Disciplining Mom Ch. 09

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[Readers will benefit from reading the earlier chapters to understand the characters but especially should read the immediately preceding Chapters 07 and 08 in which the current part of the story starts. Warning: Those offended by bodily functions should read no further.]

Marian was lying face up in the bathtub staring at Deb’s attractive pudendum. She had swallowed the pretty domme’s hot pee and then licked her dry. The 50-year-old somewhat plain Marian had never seen herself in such a classically submissive position, but all this had followed from her coming to her daughter Karen’s doorstep after her husband had abandoned her.

That was when Marian learned to her dismay that Karen had grown into a dominant if still little woman. But she made it clear right away to her mother that Marian’s stay at Karen’s magnificent living space was premised on the once-abusive mother’s becoming totally submissive to her daughter.

Karen now lived with her great friend and lover Emily. Emily was both an accomplished businesswoman and an heiress. Karen too had achieved some modest success in her work as a corporate analyst. And at their home, Emily had entrusted her lover Karen with authority over Emily’s older sisters, Linda and Leslie, both in their 30s, one still shaken by a bad marriage and the other never having yet found herself.

Both sisters were now submissive not only to their younger sister but to Karen, and it was Karen who controlled their daily doings. She made it clear that while she enjoyed cooking, they were entirely responsible for cleaning the townhouse and for keeping track of all housekeeping, beginning with making the beds and cleaning up after Karen and Emily.

Marian had joined the two as a third submissive. She did not accommodate herself well to the changed circumstances of her life, so Karen took advantage of meeting a new friend, Deb, a lithe blonde domme who lived with her own sub, Marge. Deb agreed to host Marian for a weekend to train her. Karen felt a shiver when she thought of Deb’s doing this, because she realized immediately that Deb had more severe instincts than either she or Emily did.

Meanwhile, Marian stared up at Deb’s crotch, hoping that she would not have to receive Deb’s bowel movement, as she had been made to do on her first evening at their home. Instead, Deb rose gracefully and with her little finger, summoned her larger but warmer roommate and sub, Marge.

Marge stepped into the tub and let down her trousers and panties before squatting over Marian. Marian had had to remove Marge’s tampon the previous day and then replace it, after licking Marge’s period flow from her vulval area. Now Marge’s hairy split loomed again over Marian’s face and she heard Deb instruct her again to take Marge’s soaked tampon out with her teeth.

Knowing she had no choice but to comply, Marian endured the rich metallic smell of Marge’s menses as she grasped the white string between her front teeth and tugged on the tampon, which slid right out and plopped, reeking with menstrual fluid, on Marian’s face.

“Now clean her off with your tongue,” Deb ordered briskly, expecting Marian to be well schooled in this humiliating task.

Marian overcame the overpowering smell of Marge’s bleeding vagina and licked the large woman’s hairy hole, then reached for the Tampax box to take out a new tampon to insert.

But Deb stopped her.

“No, she’s misbehaved, too,” Deb said petulantly. “So she will have to get along with a small pantiliner today. Marge knows that when she’s naughty, especially during her period, I will not hesitate to make her ‘difficult days’ even more demanding.”

She handed Marge the small liner, which likely would be soaked bahis firmalar─▒ within an hour, and watched as the larger woman shamefacedly pulled up her full white cotton briefs and slipped the liner in the crotch to try to stem her heavy flow.

Marian thought for a moment how cruel Deb was to her own lover. Then she realized that Marge got off on being treated this way. Marge either was a glutton for humiliationÔÇöthat was what Marian figuredÔÇöor else she was smart enough to get Deb really annoyed. The lithe blonde clearly was capable of being an extremely severe and punitive mistress if the occasion in any way presented itself to her.

Marge stepped out of the tub, pulling her slacks back up. As she did, Deb told Marian to lift her bottom and Deb slipped a large diaper under her and proceeded to tape the ends together. Marian now was wearing a diaper for the first time since she was a toddler.

“This is part of your training, Marian dear,” Deb drawled mildly. “You will need to ask Marge or me to change you but I warn you not to ask us before you’ve been wearing it for a good while because I expect that you will use the diaper for what it is meant for.”

Marian now understood that she would be doing her businessÔÇöpee and poop bothÔÇöin the shameful adult-sized diaper. The diaper was nice and snug, as Marian resembled her daughter in her slight build.

Marian was now allowed to get up and out of the bathtub and to put her bra, blouse, and skirt back on.

“So long as you’re around the house,” Deb explained, “you needn’t wear plastic panties. But if you have to go out when diapered, you will wear them.”

Marian cringed, as she thought of how the plastic panties would crinkle and make noise, letting anyone near her know that at her ripe age, she had been put into diapers.

Deb then went into her study to complete some work for her job, and Marge invited Marian to join her and watch some television.

“Don’t let this upset you,” Marge said. “She does this to meÔÇöthe pantiliner instead of a tampon or padÔÇöwhenever she thinks I’ve gotten too big for my britches, and you can see that I wear pretty large-sized britches.” Marge grinned and Marian relaxed, if only for a moment.

“Marge,” Marian said, in what sounded like an almost girlish voice, “I just know now that I won’t be able to hold it in for long because I needed to go when she took me in there and made me take her pee and lick her dry and serve you.”

“What do you have to do?” Marge asked.

Using the words her daughter Karen now required that her mother use, to magnify her humiliation, Marian quietly said, “I need to make a wee-wee and probably a big doody.”

“Oh, really,” Marge said, sympathetically. “You will probably have to go in your diaper, sweetie, because this will be part of Deb’s training regimen for you. Don’t worry, she’ll change you or have me do it before you get a rash or something.”

Marge’s assurance gave Marian scant confidence, given the fearsome likelihood that she would soon soil her diaper. Marian already felt the cramping that she was used to feeling when she had a large movement in her system almost ready to be excreted. Deb’s plan was working in that Marian was getting hot and bothered both by the serious internal pressure that would build on her anal sphincter and the almost as untenable situation as her bladder filled and also started to press on that as well as its own sphincter.

Marian tried bravely to control her functions but after about 15 minutes trying to concentrate on the TV program Marge had on, she let out a little cry and her face became quite red.

“Did you do it in your didee?” Marge asked, concerned.

“Yes, Marge,” Marian responded ka├žak iddaa in a little voice, because she felt she was now about three years old, messing her own diaper.

Marge affected a somewhat motherly concern. “Did Marian do both in her didee?” she asked in a humiliating tone appropriate for interrogating a naughty child.

“Yes, Marge,” Marian sighed, “I did a major doody in my diaper and peed too.”

Just saying the childish words made Marian cringe but she thought to herself that at least her own daughter wasn’t there to lord it over her.

“I’m sorry but you will have to wait until Deb comes out to be changed,” Marge said with a kind note in her voice. “She doesn’t like to be disturbed when she’s working in thereÔÇöespecially for something like this. So just be patient, because you don’t want her to cane you in the diaper position, now do you?”

“Oh, no, not that, please,” Marian pleaded. “I will be good, I promise.”

Marge, despite her submissive nature, felt herself getting warm and wet as she listened to the older woman’s child-like whimpering.

“Just be quiet and act like a good girl,” Marge advised, as one might speak to a five-year-old.

After what seemed like ages, but in reality was only about twenty-five minutes, Deb emerged from her study.

“Whew,” the lithe blonde said to Marge, “I am exhausted from catching up on all that work.”

She saw that Marian was unusually subdued and immediately realized what had likely transpired in her absence.

“Oh, Marian,” Deb asked in an innocent way, “did some little girl go in her diaper while I was engaged in my work?”

Marian reddened but managed to stammer out not much more than a “Yes, Miss Deborah.”

“Well, Marge,” Deb said with a smile but resolutely, “that means that we will have to change our little girl here, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Deb,” Marge said, being permitted to address her domme so equally, “it would be best so she doesn’t get a rash.”

“Fine,” Deb answered. “Marian, get your little tushee up on the changing table,” she ordered, pointing to a plain white formica table that seemed perfectly suited for the humiliating function about to be performed on its surface.

The diminutive Marian clambered onto the table and lay on her back as Marge unzipped her short skirt and lowered it, disclosing her bulging adult-sized diaper.

“Oh, it looks like this little girl has made a big one in her diaper, doesn’t it, Marge?” Deb went on in her humiliating tone.

“Indeed, yes, Deb,” Marge responded, as she untaped the diaper’s fastenings and motioned Marian to lift her hips up off the table. Marge then carefully slipped the full diaper out from under Marian, showing the contents to Deb, who sniffed and made a face at the sight and smell of Marian’s feces and piss.

“She managed to deposit quite a load for such a small girl,” Deb added condescendingly as Marge wrapped the soiled diaper, taped it and deposited it in the lidded metal waste container.

“She did not retain for very long so I think this time she needs to be plugged,” Deb said, making Marian now frightened as she imagined how she was about to be punished.

Marge opened a cabinet and handed Deb two plastic cylinders, sized to fit in a sub’s vaginal and anal openings. Deb put a dab of lube on the anal plug and slid it into Marian’s dark anal opening, then added some more onto the larger vaginal intruder and slipped that into Marian’s wet snatch.

“Hmm,” Deb commented to her own sub, “Marge, this girl is quite wet. I think she gets excited when she gets to have something in her pussy. So maybe she won’t feel that she’s being punished.”

Marge internally sympathized with the scared Marian ka├žak bahis but knew she could not in any way help her avoid the inevitable discipline Deb would now administer in a very humiliating and painful fashion.

“Grasp your legs at the calves, Marian,” Deb directed, “and hold them up in front of you.”

While Marian’s fear only intensified, she did what she was told and held her lower legs so as to expose her bottom, thighs, and most critically, her anus and her cunt, to Deb.

“She has a rather pleasant-looking pussy for an older lady,” Deb remarked to Marge as Marian winced while her intimate charms were discussed so blithely.

Deb then reached for her thin cane, lay it across Marian’s bottom just above her anus, and applied two quick flicks to Marian’s bottom cheeks, eliciting cries each time.

She kept flicking the little cane across the cheeks, moving it so it was now hitting the cheeks right above the anal crack and crinkled little hole. Now Deb applied a lighter but stinging stroke further down Marian’s bottom so that it barely tickled the lower edge of Marian’s vulva.

The punished woman let out a scream more out of fear than pain because the cane had not actually touched the tender vulval flesh on or inside Marian’s thin labia.

Deb interrupted her application of the cane to prod the two plugs with her finger, causing Marian to flinch from feeling this deep inside her vagina and anus.

She then ceased the caning and told Marge to sponge Marian’s bottom and vulva clean and provide Marian with a clean pair of white cotton panties.

Marian smiled briefly at the prospect of escaping further diaper discipline and Deb reminded her, “You’d better be a very good girl or you will be back in those diapers.”

“Now do you think you can go back to your daughter’s home and be as good a sub to her as we’ve taught you to be here?” Deb asked, most insinuatingly.

“Oh, yes, Miss Deborah,” Marian replied immediately in a voice that was high enough to surprise her. “I have really learned how to be a good girl here with the two of you. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me, as I know I can be a trial at times.”

Clearly, the experience with Deb and Marge had affected Marian’s outlook. Now the middle-aged mom appreciated the comparative attractiveness of her living situation with her daughter. Karen may have become something of a bitchÔÇöMarian was even starting to accept that she had been at least partly at fault for this aspect of Karen’s developmentÔÇöbut she lacked the sadism Deb exhibited, albeit masked by her charming manners, appearance, and friendly drawl.

Now Marian was ordered to bend over and she quaked in fear of further severe punishment from the sadistic Deb.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” Deb drawled. “Marge, pull down her panties and retrieve the plugs.”

Her larger friend reached down and lowered Marian’s white cotton undies. She carefully withdrew the two plugs from Marian’s vagina and anus as the 50-year-old breathed deeply.

Deb took a glance at Marian’s still-red bottom and somewhat untrimmed bush.

“Hmm,” the lithe blonde domme mused, “I think we need to clean you up a bit to return to Miss Karen.”

She motioned to Marian to get up on the table and lie on her back. Marian complied, mostly out of fear but managed to ask in a small voice what kind of cleaning she needed, fearing an enema.

“Oh, Marge, darling,” Deb drawled, “I think our little girl here is afraid of a little bowel rinsing. No, that will take longer than I’d like. We’re just going to trim that messy pussy hair of yours a bit.”

Marge handed a little trimmer to Deb who proceeded to start clipping the brown curls from Marian’s mons. Soon she was left with a very short covering of her fleshy triangle.

“Consider yourself privileged, missy,” Deb went on. “Usually we shave subs who come to stay here but I think we’ll leave you a ground cover down there.”

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