Dick Tease

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You have got it bad for her. Feels so good to want her. She is that dirty little attention whore. She loves to share all the twisted thoughts that pass through her mind with you. Loves to dangle it before you. Play with your mind. The thought of you sitting there drooling over her juicy little ass is inspirational to her.

She wants you to want her…she wants you to share in the debauchery of her little mind. She loves to tease you. To see you suffer the way you want to suffer. To make your squirm. When she knows you are looking at her…watching her…squeezing her ass with your eyes, smelling every inch of her from a far, she throbs. The idea that you want to take a bottle of Jergen’s, and rush off to make a big mess makes her squeeze her hot little thighs so tight she squeaks.

The worst part is knowing that she is not gonna give it to you. Not gonna let you get what you want. She is good. So good she has you thinking it feels better to have your orgasm held hostage by her. To have her deny you. To feel that throbbing blue beacon between your legs rather than release. To have her nudging you ever so closely to your edge, but never pushing you over.

She wakes up most mornings with you in mind. She loves to torture you. She g├╝venilir canl─▒ bahis siteleri showers. Makes everything sparkle and shine. Then she chooses something wear, something to incite the dog in you. Something that you could slip your hands under easily. Something that allows you to make quick contact with her juicy little apple and those sweet tits.. Something soft. Something fine. She loves the thought of making you stiff. She enjoys knowing that you think about stuffing it inside her. You like the way she builds you up and holds you there. The way she shows you all her little parts. Her voice. Her eyes. Her wicked way. You know she is happy to get you all lit up because you know she is just a naughty little dick tease. Worse than that, you know you love nothing in this world more than being teased by her that naughty little dick tease.

When she comes through the door from work you already have your fly half unzipped. You have it in your hot little hand. When greet you her she saunters past you as if she notices nothing out of the ordinary. This tips you just a tad closer to your brink. You can smell her perfume. Pink candy floss. The way it fills your nose and permeates your senses makes you heady. Your dick suddenly g├╝venilir illegal bahis siteleri feels heavier in your hand.

She is stripping out of her tiny little skirt and flimsy little shirt. Makes you lick you pathetic lips. As she is crossing through the foyer, passed the kitchen and into the bedroom the clothing is falling off of her. Like her hypno-fuckzombie you follow the little trail, softly pulling on your prick. You stand in the door and watch her as she lays out on the bed.

You start to drip a little. You have that feeling in your hot nuts. You want to fuck her so bad, but you know she won’t let you get close to her or it. That pretty little pink slit she has between those soft thighs… Feels good to lick your lips, just to stick your tongue out….She is doing it again. Spreading her little legs wide, so wide her pretty feet are nearing the edges of either side of the bed. She is looking at you with that look. That glint in her eye makes you want to squeeze your johnny a little harder. She shakes her head. No. She fucking loves it. Teasing you, making you sweat.

She Stuffs her index finger in her mouth and sucks on it like it’s the straw in her favorite shake still shaking her head saying g├╝venilir bahis ┼čirketleri no. No, do not tug on your fuck-stick. No, you are not going to cum tonight. She’s going to do it again. That thing she does every time she pulls this routine. She reaches down to her wet little cunny and starts to play. She shows it to you, describes it to you. Tells you how she feels. The sound of her fingering her wet little gash finally conjures the beast in you. You burn, and you ache, and you start to stir with frustration. She starts to giggle and moan. Your balls twist. The sounds and her reaching the pinnacle of bliss at the top of her lungs make you reach for it again. Its leaking like a faucet now.

You stand there salivating, wet with pre-cum, a dick so swollen and hot you would drop you load if she dared to breathe on it. You watch her as she rubs her button and squirms until she finally cries out in ecstasy. You wait like a good and patient boy while she gathers herself. While she recovers from having her orgasm. When she regains composer, you give her that desperate look. She smiles that wicked smile and makes her way over to you, putting her pussy tainted fingers under your greedy nose. You take a long deep breath. It literally makes your stomach drop with excitement. Your stiff cock grazes her thighs, the blood floods instantly to the head. She leans forward as if to finally let you taste her lips, You are ready to feel full release upon touch…but instead of putting her hot mouth on yours she whispers so beautifully, “go take a cold shower.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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