Dreaming Again

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I awoke slowly. It was still dark out, and as I awakened I realized my body was sexually aroused. My nipples were caught in my tee shirt, and my nether lips slipped over each other, causing me to pulse. My husband was sleeping soundly and oblivious to my need. Clearly not the source of my arousal….As I thought about it, I realized I had been dreaming. Ah yes. It was a really good one…. Sliding one hand inside my jammies to find my wetness and the other up under my tee to gently squeeze my nipples, I let my mind relax, recalling my dream and hoping I could slip back into it…..

I’d been traveling on my way home from an intense three days of work in Nevada and got stuck in a connecting city. I’d checked into the airport hotel, and although it was late I could not sleep. Too wound up, I guess. Slipping back into my clothes without bothering with my lingerie, I went down to the bar for a nightcap. I walked into the deserted bar, put some quarters into the jukebox and took a stool ordering Gentleman Jack on the rocks.

Enjoying the music and the solitude, I noticed a fellow traveler enter and take a seat a few stools down from me. A short while later, I subtly checked him out in the mirror and liked what I saw. Good height, dark hair and great eyes. He caught the nature of my look and smiled knowingly. I looked away and felt his eyes look directly at me and appraise me from head to toe. I knew I looked good in my silk blouse, ivory suit and red heels. Looking in the mirror, I saw the mischievous smile as he returned to his drink. I turned to him and said, “What?”

He continued to smile as he tossed off the balance of his martini and rose, coming over to me. He said, “I see you are glad to see me.”

Of all the nerve. “Glad to see you? I don’t even know you!!!”

His eyes were still smiling as he said, “Oh really?” Reaching inside my jacket his hand brushed the side of my lush breast, letting the pad of his thumb trail across my nipple, which had clearly been jutting out through the sheer silk of my blouse. My body involuntarily went “um hmm” as he drew out the motion. “I suppose you’re going to tell me you are just cold?” To make time to form a clever, withering reply, I coolly finished my drink when he added, “Your room or mine?”

Cursing myself for not putting on my bra, but knowing it had been too long and that I wanted to be with him, I whispered, “Yours” and followed him to the elevator.

On the ride up, he took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. His tongue quickly parted my lips and explored my mouth as he pulled my pelvis roughly against his. His cock was rigid and felt very good as it rubbed across my lower belly. This was going to be good, and we both knew it, but he needed to know that we were equals. As the doors opened, I told him he had better slow down or he was not going to be able to keep up with me. His eyes dancing with mirth once again, he said, “I’ll do my best.”

Entering his room the clothes began to come off, but slowly. We watched each other otele gelen escort reveal our bodies, and it was clear that both of us were pleased with what we saw. I’m medium height with broad shoulders, full breasts, a nice round ass and short but powerful legs. My skin is clear and pink and gets dark as I become aroused. As I caught myself in the mirror, I noticed that my breasts and mons were already coloring and getting darker as the color spread upward to my neck. He was over six feet, maybe 220 pounds, with fingers long enough that I flushed thinking of them moving through the folds of my sex.

He opened the bed and turned to me. Slowing the pace further — and all gentleman now — he said, “You’re quite lovely” and gathered me in his arms. He gave me a long, slow, wet kiss fully on the mouth. Then he looked into my big blue eyes with his large hazel ones and never broke contact as he laid me gently on the bed. Sitting next to me, he began to trace my body with those long fingers, setting off sparks wherever he touched. He began with my face, tracing my dimples and fine cheekbones before moving down onto my neck.

He commented that he thought my breasts were firm and proud and that he would need to give them special attention. I purred as he began to circle each breast working slowly toward the aureole. My breath began to catch as the connection was made to my sex, and I arched my back into the pleasure. He spread his fingers wide so he could tease both my nipples at the same time with his fingertips. My breasts are sensitive, and I had not been with a man for months. I was in great need. I knew he could feel my heat as he looked into my eyes and whispered, “Go ahead.” I thanked him with my eyes as I allowed the pleasure in my throbbing tits to build into my first orgasm. As my orgasm approached, he leaned over and sucked on one nipple and then the other, tugging gently, until I pulled his face into my chest in release…..

As my breath returned to normal, I explored his cock. With my fingertips I lightly touched it, tracing the mushroom and feeling the veins flooding under my caresses. Cupping his balls, I could feel their fullness. I surmised it had been too long for him, too, and imagined the rich taste of his cum. I briefly massaged the sensitive spot behind his balls until he sighed his contentment; then I returned to the shaft. His cock filled until I could feel it straining, and then I suggested, while spreading my legs, that perhaps he should show me what he intended to do with it.

Smiling back at me and kneeling between my legs, he put his face to my smooth mound. At first he just took in my scent. Then he kissed my labia and spread them, allowing his tongue to dip into my tunnel and spread the velvety wetness across my sex. I moaned encouragement and told him where to linger as he pulled my folds into his mouth and sucked on me. “Oh yes, that’s it!” I told him as he brought me back up. He rose up on his knees, and I could see my juices on his pendik escort face as he took his weight on his arms and came up to kiss me. After the kiss, I licked his face clean and slipped my tongue in his mouth, searching for more. Reaching below, I had just begun to direct his shaft when he pulled back and directed me to be still.

He continued to support all his weight and lowered himself so that only his cock touched me. It came to rest against my labia with the head at the opening of my vagina. Without penetrating, he moved his body slightly forward so that his shaft parted my folds and his mushroom rested against my tunnel. I could feel all of him all at once!! I was wet and could feel the shaft sandwiched between my labia and pressing my clit. My vaginal opening hugged the edges of his mushroom and the tip pressed against my perineum. The nerve endings were firing up and down my cunt!! Then he went still.

I opened my eyes and met his gaze, the question obvious. Slowly he pulsed, applying additional pressure along my sex, slightly extending the length of his cock, and sending thrills all through my body! As he continued to do this, my wetness increased, and the heat rose. I could almost hear the slurping sound each time he did it. I wanted more, but his gaze forbade me to move. Finally, by tilting my pelvis, I was able feel his mushroom slide inside and that was enough for the time being. I began a rhythmic squeezing in response to his pulses. It felt so good!!!! Our eyes continued to lock, and I could see the hazel flecks dance as his excitement deepened. It became a challenge to see who could make the other come first. His breathing was even more ragged than mine, and I felt it time move to the next level.

I spread my legs further and began to bring them up. He moved one arm at a time, allowing me to extend them fully until they were straight up inviting him to test the depths of my demanding vagina. His eyes acknowledged my skill, and he allowed his shaft to slide in to the hilt. I did not tell him that I was already on the plateau. He began to slide his shaft deep inside me. His strokes slow, going all the way in and then back out to the entrance taking me into the stratosphere. They came quicker as his orgasm approached. I could see the intense strain and pleasure on his face and considered calling him to join my rolling orgasm, but then I got another idea. I quickly said, “The first time, I want you in my mouth!”

Slowing, he dismounted, and I moved down so that I could take him in my mouth. His cock glistened with my wetness, and I quickly licked the shaft clean. I sucked his balls in one at a time, savoring the last of my liquor. His cock head was purple and raging as I slid it into my mouth and slowly took it to the back of my throat. His eyes were twinkling with pleasure as I looked up at him. I’d surprised him again, and he beamed his pleasure. Beginning a rhythm, I stopped just long enough to encourage him, “Come for me now, baby!” before taking his rus escort cock back into my throat. He slipped his fingers into my hair and began directing my efforts.

To protect myself, I had his shaft thickly lubed with saliva and worked it with my fingers between penetrations. He began to pick up speed as his hips began to thrust, filling me, literally fucking my mouth. With one hand I cupped his balls and could feel them tightening as I slipped a finger into his anus. He groaned deeply, then cried out as cum began squirting down my throat, causing my pussy to convulse yet again. I wanted to taste him, so I pulled back, allowing his spurts to cover my tongue and lips. He was uncut, and I relished the rich taste of his sperm. I continued to work him until he began to soften. We relaxed and drank some water. After much tender and unhurried kissing, he said it was time he returned the favor…

Positioning me on my stomach, he began kissing the small of my back and working his way down the lobes of my bottom. Occasionally he would run his tongue up and down the crack. As he did this he massaged my cheeks, and I found myself pushing up against his face, spreading my bottom open further. He continued kissing and licking me until I found myself up on my knees. His clever tongue slowly rimmed my anus, which initially tightened but then began to relax as he continued his pleasurable ministrations. Reaching up between my legs, he gently rubbed my breasts and softly pulled on my heated nipples. All the while his tongue worked my ass…licking…sucking encouraging it to allow entrance. As I opened, his tongue darted inside causing me to pulse pleasurably, straining against this strong, talented muscle. After allowing me to revel in the pleasure for a while, he paused.

I knew he was deciding whether to mount me doggy style and take me that way. I was imagining his hard cock deep in my ass when, with a reluctant “Maybe later,” he rolled me over on my back and slid a pillow under my bottom. Spreading my legs wide, he settled between them and began again, playing in my folds. He complimented me by saying that he’d grown many roses in his garden but had never seen one as pretty as the deep pink flower between my legs.

As he licked and kissed my labia, I felt him slip a finger into my vagina. Arching my pelvis, I felt another one go in. He turned his hand so that his fingers could curl around my pubis and began rubbing my g-spot. Ohhhh, this was nice. At the same time, he spread my labia, exposing my clit. With his tongue he circled it slowly, making smaller and smaller circles. As he approached my nub, I could feel my toes curl and arched my back more. Between the clitoral and g-spot stimulation, I wanted soooo badly to come. But I wanted to wait until he took my clit into his mouth. I knew that would make it special, but he needed to hurry! I yelled, “Please hurry!” Finally, he began drawing my throbbing nub, including the wings, into his mouth. At first gently, then more forcefully, he sucked all of it in and swirled his tongue around and around it, sending me over the edge. In sheer bliss I bucked against his face, and my body rocked from side to side….I wanted my orgasm to go on forever…

Then I felt someone shaking me. “Kristen, wake up! You were yelling. You must be having a bad dream!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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