Entree Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Humiliating Assay

Today I had been promised the most humiliating experience yet and I was worried as usual. I was unable to imagine having to bear more shame than I’ve already been forced to shoulder and that innocence was difficult to surrender. Early in our relationship my Mistress had taken to humiliating me and she was brazen in her expectations. In all, she has been instrumental in developing my tolerance to shame in ever heavier doses, but I still fought at the ultimate surrender. I fought something I didn’t even understand and the fight I still harbored was the target of my Mistresses. She was very creative when it came to the gently cruel art of degradation and was bringing me on slowly. She promised to train me well and one day take me to a big party, where I would be laughed at the entire night and learn what humiliation meant.

My Mistress held part of today’s outfit in her hand. It was a tiny outfit, if an outfit at all and I looked at the crumpled wad with my head cocked. Mistress planned to show me off and there was little I could do to the contrary. I could find no reason to disobey her, or even less to hesitate. She held the ball of baby-pink material and such in her one hand for me to see and smiled quite wickedly. She’d mentioned the difficulty of matching the colors in an earlier e-mail conversation and I looked at the pink and wondered why? I went through another round of ‘happy to see you’ routines that would have earned me a spanking, if it weren’t for the fact she was in a hurry. She placed the bag down by her chair as I barked merrily and bounced around half-heartedly. When I heard her fingers snap I looked up to them and found them pointed to my cinder-block. I scampered off to my pedestal.

I crawled to the block of cold cement and climbed up onto it, centering myself on the pink doily, while watching myself in the giant mirror. I had to place my hands and knees close together while on this block and that caused my back to arch in a most provocative way. I always felt very rude like this, because of the forced posture, but I was also very excited. Mistress placed some small items on my back and I hoped they bahis firmalar─▒ didn’t roll off. I became extra still because of them, as she spread them about before selecting an item that turned out to be a pair of panties. I could see our reflections in the mirror and watched her carefully. She too saw our reflections and looked at me with a smile. I gasped when I saw her left hand slip under my belly and take my boner. It was a gentle but firm grip and caused a long strand of saliva to slip from the corner of my mouth. It raced a freshly oozed strand of lubrication seeping from my cock’s hole and together they swung to the pink doily in a dead heat. Soon she was sloshing my boner into a soggy froth and bringing me to faint. I teetered in her grasp, swayed uneasily and allowed her to hold me in position. I couldn’t move and couldn’t stop, I was hot and sweat laden, cold and shivering. I saw our reflections as a blur. It was her right hand that came to my rescue. It took me by the balls about the same time her left hand released my boner. She took both of them at once and hoisted me into the air as one would an animal carcass. She pulled my behind up until I was forced to bring my hands and knees closer together, drop my head to the block and come back to reality. When I saw her again she nodded and let me go so I could straighten up.

My Mistress wiped her hands off on me, seemingly unconcerned about the items now lying on the floor. She picked up and shook a tiny bit of flimsy pink material in the air. Her smile was ever more sinister and I knew I was in trouble. I knew I could call it off right there and then… and maybe should have… but I couldn’t. I wanted to experience these feelings; I needed them and watched her bring the panties to my feet. She slipped each foot through an appropriate leg hole and started past my ankles. I moved as she worked the flimsy material to my knees and then I lifted each cap as needed.

Mistress soon had the panties up to my organ and I thought they wouldn’t fit. Though it looked like that from the reflection, Mistress had other plans. She reached the fingers and thumb of one hand, through one of two holes ka├žak iddaa I hadn’t seen and once again grabbed my testicles. She snatched me like a prize in the glass box, sunk her claws into the spongy orbs and took a firm grip. Then she pulled me through with her fingers and my sack was left dangling in the grips of an ever tightening band. The neck of my scrotum was pinched by an elastic girdle that kept getting narrower and my already swollen balls pressed tightly against skin already stretched taut. She then reached under me and slipped my cock under the elastic waistband and into a silk prison. I would learn to beg for its release. When she let go, the waistband constricted around my waist and held my cock to my lower belly. She turned to her bag and bent over to reach inside. She returned with the plug and I turned my head away for a moment, then back. We had been waiting for this and the alterations looked… ‘good’, I guess.

The plug was pink of course, and my Mistress had fitted it with a long blond tail. The mane was attached to a long sturdy wire that was stitched to the plug and held the tail straight up. My Mistress inserted the greased plug into my behind, through another ready button hole in the panties. She laughed as its entry sent me into the air and once again used my balls to hold me in place. She continued holding me up by my balls, as she bent the wire so that the tail swooped over me gently. She insisted that the tails tip should tickle my forehead when I walk and the tip of my nose when I sit correctly.

I watched her fuss for quite awhile, knowing she wanted to get the right arc for just the right shimmer. I was expected to make it look real, to shake it as I carried it along above me. I had no idea how difficult that was going to be. Next Mistress came up with a pair of pink knee pads, which she easily worked into place. I was glad to have these, because of the pain. Then she came up with a pair of pink socks with an edge exaggerated in wide pink lace. Again she came up with thumbless pink mittens and they too were edged in gently fluted edges of wide pink lace. Both my mittens and socks were lined for crawling comfort and I ka├žak bahis was actually happy. The pain of crawling was something I’d never become accustomed to and now my Mistress had taken care of that, with promises of better padding in the future. I would soon have leggings I couldn’t remove and then my puppy training would really begin. I cringed at the thought, but did nothing to stop what she was doing to me.

Before I’d seen it, my Mistress was slipping a new collar around my neck. I had to lift my head to accommodate the leather. This one was wider then any I’d ever worn, it was thicker and she finished it off with a lock that I heard snap shut. Her smile frightened me and I tried dropping my gaze to the collars reflection. It was pink, had metal eyes and was covered in Rhine-stones. My name was embossed in silver on the front.

Mistress returned from the bag with another humiliating article. It was a pink chiffon collar with an elastic hole that stretched around my neck until the ends snapped together. When in place, the frills stood out nicely from my neck and caught my head on a gentle pink cloud that my Mistress fluffed out. There was yet another elastic band and this one fit around my head. It was wrapped in pink flowers and a couple long ribbons that dangled along each side of my head.

Mistress then used a silk ribbon, it was very wide and pink -and she tied it into a bow around my butt-plug. She caused the loops to stick out on either side and let the wide curly tails dangle almost to the floor. She came around to in front of me and smiled in smug satisfaction. With a fingertip of her left hand Mistress caught the underside of my chin. She lifted my head and face to hers and showed me to pucker. As I did, her right hand approached with a lipstick that was baby-pink, like everything else. She took her time slathering my lips with the wax, but when she was finished she stood back and gloated. She raised her hand into the air above me and I went up on my hind legs. I pressed my imprisoned boner forward and tried to show myself off. The panties were already soaked through and clung to my hard-on like a second skin. Mistress looked pleased and signaled for me to come down. I fell to all fours and stepped from my pedestal. I crawled up to my Mistress and knelt proudly before her, the tip of my tail tickling the tip of my nose.

“Woof, woof,” I offered.

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