Ellena and Mason

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Ellena ran a hand along her swollen belly, sighing lightly as she felt the roundness of her abdomen.

Getting pregnant like this hadn’t been her idea. Her husband had felt they should start a family as soon as possible. How could he have known he would get into an accident only months after they had gotten married?

Sighing again, Ellena pulled herself out of bed. She didn’t miss him much. She had never loved him. He had just been her best hope at living the kind of life she had always wanted to live. She wanted the white picket fence and the gaggle of children playing in the yard. And she didn’t want to work every single day of her life, like some women wanted. Marrying Charles had been the perfect solution. She got the fence, and she got the children, and she got the life.

But, she thought, running her hand over her empty bed as she pulled up the blankets and smoothed the sheets.

But I wanted another body in bed with me.

Ellena had been a widow for 7 months now. And her heart did ache for the man she had accepted into her life for the rest of her life. More than that, her body ached for the touch of another.

The morning sun beamed through her tall front windows, and she walked over to them, staring into the yard. She felt so lonely. Her breasts ached for something, and the feeling wasn’t a maternal one. Her thighs quivered, but there was no one to satisfy their wanting.

Outside, a man was walking down the street with his dog. Across the street, a woman was mowing her yard with a motorless grass cutter. And Ellena’s neighbor next door was…

She turned her head to watch.

He was working out!

Ellena was new to the neighborhood. She had only moved in a week before. The house was beautiful and new, begun before her marriage and only finished last month. She had moved in, of course. This was the life she wanted and she had enough money to be able to care comfortably for herself and her child for the rest of their lives, as Charles had always intended. But she knew no one in her neighborhood and only at times like this did she even notice them.

Next door lived a young, single dark-skinned man. He looked about 24 years old, and was slender, sinewy. Ellena watched him now as he strained to do curls and presses. He was very handsome, in a rugged thug kind of way. She didn’t want to even know how he managed to get the money to buy a house in this neighborhood; it was a very new and elite locale. Whatever his method of survival, Ellena didn’t care. He was easy on the eyes, and exciting to the mind.

Suddenly, he stopped what he was doing, putting down the weights. He looked at Ellena’s house. And then he looked right at her.

She squealed and jumped back.

How could he have seen her? He couldn’t have, not from that angle. But his dark eyes had looked right at her!

She closed the curtains on the tall windows, blocking out the sun, and went to the kitchen. Putting on a kettle for tea, she moved around the high-tech kitchen, preparing breakfast.

Then, her doorbell rang.

Curious, Ellena moved to the door. She was wearing a long thin strapped maternity chemise with a loose white blouse underneath, and didn’t really have to worry about her appearance. Her large belly was obvious, and no one could expect her to look good all the time.

She opened the door.

Standing there was her neighbor, wearing nothing but a pair of tight exercise shorts. His tall body shone with a thin veneer of sweat in the morning light, and as he ran one hand through his short tight curls, Ellena watched the muscles in his arm moving, shifting.

Dangerous thoughts ran through her mind.


“Hey etiler otele gelen escort there,” said the man. “I’m your neighbor. I live just next door.”

He gestured to his house and smiled at her.

“My name’s Mason.”

Then he put out a hand. Ellena took it, lightly and shook. As she pulled away, she felt his touch lingering on her fingertips, as if he hadn’t wanted to break contact yet. “Listen, I was wondering. Well, I haven’t seen you outside much, and since you’re the newest addition to our neighborhood, I thought I should come and say hi face to face. You know, make contact.”

Mason was eyeing her now, looking her up and down. Ellena felt her face flush, and self-consciously, she edged behind her open door. The way the young man’s eyes raked over her body made her feel like a piece of meat.

She hadn’t felt like that in such a long time.

“Would you like to come in?” Ellena whispered.

When the man nodded and stepped inside her doorway, she gulped. He was so close, she could smell his slightly pungent sweat. She closed the door and as she pulled away from the doorknob, she saw that her hands were shaking.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Yeah, that’d be great.”

As she headed to the kitchen, Mason followed her.

“It’s a nice place you got here,” he said quietly, appraising the new home. “Your husband design all this?”

Ellena nodded, reaching into the refrigerator to get out a pitcher of iced tea she had made last night. She reached up to pull a glass down from one of the higher shelves of the cupboard. But stretch as she might, she couldn’t reach it.

Mason slipped up behind her, easily extending one long, sinewy arm up to pull down the glass. He handed it to her, and she realized with a tingle that he had his hand on the small of her back.

He smiled at her, into Ellena’s face. And she felt herself flush red again.

“Thank you,” she whispered quietly.

“So where is your husband, anyways?” Mason did not remove his hand from Ellena’s back as she began to pour the iced tea into the glass.

“He’s…he died several months ago.”

“Oh geez, I’m sorry.” Again his hand pressed against her lower spine, rubbing now in a comforting gesture. He probably just meant to make the pregnant widow feel better, Ellena thought, feeling sorry for herself suddenly.

Mason leaned in close to her.

“I’d actually heard that, but you never know what rumors you should listen to, and what ones are just…well…rumors. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Ellena held her head down. She carefully placed the pitcher of iced tea back on the counter. With her face down, she slid the glass towards her neighbor, but he brushed it to one side. The hand that hadn’t been touching her rested now on her shoulder, and slowly, the young man turned her around.

“That must be so hard for you,” he said quietly.

Mason put a finger under her chin, lifting her face up. Ellena blinked at him, lost somewhere between stunned and morose.

“You’ve been living all this time alone. That’s hard on any young mom-to-be. But your husband, he died.”

The young man’s fingers came to rest against her cheeks. His thumbs were caressing the flesh beneath her eyes now, stroking there. And carefully, slowly, he lowered his lips to her mouth.

The kiss was deep, strong and passionate. How Ellena reacted, she never knew. Never in a million years had she thought she would let another man kiss her, not after all the mistakes she had made in her life; fooling around when she was so young, marrying Charles like she etiler rus escort did, having his baby so soon.

And now this handsome dark-skinned man was sucking at her lips, holding her face still as he kissed her.

Ellena almost fainted.

Then, Mason was moving his hands. His fingers slid over her shoulders, pushing her long brown hair back behind her. He ran his hands down her back, then along her hips, up her sides, barely avoiding the swell of her belly.

He must feel sorry for me, Ellena thought. He’d hate the fact that I’m pregnant. Mason’s hands went to her arms now, and he pulled his lips away only so that he could begin kissing at her face. His full mouth dropped hot kisses against her cheeks, moving to her neck. And his hands suddenly were playing at the buttons on her chemise dress.

He began undoing them. It occurred to Ellena that she could stop him before he disrobed her, before he set eyes upon her swollen figure. But as Mason pulled the straps of her dress down her arms, as his hands began to fiddle with the loose blouse that rested over her flesh, Ellena let herself become lost in the moment.

His touches were hot, and soon, as his mouth began to suckle on the soft flesh of her neck, his hands were touching the naked flesh of her breasts. They were large, pendulous, a mother’s breasts. And he handled them easily, without hesitation.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, lifting his head to look down at her chest. Ellena looked down as well. Mason’s hands, dark, large, were pressing against her breasts, lifting their heavy weight, running all over them. With no regrets, he dropped his mouth to suckle on one dark nipple.

Ellena put her hands in his hair, wincing with desire as she watched his mouth clamp over her areola. He sucked harder, slurping. Soon, she knew, he would taste the beginnings of her milk. He might pull away, then, and wake up from this drowsy moment.

But he did not.

Mason lifted the breast to his mouth, holding it still for himself as he began to drink Ellena in. His other hand moved to the other breast, then his mouth followed. Ellena’s eyes were locked to her dark glistening nipple. He had been suckling her, a feeling she’d never experienced before. And he’d made it so erotic and hot.

Ellena felt like a woman again, and not just a lonely baby machine.

Mason lifted his head at last, looking into Ellena’s eyes. His chocolate gaze was steaming.

“I want you,” he said, touching her face with the tips of one hand.

His other hand was pushing her chemise further down, the buttons slipping loosely out of their holes until the dress was around her ankles. She was naked now, except for the blouse hanging from her arms.

Ellena gulped. He wanted her? Right here?

This was so weird.

Never in all of her experiences had someone looked at her so hungrily as Mason was.

He wanted her, right now.

She nodded, unable to say no.

With ease, the young man took her under her arms and lifted her onto the counter top. Kissing at her face, he spread her thighs, rubbing his hands over their meaty flesh. Then, his fingers dipped inward.

Again his mouth found hers, and he teased her tongue out from between her lips. Ellena put a hand on each of the young man’s shoulders, kissing at him. Mason’s fingers moved over her chubby mons, easily parting her already wet labia. He moaned as he felt the heat of her, her throbbing excitement. Then he was pushing his shorts down. And his cock went into his hand.

Ellena pulled away from the kiss, looking down at him between her thighs. He was tall enough to reach etiler t├╝rbanl─▒ escort her, she realized. That had been her first concern. But now as she studied his cock, she thought, will I be able to satisfy him? All the tales of mothers, rumors and ignorant assumptions, came spinning back to Ellena. Her face was clouded with doubt.

What if all this lust and passion were to end, right now, in disappointment? As if reading her mind, Mason kissed her again, deeply, holding her close with a hand on the back of her neck.

Then, he moved forward, and she could feel him teasing her clitoris with the head of his cock. He was slipping himself all over her tender folds, wetting himself thoroughly. And soon, he was teasing at her puss, dipping the thick head of his cock into and out of the tight hole.

Ellena was going wild with the feel of him there. She slid herself forward slightly, her belly rounding out. She meant to move her privacy closer towards him, but ended up creating a greater gulf between their mouths.

Grinning, Mason wasted no time. As he finally thrust hard into her cunt, his mouth dropped to one of her pendulous breast and began to suckle it again. Hard, this time. Ellena groaned, closing her eyes and dropping her head back and resting it on the cupboard behind her. Her hands snaked around Mason’s neck, coiling in his hair, pulling at him as his lips worked over her swollen, leaking nipple.

“Yes, gods, yes!” she cried out.

Mason held Ellena tightly by the hips. His cock thrust harder and harder into her. In her pregnant state, she was actually smaller than usual. And he was stretching her so divinely. She could feel him, burrowing deeper and deeper. With his mouth locked onto her breast, the dark man sucked and fucked, faster, faster. Ellena was beyond thought now. All she could feel were his attentive hands, pulling her closer, his mouth, almost painful on her breast. And his cock, shoving itself deeper and deeper inside her.

Soon, she felt him begin to thicken even more, throbbing now. It made her own body become weak. Her walls began to milk his shaft, stroking him. On the counter top, Ellena writhed, bucking against Mason.

And she began to cum.

Her puss got tighter around him. She could feel his cock head hitting against her fattened cervix. Her nails raked across his sweating back and shoulders.

“Ah! Ah! Yessss!”

And Ellena came. All around and over Mason’s cock, she came. Breast milk spurted into his mouth, and the sound of him drinking from her while continuing his thrusts drove her insane.

At last, Mason began to push as deep as he could go. Then he was releasing his own seed within her, washing over her tunnel, leaking out to drip along her thighs and his groin. He continued to thrust, to suckle from her, until he was completely spent.

Then, he slowly looked up into her eyes. He gulped, and she could see his black skin was flushed darker than before.

His mouth came over hers and she tasted a sweetness, her own milk, on his tongue. He stayed within her, his arms going around Ellena’s back, pulling her tightly to him. And he ignored her large belly, bending over it to kiss at her lips. For several moments, he kissed her. Ellena was fighting back tears now, lost in the sweetness of the lovemaking they had just had.

Mason looked at her, wiping the sweat from her forehead and face. Then he pulled her blouse around her chest. He left his cock inside her until the last, when it at last slipped out of her slickness, limp and glistening.

Ellena watched in amazement as Mason finally tucked it away. He reached down and lifted up her chemise, then helped her down from the kitchen counter. She staggered, slightly, weak and dizzy. But he steadied her, slipping the dress around her and doing up the loose buttons.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Mason tilted her head back, looking into her eyes and rubbing her cheek with his thumb.

“Any time,” he answered.

And he kissed her again.

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