Dream Of Me

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What a terrific vacation I was having. Laying pool side all day, swimming when I want, sharing dinner outside, and lazing back watching, the sun go down. We had rented this cute little secluded cabin that had its own private pool with a great view and walking distance to the public lake. I was making my final lap in the pool, deciding I had finally had enough of my self indulgence. I climbed the steps of the pool with my breasts bare, wearing only the little bikini bottoms I had put on to sunbathe in.

Smiling to myself, I slowly walked into the cabin to find candles everywhere. They were placed randomly around the room, creating a beautiful glow. The ones on the floor were making a pathway down the hall. I followed the candle path, it led me to the master bath off of the bedroom. He was standing there by the tub with his back to me, wearing only jeans. He turned hearing me come into the room, smiling he and said, “I was just coming out for you, I ran you a bath.”

I could see the steam coming from the large tub and smelled the strawberry bubble bath I like so much. “Terrific,” I said smiling, “Are you coming in with me?”

“No, this is just for you,” he responded. He walked over, giving me a gentle kiss. He ran his hands down my arms to my hips sliding my bikini down, kissing his way down my neck to my collar maltepe escort bone. I gave a small moan as he bit my shoulder. I stepped out of the bikini as he led me to the edge of the tub. As he held my hand, I stepped into the steaming water. I settled in lying back, closing my eyes and sighing with pleasure.

Opening my eyes slightly, I noticed his hands were all soapy. He smiled and asked me to sit up so he could wash my back. I leaned forward, noticing he had brought in my razor for me to shave my legs. I ran my hand down my leg to see if it needed to be done, I liked having very smooth legs. He dipped his hands low on my back, massaging and washing me, I moaned with pleasure. I reached for the razor, “I’ll do that for you” he said.

I looked at him curiously, this was something new. “Ok,” I said, “just be careful.” He took the razor, running a soapy hand over my leg and gently started to shave my leg. Taking long slow strokes from my ankle to my knee. He started on the top of my thigh with more long even strokes. As he shaved my inner thigh, he brushed against my nether lips. I gasped, feeling my nipples harden in desire.

He started on my other leg. Same long smooth strokes and again brushing my lips. A whimper of need escaped me. He glanced up and finished his last long mecidiyek├Ây escort stroke brushing my lips with his fingers. He put down the razor and soaped his hands up again. He lifted my right leg out of the bubbly water washing it, gently biting down on the back of my knee making me squirm and moan. He lifted my other leg to wash and put my toe in his mouth, sucking and biting it. One by one he sucked and nibbled on all of them, making my body quiver with need.

Moving up my body, he washed my hips up to my ribs, skipping my mound making me whimper to be touched. I felt his fingertips on my nipples, pinching and massaging them with his fingers. He had his hands on my full breasts massaging and lifting them. He bent down sucking on my nipple squeezing my breast at the same time. My back arched, I moaned at the feel of his tongue swirling around the hard peak of my nipple. My nipple was aching in response to his talented mouth. He released my nipple from his mouth licking his way over to my other breast. Sucking my nipple between his lips, he bit down slightly, raking his teeth over the hard bud, flicking it lightly with his tongue. I was moaning and whimpering over the sweet torture he was inflicting on my breasts.

Lifting his mouth from my breast, I kissed him and said, “I merter escort want you. Now, please.” He gently lifted me from the tub and wrapped me in a towel, carrying me to the bedroom. He stood me up next to the bed and bent down slowly drying my legs. He moved up my body at a torturously slow pace, occasionally stopping to lick drops of water off of me.

I couldn’t take anymore, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, rubbing my breasts against his damp chest. I ran my hands down his chest over his tiny nipples, to the front of his jeans, I unbutton the buttons, pulling my mouth away from his, kissing his shoulders and down his body, while pulling his jeans down. He lifted his feet out of the jeans kicking them to the side as I took him into my mouth. I flicked my tongue across the tip of his manhood. Hearing him groan, I slowly took more of him into my mouth. I sucked harder on him letting him pump in and out of my mouth, his breathing coming faster.

He pulled out of my mouth. Laying me on the bed he drove his cock deep inside of my wet pussy. I moaned loudly as he drove deeper into me. On the edge of the first orgasm, I raked my nails down his back, wrapping my legs around his ass trying to pull him even deeper. I bit his shoulder as I shook with my orgasm, screaming out my release, I threw my head back arching my back. He was still in me, pumping harder bringing us both to the edge, moaning loudly, I could feel him starting to cum, my pussy gripping him tightly milking the cum out of him. Collapsing on top of me he kissed me, telling me there was still more to my perfect day, as I drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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