Escaping The Spell

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As always thanks to my editor CheerSmartie_526. This one is a bit long, I hope you enjoy it.


It was a clear night, unseasonably warm for the end of October. The full moon gave the landscape an eerie glow that was perfect for Halloween. Two individuals sauntered down the street.

“It was a pretty good party, at least until the cops showed up,” Wayne lamented.

“You’d think they would cut us a break on a Friday night, it wasn’t that loud,” Danica replied.

“It wasn’t the noise that made them break it up, there were a couple people in the backyard smoking something and they showed the cops a fake prescription. I think that is what pissed them off,” Wayne explained.

“This is why we can’t have nice things,” she replied with a laugh.

“I can’t believe Karen and Sam ditched us, they knew we needed a ride home,” he said.

Danica grinned, “They didn’t exactly ditch us… I’m sure they thought they would be back before the party ended.”

Wayne stopped, “Where did they go?”

“Parking,” she replied.

“As in?” he asked.

“As in get in the back seat and fuck, how did you not know that? It seems like every time a couple is out of sight for more than a minute all the guys are like ‘she’s on her back’, and it was pretty obvious those two were only interested in one thing when they were at the party,” Danica said.

“Sorry, not wearing the horny guy hat tonight,” he said.

“Yea, what is your costume again, the evil pharmacist?” she teased.

“Dr. Frankenstein, at least mine is a little scary. How is your costume scary, are you some kind of zombie flapper?” he retorted.

“Girls get a pass on scary, we can also go with sexy, and this is very sexy,” she replied defiantly.

Wayne nodded, she had a point. Girls did get a pass on scary, and she was right, it was sexy. Her costume clung tightly to her body. Danica wasn’t the sexiest girl he knew, but she was probably the most awesome. She was just enough of a tomboy to be fun, but she was still clearly a girl. A day did not go by that Wayne wished he could find a way out of the friend zone. He cringed when he saw Danica on dates, she had an inexplicable attraction to bad boys, but it appeared the attraction was not mutual. She even referred to herself as ‘One date Danica’. He had suggested they go as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein, but she had already fallen in love with her 1920’s flapper costume.

Danica wondered if Karen was still getting fucked. Sex both fascinated and terrified her, which was why she was still a virgin at the ripe old age of nineteen. All of her friends had lost their virginity in high school, but she never went all the way. Partially because she had a contrarian streak in her, she sometimes refused to do something precisely because everyone else was doing it. And partially because the guys that were willing to have sex with her just didn’t get her juices flowing. She had hoped that Wayne would pick up on some her hints, but he seemed content to be a shoulder for her to cry on each time a guy dumped her, or worse, cheated on her. She had hinted that he should pick a gangster costume to match her outfit. She knew he would look awesome in a suit and fedora, but he was fixated on being Dr. Frankenstein. Wayne interrupted her musing with a question.

“Should we be turning left somewhere?”

“Not until after this cemetery and it is pretty big,” she replied.

She was quite familiar with this cemetery; several of her relatives were buried here. There was one grave in particular she visited often, even though she had never met the person in that grave.

“That’s right, whose idea was it to walk home past a graveyard on Halloween?” Wayne asked sarcastically.

“It is the quickest way home. We can take a shortcut through it, maybe we can find a coven of witches casting a spell,” she teased.

“If they look anything like the witches at the party I’m all for it,” Wayne replied, recalling the twelve women at the party accompanied by a very lucky man in a devil costume.

Danica had to agree with him, the witches at the party did look good, even if they were not very creative. She had noticed Wayne admiring the members of the coven, but was not surprised he kept his distance. She knew he dated, but could not recall him ever having a steady girlfriend.

“Would you mind if we took a little detour? My great-great aunt is buried here, I just want to check on it, make sure someone did do something stupid,” she said.

There was another reason she wanted to see Aunt Vanessa’s grave, but she wasn’t ready to share it with Wayne yet. During her genealogical research Danica had found her great Aunt’s journal. In it her aunt revealed that she practiced magic and that she had cast a spell that joined her to Stanley, her fiancé. At first Danica had discounted the writing as fantasy, the more she learned about her aunt the more she believed it was possible her relative was a white witch. Halloween with a bahis firmaları full moon seemed like the best time to visit the grave of a witch.

“Sure, let’s spend some more time wandering through the graveyard at night,” he replied with just a hint of sarcasm.

“It will just take a minute,” she replied.

“Great-great aunt,” Wayne said, “did you know her? It seems like she would have died before you were born.”

“She did, way before I was born. I was doing some genealogy research a few years ago and discovered her. She looked a lot like me, and I’ve always felt this connection to her. The first time I visited, her grave was in pretty bad shape. She died young and most of her family moved away, so there was no one to look after her grave. Her story is pretty sad,” Danica explained. Again she left out a bit of information. When she was cleaning up Vanessa’s grave site she noticed something near the bottom of the headstone. When she moved some soil away from the base she discovered some additional inscriptions. It took quite a bit of research, but Danica eventually learned that it was part of the spell her aunt had written about in the journal. The discovery made Danica feel even closer to Vanessa.

Wayne looked up, he expected to see rain clouds forming, and that would be on par for the night. He was wandering through a graveyard at midnight while the girl he had a secret crush on talked about her long dead aunt. He could not think of any way to steer the conversation in a positive direction.

“What happened?” he asked, resigning himself to hearing a tale of woe.

“Vanessa was engaged to her high school sweetheart, but before they could get married he was drafted and went to Europe to fight in World War One. Stanley was killed in a battle. The next morning her family found her dead, clutching a picture of her fiancé. They didn’t hear of his death until a few days later, but somehow she knew,” Danica said.

“So she killed herself?” he asked, wondering if the story could get any more depressing. He knew some of his distant relatives had been in WWI, but had never bothered to do any research.

“No, at least not that anyone could tell. They decided she died of a broken heart, that somehow she knew he was dead and did not want to live without him. A lot of the soldiers were buried in Europe, but the family had his body sent home. They had a wedding ceremony instead of a funeral. I’m not sure how that handled the ’till death do us part’ thing,” Danica said. She reached under her shirt and pulled out a pendant.

“What’s that?” Wayne asked.

“It was hers,” she said, opening it to reveal two portrait photographs.

The full moon provided just enough light for Wayne to see the pictures. He guessed the people were Danica’s great great aunt and her fiancé. The resemblance between Danica and Vanessa was uncanny, almost to the point of being unsettling. The young man’s face was partially obscured by a full beard and mustache, but Wayne admitted to himself that the dude was handsome. He watched Danica walk up to a pair of headstones and run her hands over each of them, then kneel between them. He joined her.

“So sad,” Danica lamented, “makes you want to live for the day, doesn’t it”

“Yea, it does. You really feel a connection to her?” He asked.

“Kinda, is that weird?” she replied.

“It’s cool. I dare you to lie on her grave,” Wayne said, then realizing how creepy it sounded.

“Really, well I double dog dare you to lie on his,” she responded, moving toward the grass in front of the tombstone.

She should have been offended by his challenge, but she wasn’t.

The response surprised him, Wayne expected her to chicken out. The idea of lying on top of a body seemed spooky, even if it was six feet underground. He waited for Danica to stop, to admit she was bluffing, but she didn’t. She stretched out on the grass and folded her arms just below her breasts. He looked at the headstone. Stanley Wilkinson 1894-1917, Lieutenant Army Air Corp. The name sounded familiar, but he wasn’t sure why. He guessed there was a street named after him or a monument in town. He looked back at Danica, she appeared to be asleep. He reclined on the soft grass and closed his eyes.

Something stirred deep below the young woman lying on the ground. A spirit had been awakened by a very specific combination of factors. Effortlessly it passed through the earth as it had many times before. But unlike every one of its previous journeys the surface was not a barrier, rather it was a conduit to a very special individual. A short distance away another spirit awoke and followed a similar path.

The soft rustle of the grass caused Danica to open her eyes. She had not been sleeping, just trying to imagine what it would have been like to be alive in 1917. No internet, no cell phone, no worries about nuclear terrorism or global warming. It seemed like another world. She turned and looked at Wayne. He appeared blurry; she blinked a few kaçak iddaa times and tried to focus. The haze faded away and she saw him sit up and turn towards her. When he looked at her she felt something different. It took her a few seconds to realize it was desire. Not just the usual schoolgirl crush, something inside her wanted to feel him.

Wayne wasn’t sure how he came to be sitting up. He remembered lying down on the grass and now he had turned to face Danica with his legs extended outward. Something did not seem right, the woman in front of him was subtly different that Danica, her hair was a bit longer and her skin was lighter. He began to think he was dreaming. Wayne tried to stand up, but his body refused to budge. He tried to speak, but there was no sound. He concluded it was a dream, and he was nothing but a spectator in it. He saw Danica open her eyes and look towards him. Her mouth moved, but he heard nothing. This was turning out to be a strange dream.

In the blink of an eye Danica found herself standing in front of Wayne. His face was blurry again, she thought she was seeing double. His lips were moving, but she could not make out what he was saying. She tried to read his lips, and the first word she made out sent her mind reeling. He had said Vanessa, her long dead aunt’s name. Danica let her eyes relax and when the double vision went away she realized she was looking at Stanley just as he appeared in the locket around her neck. She pinched herself, surely this was some kind of bizarre dream, but the tingle of pain as she squeezed her skin between her fingers indicated otherwise. She tried to step back, but this time her body refused the command to move. She realized Wayne had put his hands around her waist.

Time seemed to move in fits and starts as Wayne’s dream progressed. He stared at Danica for what seemed like a long time, and then the world seemed to fast forward and he was standing with his arms around her, pulling her body against his. Her firm breasts flattened against his chest and her warm breath flowed over his neck. He liked where the dream was going.

The same sense of longing Danica felt each time she visited her great; great aunt’s grave was back, stronger than ever. It seemed to diminish as Wayne’s arms wrapped around her body. Something strange was going on, she wondered if someone had slipped a roofie into her drink. The double vision and dreamlike state should have been setting off alarm bells, but Danica felt quite at ease. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but her instinct said to relax. She looked up at Wayne, something was quite different. His eyes looked the same, but his face had changed. His nose was a bit crooked, like it has been broken at some point. The most noticeable difference was the full beard. She reached up and stroked his face. Her fingers disappeared into his facial hair, but she could not feel it. As she stared at his face it began to return to its familiar appearance. Danica half closed her eyes and relaxed and his appearance changed again. The beard returned and her fingers could feel the coarse hair on his face. She wasn’t sure if she was dreaming, had been drugged or if the cause was something else, but she decided not to fight it. She felt comfortable and safe, which surprised her since she was standing in the middle of a cemetery at midnight.

This wasn’t the first time he had held Danica in his arms, but it was the first time he had done it with an erection. He had no doubt she was aware of his condition, her body was pressed tightly against his, there was no way she could miss the bulge in his crotch. Her breasts were flattened against him, but between his costume and hers he could not tell if her nipples were hard. He looked down at her, something was different but he could not put his finger on it. Her lips were moving but he could not make out the words. Then suddenly their lips met. Kissing Danica was something he had thought about for years, but never acted on. He had fantasized about it, but what he had imaged paled in comparison to what he felt at the moment. His lips moved to her ear, then down her neck. His fingers sought out the zipper on the back of her dress. This had to be a dream; Danica would never want him to do this, especially in the middle of a cemetery. Wayne didn’t care that he had no control over this dream, it seemed perfect.

When the zipper reached the middle of her back the dress slipped off her shoulders, revealing her breasts. Danica didn’t regret her decision to go braless, even thought it meant she was now half naked in a graveyard. She kept her eyes closed as she felt his soft lips moving further and further down her body. The rough hair of his beard brushed against her nipple, sending a shiver down her spine. His hand caressed her other breast. She had let one or two dates get to second base, but it was nothing like this. There was no awkwardness, just his fingers pressing into her flesh. His tongue circled one nipple as his fingers tugged on the other. She knew she kaçak bahis was moaning loudly, but wasn’t sure if any words were coming out of her mouth. A tingling sensation began to spread out from between her legs and she had no doubt that she was getting wet.

Danica’s breasts were exactly as he had imagined them. Her nipples were not what he expected. Wayne thought they would be just a few shades lighter than her skin, with areola about the size of a pencil eraser, but they were much darker. Danica’s nipples were more of a pyramid than a pebble on top of her breast. He cupped her breast in his hand as his lips moved closer and closer to her nipple. This wasn’t the first time his hand had been on a woman’s breast, but they have always been covered by some kind of clothing. Feeling her naked tit in his hand made his cock ache. Wayne began to wonder if this really was a dream, Danica’s tits certainly felt real enough.

For the first time in almost one hundred years Stanley looked at the face of his beloved. She had told him that nothing could separate them, not even death. He had discounted her promise as being overly dramatic. In her letters to him she explained that there was a magical bond between them and somehow he would find his way back to her. Now as his spirit finally took control of the body he finally understood fully what she had told him.

His family had arranged for him to be buried next to her instead of in Europe, where the rest of the men that fell in battle with him were laid to rest. It was in death that he learned that Vanessa had been telling the truth. It had been both a blessing and a curse. He could sense that she was nearby, but he was helpless to do anything about it until certain conditions were met, and tonight everything had come together. He was surprised at how easy it was to assume control of the young man’s body. Any guilt he felt about commandeering it vanished when he saw Vanessa. She was as beautiful and sexy as he had remembered. He commanded the body to stand and walked to her.

“Stanley,” the young woman cried out. He recognized the voice as Vanessa’s. The outfit she was wearing was a bit out of character, but he appreciated the way she looked in it.

“Vanessa,” Stanley replied.

“We are finally together, but I fear it is not for long,” she said.

“Then we should make the most of it,” he said, wrapping his hands around her. The feeling of her body was better than he remembered.

“I suppose this is our first night together as husband and wife,” she replied.

She had a secret that only Stanley knew. There were members of her family that practiced magic. They had cast a spell that had joined her with Stanley. By adding her strength to his they had hoped to increase his chance of surviving the war. What it had done was give him the ability to perform a heroic act that saved many of his fellow soldiers, but the price was that when he perished so did she. It was a risk she had been aware of and a cost she was willing to bear to be with him forever. The wedding ceremony that had been held at her burial was a mask for the final part of the spell. Tonight the labor of her family finally bore fruit as she and Stanley were once again able to be in each other’s arms.

He quickly began to kiss her, expressing decades of desire with his lips and tongue, he practically devoured her soft flesh as he unzipped her dress and let it fall away from her nubile body. He had only seen her breasts once before, they had gone skinny dipping and felt very daring at the time. It was at a lake not far from their present location. He recalled the way the water lapped at her breasts as she floated on her back. Just like that night at the lake the full moon illuminated her gentle curves and dark nipples. Stanley pressed his mouth against her in a manner that did not reflect well on his upbringing. This was not a time to be a gentleman. He swirled his tongue around the crinkled flesh of her nipples and then lightly bit her with his teeth. The moan that emanated from her mouth was the sweetest sound his ears had ever experienced.

Vanessa considered her overly sensitive nipples a blessing. She had taken herself to the very edge of orgasm just by pinching and tugging on them. More than once she had fantasized about what her lover was doing right now. She looked down at him as he engulfed one of her breasts in his mouth and the other in his hand.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes,” she moaned.

Stanley’s response was muted by the flesh in his mouth, but she could feel his voice in her breasts and that only aroused her more. If she had been masturbating she would have put one hand between her legs and rubbed her clit until she came, but tonight she chose to leave it all to him.

Pushing her dress down until it fell to the ground Stanley continued to explore her body. He cupped her ass in his hand, pressing his fingers into the cleft between her two cheeks. Even though he was limited to seeing her tits he knew that she was almost naked.

The realization that her great-great niece did not wear a bra or panties caught Vanessa off guard, she did not expect to be naked quite so quickly. She looked up at Stanley, who was still fully dressed.

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