Discovering What Big Means Ch. 04

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This story is a spin off from my previous “Unexpected Threesome” series. You can find more of the backstory of those who are the minor characters in this story in that previous series.


By the time I got back to my parents’ house from sailing on Sunday night, I was beginning to notice some consequences of the weekend with Adam.

Four sessions in 24 hours was a new personal best for me; being four times my previous one.

But as the research I’d done on dealing with large cocks had warned me might be the case, I was feeling the effects of it. I was feeling more than a little sore and inflamed down there. Nothing too bad, just the consequences of some serious testing of my body’s physical boundaries. That same research suggested an antidote and preventative which a bit of online shopping, on some sites I wouldn’t normally go anywhere near, had on its way to me by early Monday morning.

That was the physical side. They were quite predictable I thought, even without the warnings I’d read.

But there was an emotional side too; one I might have read about when reading up on cervical orgasms, but had dismissed as some sort of over the top fantasy.

I had an absolute hunger for sex and physical intimacy with Adam and while that was accompanied by a growing love and devotion to him, I was unsettled by a feeling that it was all happening arse about.

With Sven I had grown to love him and that of itself had driven my sexual urges toward him.

With Adam, not only was the sexual need far more powerful and insatiable than I’d ever experienced before, but I felt that the emotional connection was tagging along with the sex, not the other way around. Was lust driven love a bad thing? I didn’t know, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me. Far more powerful forces were at work which I was willing to let play out.

I suppose that, after she’d seen Adam fully aroused on the yacht on the Saturday and clearly been startled by the massive size of his erection, the day had to come when Ellen asked me what Adam was like in bed. And it was clear she wasn’t so much looking for a download on his stamina or sexual education as to what that massive shaft felt like inside me.

Predictably, it came quickly; like Monday at work during our morning tea break.

“So, what’s it like?”

“What’s what like?”

“You know, having sex with that.”

I knew what she meant, but felt compelled to tease her…

“With what?”

She gave me an exasperated grin…

“A cock like Adam’s.”

“What makes you think we’ve had sex?”

“Oh come-on. You’ve got a rosy tanned glow and a grin like a Cheshire cat. Either you’re pregnant or you got a damn good fucking over the weekend.”

“Does it really show that much?”

“Doh. You even look as though your breasts have grown a cup size larger.”

I looked down at them. So, it was noticeable. I wasn’t sure they’d grown so much as that I was feeling so good about myself I’d put on my favourite show off sexy push up bra and matched it with a tight low cut shirt. It was certainly more out there than I usually wore to work. And I’d done it because I’d woken up feeling…well, sexy.

“It’s tight, but really turns on my g spot and it was long enough I had my first ever cervical orgasm with it. But I think I might have overdone it.”

Ellen gave me a knowing grin.

“Ah yes. Cervical orgasms are good aren’t they? Ned gave me them all the time without even knowing that’s what he was doing, especially when he went the animal on me. I didn’t even know what they were when they first happened. He puts Amy into a state of near constant orgasm with them. She’ll carry on screaming for a good half hour while and after Ned’s making love to her. She’s even attracted the attention of hotel security with the noises she makes during sex and I suspect that’s mainly because Ned’s unknowingly triggering them. And they make me as randy as hell for more.”

I gave Ellen a quizzical look…

“What’s going the animal?”

“That’s when we’d get Ned to forget about being polite or nice while having sex with us and just give vent to his lust. Normally he was too kind and gentle and sometimes you just want him to forget all that and just…well…go like an animal and really show you how passionate he feels towards you.”

“And that gave you good sex?”

“With Ned it did. Maybe because even when we’d insist he just go the animal, he couldn’t help himself. He’d still be trying to give us good sex. Part of that was he’d try and grind his pubis on our clits, but in doing that he’d bury himself deep and since he’s got a slightly longer cock than normal, he’d be stimulating our cervixes in the process.

It was good for me anyway because my clit got rubbed by his pounding, but we all got the benefit of cervical stimulation.”

My head was spinning with all the information and inferences I was getting from Ellen.

“Woo. Hang on a sec. How do you get your clit stimulated by vigorous thrusting? It never comes close to it s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort for me.”

Ellen blushed.

“Just lucky. Ned tells me it’s bigger than normal and in any case I can feel it’s well positioned to rub against his shaft while he was penetrating me. I know that’s rare.”

“And everything I’ve read told me a lot of girls don’t like cervical contact. How come all of you did?”

“I don’t know that we all did. Tash was evidently so tight I doubt he got near it. Issie I think more had her g spot working. Liddy I’m pretty sure was getting cervical orgasms and there was not the slightest doubt about Amy. But it’s not something we really talked about between ourselves. I’m just going by the sort of orgasms they’d get. Ned just seemed to get the sense of what worked for each girl and gave it to them and because he was good at foreplay, we’d all be pretty worked up before he came near the more sensitive spots.”

“Who’s Tash?”

“Oh, she was another of the girls on the boat.”

“Hang on; you, Amy, Issie, Liddy and Tash. So Ned was doing five girls all at once?”

“No, I think it was only ever four at one time… Yes, that’s right. Never more than four.”

I was beginning to see what the whole ‘fuck me’ bikini thing was about. No wonder the boat still has this highly sexualised feel to it, even with Ellen’s and Issie’s partners now part of the crew.

“Didn’t you get jealous all competing for one guy?”

“Not often. We were all good friends having the time of our lives on the cruise. Ned was careful not to play favourites and let us organise the…well…sex if you want to put it that bluntly. And since most of us had sex with him daily, we couldn’t really feel we were neglected. I suppose we subtly competed to attract him visually, and probably still do in a way. But it was a different world. A little microcosm of humanity afloat on the ocean. I still often regret it had to come to an end.”

“How does Harry compare?”

Ellen pondered my question; maybe almost reluctant to answer it.

“It’s a different thing. Sexually Ned had an effect on me that Harry can’t compete with. He still does. Being around Ned makes me as randy as all hell. I just have to be near him to feel that I’m being touched up sexually by him. I actually get aroused. Really, the reason we made you and Adam wear swimwear like we did was because us girls wanted to get Ned back into the speedos he always used to wear. Even though we made a point of prancing around in our bikinis to try and get him to follow our lead, he thought speedos weren’t the right look for the Marina, which is understandable. And Harry and Josh were no help at all. But when we saw Adam’s and found we could get blue ones in the boat colours, by making it part of the boat’s colour coordinated culture, we took away that excuse; although we had to push pretty hard to do it. I think Ned thought we were somewhere between crazy and perverted.

And I don’t know Harry can ever be the lover that Ned was. But there’s more to life than that. Harry is my partner, the man I love and the future father of my children. We have good enough sex and I’m sure we can work to make it better. I have not the slightest problem being completely faithful to him. But I can tell you he gets the wildest and most insane sex ever after I’ve spent a day on the boat with Ned, so there a lot of upside for him in it. Besides which, Harry comes home as randy as hell when he’s spent the day with you and Amy prancing around in your bikinis, so he can hardly complain.”


“Don’t go all innocent on me. Miss 38, 25, 35 he calls you and I’m pretty sure it was your bikini as much as mine he ejaculated all over Saturday night; at least in his imagination anyway. And I’ve heard him tell Josh he thinks the only way you can have real breasts like yours and a waist as flat as yours is that you mustn’t eat for three days before you go sailing. I’ve seen you eat. That’s clearly not the case. I’m jealous of what you can put away without suffering any consequences.”

“What’s that 38, 25, 35 thing mean?”

“It’s something he picked up while working in the States. The perfect hourglass woman was traditionally meant to be 36, 24, 36 inches; bust, waist and hips. Let’s see, that means he’s guessing you at about 96, 63, 89 in metric, which I suspect, given he – like every other male in the world – is a breast man, thinks is even more perfect.”

While not in the habit of obsessively measuring myself, I was amazed Harry’s guesses pretty well accorded with the sizes I use to select clothes.

“Is that a worry? Should I do anything to discourage it?”

“No and no. If I’m getting off on being around Ned I can hardly complain if he’s getting some juice up being around you and Amy. Anyway, as I said, it makes the sex pretty wild on those nights. But hey, this was supposed to be about you and Adam. Does it hurt?”

I was tempted to play the ‘what hurt’ game, but had just had such a download from her, it seemed unfair…

“In taksim escort a way no, but Adam’s very gentle and lets me control things. It felt stretched at first, but I think I’m nearly past that; although it makes me feel full in a way I’ve never felt before. And I may have overdone it this weekend. I did do a lot of google research on how to deal with big ones, which is where I discovered cervical orgasms. I didn’t even know they were a thing before that. But I don’t know I’d like him to go the animal on me for a while yet. It’s funny, the thought of that is both scary and a bit exciting all at the same time. Mind you, it’s a bit inflamed this morning, but that’s because we might have overdone it for one weekend.”

“I can understand what you mean by both scary and exciting. If I put myself in your position, I’d probably feel the same way. He’s a big strong fellow. His mere presence creates a sort of sexual frission; especially with that bulge in his pants. I can see having him go the animal could be a real turn on if you completely trusted him.”

“He still gets a bit too excited during sex. He came all over my bikini pants last night, just like you said Harry does. Lucky Adam’s got a quick recovery period, so we could get down to the more serious stuff fairly quickly, But, I don’t know. What is it about guys and those bikinis?”

“Well, we chose those ones to have a powerful effect on guys – specifically Ned when we started out – and especially on the right sort of female body. And you young lady definitely have that. You look as hot as hell in them, so it’s not surprising Adam gets excited. I suppose the real question is why you still had them on. Amy has a real thing about having sex in hers. She often prefers them on to off. But you?”

I smirked…

“Because I like staring at Adam when he’s aroused in his speedos, and if I take my bikini off, he might be in a hurry to take the speedos off too. What’s your excuse for Harry coming over yours?”

Ellen rolled her eyes in a patronising way as she put into words the weakness of male desires…

“Harry gets off on them as part of foreplay. He only gets to see them Sundays and Wednesdays, so tries to instigate sex while I’m still wearing them and is in no hurry to pull the strings to take them off me as we initially pash and play about. And I’m happy to indulge him in that. But most of the time he misjudges and comes with it jammed up into my crutch or between my breasts before he’s undressed me. Which is some ways is better. He might not refract as quickly as Adam, but he gets there soon enough and can finger me while we’re waiting. And at least then we can have decent proper sex. But if he tries to strip and penetrate me at the last moment, he comes prematurely but then thinks he’s done his duty. So I sometimes actually rub myself against him to get him to cum. It’s not that hard.”

A smirk spread over Ellen’s face as she punned her last statement by adding…

“Well, actually, it is hard which is why he comes easily. But you know what I mean.”

“Is it weird for me to get off on the sight of Adam aroused in his speedos? Isn’t that just being the same as Harry and your bikini?”

“Maybe, but as much as we might tease guys about it, it’s not weird. From what I briefly saw, I’d be just as turned on by it as you. We all felt the same way about Ned in his, which is why, since we couldn’t have him naked any more, we wanted him to display in them again. We used to do all sorts of things with it, like bend it down horizontal so his swimmers would hold an erection stuck out the front like a giant Pinocchio nose. It was great for rubbing yourself on while we stood there talking to him.”

“What about Harry?”

“Harry’s never been a speedo guy. Board shorts just don’t have the same effect on me. Now he wears them on the yacht I suppose I like him in them. Actually, I do like him in them. But he just doesn’t carry off the look as well as Ned and Adam. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence and a less strong figure. He might get there, but he’s in no hurry to leave them on anyway. I’ll work on it.”

“I’ve always wondered. How did Ned react when you ran off with Harry?”

“He encouraged it. He knew if we wanted children, we’d need to find an appropriate aged father and he didn’t want us using up our lives clinging to him.”

Ellen was in a very talkative mood. In a conversation that had started out being about Adam’s large cock, she’d revealed more about herself than she’d got from me. But in the process had dropped one comment that piqued my interest.

“What was that about Amy preferring sex in a bikini? Is she scared of nakedness?”

The fact was, Amy was such a perfect example of sexualised womanhood, with all the guys constantly drooling over her, I almost wanted her to be flawed.

“I probably gave you too much information. But no, nothing like that. We all used to sleep naked and uncovered together in the same bunk. And at sea would often just be naked during the day too. So hardly.

It tesett├╝rl├╝ escort really goes back to how the whole sex thing started on the boat. It’s a long story; you could write a book about it. But the short version is that she escaped from a long term abusive relationship. Sex had been imposed on her by the guy in a strictly naked, emotionless and passionless way which often became a rape and he’d made her dress completely unattractively, denying her any sense of her own beauty or desirability. With Ned’s help, she’d only came to recognise her potential while travelling on the yacht with him. I think the bikinis make her feel really sexy and desirable whereas being naked in sex has something of a bad memory attached to it. But it’s an occasional preference on her part, not a strict rule. Just one of those little kinks we all have. Anyhow, she’s the one who now gets to strip Ned out of his speedos, not just on sailing days but when they’re frolicking around his pool too, so there might be a bit of mutual fetish at play there.”

There was something in the way Ellen said that last sentence which made me think there was more than a little jealously involved in Amy’s continued access to Ned. It was both the tone and the fact what she said was a bit out of context. As if she needed to get it out of her system. I chose for a moment to let it slide.

“How come Amy hasn’t left Ned for another guy? She must have them chasing her all the time.”

“Amy doesn’t want children, so isn’t needing a guy to father them. By the same token, she says she’s never felt as loved and protected as she feels with Ned and doesn’t feel the need to find a younger guy who might or might not be as loving and certainly won’t give her sex as good as Ned. She likes flirting and they chase her all the time, but when it comes down to it, she keeps her distance. I think it goes back to her abusive background. She doesn’t trust herself not to fall in with another abusive partner.”

“The five of you slept in that master bunk together? Wasn’t it a bit crowded?”

“Tash always slept in her own bunk. So it was never more than four – Ned and three girls – and just because of people coming and going, usually only Ned and two girls. But four was a bit crowded, especially in the tropics.”

“You guys must have had Ned with a constant erection. How the hell did he have sex with four girls every day? He’s no spring chicken.”

“That’s why Issie introduced the fuck me bikinis; to keep his testosterone up and keep him aroused. But if it was group sex, Ned could do it with only one climax. It was a bit more of an ask when we all wanted individual sex.”

“What, he’d have penetrative sex with four of you but only come once?”

“It was usually only three, but yes. We’d take turns riding him to a climax cowgirl or reverse missionary style, but only the last one was allowed to grip him tightly to give him his.”

“I don’t know that could work with Adam. It’s not that you have a chance to grip him, it’s more he’s stretching you.”

Then I added with a smirk…

“Still, I’ve discovered four orgasms within 24 hours is well within his abilities.”

Ellen suddenly went all serious on me…

“Did you find the cervical orgasms made you emotional?”

I was taken aback. How did she know that?

“Yes, I nearly cried a flood on Adam’s chest. And I’ve never felt more loved up and close to anyone as I did after it. And it seems to have left me insatiably needy for sex.”

She snorted suppressing a giggle at that last statement…

“They do that to you. I cried and wailed all night as I made love to Ned for the last time. And I know what you mean about making you insatiable. I think I miss that more than anything. It makes me think I’m going to have to work harder at getting Harry to get me there.”

She looked at her watch…

“Hey, we’d better get back to work.”

It seemed that within a period of little more than one week the trajectory of our relationship had caused my life to become one that swung between extreme sexual frustration and an indulgent orgy as the week passed by.

It just seemed too early and presumptuous to move in with Adam, so I was still living at home. With the long hours we worked every mid week day but Wednesday, we barely saw each other, leaving me both emotionally and physically in cross legged frustration. And then Wednesday nights and the weekends were heading in the direction of becoming one long fuck feast.

And so, it was with some anxiety, I was glad to see Wednesday afternoon roll around again. I left work the very moment my negotiated early departure time ticked past and hurried myself down to the yacht having stripped to my bikini in the car so I could sashay provocatively down the marina jetty to make the most impact on Adam if he’d arrived ahead of me.

He was there alright; barely taking his eyes off me as I came towards him, while my own eyes were telling me he was having some trouble not displaying his excitement in those tiny speedos. Mind you, the eyes of every one other of the many males getting their yachts ready were on me too. Not long ago that might have bothered me. Now I had different priorities; although the mild signs of excitement in Harry and Josh’s reluctantly worn speedos were perhaps a little more of a concern.

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