Dinner Panties

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Whenever Sarah made dinner, Tom liked to help out. They enjoyed being in the kitchen together. Like having sex, it was a sensory experience that enhanced their life, an everyday reverie that would sink to repetitive boredom without some playfulness and spontaneity. Sarah liked the actual mixing of the ingredients and touch of the various food textures. She liked the cooking phase that went from a slow simmering heat to a boiling overflow.

Tom liked the tools. He liked the selection and the preparation aspects. He liked discovering a new use for a cooking tool designed for a single purpose. Sometimes, he’d use the melon ball molder to make little mash potato balls or the potato peeler to make shave the butter. He filled a drawer in the kitchen with tools not usually associated with cooking. A metal shoehorn, screwdrivers and pliers, a pencil sharpener he liked to use on carrots, clothespins with adjustable tension that he had never actually used for food but rather on Sarah’s sensuous nipples, paint brushes, suction cups, and little reels of copper and aluminum wire.

Making dinner was their chance to unwind and tell each other about their day. It gave them a time slot to purge all the outside distractions from their daily work pressures. Tom would usually get home first and he would open a bottle of wine or mix a martini for each of them in the few minutes before Sarah would come home. The sight of her was always the highlight of Tom’s day. Whenever Sarah would walk through the door, dressed in her conservative skirt and blouse, Tom would smile to himself and guess what kind of panties she might have on.

She was a very attractive woman. She always had been and always would be. Her dark hair rested a few inches down her small shoulders. She loved the feel of silk on her skin. In the summer, she almost always wore silk blouses in soft colors with buttons up the front. She kept the buttons fastened all the way to the top at work until the moment she was home in the driveway. As soon as she turned the car off, she would unbutton her blouse for Tom. She liked to unfasten just one button past whatever lacy bra she was wearing that day.

When she came through the door, she liked to see Tom’s eyes meet her smile and grow wider as they wandered down her blouse. She liked even more that first welcome home kiss. She looked forward to the variety of ways Tom would either slide his tongue across hers, suck her tongue into his lips, or let his fingers slide inside her blouse for a gentle welcome home caress of her nipple. She never knew which breast he would kiss first, but she knew he would kiss both.

Mostly they would make love before making it into the kitchen. They developed a simple unspoken code based on the unfastened buttons of Sarah’s blouse. The front door opened into a small entranceway that led either left to the living room or right towards the master bedroom.

When Sarah was horny, an extra button would be open and she would step towards the bedroom after Tom’s greeting kiss. Those evenings they would make love a few hours after she got home. When she was very horny, all her buttons would be open and she would follow Tom into the living room. Those evenings, they didn’t spend much time cooking in the kitchen and ate much later in the evening.

Last night, Sarah came in the house with only her panties on.

She had started to undress as soon as she drove into the driveway. Only tonight she came into the house through the garage, she didn’t want the neighbors seeing her in just her panties……….after all, it was Tom she wanted, not half the neighborhood.

Tom didn’t see Sarah come into the house, because he kept watching the front door, but to his surprise, when he turned around, Sarah was standing there in just her silk panties. “Ohhhhh baby.” he said, as he grabbed Sarah and pulled her naked body against his. She could feel that he was already hard, as the cock inside his pants pressed against her pussy. She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. Then she moved her hands down across his chest and started to unzip his pants. Tom said, “Oh no you don’t, I have plans for you.”

He lifted his sexy lover up and walked towards the counter. He gently put her down on the counter and started kissing her. Sarah whispered in Tom’s ear, “Mmmmm baby, and what plans do sar─▒yer escort you have for me?”

Tom didn’t say anything at first. He just leaned forward and surrounded Sarah’s nipple with his warm lips sucking it in.

“Mmmmm.” Sarah moaned gently, as her hand dropped to her clit and she stroked it while Tom sucked. His tongue circled her nipple around and around until he opened his mouth wider and swallowed more of her breast into his hot mouth. Sarah felt his tight sucking pulling her nipple to the top of his mouth . The flat of his tongue pinched it tightly. She spread her legs a little wider and let her finger run down her pussy. She was very wet.

Tom released her nipple letting it scrape back over his teeth. “Oh baby, you’re little nipple feels so hot. We need to cool it down a little”. He went to the freezer while Sarah lifted her other hand and continued stroking her nipple and rubbing her pussy. She heard the small popping sound of ice cubes out of a tray. Then a dull thud, as Tom covered the ice cubes with a towel and pounded them with a hammer to make the cubes smaller. He returned to face Sarah with a little glass bowl filled with the crushed ice and placed it on the counter between Sarah’s legs. She could feel the coldness through the glass as it touched her aching cunt.

“Ooooooo baby, it’s sooooo cold, but it feels soooooo good.” Sarah moaned in pleasure. Tom picked up a chunk of ice and held it over Sarah’s breasts. The ice started to drip on her hard nipples. Sarah let out a soft moan, and started to rub the cool water over her breasts. The ice started trickling down her tummy, and Tom could tell that Sarah was so getting more and more aroused by the cold sensations mixing over her hot skin.

Tom took a few of the ice chips and put them in his mouth. Deftly, he grabbed Sarah’s legs and spread them apart wider. He could hear her breathing becoming shallower. He looked into her dreamy blue eyes. They were partly open, with her head tilted back, and her hand was on her breast rubbing her hard swollen nipple.

He lowered his head to Sarah’s steamy pussy and let the beads of water drip on her cunt. Sarah jolted and let out a loud moan. “Oohhhhhhhhhh baby. Yesssssssss, that feels sooooo good.” She moaned in ecstasy. Her cunt was so hot the ice melted instantly. Tom started to lick her pussy lips, as the cold ice melted, putting his tongue on her clit, flicking it up and down.

By this time, Sarah was so hot, she began screaming at Tom, “YESSSS TOM, MOUTH FUCK ME…………..MAKE ME CUMMM BABY!!!!!”

Tom quickly grabbed more ice and inserted it into her hot wet cunt. Sarah was moving her ass up and down and leaning back as she started to squirt all over Tom’s face and mouth. She couldn’t catch her breath for a minute, as she exploded.


As Sarah came and her pussy released its creamy delight on Tom’s mouth, she pulled his head tight to her and intentionally rotated her pussy against his still face. She knew how much Tom liked for her to rub her pussy all over his face. How much more that turned him on. She didn’t want him to stop, but she didn’t want to keep cumming. She knew whenever Tom started eating her pussy he always didn’t want to stop. Not until she had at least 2 or 3 orgasms. He was such a great pussy licker. But she wanted more. She wanted his cock in her every hole that night. She wanted to fuck all night and wake up fucking again.

She rotated her hips and smeared her juices over his face. And just for good measure, she took both hands, grabbed his head and rubbed his face against her wet muff. He was incredibly compliant. He let her push his head wherever it pleasured her. It didn’t matter to him because everywhere between her legs was so warm and wet. He loved the taste of her. Sarah lifted his drenched face to her own. She kissed his cheek tasting her own juices and collecting them on her lips. She put her lips to Tom’s. She let him taste her from her lips. Their open mouths letting one another’s tongue slide easily against each other and share the taste. “Mmmmmm baby.” Tom moaned.

Tom’s hands stroked over her sides and he took each of her breasts in a hand. “Ooooh baby. Squeeze my titties.” Sarah moaned. She loved the feeling of his tight grip sefak├Ây escort and strong hands. “Take the nipple Tom. Pull it please.” She pleaded. But she didn’t have to. Tom easily went to work focusing his fingers on her nipples. He began rolling them between his thumb and finger and pulling them outward gently.

“OH Yes. Just like that honey.” Sarah moaned. She let her own hands caress over Tom’s nipples. They were aroused too. Using her fingernails, she scraped back and forth. Her fingers explored his chest, then drifted down his tight stomach to the waistband of his pants. It was time to set his cock free. She wanted to feel it in her hands. She wanted to feel his hardness and his wet tip. She wanted some of his precum on her finger to rub against his nipples.

His belt was already unbuckled and his top button already undone. She found the little metal tongue and pulled it down. He was so aroused. The zipper had extra resistance as she pulled it over his engorged cock. She looked down and saw his pants fly spread open and his white undies burst into view. Tom took a piece of ice from the bowl and held it between his finger and thumb as he kissed around her chin to behind her ear. She heard him softly whisper to her ” I want to fuck you all night.” He nibbled below her ear and sucked down her neck. She loved that special erotic little spot he so naturally found. His mouth moved down her neck as she felt the cold ice cube touching her nipple.

Sarah slid her hand around Tom’s hips and from the back began pushing his pants down. Her eyes were transfixed on Tom’s bulging white undies. She could see the little red line around the top of his wasteband curve out at the tip of his cock behind. He had an enormous wetspot. She spread her fingers over it and felt the sticky dampness. She pushed his pants further down so that they were bunched below his balls. “Oooh baby”. You look so hard.” She said.

“You do that honey. You get me so hard.” Tom said back.

She slid her hand to his waistband and eased her fingers inside his wet white tent. Tom loved the feeling of his hard cock wrapped and stroked by her fingers. Sarah could see the sparkle of moist arousal in his eyes. Slowly she stepped backwards towards the dining room table leading Tom with her hand on his cock.

The Dining Table was solid as the oak tree it was made from. The top was thick and polished. It felt cold on Sarah’s back as she reclined on it with Tom following on top of her. She wanted to be fucked hard and he was up to the challenge. Sarah guided his cock into her and felt the pressure of Tom’s body as he plunged his hard rod deep in her wet pussy and her ass crushed against the top of the table. Only the wet juices from her pussy eased the friction the tabletop created on her luscious ass. Tom pumped his cock deep and hard again and again. Sarah closed her eyes as she felt the rush of her orgasm and the tensing of Tom’s buttocks. He delivered his hot creamy load deep in her pussy. She felt the repeated blasts of cum filling her deep inside.

After catching their breath, they eased off the dining table and Tom led Sarah to the bedroom. He laid down on the bed and she slinked her body up between his legs. Her hard nipples rubbed gently across his thighs, then his hips and abdomen until she reached his little manly nipples. She covered one of his nipples with her warm mouth and gently sucked on it. She paused, pursed her lips and gently blew her warm breath on it. Then teasingly, she traced the tip of her tongue around. She was driven by the memory of how Tom had suckled and aroused her own nipples just a little while ago.

The vague pleasant aching between his legs, came into focus as he felt the warm wet stroking tiny circles around his nipple.

“…………….mmmmm can you feel that Tom?” she softly whispered.

Sarah’s own hard nipples and round full breasts pressed against his hips. His cock was hard. She felt the full length of his hard shaft against her stomach. The swollen purplish head was only a finger thickness below her titties, pressed tight against her. As she shifted her mouth to his attend to his other nipple, her hand moved down his ribcage, between her breasts, past his belly button, and found his hard cock. She cupped Tom’s cock in her hand while her mouth continued silivri escort teasing his nipple.

When he felt her fingers wrap tightly around his aroused cock, and squeeze, his own soft moan escaped his lips. “Oh honey…mmmmm”.

Sarah very slowly released his warm nipple from her sucking lips and began kissing down his body. She spiraled her tongue across his chest and down his stomach like the pattern of a tornado licking him all over but more and more focused towards the center of his body. Her pussy was extremely wet. Her fingers spread the cream on his shaft as her warm tongue spiraled closer and closer.

He felt her legs spread wider and her wet pussy nestling into his knee. He twisted his leg slightly for better contact with her engorged clit. She spread her legs wide as she could to let her pussy lips open their maximum stretch. It felt wonderful. Her body pressed against his. His hips were pushing up to her. Her pussy lubricated by her juices rubbed into his body. His hard little kneecap aroused her clitoris as she rotated her hips against him. Her tongue tasted the pool of precum his gathered at his cocktip. The tip of her tongue touching his wet pubic hairs as the back of her tongue curved over the tip of his cock. She moved her tongue in and out of her mouth in quick wet lapping strokes. Each time her tongue would gather a little of his precum and transfer it to her lips while at the same time the back of her tongue caressed his sensitive aroused cock tip. Her hand cupped his balls and her fingers stretched upward squeezing against the sides of his cock. Her hips began making an up and down motion stroking her pussy against his knee. She moved the tip of her tongue to the tip of his cock and licked around his cum covered head. Her other hand slid under his tight ass.

“Oh yes, baby. That feels so good.” Tom moaned.

Sarah confirmed his pleasure as she looked up to see his expression and slowly flicked her tongue back and forth across his cock head. She was teasing him and wanted to prolong his enjoyment as long as she could. But her pussy was aching as well. Her sensitive wet clit was so excited grinding into him. She could cum any time but wanted to cum with him. But the aching was urgent and feeling exquisite in her pussy. Soon it would be beyond her control to hold back. The teasing had to end. She wanted to make him cum. Her tongue pressed flatter to his cock and she licked down the shaft. Then her tongue stroked back up to the tip. Then back down again but not stopping at the base of his shaft as before. Instead, her tongue continued over his balls. She licked them all over as her fingers slid up and down his shaft and her hand under his ass slid directly under her hand on top of his cock. She massaged him with both hands from both sides of his body as she opened her mouth wider and sucked on his balls.

“OH..Oh..baby..Your mouth feels so good on my cock .” Tom moaned.

The feeling was incredible. His cock felt incredibly excited and every tiny nerve of his cock pulsing with passion. Her toes dug into the edge of the bed to hold back the ecstatic feeling in her pussy from cumming. She moved her mouth back up the shaft of his cock. It was time. It was time to cum together.

“FUCK MY MOUTH TOM!” she urged him, as she surrounded his cock with her hungry lips.

“OH YEAH!” Tom responded.

His hands collapsed to each side of her head. She closed her eyes and relaxed her tongue. She let him take charge now as he thrust his cock deeper into her warm wet mouth. His cock filled her tight mouth. She slid her other hand under his ass so both her hands were under him. Her fingertips curled into the crack of his ass and she slid a wet slippery finger to his asshole massaging it gently. Slowing she pressed a finger into him as his hands controlled her head. His hips thrust faster and deeper into her mouth almost gagging her. She felt his cock against the back of her throat. She was just holding her mouth as open and wide as she could now. She loved the excitement of his excitement. The submissiveness of him fucking her mouth was what she wanted and he knew it. He felt her pussy grinding uncontrollably on his knee. She was going to cum any second. So was he. He felt her teeth gently scrapping against his shaft with each rapid pounding stroke of his cock. Her pussy exploded in an orgasm as she felt the jolt of his cum erupting into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, milking the cum from his cock.

As they relaxed totally spent from their passion, Tom turned to Sarah and whispered, “Hungry baby?”

“Not anymore Tom. Not anymore.” Sarah replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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