Educating a New Neighbor

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He was an attractive boy when he moved in across the street. Eighteen years old and out on his own. He told me once that his parents had been very restrictive and did not let him date. They were very protective of their son. His name was Matt. He was about 6 foot 2, light brown hair and deep blue eyes that would make you melt. All in all a very nice young man.

I was 25 when he moved in. He was always friendly and would wave, smile, and say hello whenever he saw me.

One day he knocked at my door. I went to answer it and let him in. He was holding a box that had been slit open. He handed the box to me and told me that a package of mine had been delivered to his house by mistake. I thanked him for bringing it to me. I took the box from him and looked down into the box to discover that this box contained my new dildo. It was a life-like dildo complete with a head, veins, and balls. You could even fill it with a liquid and make it cum. My face flushed as I apologized for the mishap and muttered something stupid about women and their needs.

He looked puzzled. He said it was not a problem but was curious as to what this item in the box was. I though he was kidding and let the comment go. He then asked me again what the package contained. At this point I was more annoyed and thought he just wanted me to say what it was and embarrass myself. I finally said it was my new dildo. He asked me what a dildo is. I again though he was joking.

I said it was a cock substitute and he looked confused and I said it was a penis substitute, the thing between his legs. He seemed puzzled and wanted to know why on Earth anyone would want a rubber penis. I told him that although it is not as good as the real thing it helps. He wanted to know what it would help. I told him it would help to make me cum and relieve my sexual frustration. I could see the question form on his face. He next wanted to know what cumming was. I told him it mean having an orgasm. He said he did not know what that was either. My guess was he had never had one or he would have known what it was.

I told Matt to sit down on the couch as I needed to talk to him. I felt it was my responsibility to discuss this all with him. I couldn’t see having an 18 year old living on his own and not knowing some of these sexual basics. He confessed to me that his parents had been very restrictive. They did not discuss their bodies or feelings. He also attended a private religious school where you were punished if anything canl─▒ bahis was told or discussed about the human body.

I told Matt that I was going to ask him some questions that he might find embarrassing but I wanted him to answer the questions as best as he could. He agreed. I asked him if he had heard of the word sex. He said he had and I thought maybe I did not have so much to teach him and he might have been playing along with the innocence. I asked him if he had ever had sex and he blushed and said no. I told him that was okay and he should not be embarrassed. I asked him to tell me what he would do if he were going to have sex. I wanted him to describe to me what he knew about sex. He said sex was about touching and feeling a girl’s breasts and kissing. I wanted to know what else was involved. He said that was about it. I said what about your penis. He blushed and wanted to know what I meant. I asked him what do you do with a penis when you have sex. He laughed and asked what a penis had to do with sex. I thought he really had a lot to learn!! I told him when a man gets excited sexually and things sexual thoughts the penis gets hard and erect. It rises away from the body and points out to the front or up towards the belly. He seemed interested. He said that had happened to him before but he thought he simply needed to go to the bathroom. He had been embarrassed when it happened.

I told him it was nothing to be embarrassed about. I told him that having an erection was the best part of sex because it allows for penetration. I asked him if he know what was between a woman’s legs. He knew of a place to pee and a place to poop but he know of nothing else. I told him there is a special hole between a woman’s legs that is officially called her vagina although guys his age might call it a pussy. I told him other than having a baby this hole is only for providing sexual pleasure and release. He seem interested and excited.

At this point I told him a visual demonstration might be best. I stood up and unbuttoned my pants and removed them. I stood before Matt in my underpants. He was smiling. I slipped my panties down and sat on the couch next to him. I spun around to face him and had him sit cross legged on the couch facing me. I spread my legs apart so he could see what was going on between my legs. I pointed out my urethra opening and continue on down. Next I spread my lips and showed him my clit. I explained that this is a woman’s hot button and it is loaded bahis siteleri with nerves and nerve endings that respond to touch. I told him a clit likes to be touched by fingers, tongues, and penises. I showed him that the next spot was vagina or pussy. I told him that is where a man would put his penis. He had a huge smile on his face. I asked him if he wanted to touch me and he said yes he did. After a couple of touches I started to get wet. I told him this was my positive response to his touches. It meant that I liked what he was doing and my body was getting ready for sex. He was pleased that I liked his touches.

I told him I would next teach him about his penis. I told him to remove his pants and underwear. He quickly did. I told him to take a look between his legs. I pointed out his penis and told him a lot of people call it a cock. I pointed out his balls and other parts of his anatomy. I asked if I could touch him and he swallowed hard and shook his head yes. I gently stroked his cock and it sprang to life. I told him that he had a huge cock. When it was erect it had grown to a length of 8 inches and was a good 2 inches in diameter. I told him he would make any woman happy with that.

At this point I realized there would be no turning back after this. I pulled my T shirt over my head and unhooked my bra. My 38 C breasts produced a big smile on his face. He followed my lead and slipped off his shirt. We were now both naked. I stood up and took his hand and lead him to my bed room. I laid down on the bed and motioned for him to lay on top of me. We kissed and kissed. He reached down and pulled on my nipples. I let out a soft sigh. He moved lower and began kissing and licking my nipples. I though how much fun I could have teaching him about foreplay, oral sex, and all of the other wonders of sex. However, for today I decided that we should get down to business and concentrate on the hard core sex since we were both eager and ready.

I spread my legs apart and told him we were going to have sex. He smiled nervously. I guessed he would not last long. My only hope to delay his ejaculation was that he would be nervous and scared and might be able to go a little while before cumming. I positioned him between my legs and put his tip a the entrance to my hole. Just a couple of weeks ago had began shaving my pussy and I am glad that I did because it make it easier to see what was happening. I told him that we would discuss birth control another day. WE did not have bahis ┼čirketleri to worry about it today because I was on the pill and he was a virgin. But we would need to discuss pregnancy and disease another day. I pulled my lips apart to give him easy access and told him to go ahead and slip his rock hard cock into me slowly. He eagerly did so. I told him to keep pushing it in until it was all the way inside. I spread my legs wide and feel him entering me. I began to realize that I might be the one who would not last long. I moaned softly as he pushed his way inside. He was so big and filled me up. I kept saying how good it felt. I told him to feel free to talk or make any noises he felt like. Once he was all the way inside I explained that he would move his cock in and out of my vagina. He could twist and swivel his hips and produce great feeling for both of us. I told him that as we got more into this and got going he would move his cock hard and faster into me. He just smiled and nodded. I could tell he was really enjoying this. We kissed and he fondled my breasts.

He began pushing into me slowly but steadily. I moaned and smiled at him. Gradually he picked up the pase. I told him he was doing a great job. He kept saying it feels soooooo good over and over. I told him we would keep doing this and at sometime we would both cum. When our bodies could not take anymore build up my muscles would contract and I would feel great pleasure and his penis would contract and send out sticky liquid called seaman. He said he would not wait and it not want this feeling to ever end. I told him I agreed.

We began to bump and grind together. He slid his cock into my soaking pushing over and over. He was really good at this. As the moment built he moved faster and harder. We were now both grunting and sighing. We were both in heaven. I told him to keep pumping away.

Afer about 4 minutes of very intense sex I told him I was cumming. I told him to stop stroking me and lay very still to feel my orgasm. I came like I have never came before long and hard. I told him you did that to me and it feels great! This was all it took for him to spill his load as well. His balls drew up close to his body and his rod stiffened as he sent 5 blasts of hot sticky seaman into me. He was screaming in ecstasy.

He pulled out and I told him it would take a little before he would be ready for more but when he was I would be more than ready.

The day ahead was long and I knew we would spend the day in bed bumping and grinding our way to many more orgasms.

After all he had soooo much to learn. There was oral sex, masturbation, different positions,…. I smiled as I thought about all of our future lessons.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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