Elise Ch. 13: The Vicar

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It was a fine Monday afternoon in September. The summer heat and humidity were over and a cool breeze from the north made for ideal walking. Jacques was not coming home until much later attending a business dinner at the Mandarin, and so Elise decided to have a walkabout in Mongkok. There was a long street parallel to Nathan Road where you could buy almost anything and lots of different street food. Dim Sum figured. She had ensured to tell Lisa that she would also not be back until later so she could enjoy some time with one of her several male friends.

Elise took the Peak Tram at her local stop and stepped out at the terminus in Garden Road. Opposite was the familiar sight of the big Protestant Church. She did not know the name as she was not a churchgoer or even a Christian, but I suppose being in a relaxed mood, memories surfaced and she found herself re-enacting scenes of earlier sexual abuse she thought were long over. Her feet automatically led her across Garden Road and into the grounds of the big church.

One half of the big Church door was open but there appeared to be no-one around, and so she slowly went inside. The peace and beauty of the place increased the feelings that were already troubling her.

Elise walked slowly towards the altar, and at the step and rail she paused and knelt. Soon her tears started to fall, and soon her emotion caused her to sob aloud. Soon Elise felt a soft hand on her head and a male voice said, “Peace be with you my child”. Elise looked up and there was a gweilo in a black cassock probably in his mid thirties looking straight at her, obviously very concerned. “Possibly there is something I can help with,” the vicar continued, “You are welcome to confide in me in my study if you wish.”

The Vicar turned and started to walk slowly out of the sanctuary. Elise got up and entered the sanctuary at the break in the rail and followed the Vicar inside. She followed him into a small study with desk, upright chairs and a small bunk bed across to the left. “We shall be joined by Miss Chiu shortly who is bringing flowers. I always insist on another female being present at these illegal bahis times,” the Vicar continued.

Almost immediately there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” called the Vicar and a trim, pretty Chinese woman around 25 bustled in smiling carrying a large bunch of flowers. “Just put the flowers in that big vase, for now, please, I need to you accompany me listening to this lady who is in distress.”

Miss Chiu pulled up a chair aand took a seat at the end of the desk so that she was neither on the Vicar’s side nor that of Elise. “Now, please tell us what is troubling you so that we may be able to help,” said the Vicar, looking directly at Elise. Elise took a deep breath and then launched into the whole story of her abuse that had led her uncle to rescue her and bring her to Hong Kong. As the story came to a close, Miss Chiu looked directly at the Vicar and said, “Reverend, this matter I think I need to help with. As you know I am a qualified psychologist and this lady needs immediate help. I would like her to rest on the bunk bed over there so that I can talk to her in a relaxed mode.” The Vicar nodded in agreement and Miss Chiu rose and took Elise by the hand, leading her across to the bunk bed, which was a simple affair with no headboard or footboard and probably only used as a simple sofa.

Elise kicked off her mules and laid on the bed whilst Miss Chiu slipped a cushion under her head, then took a stool and sat alongside Elise. She leaned forward and put her hand across Elise’s forehead. “My dear,” she started, “With your permission I wish to hypnotise you for a few seconds. You will fall into a deep sleep, and when you awaken you will retain no memory of your pain, is that OK?” Elise nodded in agreement, and so Miss Chiu continued, “In that case, when I say CLOSE, close your eyes, and when I say OPEN, open them, agreed?” Once again Elise nodded. “CLOSE commanded Miss Chiu”. A few seconds later, “Open.”

Elise sat up rubbing her eyes. She looked around at the two other people in the room and gradually the recollection of where she was and why she was there returned. She smiled gratefully at Miss Chiu illegal bahis siteleri and said, “I feel marvellous, in fact, better than I have for years. However, I feel desperately in need of sex. I love sex but I have never felt an urge as strong as this before. What can I do?”

Miss Chiu turned to the Vicar, “I am afraid I have awoken her sex chakra and it is now fully open whereas before it was partially blocked. We need to help her.”

“What can I do,” said the Vicar, “My department is spiritual.”

“Vicar,” continued Miss Chiu,”All is spiritual. Jesus healed bodies as well as souls. All is energy at different levels controlled by the Mind in this hologram we call the Universe. I shall make a start, but I shall need you to finish,” she continued.

“So what precisely do you need from me?” said the Vicar.

“I need you simply to do what only a man CAN do. That is all. Please prepare yourself.” said Miss Chiu.

With that last plea to the Vicar, Miss Chiu turned her attention to Elise who was starting to finger herself between her legs while emitting small cries. She moved her stool to the foot of the bed, and reached forward, pulling Elise towards her. As she did so, Elise’s’ skirt rode up over her waist, exposing her pink bikini briefs already with a large dark stain down the front.

Miss Chiu pulled Elise very close and positioned Elise’s legs over her shoulders while sliding the panties up and off a leg at a time. She turned briefly towards the Reverend and tossed the panties over to him. Then she turned back to Elise and buried her head between Elise’s legs. Soft moans came from Elise as she was tongue-fucked and her clit sucked until Elise screamed in orgasm and sprayed pussy-juice into Mis Chiu’s welcoming mouth.

Miss Chiu decided it was time to move to the next phase and after rapidly removing her own panties, mounted the bed, straddling Elise’s mouth with her pussy and looking towards the Reverend.

The Reverend, now in possession of Elise’s panties and having taken a deep sniff, there was no going back. His cock was on a mission and ached for release. He rapidly discarded canlı bahis siteleri his cassock and cast his braces off his shoulders, allowing his pants to fall. Kicking of his pants he rapidly pulled his Y-fronts’ underpants out and over his erect dick, thick and with protruding veins, and a massive set of stallion balls now hanging low.

Miss Chiu called out, “We need you now please.” The Reverend needed no more bidding and moved to the base of the bed as Miss Chiu placed her arms around Elise’s legs and pulled them back towards her ears. The Reverend was now presented with a large pussy with engorged flushed lips. Two dark wings encasing a deep pink crevice surrounded and mounted by masses of smooth long black hair. The Reverend’s dick started to leak and throb as he positioned the head against the deep pink crevice. He witheld the urge to fuck Elise hard and fast and instead carefully holding his dick in his right hand and clasping Elise’s right leg with his left hand, he coaxed the head into the hot, wet pink crevice and moved it slowly up and down with a slight pressure until it finally lodged in the passage. Now he allowed his dick to enter slowly with forward and backward movements until he was past the PC muscle and hair on hair.

Elise’s PC muscle started to pulsate and the Reverend retracted slowly almost fully but then driving in full length fast. Elise fell into the rhythm and momentarily gripped his cock on the way in and then again on the way out. This action continued through two orgasms of Elise until the Reverend could hold no longer. His cock throbbed violently and with balls slappimg into Elise’s cunt, he discharged copious amounts of hot, sticky cum towards her cervix. As he slowly withdrew, Miss Chiu leaned forward and took the cock deep into her mouth to clean it before moving down again to lick Elise clean, slurping out the mass of salty cum mixed with the tasty juice from Elise’s cunt. Miss Chiu finally looked up and said, “Dear Reverend, that was a marvellous performance for an amateur. Now I know your astounding qualities, I may need your skills myself whenever I have problems too.”

Elise left the Church dazed. She hardly remembered the trip over to Kowloon on the Star Ferry and the return, but she knew that she had been well fucked and she had been well serviced and furthermore her sex life would never be the same again.

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