Dweeb Ch. 03

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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He didn’t see Ms. Largeness the next day. He didn’t have her class that day. Rumor had it that she had called out sick. And nothing else happened either. Well, except that Barb Fulman snuggled up to him during a class change and while pressing her munificent figure against him whispered, “I’ve heard some wonderful things about you, Dweeb. I hope I’ll get a chance to see if they are true?”

By now he was more confident than ever as he responded, “They are true and I’d love to have you prove them to yourself some time. Call me.” He wrote his phone number in her notebook. He was almost swaggering as he walked away.

The next day after his amazing experience with Ms. Largeness, things were back to normal. Well, he did keep getting glances from Billie Jean and Barb which was new. And other girls were paying more attention to him than before.

And Ms. Largeness was back in class. Today she wore a mini-skirt and a three button blazer over her blouse. A little dressier than usual but not too far out of line. She looked great!

Half way through class she had them all pull out their notebooks and start to work on the essay that she had assigned the previous class period.

So almost everyone’s head was down when she stopped in front of his desk. She glanced over her shoulder as she unbuttoned the blazer. When she saw that no one was paying any attention she proudly held the blazer open so Dweeb could admire the blouse she was wearing.

Dweeb choked! It was see-thru! Ms. Largeness yabanc─▒ escort was wearing a see-thru blouse under her blazer! And NO BRA! Ms. Largeness was BRALESS under her see-thru blouse! Dweeb was able to see Ms. Largeness’s big, fat titties and erect nipples thru her sheer blouse! He could see how those large breasts jutted firmly out from her chest! They stood proudly, firm bowls of flesh with erect nipples reaching toward him, inches and inches from her sternum!

She was smirking at him, watching as he tried to recover. Her nipples were poking thru the fabric as she shook her shoulders back and forth. His breath was taken from him again as he watched her inhale deeply, expanding her rib cage, making her tits jut even farther toward him.

“Dwayne, I could use your help with a hard problem I’m having. Could I impose upon you to stay after school today?” She was still causing her boobs to sway back and forth. And now she was bouncing lightly on her heels causing her oversized breasts to surge up and down. Her nipples were getting harder and harder as they were scraped by the blouse fabric.

“I suppose so,” he managed to reply. “I’ll have to call home and let Mom know that I’ll be late for dinner.”??

“Fine. I’ll, um, see you then?” she responded. “Oh, Dear, look. You’ve dropped your pen!” Before he could point out that it was not his pen she was crouched in front of his desk. Knees spread as she slowly bent over she was flashing her uncovered pussy at him! She wasn’t wearing panties or hose, either!

As placed the pen on his desk her other hand was dragging several fingers yeni escort thru her exposed pussy lips, moisture dripped onto the floor below her.

Five minutes after school officially let out Dweeb knocked on the class room door and let himself in. Ms. Largeness was writing on the blackboard as he walked to the front of the room.

As he approached she turned to him and drew him into her embrace. Her arms went around his shoulders while she snuggled against him. Her bosom flattened against his chest while her thigh rubbed gently between his legs. She could feel his erection as it got harder, longer and thicker.

“MMmmm,” she murmured. “Oh I do like feeling your cock as it gets harder and harder!”

“Well, when a gorgeous woman like yourself rubs up against me with your big sexy tits, your hot little ass and those amazing lips of yours, well, what can you expect?” he asked before pressing himself against her and kissing her as well as he knew how.

When their lips parted they were both breathing heavily. Ms. Largeness was using both hands to fondle his steel hard shaft while he was similarly occupied caressing her tits and stroking her nipples with his thumbs.

“Why don’t you unbutton my blouse, Dwayne, while I get this big hard cock of your’s out where I can play with it! There are so many more things I want to do than we had time for the other day!”

The first thing that she wanted to do was to tease them both by slapping his hard-on against her nipples after she had slipped off her blouse. Leaving it on the floor she moved them to her desk where she sat while he plunged yenibosna escort his rampant hard-on thru her cleavage again and again until he was ready to spew himself all over her.

She was laughing and giggling while she directed his streams of cum over her magnificent chest. And finally she slurped up the final dregs.

“You are so tasty, Dwayne,” she complimented him as she licked off her fingers and spread his goo over her breasts. “I love the feel of it as I massage it into my skin! Maybe it will help to expand my titties?”??”Oh, please, Ms. Largeness, even I know that’s an old wife’s tale! It doesn’t work like that!”

“Well, maybe not. But I’m not an old wife yet so it may help! And I think you can call my by my first name since you’ve already fucked the hell out of me and let me spread your juice all over my titties! My first name is Ethel but all my friends call me El!”

“Okay, El, and by the way, thanks for NOT calling me Dweeb. I hate that nick name!”

“Well, it’s not appropriate for you anyway. You are no dweeb, believe me! Now come back here and slide that monster cock of yours into my tight little pussy! Let’s make some noise!”

And so they did for the rest of the afternoon. Time and again Dwayne would pump his cum into El’s pussy and mouth or over her titties. And each time she would use her fingers, lips, tongue and mouth to clean up after him, slurping up and swallowing all that he had to offer!

They finally stopped when they heard the janitors start to polish the hallway floors. Reluctantly the parted ways, She left several minutes after he had gone to avoid suspicion.

As Dweeb was dropping his books off he found a note that had been stuffed into his locker “Dwayne, I’ve always thought you were cute, Your Secret Admirer”

‘Huh, wonder what that’s all about’ he thought as he tossed away the note. ‘Probably a gag!’

End Chapter Three

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