Encountering Lacey Ch. 1

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I came home to find my door partially open, and I entered slowly, then I heard the slight creak of the bed frame and a slosh of water coming from my waterbed in my bedroom. I dropped my stuff on the couch and I walked through the door to find you covered by a blanket, your clothes laying at the foot of the bed, except for one item which, as I look you over, I see you pulling out from under the covers, namely your g-string. You toss it aside and then you bring a finger back up to your lips and you smile slyly as you lean back against the headboard and you beckon me with a finger on your other hand.

I walk over to the bed and as I do, I pull my shirt off and when I get to the bed, I slide into the bed next to you and immediately your hands go to my belt and you undo it rapidly and then you undo my pants as well. You then yank them down off me and toss them away. You then decide to tease me by rolling over and positioning yourself over my left thigh and you begin to slowly run your pussy slowly up and down it as your hand slides into my boxers and you begin stroking my cock slowly, making it hard with surprising quickness. I slide my hand around and I begin slowly massaging your luscious ass as you stroke me with one hand, then you slowly pull off my boxers with the other and toss them over the side of the bed. It’s at this point that I decide to take over control a little bit and I press you to the side and roll you onto your back, maltepe escort then I slowly begin kissing down your neck and down over your breasts slowly, making slow circles around them, starting at the base and working around them all the way up to the nipples, first your left breast, then your right, and when I get to the nipples I slowly run my tongue over them in circles before sucking on them gently and kneading them under my hands, stroking them with my thick fingers.

After a few minutes of this, I slide my tongue down into the valley between your breasts while my hands and fingers continue to massage and tease them. I kiss slowly down over your stomach and around your belly button. Then I slowly slide down between your thighs and I lift them up onto my shoulders and then I kiss over your knees and down the inside first of your left thigh, then down your right until I finally make my way to your pussy and I slowly run my tongue flat over it, letting you feel the warm, wet sensation as I slide a finger inside you and I begin working it in and out of you slowly while my tongue and mouth find your clit and I suck on it while rolling it around in my mouth with my tongue and running my lips side to side on it.

All the while I hear you begin to moan with pleasure as you first tease your nipples, then your hands find the back of my head and you begin to play with my hair as my fingers dive into mecidiyek├Ây escort you deeper and harder as my tongue works your clit over.

I then bring myself up and pull my fingers out of you, then I bring my cock up and begin slowly running my cock up and down over your pussy slowly, playing with your clit with the head of my cock for a few moments. I then slowly slide my cock inside you, first sinking the head in slowly as you lay your head back and you arch slightly while you bring your hands up and begin slowly massaging my chest, running your fingernails up and down it as I drive my cock farther and farther into you, then I begin to pull it out of you slowly, taking almost 2 minutes to get it all the way back to the head, not because of depth but because I want to tease you with it. You slide one leg up onto my shoulder while the other wrapped around my waist and I slid my hands up under you and lifted your ass up so I could drive my cock farther into you and harder with each thrust. I feel myself already beginning to build toward a strong cum but I push the thought into the back of my mind as best I can as I speed up my thrusting, my cock sinking into you farther and farther with each thrust as you lay your head back and reach back to grab the headboard. I slide your leg off my shoulder and down to my waist as I lay myself down on top of you and I suck on your breasts again and you wrap ni┼čanta┼č─▒ escort your arms around my neck as you pull yourself up into me, holding my cock in deep for a few moments even as I continue to thrust, then you slide one hand down and tilt my head up and we lock in a deep, feverish, passionate kiss as you moan while I keep thrusting harder and harder into you with each second.

You then shift your hips slightly and you roll me over so you end up on top, then you grab my hands off your ass and you pin them down by the wrists and you drop yourself down on me hard, sinking me into you all the way to the base of my cock, then you begin slowly rocking your hips, first side to side, then back and forth, eliciting moans from both of us as you begin to ride me harder and faster and I feel your pussy tighten around my cock for a moment, then you suddenly lift up off of me and change positions so you’re still on top of me but now you’re facing away from me, then you pull my hands up and place them on your breasts as you begin rocking as far back as you can go, then forward, then back again, making my cock swell inside you as you lean all the way forward and I have to slide my hands to your ass and I begin lifting you up and letting you drop back down on my cock slowly. You then begin to bounce on my cock as I feel the inside of your pussy tighten almost unbearably around my cock and you grow warm for a few moments, then you pitch backward toward me and both of us can no longer take it and we cum almost simultaneously.

After we’ve both finished, you slide up off of me, then lay down next to me and pull the blanket over the two of us and we cuddle up to each other and we lay there; kissing and letting our hands run over each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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