asked, startled.

“You are a part of all of this,” she said.

“But not this part.”

“Come on. We’re all in this together,” Emily assured her. Laura still hesitated, so Emily added, “It will help me feel better. Safer.”

That did it. Laura got up slowly, and walked over to us as we started into the room again, the girls holding hands.

We went over to the bed and sat down. Laura stood there looking uneasy until Emily patted the bed beside her. Laura sat, and Emily got her to sit in the middle of the bed, then laid down with her head on Laura’s lap. “Hold me,” she said.

I laid down beside her, trying to ignore the fact that Laura was evidently going to share in this moment. By this point I didn’t care. I was a virgin, and Emily wanted to cure that. I was eager,

Emily reached out and started stroking my body, and I stroked hers. I kissed and squeezed her breast, and my hand found its way back to her pussy. She was still wet and ready. Her hand squeezing my dick made sure that I was ready as well. It didn’t take much longer until we were ready for fucking.

I asked her if she was ready, and she moaned, “Oh, yes. I’m wet. I’m hot. I want you in me. Now!”

I placed my body in between her legs and positioned my dick at her slit.

Laura said, softly, “Rub your dick up and down her slit a little. Get it coated with her juices.”

She sounded like she knew what she was talking about, so I did it. The reaction from Emily told me I made a wise choice. Then Emily said, “Now. Put it in me!” She was demanding it.

I put my dick at her hole and pushed it in. Just an inch or two, which caused a low, long growl from her. Or was that me? My dick had to force its way, stretching the walls of her pussy apart. It was tight, but it felt so soft inside of her. The tip of my cock felt heavenly, encased in a soft, wet, velvety glove. I pushed in a little further with the same reactions. I pulled it out a little and then back in, sinking a bit further.

“Slowly,” I heard Laura say, softly.

I pulled and pushed, each time going a little further inside, each time feeling more like that wet cavern was swallowing me up, each time hearing the same long moan coming from Emily. Finally I pushed into her hole so far that our groins mashed against each other, our pubic hairs entangling. It felt so great I had to hold it there at the furthest reaches of güvenilir bahis şirketleri her love canal for a moment, enjoying the pressure.

I pulled back all the way, nearly pulling out, then pushing back in, sinking my cock all the way in until our groins stopped me. My cock was being squeezed by the walls of her cunt. It was still forcing its way through, and felt like nothing I had ever experienced. When I held it at the furthest point, I felt like I wanted to shoot out my insides into her warm hole. Each time I pumped in I felt that same pressure surrounding every inch of my cock, its skin being forced back giving me just a little pain that was much more pleasure.

Each time I pushed through the entire length of Emily’s vagina, she moaned and let out a gush of air. I suddenly remembered her story and was afraid that she was not enjoying this as much as I was. I asked if she was okay, and she said, “Oh, yes. Please keep going. It feels so GOOD!”

That satisfied me. I let my mind focus back on my penis, and those long strokes that felt so heavenly.

“Faster,” Emily said. “Faster.”

I sped up, my hips pushing hard into her pussy. Emily’s hips were pushing back at me, and her legs wrapped around my back. Her ankles seemed to lock together, and were pulling me hard into her. I was pounding hard into her cunt, and still her hips were rising up to meet me as her legs pulled me in harder and harder. I was nearing my climax. Emily beat me, though, as she screamed into the air, her cunt walls squeezing and spasming around my cock. I had been trying to hang on, but it was no longer necessary. It wasn’t really possible, either, as her cunt was so tight around my cock that I could hardly drive my way in. When I did get in she held me in deep. We did that several times as she came, and I felt my cum boiling away in my balls.

The last thing I remember is looking up at Emily’s face as she was cumming, and seeing Laura’s hand squeezing Emily’s breast. That seemed to be the final straw, as I pushed into Emily one more time, this time holding it into her depths on my own since Emily was starting to relax. My cum exploded from my cock into her cunt. I pulled back and shoved it in again with another explosion. I did this several times, each time drawing a groan from me as well as her.

Finally I was drained. I held inside of her, enjoying the feeling deep inside. My cock was shrinking, but it was long enough to remain inside. I thought I might be too heavy on top of her and started to roll off, but she stopped me.

“No, don’t move. I love the feel of you inside me,” she said. Her voice was soft, sexy, sounding fully satisfied.

I pumped my hips to move inside her slightly. Oh, the feeling was still so soft and tight, enveloping my entire rod. It hadn’t shrunk too much yet. Emily smiled when I did that, enjoying the feeling as well. Meanwhile, Laura was smiling dreamily, her hand softly rubbing Emily’s breast and nipple. For a moment I felt my dick throb and thought it might get hard again, but it didn’t. It finally was soft enough that I was able to withdraw it without feeling too sad. It had been a wonderful feeling.

I rolled over off Emily, and stared into her eyes, wondering how it was for her. Her eyes gazed into mine, twinkling in satisfaction.

“Thank you. That was wonderful. It was so good. My whole body was shaking, tingling. My core exploded when I came. I couldn’t imagine a feeling like that.”

“Are you sure?” I asked again.

“Amazing. You were good. You must have been, I was nearly driven insane. In a good way!.” She looked up at Laura, still cradled in her lap. “And I was so glad you were here. I’m glad you could share in it a little. It felt right. And I loved the feel of you on my breast.”

Laura jumped. Her hand had still been on Emily’s breast, but when she heard that her hand went flying off. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t even realize I was doing that.”

“No, I did like it. Really. Didn’t you?”

Laura looked down, shyly. “Well, yes, i liked it. I never touched a breast before. You know, someone else’s. It was surprising. It turned me on.”

Emily laughed, and pulled Laura’s hand back to her breast. “Touching my breast turned you on? How about watching us fucking?”

“Yes, that too. Wow, you guys are HOT!”

“Well,” said Emily, “it’s your turn now. Or as soon as this powerful cock is ready.”

“Oh, no. I don’t want to do that. That was really hot, but I’m not ready to lose my virginity. Is that okay?” Laura asked.

Emily pulled herself up on the bed and hugged Laura. “Of course it’s okay. It’s certainly up to you. You decide whenever you’re ready. Don’t let anyone make that decision for you.”

The girls hugged. I raised myself up and joined in the hug.

Emily said, “But when you’re ready, I know a guy that can rock your world for you.”

The girls giggled, I smiled, and we stayed there, naked, and all hugged together for several minutes before we reluctantly started to get dressed and go home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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