Ellie’s Desperation

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“There’s a huge queue, I need to find somewhere NOW”, Mike overheard the cute brunette say to a giggling pair of girlfriends. “Knew I should’ve gone before they started kicking out”

On a Friday night after the pubs closed, anyone who wanted to keep drinking headed down to the Lock-Up bar – a sticky-and-cheap style club in a dingy basement, a little off the beaten path. The place never seemed to close and, dive-ish as it was, if a barman like Mike wanted to salvage a little weekend fun after work, it was the only place open after he’d shut up for the night. Tonight it was absolutely rammed and, judging by the line outside, this girl’s chances of getting to the loo in the next half hour were slim indeed. Perfect, he thought, hanging back and enjoying the girl’s desperate, mincing steps as they approached the club doors.

Her group had appeared just before last orders and she’d knocked back three vodka and diet cokes and a glass of water in rapid succession, before Mike’s bouncers had cleared the place out. His cock had twitched at her longing look towards the toilets before big Ern had, not unkindly, ushered her on her way. It had been an easy decision to leave the cleaning-up until the morning and see how this played out as her peachy posterior, stunningly clad in a tight black dress, wiggled its way off his premises.

Up ahead, she was remonstrating with the doorman while her friends joined back of the queue, recognising a lost cause when they saw one. Mike stopped a ways up the road and pretended to fiddle with his phone.


A little bob and crotch grab for effect. God, she was hot. The doorman was unmoved, however, and dismissed her with a shake of the head. Good man, Doug, Mike thought, recognising the burly Cockney as one of the regular local security rotation.

Red-faced, kaçak iddaa the girl flounced to the back of the queue, where her friends had apparently found a pair of likely lads to pay them in for the night. The blonde one shot her a look as she clutched herself, before loudly responding to a whispered plea with a tipsy wink

“Queuein up with Jay and –Sean-s-it(?) – Ellieeee, don’t wanna lose this place do we”

The lad next to her turned, laughed, and reminded her that his name was, in fact, Aaron.

“Shuddup you” the blond girl smacked his bottom for good measure. “We’ll save yer place, Ell”

Ellie, it seemed, had no other choice, and let Aaron point her back towards where Mike was standing. Beet-red, she hobbled up the road towards the stranger, who was still supposedly texting.

“Wait, you’re that guy from the last place aren’t you? What’re you doing here?” she quizzed as she approached, trying (and failing) to suppress a squirm.

“Oh, me and a few guys from the other bars meet up for a drink here after work on Fridays, it’s kind of a tradition. Just tryna find out where they’re up to”. Mike waved the phone. “What about you? Calling it early ‘cos your mates have pulled a pair of knuckleheads?” He grinned, and Ellie managed a weak smile before muttering something under her breath.

“Didn’t quite catch that!”

Ellie bit her lip, trying to control her obvious need, while Mike took the opportunity to get a closer look at this stunning young woman. She couldn’t be older than twenty, he surmised. Angelic face, beautiful boobs and… was that a bladder bulge stretching the material of her dress? This girl had to GO.

“Sorry… I… It’s just… I really really need a wee, alright? We were at the Red Lion and the toilet was disgusting, so I waited ’til we got to the Wheatsheaf-“

“-my kaçak bahis place-“

“-your place, right, but it was last orders and then I didn’t get a chance, so now I’m bursting” she breathed in sharply and made a sudden grab at her crotch.

“I’m guessing you asked Doug but he wouldn’t let you past the line, huh?”

She nodded meekly.

“Think you could make it back to my bar? Don’t think there’ll be anywhere else open at this time” he probed.

She shook her head, still clutching herself.

“Well… there’s an alleyway just over there, you might have to-“

“-that’s what that guy Aaron said, but what if I’m SEEN? Alicia and Jess totally bailed… oh, god” Ellie grimaced, squeezed her crotch tightly, and looked urgently past Mike towards the alleyway.

“I’m ok. So embarrassed. Nearly lost it”, she mumbled.

“Look, I’ll stand guard. You’re gonna wet that pretty dress if you don’t find somewhere quick” he turned and started towards the darkened backstreet, looking over his shoulder to see if she was following. She was, although slowly and with a pained expression. Mike wondered if her knickers were still dry, and his cock stiffened at the thought

“Uh, thanks so much… you really think it’s pretty?” She asked, as they reached the alley.

“Sure! I mean, you’re stunning, no matter how weird the circumstances are, right? Sorry, I’ll let you go… erm… I’m Mike by the way” He held out his hand innocently, forcing her to take her hand away from her crotch to shake his. Her eyes widened slightly and Mike could have sworn he heard a slight hissing. She gave other indication, however, and hurried past him behind a conveniently-placed bin.

“I’m Ellie. Now pleeeeease keep an eye out!” she gasped.

Mike was rock hard at this point, and couldn’t resist looking illegal bahis over when he heard the splatter of her bursting piss hit the cobbles, accompanied by an orgasmic sigh. For a petite girl, she could hold an incredible amount, he thought, as her lake of desperate wee ran steaming along the ground.

“Ohmygod”, Ellie panted as her stream finally abated, legs twitching uncontrollably with the release of the evening’s pent-up pressure. She’d never had to go so badly in her life, yet it had felt GOOD. Had Mike noticed when she’d started to piss herself? Shaking his hand, it had been enough to write off her favourite pink knickers… and then when she’d got behind the bin it had all come gushing down her legs before she’d even managed to squat down. Luckily, she was hidden from view by then, so he hadn’t actually SEEN her using her pants as a toilet. She took off the knickers and threw them behind the bin, cursing silently – they were so soaking with her hot water that it wasn’t even worth trying to dry off her legs with them. Besides, he’d never know, right? Just like he’d never know how much it had turned her on? And, anyway, they’d only just met… Why did she care so much what this – admittedly pretty handsome – guy thought of her?

Straightening up, she shook the questions from her mind, then pulled her dress over her glistening mound, before returning to Mike – who was playing the part of the diligent watchman admirably.

“Uh. Thanks” she stammered, as her embarrassment caught up with her once more.

“Any time, bet that was a relief! Could you, uh, return the favour and keep an eye out for me? Forgot to go before I left work myself” Mike ventured.

Ellie was trapped. He’d definitely find the sodden thong lying in her huge puddle of wee now. But why did that thought turn her on so much? Spurred on by the sensual feel of fresh air drying her womanhood, she said the first thing that came to mind;

“No problem, but you’re buying when we finally get into this place”

To be continued.

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