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It was late in the evening when I arrived at the motel, I checked in and headed up to the room with my bag in hand. I stopped at the elevator and pushed the button for the 9th floor, I entered and leaned against the wall and waited for the door to close when I saw a lady running towards the elevator.

I step forward and held the door for her, she was very attractive, long hair and a body to kill for. She wore a short dress with a low cut front and straps on the shoulders. She smiled and said thank you for waiting, I smiled back at her as my eyes explored her body at close range. She leaned over and set her bag down giving me a full view of her breast. My eyes were glued to the two perfect breast that were exposed, she turned her head and caught me looking, I blushed at getting caught, she smiled at me stood up and turned to look me in the eye. I hadn’t even noticed the door hadn’t closed yet, I still had my hand on it. I stepped aside and the door closed, elmada─č escort she said with a sheepish grin on her face, you must really like the view.

The words came out before I knew what I said , yes I did and if the rest of you looks as good as your breast I have to see it all. She stepped back looked me in the eye as her hands went to the small straps, they slipped off and the dress fell to the floor. She had on a thong and nothing else, my mouth must have been hanging open with disbelief. She asked if the rest was as good, she bent over to remove the thong.

My hand hit the stop button and we came to a slow stop, I leaned back on the wall again and gazed at the goddess before me. As she stood with her thong in hand I walked over to her, we kissed passionately, my hand cupped her breast, the nipples were hard and her flesh soft as the morning dew. I held her close, her hand went to my already hard cock, my pants esenyurt escort fell to the floor as her hand reached its goal. She stroked my cock with a sure hand, she whispered in my ear, we better hurry they will notice soon. She dropped to her knees and took my cock deep inside her mouth, sucked it hard and fast. She knew what she wanted from me that was clear.

My hands held her head as she worked on my cock, her hair was soft, silky and my fingers slipped through it pulling her face deeper into my cock. It was a strange feeling knowing we might get caught, did they know we were in here having sex and what if the door opens before we get dressed. At that moment I didn’t care what happened all I new is this woman had my cock all the way down her throat and I loved it. Just then she stopped and stood, turned around and bent at the waist, her legs parted and she turned her head toward me. With a look of pure lust on her etiler anal yapan escort face she said Fuck me hard and fast baby before they come.

My cock entered her and went deep, she pushed back as I rammed it home, a moan of pleasure came from deep inside her as I sank my cock inside her. I pumped hard, with long strokes, I knew I wouldn’t last long after the blow job she gave me so I pumped as fast as I could hoping she came fast. As the cum raced down my cock and shot inside her waiting cunt, she screamed I’m cumming , fuck me baby, fuck me hard. My cum shot for what seemed like a hour before the orgasm released its hold on me, I fucked her harder and faster, my legs got weak as she moaned loudly oh yes baby that was great. She pulled away from me and had her dress on before I knew what had happened, I pulled my pants up and the elevator started to move again.

She smiled at me as she went through the open door and said I am in 630 come on by later. I watched as she strolled down the hallway, the door closed and I started to move again, my mind wasn’t sure what I had just done but I know this, later that night we didn’t rush. It was a long night full of passion like none I had ever had before and would never happen again in this life time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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