Exchanging Valentines’s Gifts

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This is my entry into the Literotica 2022 Valentine’s Day Story Contest. I always like to reinforce that like my author name says, all of the stories I tell here have a basis in truth and are always based on actual events from my life. That being said, I do add some twists & embellishments to keep them interesting for the readers. Names are always changed.

Please remember, authors & our stories thrive on ratings. We get better with feedback, so PLEASE leave your comments on our stories and rate them when you are done!

WARNING: In this story, my wife was 5 months pregnant and it does play into the overall tale. That being said, I still placed it in the Erotic Coupling category as it truly isn’t a pregnancy fetish story. But, if that sort of thing bothers you, perhaps you should skip this one!

Everyone in the story is 18 years of age or older.


When my wife, Sherri and I got married, we knew we wanted to have kids quickly. I was 31 at the time and she was a few years older. So the window, as they say, was closing. We didn’t expect her to get pregnant THAT quickly, though! Sherri announced the news in mid-October that she was expecting our first child.

The whole time we were dating and at our wedding, Sherri was a rail-thin blonde with hair halfway down her back. She had small b-cup breasts, tiny waist, wider hips and ass, and long legs. Back in the early-00’s, she was a perfect model for the women’s clothing store “bebe”. As her pregnancy progressed, she started to fill out more. Her breasts got larger and fuller, her ass got bigger and her stomach began to grow. Because she was almost 5 months pregnant, she had a growing baby bump that she mostly hid with her clothes. Bulky sweaters and loose fitting dresses hadn’t yet given way to full maternity-wear.

Still, she tended to hide herself from me as her body changed. When I did see her naked, I noticed even more differences. Her areolae were larger and darker than usual, almost absorbing her small nipples on her swollen breasts. She had also been letting her pubic hair grow in more. Usually, Sherri kept herself closely trimmed but at that point, she had a thicker brown bush that was in a messy triangle.

The most unfortunate part of her early pregnancy? Morning sickness. Actually, to call it that is inaccurate. Sherri suffered from morning, afternoon, evening and night sickness. The poor woman was constantly nauseous with heartburn and after 4-5 months of pregnancy, it was starting to wear on her. She had less energy but was also losing her zest for life in general. Just the aspect of being constantly sick to her stomach made doing everything more difficult and less enjoyable for her.

As a result, we spent most of that winter at home, watching TV, renting movies, and playing games. Oh, and no sex. That one was a joint effort, however. Given her overall condition, she didn’t have much interest in getting bounced around in bed. At the same time, I wasn’t exactly pushing her. Truth be told, I was terrified. I was one of those guys that thought her having sex while she was pregnant would somehow hurt Sherri or our unborn child. No, I didn’t think my dick would be poking the baby in the head … I should be so lucky to be that big… but I was just nervous about the whole idea of sex.

In mid-January as Valentine’s Day approached, I asked Sherri what she wanted to do for the holiday.

“I’ll be honest” she said, “The nausea has been better lately. Heartburn too. But I just don’t feel like going out, is that ok?”

“Whatever you want. But do you just want to make a reservation at the Lakeside Caf├ę around the corner? It’s casual with great food, they know us there and if you start to feel sick, we’re close to home.”

Sherri’s eyes started to tear up. “No. Can’t we just stay in? I mean look at me. I have dark circles under my eyes, my hair seems to have these weird curls now” she was now progressing from tears to full crying and sobbing. “Less and less of my clothes fit, my skin is breaking out, I can’t wear high heels because my feet hurt, I’m tired all the time and none of my clothes even fit me!”

I wrapped my arms around Sherri and let her cry into my shoulder. As she started to slowly calm down, I said, “You said your clothes don’t fit twice.” Sherri stifled a small chuckle as she sniffled on my shoulder.

“Shut up. Don’t make me laugh. This sucks.”

“Look Babe, if you don’t want to do anything that night, it’s fine. But you can’t let all this build up! You’re gonna make yourself sick.” I pulled her away from me and looked her in the eye. “Let me look into some options and then we can decide. But if what you want to do is stay in, that’s fine with me, too.”

The next day, I went into my office on a mission. I asked my assistant, Grace, to follow me into my office. I “inherited” Grace from my predecessor and she was a veteran of the company. Grace was in her late-fifties and I was convinced she was more in charge than I was pinbahis yeni giri┼č on any given day.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“I need your help. Sherri is in a tough place right now. She was in tears for an hour last night.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing! I asked her what she wanted to do for Valentine’s Day!”

“So, what upset her?”

“Everything. Valentine’s Day, her hair, her feet, her skin. Literally everything.”

“Yeah, you men will never understand, but pregnancy is miserable. I mean the kids are wonderful and motherhood is great — but everything else pretty much sucks. So, what are we doing?”

I gave Grace a sarcastic look, “I don’t know. That’s why I have you, to tell me what to do.”

“Useless. You men are all the same. Fucking useless. Do you have any ideas?”

My latest blank stare seemed to frustrate Grace even more. If we hoped to progress at all, she knew she’d have to take control of all of this.

“OK” she started. “Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year. Is there a little restaurant close to you that she likes? Nothing too fancy?”

“There’s the Lakeside Bistro. We know the owner and go there all the time.”

“Great” she continued, “I need you to call him and get a reservation. But warn him that you may end up doing takeout at the last minute if Sherri wants to stay in.”

“Got it” I said as she scribbled in her pad, never looking down, keeping eye contact with me.

“You’re going to treat her to a whole day of pampering to make her feel like her old self for a day. Who’s her best friend?”


“Call Linda. Tell her to block off that day to spend with Sherri.” Grace was in full order-giving mode, now. “I’ll find a salon to get her hair done, plus a facial and massage for her and her friend. I’ll find the most upscale maternity store in the city and set up an appointment and account for the day. Then, I’ll make up a little coupon book for you to give her the week before.”

“You are amazing. What do you need me to do?” I asked.

“Call the restaurant, call Linda and give me a credit card.”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a credit card from my wallet, “Y’know Grace, this is why I keep you around.”

As she stood to leave my office, she replied, “Bullshit. Just be glad I keep telling the company to keep you around. Oh, and write down the Chop House restaurant in Middlebury.”


“Because you are treating Ted and me to a romantic dinner on Valentines Day. I’ll take care of it on your card when I do the rest.”

On the Monday before Valentine’s Day, I picked up a dozen roses (that Grace ordered) and got the coupon book to bring home to Sherri. When I got home, she was working on her laptop, curled up on the couch. You could just see her baby bump under her sweatshirt and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. When she looked up, she saw the roses and exclaimed, “Roses?!?! You didn’t have to get those for me.” I handed them to her with the card and coupon book.

“They really are beautiful. Where did Grace order them from?”

“How do you know I didn’t get them myself?”

Sherri’s eyes rolled back so far I thought she would hurt herself. “Because you can barely go piss without her at this point. No way you did this.” She then started to open the card. “What’s in here?”

As Sherri started to read the note and coupons, she started to cry again.

“No. You didn’t have to do all this. This is crazy.”

“Seriously? With everything you’ve been dealing with? I think you deserve some treats for yourself. Besides, Linda is on board so you really have no choice now!”

Sherri stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck, still sniffling into my neck and shoulder, “Thank you, Jay.”

Saturday morning arrived and so did Linda at our condo at 9am sharp. Linda was a travel agent with a big mane of red hair, loud makeup and personality to match it all. We always joked that we could hear Linda enter a room long before we would ever see her. Linda’s wardrobe consisted of short skirts and low cut tops to show off her impressive bust. Sherri and I would often joke that Linda would probably sprain an ankle if she wore heels lower than 4 inches high.

As Sherri’s best friend, Linda knew Sherri was in the doldrums during her pregnancy and was determined to snap her out of it. Sherri was less than enthusiastic as she was second-guessing how she looked and felt heading out for the day. Linda, however, was having none of it.

“Bitch” she started. “You look better 5 months pregnant than most women look on a daily basis. You can still barely see your belly, your skin is fucking glowing and your tits are getting bigger.” She physically spun Sherri around as she continued. “And I’m surprised Jay isn’t trying to tap that ass every night the way it looks right now.”

“Linn…stop” attempted Sherri.

“No. You stop. Cut the shit and let’s go. You admitted to me that the morning sickness has mostly calmed down and you pinbahis giri┼č can actually do stuff again. Besides, Jason said he’s paying for everything today, so don’t fuck this up for me, too!”

As Linda pushed Sherri out the front door she turned to me and gave me a wink, “Don’t worry. I’ve got this.”

The two women got back to the condo close to 4:00 carrying a bunch of bags of various sizes. I was snoozing on the couch with a college basketball game on in the background. When I looked over, I could see the difference in Sherri right away. She had a relaxed glow on her face from the treatment and her hair had been trimmed and curled with some new highlights added.

“Did you two have fun?” I asked.

“Yes” Sherri replied. “Thank you SO much Jay. If you’re still up for it, we should definitely go out tonight to the bistro. But, I’m going to go crash for an hour or so. I’m exhausted. Linda, are you sure you don’t want to join us tonight?”

I was surprised that Sherri would invite Linda out for our first date in months, but Linda made it a non-issue.

“No. You kids have fun. I have my boy toy Chad taking me out tonight.”

Linda helped Sherri carry the bags to the bedroom and emerged a few minutes later. She flopped on the sofa so we could chat for a minute.

“How was she?” I asked.

“Good. Once I got her out of her funk.”

“She feeling ok?”

“Yes! She’s fine! I don’t know what she’s telling you, but she hasn’t been nauseous for a couple of weeks. She’s actually going back to yoga class to keep herself in shape. Her big problem has been her own self-image. She’s having trouble with her new mom body and everything changing. Plus, don’t forget that her hormones are going crazy right now.”

“What can I do?”

“Nothing, sweetie. Just keep doing what you’re doing and try not to piss her off.”

“Did she have fun today?”

“Yup. We had a great day. She needed it.” Linda started to stand up. “But I have to go home and get ready for my date tonight.”

Linda kissed me on the forehead and said, “You guys have fun tonight!”

A few hours later, I was dressed and waiting for Sherri to head around the corner to the bistro for dinner. I heard her getting ready and double-checked that she still wanted to head out. For the first time in a few months, the Sherri that came around the corner looked like the confident woman I knew and loved.

She was wearing a new red dress that was low-cut at her breasts and highlighted her increased cleavage. I assumed she must have been wearing a new push-up bra because “the girls” were certainly looking good! The bottom of the dress was loose and flouncy, hiding her baby bump but ending just above her knees. She was wearing some patterned black tights and knee high boots with a small, but chunky heel. She had on makeup that was perfect for a night out and her long blonde hair had a new curl to it that had it falling to her shoulder blades.

“Babe, you look amazing!”

Sherri did a quick little spin that made her skirt rise up and her hair bounce on her shoulders.

“Thanks, sweetie! I really do appreciate everything today. You and Linda got me out of my funk for the first time in months.”

We left the condo and braved the February cold as we walked the few blocks to the restaurant. The bistro was a quaint, intimate little restaurant that we frequented. Matt, the manager, had reserved us a little table in the front window so we could look out and watch the people walking by.

Matt put together an amazing multi-course Valentines meal for customers that night. We started with sauteed porcini mushrooms, followed by Beef Tartare and a mixed green salad. The main course was ratatouille with seared snapper. A cheese course was followed by a pannacotta with vanilla and spices. We ended with freshly brewed espressos.

Sherri had to be selective with some of the items because of her condition and she was limited to one glass of wine for the evening. Still, it was amazing because for the first time in months, we sat, we relaxed, we chatted and we even flirted. As we walked home, I could tell that Sherri was starting to fade a bit.

“You ok?” I asked.

Sherri snuggled into my arm a bit more, “Yes. I’m great. Just getting tired. I just don’t have the energy I usually do. But thank you, Jay. Tonight has been wonderful.”

We walked back into our condo and went straight to the bedroom. Sherri sat on the bed and lifted her leg. “Can you help me get these boots off? My feet are starting to hurt.” I reached down and unzipped each boot then pulled them off from the heel. I had been with Sherri long enough to know the signals she was sending and they weren’t leading to romance that night.

“I’m gonna get changed and go watch a movie for a bit.” I said. “You should get into your pjs and get some rest.” I gave Sherri a quick kiss and started to peel off my clothes, changing into a tshirt and sweats.

“I’m sorry, babe. I really had a fun night” Sherri pinbahis g├╝venilirmi said with her eyes still closed on the bed. “I’m gonna undress, get changed, then I’ll come out and say goodnight.”

I poured myself a drink and went into our living room. As I’ve mentioned in other stories, our condo complex actually consisted of three different buildings, all 40 stories tall. They bordered a common area with a pool, small lawn area and benches that all the buildings shared. Because our unit faced into the middle of the buildings, we could easily see into the windows of the other buildings, just as they could see into ours. This was made easier by the fact that every condo had huge windows that ran from about waist-high to the ceiling, giving us all incredible views. Any resident with “inside facing” windows knew the perils and attractions of the setup. On the negative side, you had to make sure your shades were drawn if you didn’t want to people to be able to see you. On the positive side, more often than not, there were residents who were more open to being seen. Anyone who denied at least one instance of seeing something … naughty… in another window was either blind or a liar.

I wandered over to big bay window and started scanning the windows of the other buildings. Most of the windows were dark and some you could tell were watching TV by the flickering lights. Some people were visible sitting at tables, reading and talking with others in their condos. As I sipped my drink, one set of windows caught my attention as there were over a dozen candles lit and sitting on the window sill. The condo was below mine, so I was actually looking down with a decent view into their living room. As I watched, my eyes adjusted and I could see two people on a large rug on the floor surrounded by more candles. A woman was naked and was riding her partner. I sipped my drink as I watched them doing the one thing I wished I was doing too.

The woman was a slight brunette with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had small tits and a muscular ass that she was using to grind her pelvis on her partner. I couldn’t see much of her partner as he was shrouded in shadows. She had her hands planted on his chest as she sat upright riding him. As I watched the apartment below, I heard the bathroom door open down the hall followed by the sound of Sherri’s bare feet padding down the hallway. It wasn’t unusual for us to do some “window-peeping” both alone and together, so I didn’t make an effort to move away.

I felt Sherri come up behind me and wrap her arms around my waist, “Whatcha watching?” I didn’t look back, but pointed in the direction of the window.

“About 3 floors down, two windows over from the left.” The woman in the lower apartment had collapsed her arms and was now pressed against her lover’s chest. His arms were around her and they were both thrusting with vigor.

“Do you want to keep watching?” Sherri started as she turned me by my waist, “Or do you want to join me in the bedroom for a bit?”

Once I turned, I saw that Sherri hadn’t changed into comfy sweats or pjs, but a sexy little chemise. The garment had black spaghetti straps that led to some sheer lace cups that held her growing tits. Under her bust, the garment was a Valentine’s Day-appropriate red satin that flared out at her waist and ended just below her pussy and ass cheeks. She grabbed me around the neck and pulled me in for a kiss. As our lips met and her hands pulled me closer to her, my own hands wandered down, under her skirt and grabbed her bare ass cheeks.

Sherri was pressing her pussy against my rapidly-growing cock that was pushing against my sweatpants. She slightly raised one leg as our tongues wrestled with a passion we hadn’t released in months. When we pulled apart to take a breath, I slightly pushed her away.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” I asked.

“Trust me, I’m fine. When the nausea stopped a few weeks ago, I planned on making Valentine’s Day a special night. Then, when you and Grace and Linda planned today, I know it would make it all perfect.”

“But will you be ok? And the baby?”

Sherri actually chuckled at me. “Yes. We’ll both be fine. Every book AND my doctor say that sex is perfectly safe while I’m pregnant. And one thing that doesn’t get talked about much is that a pregnant woman’s hormones are out of control. So, I’ve been horny for close to two weeks waiting for tonight. Consider this my little Valentine’s gift to you.”

Without another word, Sherri took me by the hand and led me down the hall to the bedroom. With every step, I could see her ass cheeks peeking out from under her skirt. When we got to the bedroom, Sherri backed me up to the bed and pushed me down so I was sitting.

“Take off those sweats and boxers” were her only orders as she grabbed a pillow and placed it on the ground in front of me. I didn’t waste any time and I peeled off my sweats (little did she know I wasn’t wearing boxers) while she settled down on her knees. Sherri spread my knees apart and took my rigid cock in one of her hands. She slowly started stroking up and down my length making me even harder. Sherri wasn’t looking at me, instead she was staring at the motion of her own hand, as if she were mesmerized by the movement.

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