Erica, My College Virgin

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I am retired from the military and have been married to my college sweetheart since 1996. We actually met in college during our freshman year and dated all through college. We both grew up in conservative households so when we met, we were both very inexperienced. In fact, we were both virgins when we met.

Erica is very cute. About 5’9, 145lbs. She has light brown/dark blonde hair that she either wears below her shoulders or cuts to be above her collar. She is a 36C, with a 28-inch waist and 34-inch hips. Her light skin is covered with freckles, which I find to be very sexy.

Our relationship started slow. However, it did not take long for our relationship to turn more physical. We progressed from kissing, to French kissing, to heavy petting over the clothes. We would also “dry hump” on the floor until both of us came. Eventually, I would get bold enough to put my hands down her pants and finger fuck her pussy, but I had not seen her naked yet.

Fast forward to our junior year. We were at her apartment off campus, and her roommate was gone for the weekend. She was wearing a sexy green tank top and white shorts. We started making out, hot and heavy, with our clothes on. As I kissed her, I moved my hands behind her back and undid her bra. I then pushed her shirt up, taking her bra with it. This was the first time I would see her tits. She grabbed her shirt and tried to pull it down, but I told her, “I want to see you”. She relented and I pushed her shirt and bra up. I saw her luscious 36C tits for the first time.

She has gorgeous tits…. pink hard nipples surrounded by light pink areolas the size of half-dollars. I kissed her deeply as I moved my right hand down to cup her breast. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, eliciting a satisfying moan from her. Feeling bold, I moved my mouth down to her left breast, taking her nipple into my mouth. For the first time, I sucked her nipple into my mouth. Erica began moving her hips against my hardness and soon she was moaning with her climax.

As she came down from her orgasm, she pushed me off of her onto my back. She climbed on top of me, French kissing me. She then moved down my body, pushing my shirt up and kissing my stomach down to the fly of my shorts. She then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my zipper down. I was in ecstasy as she did this, wondering how far this would go. She pulled my shorts and underwear down to mid-thigh, exposing my hard cock to her for the very first time. She stared at it for a moment. I was not sure what she was going to do.

This was only the second penis she had ever seen (more about that in a future story)…and my seven inches was hard, and leaking pre-cum from the tip. I waited with bated breath to see what she would do. Then she did what I least expected, at least in my virginal mind. She took my cock by the shaft and put her lips around the tip. Her tongue snaked out and hesitatingly licked my tip.

For the first time, she has tasted a man’s pre-cum. I moaned as she did this canlı bahis and she got bolder. Then she took my cock into her mouth. Erica felt my velvety glans in her mouth for the first time. She then began to move her mouth up and down my cock, while using her other hand to stroke my shaft.

For a virgin who had never sucked a cock before, she was exquisite. She continued to suck my cock, keeping it her mouth, but switching from sucking to licking with her tongue. Soon, I could feel my orgasm approaching. I said nothing as my climax approached.

Unlike touching myself or dry-humping Erica, this was not something I could control…my climax was coming based on her sucking. I laid back and moaned as my climax hit and my dick shot stream after hot stream of my white cream into her mouth. Surprisingly, she didn’t pull her mouth off my cock. She continued sucking until my cock finished spasming in her mouth. She kept my cock in her mouth a few moments, and then released my dick. I leaned up to look at her and she looked at me with a grin on her face…a grin that one has when they take a test with little preparation and aced it. There was no sign of cum on her lips…she had swallowed it all.

I wished I could say that I then took her and ravished her. But that was not the case. I was spent and my head swimming with the thought that I just got my very first blow job.

A few days later we were at my apartment. We were making out like we normally do, and with her virginal innocence asked me, “is there something guys do to girls like I did to you?” I was so dense. Of course! She was laying back against the wall of my bedroom and I pulled her shorts and underwear down. She was wearing the standard “good girl” cotton white panties. I held my breath as I pulled her panties down over her hips and saw her beautiful nut-brown pubic hair, but more, saw her innocent slit for the first time.

Now, pussies come in all shapes and sizes, but Erica’s is a slit. No labia minora peaking out, no clitoral hood peaking out, just an innocent slit. I pulled her pants off all the way and laid on my stomach on the floor in front of her pussy. Her aroma struck me first. I had never smelled a pussy before. It was musky, yet pleasant. I looked up at her as I moved my head forward towards her vulva. I was unsure what to do, but I knew that my tongue would work best.

I licked up her slit from the bottom to the top. She moaned deeply as I got to the top. I then put my lips over her nether lips, and stuck my tongue out again, searching like a blind man. Her taste was slightly acrid, like diluted lemon juice. I moved my tongue around and eventually found her pussy hole. I stuck my tongue in and Erica moaned at this and grabbed my head. I swirled my tongue around her hole, relishing in having something other than my fingers in there. I then moved up, dragging my tongue up her slit to the top. Then something amazing happened. Erica leaned her head back and moaned loudly. Obviously, I had found something important.

In bahis siteleri my inexperienced state, I knew what clitorises were, but did not know how sensitive they were. I decided that I should stay there awhile. I licked and swirled my tongue around her clit. She then began bucking her hips against my face and hold my head firmly there. Then she cried out with her orgasm. It was not like in other stories you read where the woman gushes on the man’s face. No, she kept moving her hips against my mouth and moaned loudly, but there was no womanly gush of fluid. After she came down, I moved back up onto my haunches. She was too spent to do anything. Her chest heaved with heavy breaths with her head laid back and her eyes closed. I too, then, smiled like an unprepared student acing a test.

It was now towards the end of the fall semester of our Junior year. We continued to make out, and she even gave me some more blow jobs and I ate her out. At Christmas break, she went home to Ohio. We made plans for me to come up and see her over the three-week break. I flew in and was picked up at the airport by her brother and father. I had seen them before on previous visits, and we got along famously. Of course, we had separate bedrooms, and we had to wait until everyone was out to “fool around”.

However, one night I sneaked from my bedroom to hers late at night. I quietly opened the door and she smiled at me and pulled the covers back and patted the sheets. I climbed in bed with her and we turned our bodies toward each other. We kissed deeply and hands began to roam. Erica was wearing full pajamas for the cold Ohio winters.

On the plane ride up, at a connection, I had bought a Penthouse Forum magazine which, ostensibly, is a collection of true stories readers have submitted. In one of them, a write had described “rimming”. I decided I wanted to try this.

I turned Erica over onto her stomach and pulled her PJ bottoms and panties down. Now Erica has the most luscious bubble butt you have ever seen. It is so firm and round, it just makes my mouth drool. I pulled Erica up into a “doggie style” position. I am sure she was uncertain of what was about to happen because I had never put her in that position before. I moved behind her and spread her ass cheeks. Her beautiful slit was exposed to me, as well as her sexy crinkled asshole.

I have always had an anal fetish, and seeing Erica’s asshole for the first time almost made me cum then and there. I moved my tongue out and licked her pussy slit, my tongue probing between her nut-brown pubic hairs. She moaned at this, probably relieved that I was not going to try to have sex with her (remember we were both religious and thought saving sex for marriage was important). I then moved my tongue up and began circling her asshole with it.

She stiffened, but moaned at the new sensation. Soon she began to relax and I rimmed her asshole for all I was worth. The taste of her asshole was interesting…of course I did not know what to expect, but it was actually bahis şirketleri kind of sweet tasting. A musky, sweet sensation. I put my thumb of my right hand in her pussy and cupped the rest of my hand around her pussy and mons. This brought her over the edge and after a few moments of finger fucking and rimming, she came hard. I could feel her pussy clenching around my thumb as she came.

She laid down on her stomach and I rolled to her side. After a few moments, she grinned at me and moved down and pulled my pajama shorts down (I have always been “warmer” than her and only wore PJ shorts). She pulled my hard cock out and began to suck it. I laid back enjoying the sensation of a mouth on my cock when I felt her finger at my asshole. I tensed up, but tried to hide it. I did not want her to stop. She sucked my dick and ran her finger around my asshole. Soon I was getting close and she could tell it. She then pushed her index finger into my anus and sucked even harder. This was too much! I exploded in her mouth. I never knew having a finger up my ass could be so pleasurable.

The next night I sneaked into her room again. This time, Erica surprised me by telling me to straddle her stomach, facing her feet. I did and she grabbed my hips and pulled me back. Now, I am all about kinky sex, but I was unsure what was going one. She then let go of my hips and grabbed my ass cheeks. She spread them and then I felt the wonderful feeling of her hot breath and wet tongue on my asshole.

She rimmed me so good, especially for a first timer. I moaned as she laved my asshole with her tongue. I came to my senses and pushed her bottoms and took my hand and cupped her mons. I moved my middle finger down until I found her hold and slid it inside. She was so wet my finger went all the way in. Soon I was finger fucking her while she rimmed my asshole. She reached a hand around my hips and began to give me a hand job. It did not take long and soon she came around my finger and I exploded on her stomach, sending rope after rope of white cream across her tummy. I crawled off and kissed her good night, and quietly sneaked back to my room.

All to soon it was time to fly back home. We would meet shortly back at college when Christmas break was over.

When we got back to college, her roommate had still not returned and we were at her apartment. I was spooning her (with clothes on), with my hand down the front of her pants, finger fucking her. I was kissing her neck when I asked her if anyone had done this to her before. She said yes.

I was dumbstruck. I asked what happened. She told me that she had a boyfriend the summer before she left for college, and although they had not gone all the way, he had slipped he hand under her loose shorts and finger fucked her and pulled her bra strap down under her shirt and played with her tits. It was so erotic to me. My girlfriend, the goodie-two shoes Christian girl, had a boy before college finger fuck her and play with her tits was so erotic. We came together as I finger fucked her and rubbed against her ass.

I had much to think about after that. That she had been finger fucked and been felt up before I met her. I always thought she was more “pious” than me. Now I was not so sure….

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