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It was a slack day and I was just cruising around looking for any stray nefarious felons. You know the type, the guy who doesn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign, or one who speeds that little bit over the limit. A lazy bunch today with none of them doing the wrong thing. How am I to keep amused with no motorists to book?

My idling along was interrupted by a call on a domestic. See the woman, the controller told me. I was fairly close to the required address and didn’t even have to turn on the siren. I got out of the car and straightaway I could hear trouble in the back yard with a woman yelling.

Now domestic are funny things. Interfere and both parties could turn on the poor little officer, women being the worst. Men will only punch. Women will scratch and bite. I move into the front yard and the woman spots me instantly. She’s over next to me in a flash.

“Have you got a gun?” she demanded. “If so, feel free to shoot them.”

“I have a gun, Miss,” I assured her. I looked at the two young men rolling around on the ground trying to beat each other up. “Which one do you want me to shoot?”

“Either or both. Both, preferably. You do have more than one bullet, don’t you?”

“Ah, yes, Miss, but shooting can be so permanent. How about I just break it up for you?”

“That’ll do,” she sighed. “I can always kill them afterwards.”

Not feeling inclined to weigh in between them I looked for an easier solution. Pepper spray might work but might also just make them madder. Looking around I spotted the garden hose attached to the tap.

“If you’ll pardon me, Miss,” I said.

I walked over to the hose and turned it on. Setting the nozzle to jet, I turned the hose on them. The fight came to an abrupt halt with a lot of swearing. From the sounds of the oaths the first thought the boys had was to blame Cathy. Then they spotted me and the pair of them shut up. Before I had a chance to say anything the girl, Cathy, I assume, went into action.

“You morons,” she shrieked. “You incredible imbeciles. Look what you’ve done to the back door. Who’s going to pay for that? I’ll give you one guess and the answer is not going to be me. You, Michael, will arrange for the door to be repaired. Today! I expect a new door attached by the end of the day and the pair of you will have paid for it. Understand?”

Michael started to make excuses but she shut him down.

“I don’t want to hear it. What do you think my parents will say if they come home and find the door broken? What do you think my father will do?”

The boys had no answer to this and they looked distinctly uncomfortable thinking about what her father would do. The second boy started to talk. I don’t know what he was going to say because she shut him down just as fast.

“Save it, Paul. I’m not interested. I just want the pair of you out of here and out of here now. If I see you anytime during the next week it will be too soon, so make sure I don’t.”

The boys looked at each other, shuffling their feet nervously. Not the reaction she wanted.

“If you’re still here by the time I count to five I’m going to have this nice officer charge you for disturbing the peace, wanton damage to my door, fighting, and anything else I can think of. He’ll lock you up in a cell with a giant thug who’ll call you Nancy and tell you to bend over. Now GO AWAY.”

The boys departed post-haste, fading into the distance.

“Here I was all set to make an easy arrest and you’ve chased my criminals away,” I lamented. “I could have spent a comfortable couple of hours at the station booking those lads. Now I have to go back on patrol.”

“Oh,” she said, blushing. “I suppose I should have let you handle it.”

“Not really,” I said with a grin. “You seemed to have it well in hand once they quietened down. Can you please give me the background story? I’ll need to put in some sort a report.”

“Can’t you just let it go?”

“I’ll recommend no action but I do have to report it. You did call us via the emergency number and so I’ll be expected to report what happened.”

“Oh. OK, I guess. Why don’t you come inside and have a cup of coffee. I’ll tell you all about it then.”

I had no objection to having a cup of coffee and chatting to a pretty young thing. She led me into the kitchen and indicated I should sit at the table.

“So what should I call you?” she asked, looking at my nametag. “I don’t really want to call you Officer Brian.”

“Just call me Brian,” I told her.

“I can’t do that. It’d be rude. What’s your first name?”


“Your name is Brian Brian?” she asked sceptically.

“No. My name is actually Brian Officer. We thought putting a name tag of Officer on me might be a little confusing, hence the Brian. I’d rather be called Officer Brian than Officer Officer.”

“I’d get my name changed,” she muttered.

“I did. I used to be Charles Officer.”

She gave me an ‘I am not amused’ look, but that was all right. I was.

“From the way the boys were talking I assume that you’re casino şirketleri Cathy. So how about telling me what happened.”

Cathy sat down opposite me and told me her story.

“It’s my birthday today,” she started. “I turned eighteen today. You know what that means.”

“Happy birthday. Assume I’m ignorant and don’t know what turning eighteen means to you.”

“It means I’m now legal, sex-wise. Der,” she said, as though addressing another imbecile.

“So?” I said in a go-on voice, not daring to comment on her age and new found legality.

“So Michael came around to wish me a happy birthday. He decided that as a birthday present he’d initiate me into the joys of adulthood. Personally, I think he was also too cheap to bother buying a present.”

Looking at her and the way she filled out her clothes I knew just where Michael was coming from. The point is, he should also have bought a nice present to enhance his prospects.

“I don’t want you to think that Michael is my boyfriend. He’s not. He just wants to be. He thought that he’d be able to seduce me. Anyway, he was busy pitching his line when Paul came trotting in through the back door, yelling happy birthday. He also skipped the present. He suggested to Michael that Michael make himself scarce as he, Paul, had some serious business he wanted to discuss with me. You can guess what he wanted.”

She sat and scowled for a moment, still peeved at the boys. (And possibly the lack of presents.)

“Paul, by the way, is not my boyfriend either. He’s another wannabe. Anyway, Paul and Michael started arguing over which one of them was entitled to seduce me. They were arguing about it right there in front of me as if I had no say in the matter. They’re both idiots. First they argued, then they swore, and then they started fighting. Paul was trying to toss Michael out and Michael was trying to toss Paul out. The only thing they agreed on was the word OUT. Effectively they threw each other through the flywire back door which is why it is now a shambolic wreck. I called the police and you rocked up.”

I nodded sympathetically. Internally I was rolling around on the floor, laughing. It turned out that Cathy was a mind reader.

“It’s all very well for you to laugh,” she snapped, “but it was very embarrassing. Now I’ll admit that there was a slim chance that one of them might have managed to seduce me. A very slim chance. They’ve got a fat chance now.”

She paused and looked thoughtful.

“Why,” she asked me, “does a fat chance mean you have no chance when a slim chance means you have a tiny one? You’d think a fat chance would mean a good chance.”

“It’s in the tone of voice,” I told her. “Sarcasm is a wonderful thing.”

“Let me be clear on one thing,” I said, wanting more information. “This wasn’t going to be a case of attempted rape or domestic violence where you personally were concerned?”

“Not in this lifetime,” she assured me. “If they tried anything like that I’d castrate them with a pair of blunt scissors. If they hit me my father would bury them under the apple tree.”

Remembering the back yard I couldn’t remember seeing any trees.

“Ah, you don’t actually have an apple tree,” I pointed out.

“Dad would buy one,” she said without batting an eye.

“So the whole thing is just a case of a couple of over-sexed young men getting into a scuffle. Did you lead them on at all? Either deliberately or inadvertently?”

“Ha. As if I’d have to do anything to lead them on. Those randy rams will chase down anything in a skirt. They knew it was my birthday and it was a case of they both wanted to get to me first, as though I was a bitch in heat.”

“I was wondering. You did mention that there was a slim chance that one of them might have succeeded in his intentions.”

“Only because I’m curious and know I’ll have to learn all about it sometime. Both Michael and Paul can be very nice when they want to be.”

“Uh-huh. Are there any other young men who are not boyfriends who might be beating a path to your door? Do we need to station a car here to break up future fights?”

“Well, I don’t have an official boyfriend at this stage so all the boys I know will probably be chancing their arm. My current mood is that they can all get stuffed.”

“Yes, well you are a very lovely young woman,” I admitted. “I can’t really blame them for trying it on.”

I ran my eyes over her again and I have to admit she was sweet. Nubile and ready. Just not with the two morons.

“You know the police motto is to protect and serve?”

“Someone told me it was to patrol and control but go on with your version.”

And she said that with a straight face.

“It seems to me that to protect the community, or the male portion of it, I am going to need to serve you. A little bit of work on my part and your curiosity will be satisfied, you will have learnt a little more about life, and there will be no need for the hungry hounds to beat a path to your doorstep to relieve you of this burden you currently casino firmaları bear.”

She thought this through, nodding judiciously.

“Cutting through all the waffle, what you’re saying is you want to fuck me.”

“While in this uniform I must be prepared to make sacrifices,” I said piously.

“I wouldn’t want you to force yourself,” she said dryly.

“One does not need to force oneself to do one’s duty,” I intoned. “Duty is its own reward.”

“And the sex would be incidental?”

I looked innocent, a policeman ready to do his stern duty without fear or favour.

“There is a slight flaw in your argument.”

I looked interested.

“If, by some miracle, I agreed, how would it stop boys beating a path to my door? They wouldn’t know I’d been screwed by the local cop.”

“Now, Cathy, be reasonable. Everyone knows you get screwed by the local cops.”

“Not literally.”

“True. Just let them know your new boyfriend is a cop. That will slow them down.”

“But you’re not my new boyfriend.”

“I will be once I’ve fucked you,” I said calmly.

“I expect to hear some odd lines to get me into bed. Yours is probably going to rank as one of the oddest.”

“Mm, possibly. Are you going to take off your panties or do you want me to do it for you?”

“If I agreed, which I haven’t, I’m quite capable of taking off my own panties. Why does the girl have to take off her panties first, anyway? Why can’t the man take off his trousers?”

“Practicality on the man’s part,” I promptly responded. “When a man drops his trousers it’s hard for him to chase the girl if she screams and runs at the sight of what he’s got. It’s a lot smarter to get the girl in a position where she’s vulnerable before the great unveiling.”

“You don’t really expect me to take my panties off just because you ask me to?”

“Not exactly,” I admitted. “I’m hoping the idea will give you the impetus needed to take off all your clothes. I’m quite sure that you’ll be even more lovely naked than you are now. I’m quite willing to help you get undressed if you’re a little shy about doing it yourself.”

She just sat there looking at me. I could see she was trying to think through the ramifications of what I was suggesting. OK, she was legal and curious, but did she want to learn from me? I could practically hear her going through the various boys she knew, trying to decide if one of them was a better option.

She couldn’t decide. She just sat there looking helpless. Hey, I’m a cop. It’s my job to help people in need. I got up, strolled around the table and, putting a hand to her elbow, I eased her to her feet. Turning her around to face me I started undoing the buttons on her blouse.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” she asked me, looking faintly shocked.

“I’m undressing you,” I explained. “You can’t seem to make up your mind as to whether the answer will be yes or no so I thought I’d take off your clothes while you work on it. Perhaps when you’re naked you will have decided.”

“Oh, really? And what happens if I haven’t?” she asked with some asperity.

“Then I’ll continue on the assumption that you will say yes eventually. Well, I’ll continue up until the point where you do say no. At that point, I’ll stop. Alternatively, if you don’t get around to making up your mind, you may find you’ve become an ex-virgin by default.”

I didn’t hurry with what I was doing. I just flicked open her buttons one by one, the blouse slowly gaping wider and wider. With all buttons undone I slid it off her shoulders and down her arms, tossing it onto the table. She was wearing a fetching little half bra, one that just barely covered her nipples. I didn’t bother to take it off just yet. I just traced an outline of it, finger lightly brushing across her breast. I slowed down as I passed close to each nipple, pausing for a second but not trying to touch them. This didn’t stop her nipples from reacting to the almost touch.

I toyed with the idea of making her undo the bra. The trouble was that this would tend to force her to a decision and she was as likely to say no as yes. Even more likely. After all, she was a virgin and I was almost a stranger. I reached down and more by luck than skill unhooked the clip.

Again there was no hurry. She gave a little gasp and a hand came up to hold the bra in place, while I slipped the straps over her shoulders so they lay loosely on her upper arms. If she moved her hands she’d lose the bra. Bending down slightly I kissed along the edge of her breast, my mouth moving down and following the line of the bra, the same way my finger had earlier. Her hands were basically cupping the bra into place and not in my road.

When I was working along her second breast I paused when I reached where her nipple lay concealed just under the edge of the bra. Moving a little sideways I eased the bra away from the nipple and lightly sucked on it. Then I crossed back to her other breast and did the same again.

With both nipples now on display, erect, wet, and güvenilir casino flushed, holding the bra in place was redundant. Cathy slowly lowered her hands and the bra continued to slide down her arms. She caught it in one hand and I thoughtfully extracted it and let it join the blouse on the table.

I now had free reign over her breasts and my hands were all over them. Not roughly, mind you, but constantly there, stroking and teasing. She was breathing slightly harder, her lips slightly parted. I leaned a little closer and dropped a gentle kiss on them. She kissed me back after a moment and we stood like that for a while, lips locked and lovely breasts treasured in my hands.

I broke the kiss and let my hands slide down to her hips. Reality stepped up and slapped me in the face. She was wearing jeans. Tight jeans. No way was I going to be able to just slip them off and take advantage.

“Ah, Cathy,” I said quietly. “I want to take these off and take unfair advantage of your lovely young body. The trouble is I have exactly zero chances of sliding these off without you noticing. If we’re going any further you need to remove them.”

She looked at me, looked down at her breasts which were standing proudly, plucked at the waist band of her jeans, and giggled, damn it.

“Before I take them off I feel you should show me that it’s going to be worth my time. You take yours off first.”

“You have to be fucking kidding me?”

“Um, no, I don’t think so,” she said, still giggling. “It’s time to put up or shut up.”

Like I had a choice. Jumping her and trying to yank her jeans off was not an option. Taking tight jeans off even a willing girl is hard enough. If she struggles you’re in real strife. I’ve always considered the only reasonable way to get rid of tight jeans is to use a pair of scissors and I didn’t have any on me.

Feeling very much put upon I undid my belt, my eyes not leaving hers at all. That’s not to say she continued to stare into my eyes. As soon as my trousers started going south, so did her eyes, apparently keen to see the goodies.

I stood there feeling like an idiot, not that the feeling of idiocy dampened my ardour or lessened my erection. My cock didn’t give a damn about how I felt. It just knew what it wanted to feel. It was standing proud and tall, quite happy to show itself off.

Cathy swallowed a little nervously seeing it and then reached a tentative hand towards me. This time it was my turn to say hold on.

“No touching the goodies while wearing jeans,” I told her.

She glared at me and pouted, but I just laughed.

“Turnabout is fair play,” I pointed out. “Now it’s your turn.”

She giggled again and started undoing her jeans. It must be a case of practice pays off because she had them off damn fast, without disturbing her panties in the slightest. I looked pointedly at them.

“What?” she asked innocently. “You just said jeans.”

I conceded that she was correct and started stroking her breasts again. At the same time her hot little hand closed over my erection and she started exploring it. After a few moments my hands dropped down, sliding under her panties and holding her bottom. They didn’t stay there, of course, migrating around to the front, tugging lightly on a few curls I found there, then rubbing across her mons and around onto her mound, cupping and squeezing.

After a short but pleasurable time I took a step back. Keeping an eye on Cathy’s face for sign of a refusal I took hold of her panties and lowered them. She stepped daintily out of them, an anticipatory smile on her face. She thought she knew what was coming and was welcoming it. Of course, being a virgin, she had no real idea about what was about to happen; just happy dreams.

I lifted her and sat her on the edge of the table, legs parted with me standing between them. That table couldn’t have been a better height if I’d been measured for it. She leaned back a little, arms behind her to support her, watching while I dragged my cock back and forth along her slit. Finally I stopped and pressed forward slightly, using one hand to part her lips a little.

Cathy seemed to catch her breath, watching closely. I pressed forward a little more, letting her lips close over me. Then I started to seesaw into position, in a little, back a little, each time I pushed in going a little deeper than the one before, each out pulling back almost to the start. Yes, I felt her hymen go early in the piece but apart from a slight gasp she gave no reaction to it. I slowly progressed deeper and deeper, Cathy’s eyes closing and her face taking on a dreamy look.

Finally I was home and I held steady at that point. My hands were up covering her breasts, gently rubbing them. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Oh, my,” was all she said, her dreamy smile still in place.

“Oh, my, indeed,” I returned. “You do realise that this is your last chance to tell me to stop?”

“Stop?” She sounded scandalised. “You wouldn’t!” Her tone of voice indicated death and destruction in my immediate future if I did.

I grinned at her and started moving. Not the slow rocking that I’d used to initiate her but a more determined thrust, a thrust that she immediately reacted to, pushing hard against me – no prompting needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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