Eliza’s Adventures Pt. 01: Breakfast with Eliza

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Lionel was awakened by a stream of sunlight falling across his face. He slowly rolled open his eyelids and stretched languidly. “Now this is the life,” he thought, picking up his phone from the bedside cabinet and noting the time as 9 am. He had taken a break from work for a week to visit his brother in Akrham, New England, trekking up from New York by bus the day before. Lionel worked as a programmer for a large bank, while his brother, Nathan, was an engineer specialising in agricultural technologies – hence his stationing in this rather backwater part of the United States. The brothers were very close friends, but it had been a couple of years since they had last found the opportunity to meet up. They had both grown up in Arkham. Their parents had since passed away, but Lionel was looking forward to catching up with some childhood friends and some of his more pleasant family members during his week’s respite.

From the kitchen, Lionel heard the voice of his brother and girlfriend, Eliza, whom he had not yet met.

Rolling his somewhat corpulent programmer’s body out of bed and throwing on some loose-fitting clothes, Lionel wandered out of his bedroom and entered the kitchen. “Good morning, bro,” Nathan said from above the crackling of a frying pan.

“Hi, I’m Eliza,” chirped a warm and pleasant female voice. Lionel inwardly whistled at the sight of Nathan’s new girlfriend. Nathan had always been a ladies man – tall, athletic, high-achieving and charming, he was in many ways much the opposite of his generally unfit and somewhat awkward younger brother. Now in his late twenties, since his teens he had a succession of very attractive girlfriends, compared to the hambeasts Lionel had been able to bring home on occasion. But Nathan had undone himself this time.

Eliza was Eurasian in appearance, with long, lustrous dark hair framing a heart-shaped, exceptionally pretty face. Lionel was particularly struck by her long eyelashes, which seductively covered her dark eyes – eyes brimming, he thought, with an expression of mischief. And that body! Eliza stood about 5’8″, and that morning was wearing naught but a white tank-top and a pair of denim hot pants which clung tightly to her waist and perfectly-proportioned thighs. Lionel inwardly whistled as he ran his eyes down her body, particularly her tight belly and generous G-cup breasts, the shape of which were accentuated by her tight-fitting tank top.

“Nice to meet you,” Eliza said, wrapping her lithe arms around Lionel and giving him a close hug. Nathan was no social recluse and was fairly confident with women despite his below-average appearance, but Eliza was so attractive he could only mumble a fairly weak pleasantry in reply. To his inner chagrin, he also felt his dick involuntarily squirm to life as Eliza’s perfect breasts, so firm and yet soft, pressed against his own man-boobs. His dick also gave a bit of a jump as he realised her nipples felt erect against his skin.

“Take a seat bro, we’re doing a special fry-up,” Nathan said. Lionel fumbled his way into a kitchen chair, sweating slightly after his close encounter. Nathan took the opposite seat and flashed him a mischievous, knowing grin as Eliza took over the cooking duties, and Lionel flashed him a furtive thumbs-up. The two boys were only slightly over a year apart in age, and had grown up together lusting over the same girls in high school and then at Miskatonic University. The making of lewd comments and observations on Nathan’s girlfriends was certainly not outside the scope of their relationship, and Nathan had in fact shared some nude shots of his previous romantic successes to his less suave brother after the relationships had ceased. Many of those nude shots now resided in a drawer in Lionel’s apartment near his gaming rig, sticky and well-thumbed.

Lionel and his elder brother chatted amiably about his plans for the upcoming week. Eliza, who was a post-graduate student at Miskatonic and about five years his junior, cheerfully suggested some of the new bars and eateries which had sprung up in the intervening period since his previous visit and which she thought he might like to try. She was originally from L.A., and had won funding at Mistkatonic to study some of the curious etiler eve gelen escort puritan folklore of that region, with myths and legends being her particular area of specialisation.

As the conversation progressed, Lionel became increasingly distracted by Eliza’s rather shapely behind, which as mentioned was only covered in a pair of tight denim hot-pants. As she deftly managed the cookware, Lionel noticed that it was protruding in a rather distracting fashion, almost as if she were pointing it in his general direction on purpose. Not wanting to take too many liberties and offend his brother, Lionel flicked a couple of ravenous glances over but then averted his eyes. But then Nathan caught his eyes and gave him a familiar seedy grin, along with a slight incline of his head to indicate his permission.

Lionel gratefully accepted, giving a good stare at one of the finest booties he’d ever seen. The bottom globes of Eliza’s perfect porcelain-white butt cheeks stuck out from the stretched denim fabric. Her shapely, generous cheeks ate up the fabric, leaving the luscious line of her butt-crack clearly visible.

Lionel returned his gaze to his brother and gave a seedy grin, shifting in his seat uncomfortably as he did so. What had previously been an embarrassing squirming of his cock was fast becoming a painful and worryingly visible erection pressing against the side of his shorts.

As the brothers chatted, Eliza heaped up a couple of plates with the result of her and Nathan’s endeavours and sidled around the table. The kitchen was constricted for space, and as she moved across Lionel felt her tight, denim-clad booty-flesh vibrate against his right shoulder, sending a corresponding tremor through his burgeoning dick.

“Sorry – it’s a bit tight in here,” Nathan said, who had already apologised for the somewhat constricted space in his newly-acquired house.

“Tight and hot,” said Eliza to Lionel with an arched eyebrow, standing to release a catch in the window behind her in order to release some of the cooking fumes. Lionel scratched his head in puzzlement.

Eliza returned to her seat and the three housemates looked at the generous spread set before them. Rashers of bacon and sausage sat heaped, along with pan-cakes, a pitcher of maple syrup, and what looked like one of fresh cream.

Eliza folded her left leg over her right thigh. Due to the restricted space at the table, the point of Eliza’s foot also crossed over Lionel’s left thigh, her toes and bare sole uncomfortably close to the point of his straining dick.

“Welcome, bro,” Nathan said. “Eliza knows how to live the good life when it comes to breakfasts.”

“For me, there’s nothing better than a fat piece of meat in my mouth washed down with a big serving of cream,” said Eliza, locking her eyes onto Lionel’s and flashing a mischievous grin. Lionel’s breath caught at the obvious sexual innuendo. He looked across to his brother, whose grin he noticed was increasingly seedy – seedier than he had ever seen it. Lionel knew that his brother took sexual pleasure from seeing him get off on his girlfriends, which is why he was so keen to pass on nude photos of his previous girlfriends along with the odd sexual anecdote. But this was on a different level – Nathan had clearly convinced his girlfriend to sexually toy with Lionel. And Lionel had to admit, his cock was definitely showing its appreciation at his brothers’ efforts.

Lionel noticed an odd movement on his brother’s right wrist and glanced under the table. He saw that Nathan had his hand under the waistband of his jeans. He was clearly jerking himself off at the breakfast table, in the presence of both his brother and girlfriend.

Keen to see how this scenario developed, Lionel played along. He grabbed a fistful of tissues from the box on the table and wiped his sweating face, and along with Eliza and Nathan, set to on the repast.

After a few minutes of idle chat and consumption, Eliza’s foot beginning to rest more and more purposefully on Lionel’s thigh, she exclaimed, “Oh, it really is too hot in here,” stretched her white lithe arms in the air, and proceeded to roll her tank top off her shoulders. She etiler grup yapan escort smiled coyly as her perfectly-rounded G-cup breasts, clad only in a tight-fitting sports bra, were exposed to Lionel’s ravenous sight. Lionel didn’t even bother to disguise his attention now, his mouth resting open slackly as he plainly ogled her dipping cleavage. Lionel noticed Nathan’s hand shifting from his fork to under the table again, his wrist action becoming more intense as he watched the expression on Lionel’s face.

Lionel spent the rest of the breakfast alternating his gaze between his sumptuous meal and Eliza’s perfectly white tit-flesh, which was sparkling with drops of sweat from the heat in the room. All parties declared themselves satisfied as to their repast at around the same moment, Nathan complimenting Eliza regarding her efforts in preparing the meal, with the sentiments assented to meekly by Lionel.

Some brief idle chat ensued, at the end of which Nathan asked Lionel, “Do you know what’s the most interesting thing about Eliza?”

“Her in-depth knowledge of obscure New England- folklore?” hazarded Lionel.

“Close,” said Nathan laughing, as he looked at the lusciously-formed lips of his Eurasian-goddess girlfriend. “But what’s really most amazing is her ability to ingest a sausage while hardly even chewing. Show him,” Nathan prompted his girlfriend.

“Watch!” Eliza said, bending over the table and picking up a particularly long and thick sausage from one of the plates. Her big tits almost spilled out of her straining bra as she did so. She dipped one end of the sausage in the pitcher of whipped cream, and then placed the other end between her thick lips. Lionel watched her throat indent with the pressure of the fat piece of meat, as she essentially deep-throated the sausage on its way down to her stomach. She gave a couple of chews as it disappeared down her throat, chopping it up into a few vertically-aligned pieces without breaking its dick-like shape. As she ingested it, she left the thick globs of whipped cream resting on her lips. After the sausage had fully made its departure down her throat, she slowly licked the cream off her lips, giving Lionel a good view of the whiteness rolling around her mouth, before indenting her throat and also sending it down to her stomach. All throughout this party trick, Eliza was locking eyes with Lionel.

“Bravo!” exclaimed Nathan, clapping. Lionel had almost spontaneously wrecked his trousers during this display. Fuck it, he thought, and shifted his position on his chair so the tip of his dick was pressing against Eliza’s sole. Eliza’s ankle tightened as he started shifting his butt-cheeks back and forth on the chair, essentially dry-humping her foot.

Abruptly, Eliza withdrew her lithely curved bare foot and both her Nathan stood. Nathan poured another steaming cup of hot coffee from the pitcher into a fresh mug and placed it in front of Lionel. He bent slightly and whispered into Lionel’s ear, “Time to cool off a bit bro. Don’t want you pasting you pasting your pants before the main event.” Lionel audibly gulped, his fat cock giving another involuntarily jump at the foot of what that “main event” might involve. Both Eliza and Nathan cleared the dishes from the table together and brought them to the sink. Lionel’s eyes continued to ravenously track Eliza’s impossibly shapely butt as they did so.

The temperature in the room was beginning to climb. It had already been one of the hottest summers on record in this part of the States, and the steam of the fry-up had not helped matters. “Oh, it really is so painfully, throbbingly hot…” Eliza moaned in her best sultry pornstar voice, turning to Lionel and stretching her arms in the air, so her big, sweaty tits strained against the sports bar. Hiding his crotch behind the tablecloth, Lionel almost involuntarily gave his cock a quick tug.

“We’re going to bake up a few treats to take to the cousins,” Nathan said. “Maybe some eclairs and cream tarts for afternoon tea. If you want to unpack or rest, feel free to step out…” Nathan said to Lionel.

“I’m fine to stay r-r-right here,” said Lionel, who was increasingly close to spontaneously etiler mas├Âz escort making his own creamy treat in his pants. Nathan flashed him a knowing grin.

Nathan made amiable small-talk with Lionel about his work in New York as he and Eliza extracted numerous cooking utensils from the cupboards. Nathan felt that Lionel was having the conversation was Eliza’s butt, as he didn’t take his eyes off it during the entire conversation. Not that Nathan blamed him – when he and Eliza went shopping he had seen grown men almost start beating themselves off there and then at the sight of the rear of Eliza’s tight-fitting denim jeans.

“Oh, I so love cream…” Eliza said, dipping her index finger into a bowl she was whipping up. “Oops!” she exclaimed, as a big dollop spilled from her finger and fell between her breasts. Locking eyes with Lionel, she traced a line between her sweaty breasts with her index finger, making sure he got a good eyeful of the indentation of her sweaty tit-flesh, and then spooned it up, plopping the dollop onto her tongue. Nathan noted that the tablecloth on his kitchen table was making some very odd movements.

“Why don’t you come give us a hand up here bro?” Nathan asked. Lionel immediately stood, keen to get closer to Eliza’s luscious body.

“Why don’t you stand behind Eliza there show she can you what to do?” Nathan asked. Lionel was infamous among the family for his poor cooking skills. “Cream desserts are her speciality.”

“Come in directly behind me so I can show you,” Eliza said. Lionel – somewhat purposefully, it has to be said – positioned his crotch in between the perfectly proportioned, denim-clad mounds of Eliza’s ass, which she was – somewhat purposefully, on her part as well – pointing invitingly in his general direction.

“Now, this is using just supermarket-bought cream. I was raised on a farm, and generally for my desserts I prefer to use hot wads of the stuff direct from the source. When I was a younger, I would generally get some of the farm-hands in from the local area to help milk me a fresh batch…” Eliza’s innuendos continued, but despite the explicit content of her chatter, it was in one ear and out the other Lionel as she started to rub her butt directly into his crotch. Lionel dimly thought that the feeling of Eliza’s bum-cheeks pressing into his dick was the most heavenly experience he had ever felt. His eyes rolled back into his head as she rubbed the gorgeous porcelain-white flesh of her world-beating ass all over his straining dick, effectively giving him a lapdance in front of his brother.

“Let me readjust – a bit uncomfy in here,” Eliza chirpily opined, putting her thumbs under her waist and slightly pulling her denim hot-pants down. Lionel’s eyes watered as a good chunk of her perfect bare ass was exposed to the air. An experienced stripper in her past, Eliza knew where the sweet spot was on Lionel’s crotch, and she bent down so that his rock-hard dick lay directly in her ass-crack, its tip at the point of her exposed butt.

This was all too much for Lionel, whose cock was about to go into spontaneous hands-free orgasm. “Dude – don’t cum yet, she’s going to fuck us,” Nathan whispered into his ear. Lionel nodded helplessly and spun around from Eliza’s butt, gripping the table. He pawed at the bench with his sweaty hands, desperately trying to calm down and still his throbbing tool before it went out of control and wrecked his pants. “Calm blue ocean”, he thought. “Calm blue ocean…” But as he thought he was gaining control, Eliza’s chatter started again and drifted into his regaining comprehension.

“As your brother was saying, cream desserts are my speciality, but it actually takes a fair bit of manpower to make them. I’m hoping you and brother together will give me a hot creampie while you’re over here – I mean, help me make one that is. You wouldn’t mind following your brother and putting a load into my pie would you Lionel? I mean, a load of work that is…”

Nope – that last piece of innuendo sent Lionel over the edge. Huge reams of hot white cum began to shoot wildly from his hopelessly spasming tool, his shorts becoming absolutely lathered with ropes and ropes of sticky seed. “I-i- need to go take a shower…” the mortified Lionel said as he ran to the bathroom, avoiding looking at either Eliza or his brother as he did so.

But little did Lionel know that his day with Eliza was only just beginning.

This is part one of a series of as yet to be determined length which will become increasingly explicit as it progresses. Stay tuned for part two!

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